Monday, 2 November 2009


Well, thanks to the persistent "encouragement" (and cyber-poking) of the people around me, I'm finally catching you all up on some of the hypno-antics I've been subjected to lately. To give you all some insight into the afore mentioned encouragement, I am writing with some incentive today...

I can't log into WoW until I've written these two posts.

So lets get down to it, shall we? *shakes fist at Lex*

On Saturday, Lex and I had planned to do some shopping in town. Whilst getting ready, I spotted my corset, and the cogs starting turning upstairs. After all, I'd not tried it on since I got it...and morning *was* the thinnest time of the day...and I *loved* the way I looked in it...

15 minutes of faffing around later, and I was admiring my reflection in the mirror (see the below post). But, we still had to go out into town - and so I decided I'd wear the corset with my jeans, and see what the locals would say.

Getting into town, walking a good half-foot taller than Lex in my heels, I must admit I probably looked like his hooker, but I didn't care. I held my head high, put on my best mischevious smile, and kept walking as if I didn't notice the stares around me. To make things even more amusing, Lex was walking just behind me, whispering "Ding!" to me every time he caught a look.

If you get that Ding reference, you officially get gaming geek kudos.

So, I was walking down the main street, and all I was listening for were Lex's comments.






"Combo ding?" I asked, turning back.

"He looked, and then his friend looked, and then the guy behind those two looked. Combo-ding."

It wasn't until I saw the young Army and Navy recruits out in town selling poppies that I understood what he meant. A wicked thought crossed my mind, and I sashayed across to him, opening my coat a little more. I asked how much poppies were, and after the two boys exchanged looks for a second, he responded that it was only a donation they asked for. I put some money in, and took the poppy from one, catching his eye for just a second, a giving a cheeky smile as I waited expectantly for a pin from the other.

"Oh, you want a pin?" The boy said, snapping out of whatever he may have been staring at ;o)

He handed me the pin, and I leaned in closer to allow him to fix it onto my jacket should he wish. Meeting his eyes though, he seemed to hesitate too long, unsure if that's what I wanted, and so I simply thanked them both, turning back to Lex and allowing them a good long view of my ass as I walked away.

Around town there were mixed reactions, all of which I was expecting. Boyfriends looked, and girlfriends glared, DOMs (dirty old men, not the sexy Doms I'm afraid) leered, and others stared. Walking into M & S trying on a skirt with my corset got even the attendants complimenting me on my 'bask thing' (by the way, the escalators? Great fun when Lex told me to pose subtlely).

I tell you, I have never had so much fun showing off in town.

But the single greatest "Combo-ding" I received was on my way back out of town, spotting a Fire Engine stopped at a traffic light. I saw one of the men inside staring at me, and as I continued to walk I kept stealing glances back at him. Before the lights changed I decided to give him a little wave, and without a second to think, three of them inside waved back at me! Oh God did I get a huge buzz from that!

Yes, this whole post may seem vain, reader. But a woman's opinion of her own looks is so fragile from day to day that it's occasions like these, when not only do you find an outfit that *you* think makes you look good, but that others around you confirm it, that can really make your day. I have never been so happy with how I looked since my High School Prom, and even then, looking back on those now I'm incredibly self-critical. It's just being a woman, I suppose. You're rarely happy with your own appearance, and so when you can truly see (even for just one afternoon in town) that you're drop dead gorgeous, there's such a rush that comes from it.

I'd just like to give a big thank you to Fiona from Adixxtion Designs for making me the corset, and Lex of course for buying it! I've a feeling that it's going to get a *lot* of use from now on.

After all, I need to look good when I shop, right? ;o)


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful corset, and you look lovely in it. I'm glad you got to feel good about yourself, because you *are* gorgeous!

jdjguy said...


Anonymous said...

I think Lex should make a standing suggestion that you can't log into WoW if you haven't posted something significant in the last 48 hours. These last two posts were great.

Mistress Winters said...

Adixxtion Designs eh?... must look them up.

Reading this blog entry, I'm wondering... could lex have had anything to do with this sudden urge to wear your corset to go shopping? ;o)

Cindii said...

loved the post, Liz. I'm glad that you do feel good about yourself, and you have every reason to. Kinda makes me envious that I never feel like that after things that have happened recently, but keep posting and stay gorgeous! X