Saturday, 7 November 2009

Steph & Michelle's Entrancement Video

Hi all.

For your viewing pleasure...

Steph and Michelle's video is now available at my clips4sale store. It gets my "Directors Choice" rating, which means I'm personally almost completely happy with it. (Perfectionist that I am.)

Larger version here: Michelle and Steph

This was a
really hot shoot, I'm not talking "legs wide, everything on show" (There are other hypno studios for those kind of shenanigans, ;) ) but I am talking about seeing gorgeous girls, in very deep trances, with really good responses whilst in trance, involved in some very fun situations and steamy scenes.

Straying from convention, we opened the session with the video cameras turned off and did a mock hypnosis photoshoot (Liz's idea, all hail the almighty g/f) to get the girls familiar with the material, and feeling comfortable about just what they'd be doing. (If you'd like to see that gallery, it's available here: Entrancement Hypno Gallery

Working with the girls was an absolute pleasure, Michelle had been under once before in a stage show, and had woken up with no memory of events, (even though she'd been a catwalk model, a singer, and so on) so I was pretty sure she'd be a good subject. Steph was a hypno-virgin, but seemed very keen to try trying it out. I was very happy to find that after a few minutes of trance, I was able to give the both of them hypnotic amnesia when it came to recalling their names. This is a suggestion I'll sometimes reserve for later, as it takes a deeper level of trance than some of the other suggestions I give.

I based a lot of this shoot on feedback I'd received from the hypnosis questionnaire I posted a month or so back, Questionnaire (feedback from which will get posted as soon as I've collated it all) so I included scenes that reflected demand. We have some freezing, but not too much, as it seems a lot of people are getting fed up with it, but lots of mindlessness, including sections where one or the other girl is mindless, whilst the girl who's still awake gets to play with her, pose her, command her, and so on. I also have a few more foot scenes for any foot lovers out there, (The girls believing that their feet are their best feature and want to show them off... then believing that the other girl's feet are the most enchanting, and wanting to play with them.) For those who don't get the foot fetish but do quite enjoy seeing girls in gorgeous outfits, stockings and heels, we have some very nice routines. Michelle looks great dressed in her "glamorous assistant" garb, and responds really well to trance, so I might look into hiring her as an assistant in future.

In the first half, highlights include a big long induction, with a smattering of open-eyed blank mindedness, then having the girls believing that they're friends one minute, and lesbian lovers the next, (yes, there's hot girl/girl kissing) convincing them that any body part I name becomes their "best feature", and having them mess around and play with one another whilst naked in trance.

In the second half, highlights are Michelle's mindless dolly smile, Steph's burlesque striptease, both girls becoming Mistresses and Slavegirls, their reactions to my hypno-laser which had them feeling tickled one minute, and aroused the next, and a post-session interview conducted while they're both still in trance.

For those of you for whom 5 minutes of hypno-shenanigans just isn't enough, the whole 127 minute video can be purchased here: Entrancement UK Clips4Sale Store

Here's the full contents of the video:

Opening Chat
Eyes open, mind blank
Sleep trigger
Forgotten names
Blankly flashing bras
Photograph my best feature
Love the other girls feet
Enchanted by her eyes
Best buddies / Lesbian lovers (kissing)
Blank Mind Trigger
Mindless Zombies
Stripping whilst mindless
Posing whilst mindless
Steph playing with frozen Michelle
Michelle plays with frozen Steph
Posing them whilst they're frozen
Applying Makeup Whilst Mindless
Enchanted by their reflections
Outfit Change
Michelle's Dolly Smile
Michelle in Hypno Bondage
Steph's Burlesque Striptease
Naked Steph = Tranced Michelle
Steph's pendant sends Michelle deeper
Mistress Michelle entrances and enslaves Steph
Slave Steph pleases and massages her Mistress
Michelle plays with mindless Steph
Perspective switching with a kiss
Slave Michelle caresses Mistress Steph
Sex Kitten Michelle
Surrendering to the power of the pendant
Laser Pointer of Arousal
Laser Pointer of ticklishness
Fighting over the laser
Sleepy Girls Trance interview
Awake, closing chat

Please post any thoughts or feedback.




Anonymous said...

Video looks great!

Don't do away with the freezing entirely, there are plenty of us that do like it!

Mistress Winters said...

Steph is lovely. Very sweet... and corruptible. The shyer girls are always the most fun I think.

Lex said...

Well in the break I did have a go at corrupting both Steph and Lizzi a little bit... Michelle was pretty keen to see the pair of them as her kneeling submissive slavegirls.

Liz was more than willing to be placed in a trance and then instructed to strip to her underwear (Michelle wanted her nude, but I thought I'd leave Liz with *some* modesty.)

Steph got a little bit uncomfortable though when I asked if she'd mind becoming Michelle's mindless playtoy, so I didn't push it. ;o)

Still, she had a lot of fun, so might be willing to do a little more in future.