Sunday, 8 November 2009

Behind the scenes with Steph and Michelle

Not sure how many of you know who Mistress Winters is, she runs a rather sexy hypnosis blog over at and she's just started updating again. You should all add her to your bookmarks, read and comment!

Anyway, she commented on my last post about how nice it would be to corrupt Steph, and that reminded me of a little scene that occurred halfway through the shoot. We'd been taking a short break, the girls were upstairs getting themselves changed, and Liz had commented (with eager eyes aglow) on how hot Michelle is.
Me being me, I couldn't let this slide without investigating a little further where it might lead.

Lately I've been trying to encourage Liz to explore her bisexual side a little more. There was definitely a seed of interest there when I first met her, and I've lost count of the number of times I've come home to find her hypnotized and semi-nude in front of the webcam for our buddy Trish
, so I know that there's some attraction to the idea there. The fact that I've had Liz watching lesbian porn whilst repeating bisexuality mantras and playing with herself also probably helped just a little. ;o)

When Liz made her comment I asked "Would you like her to be in control of you?" to which her playful response was "Mayyyyyybe" which in Liz's case usually means "Yes please! Do with me as you will sir!" she just doesn't like to come out and reveal herself to be so submissive. ;o)

Anyway, when Michelle and Steph had made their way back down after getting changed, Steph in her burlesque gear, and Michelle in her stockings, frilly skirt and corset, I couldn't resist putting Liz into a nice blank state before asking the girls if there was anything that they'd like Liz to do for them whilst they took their break. Steph blushed a little and declined (Mistress W's right, she *is* innocent and sweet) but Michelle looked more than a little amused by the whole idea as she said: "Sure... have her strip nude for me"

Now I think Liz is more than hot, so I'd have happily told her to do that, but I know that she'd have been more than just a little embarrassed if she woke to find herself completely nekkid, so I just told her undress to her underwear.

"Yes Sir" came her well trained response as she casually began to disrobe in front of myself and the two other girls.

"Anything else you'd like?" I enquired of Michelle.

"Sure, have her come and kneel next to me" said Michelle with a grin.

"Do as you're told Liz" I instucted.

"Yes Sir" came her calm response once more, and she knelt in her black knickers and bra beside Michelle's feet, head bowed, looking *very* appealing.

Now at this point I wondered to myself if Steph could be persuaded to play the part of submissive too... and I asked Michelle casually if she'd like to have both Liz *and* Steph kneeling and obedient toward her. This was in front of Steph, without asking her what her opinon was on being made to feel that way, I know some girls very much enjoy being spoken about as though they're playthings who don't need to be asked for their opinion... but it doesn't seem Steph's one of those girls. (at least... not within 3 hours of meeting a person) Seeing Michelle and myself discussing her like this with Liz kneeling and semi nude and the cameras off made her a bit uncomfortable though, and she said so, and not wanting to jinx the shoot by alienating one of the girls, I backed off on the hypnotic dominant routine. (In Steph's case anyway.)

Liz was asked to fetch Michelle a drink, ("At once Miss") which she did diligently, and she got to wake up a couple of minutes later, head still bowed, being used as a lingerie-clad drink's holder by Miss Michelle. As usual, her response to waking up in unusual undressed positions was pretty priceless. Though from the way her cheeks flushed and judging by how excited she was after the shoot, I'm pretty sure she's glad to be bossed around in that way. ;o)

So there we go, just a little behind the scenes peek that might interest you. If anyone else has tasks that they think other Mistresses might enjoy seeing Liz carry out for them, do let us know.


toberkitty said...

Very nice =3

I agree, Michelle is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

what a load of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that I've had Liz watching lesbian porn whilst repeating bisexuality mantras and playing with herself also probably helped just a little. ;o)" LOL that was sooo funny I was brushing my teeth as I read this and I almost burst laughing wildly -tootbrush and all mind you- in front of the screen.
I had lost track of your blog Alex. I am Skeitel, we have met with Enrich in Oxford and Bristol. I should read you guys more often. Keep it up and send my regards to Liz!