Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Drawing: "But I'm not a mannequin!"

Just finished drawing this, it ties in with the post Public Displays of Hypnotic Control that you can read here

In other news... 100 posts. Woohoo.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Behind the scenes with Steph and Michelle

Not sure how many of you know who Mistress Winters is, she runs a rather sexy hypnosis blog over at and she's just started updating again. You should all add her to your bookmarks, read and comment!

Anyway, she commented on my last post about how nice it would be to corrupt Steph, and that reminded me of a little scene that occurred halfway through the shoot. We'd been taking a short break, the girls were upstairs getting themselves changed, and Liz had commented (with eager eyes aglow) on how hot Michelle is.
Me being me, I couldn't let this slide without investigating a little further where it might lead.

Lately I've been trying to encourage Liz to explore her bisexual side a little more. There was definitely a seed of interest there when I first met her, and I've lost count of the number of times I've come home to find her hypnotized and semi-nude in front of the webcam for our buddy Trish
, so I know that there's some attraction to the idea there. The fact that I've had Liz watching lesbian porn whilst repeating bisexuality mantras and playing with herself also probably helped just a little. ;o)

When Liz made her comment I asked "Would you like her to be in control of you?" to which her playful response was "Mayyyyyybe" which in Liz's case usually means "Yes please! Do with me as you will sir!" she just doesn't like to come out and reveal herself to be so submissive. ;o)

Anyway, when Michelle and Steph had made their way back down after getting changed, Steph in her burlesque gear, and Michelle in her stockings, frilly skirt and corset, I couldn't resist putting Liz into a nice blank state before asking the girls if there was anything that they'd like Liz to do for them whilst they took their break. Steph blushed a little and declined (Mistress W's right, she *is* innocent and sweet) but Michelle looked more than a little amused by the whole idea as she said: "Sure... have her strip nude for me"

Now I think Liz is more than hot, so I'd have happily told her to do that, but I know that she'd have been more than just a little embarrassed if she woke to find herself completely nekkid, so I just told her undress to her underwear.

"Yes Sir" came her well trained response as she casually began to disrobe in front of myself and the two other girls.

"Anything else you'd like?" I enquired of Michelle.

"Sure, have her come and kneel next to me" said Michelle with a grin.

"Do as you're told Liz" I instucted.

"Yes Sir" came her calm response once more, and she knelt in her black knickers and bra beside Michelle's feet, head bowed, looking *very* appealing.

Now at this point I wondered to myself if Steph could be persuaded to play the part of submissive too... and I asked Michelle casually if she'd like to have both Liz *and* Steph kneeling and obedient toward her. This was in front of Steph, without asking her what her opinon was on being made to feel that way, I know some girls very much enjoy being spoken about as though they're playthings who don't need to be asked for their opinion... but it doesn't seem Steph's one of those girls. (at least... not within 3 hours of meeting a person) Seeing Michelle and myself discussing her like this with Liz kneeling and semi nude and the cameras off made her a bit uncomfortable though, and she said so, and not wanting to jinx the shoot by alienating one of the girls, I backed off on the hypnotic dominant routine. (In Steph's case anyway.)

Liz was asked to fetch Michelle a drink, ("At once Miss") which she did diligently, and she got to wake up a couple of minutes later, head still bowed, being used as a lingerie-clad drink's holder by Miss Michelle. As usual, her response to waking up in unusual undressed positions was pretty priceless. Though from the way her cheeks flushed and judging by how excited she was after the shoot, I'm pretty sure she's glad to be bossed around in that way. ;o)

So there we go, just a little behind the scenes peek that might interest you. If anyone else has tasks that they think other Mistresses might enjoy seeing Liz carry out for them, do let us know.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Steph & Michelle's Entrancement Video

Hi all.

For your viewing pleasure...

Steph and Michelle's video is now available at my clips4sale store. It gets my "Directors Choice" rating, which means I'm personally almost completely happy with it. (Perfectionist that I am.)

Larger version here: Michelle and Steph

This was a
really hot shoot, I'm not talking "legs wide, everything on show" (There are other hypno studios for those kind of shenanigans, ;) ) but I am talking about seeing gorgeous girls, in very deep trances, with really good responses whilst in trance, involved in some very fun situations and steamy scenes.

Straying from convention, we opened the session with the video cameras turned off and did a mock hypnosis photoshoot (Liz's idea, all hail the almighty g/f) to get the girls familiar with the material, and feeling comfortable about just what they'd be doing. (If you'd like to see that gallery, it's available here: Entrancement Hypno Gallery

Working with the girls was an absolute pleasure, Michelle had been under once before in a stage show, and had woken up with no memory of events, (even though she'd been a catwalk model, a singer, and so on) so I was pretty sure she'd be a good subject. Steph was a hypno-virgin, but seemed very keen to try trying it out. I was very happy to find that after a few minutes of trance, I was able to give the both of them hypnotic amnesia when it came to recalling their names. This is a suggestion I'll sometimes reserve for later, as it takes a deeper level of trance than some of the other suggestions I give.

I based a lot of this shoot on feedback I'd received from the hypnosis questionnaire I posted a month or so back, Questionnaire (feedback from which will get posted as soon as I've collated it all) so I included scenes that reflected demand. We have some freezing, but not too much, as it seems a lot of people are getting fed up with it, but lots of mindlessness, including sections where one or the other girl is mindless, whilst the girl who's still awake gets to play with her, pose her, command her, and so on. I also have a few more foot scenes for any foot lovers out there, (The girls believing that their feet are their best feature and want to show them off... then believing that the other girl's feet are the most enchanting, and wanting to play with them.) For those who don't get the foot fetish but do quite enjoy seeing girls in gorgeous outfits, stockings and heels, we have some very nice routines. Michelle looks great dressed in her "glamorous assistant" garb, and responds really well to trance, so I might look into hiring her as an assistant in future.

In the first half, highlights include a big long induction, with a smattering of open-eyed blank mindedness, then having the girls believing that they're friends one minute, and lesbian lovers the next, (yes, there's hot girl/girl kissing) convincing them that any body part I name becomes their "best feature", and having them mess around and play with one another whilst naked in trance.

In the second half, highlights are Michelle's mindless dolly smile, Steph's burlesque striptease, both girls becoming Mistresses and Slavegirls, their reactions to my hypno-laser which had them feeling tickled one minute, and aroused the next, and a post-session interview conducted while they're both still in trance.

For those of you for whom 5 minutes of hypno-shenanigans just isn't enough, the whole 127 minute video can be purchased here: Entrancement UK Clips4Sale Store

Here's the full contents of the video:

Opening Chat
Eyes open, mind blank
Sleep trigger
Forgotten names
Blankly flashing bras
Photograph my best feature
Love the other girls feet
Enchanted by her eyes
Best buddies / Lesbian lovers (kissing)
Blank Mind Trigger
Mindless Zombies
Stripping whilst mindless
Posing whilst mindless
Steph playing with frozen Michelle
Michelle plays with frozen Steph
Posing them whilst they're frozen
Applying Makeup Whilst Mindless
Enchanted by their reflections
Outfit Change
Michelle's Dolly Smile
Michelle in Hypno Bondage
Steph's Burlesque Striptease
Naked Steph = Tranced Michelle
Steph's pendant sends Michelle deeper
Mistress Michelle entrances and enslaves Steph
Slave Steph pleases and massages her Mistress
Michelle plays with mindless Steph
Perspective switching with a kiss
Slave Michelle caresses Mistress Steph
Sex Kitten Michelle
Surrendering to the power of the pendant
Laser Pointer of Arousal
Laser Pointer of ticklishness
Fighting over the laser
Sleepy Girls Trance interview
Awake, closing chat

Please post any thoughts or feedback.



Monday, 2 November 2009

X Marks the...Oooh!

I've got to admit, I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to write about this post both tastefully and without going completely detatched and sounding clinical.

Okay, for those of you reading this in public, I'll be writing this as a story, so this will be NSFW ;o)

She lay on the bed, eyes half closed in pleasure as her fingers seemed to find pathways of their own. Without an ounce of direction, they roamed her body, teasing, toying, tweaking, building her frustration to the point of conscious thought, and then appearing to take notice and wash those thoughts away in arousal once more. Had she been able to think coherently enough to form a suitable back-biting comment, she may have directed one at the man watching her from his computer chair. He didn't say anything to her that she was permitted to be aware of, of course, his quiet direction went unnoticed by anything other than her fingers.

A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as her hips rose and fell in time with those alien hands. As she closed her eyes and decided to accept the feeling, finally giving up the what little fight she had been pressing, enjoying her plight in its entirity, everything stopped. The force guiding her hands died, and her arousal ebbed at a frustratingly good point. She looked up at the man, her question written across her features. He merely shot back a feigned innocent expression, turning back to his computer with a shrug. She lay back on her bed, her breathing still quick, beginning to direct her own hands to recreate the pleasure she now longed to feel again. Try as she might though, nothing she tried was working, and her small moans turned into frustrated grunts as she repeatedly failed to arouse herself.

"Try thinking of things." The man shot over his shoulder.

"What things!?" She responded in desperation as he turned to face her.

"I don't know, just let your mind wander.." He replied, giving a small smile.

She lay back, trying to conjure up some thought. It seemed strange to her that he was encouraging her to think tonight, when he had spent so long training her out of that in the throws of passion. Under pressure, she found it was a lot harder to think of anything in particular, and fleeting thoughts of the day she had had, and her plans for the week entered her mind, but something told her she should be looking elsewhere. She absently circled her clit with her finger, but the effort only served to force her to think along the lines of sexier thoughts...

She pursed her lips, her brow furrowing in concentration as she tried to let her mind wander into her darker desires, her lust, her passion. Her mind cycled through images of spirals, of brainwashing, of the erotic images she had used in the past to arouse herself. Still, her arousal simmered below the surface. She then recalled her past sexual experiences, and upon remembering being blindfolded, a small wave of pleasure rippled through her body, her hands seeming to have hit a 'sweet spot'.

Recoiling for a moment to work out what it was she had done, she once again thought of being blindfolded, and the feeling returned. She pressed at that line of thought with a vengeance, determined to discover more, to work out what it was she was supposed to be thinking of. She thought of more images, of being tied down and blindfolded, to which she received another pleasant rush, and which in turn, spurred her tenacity. Oral sex from this position? No, that wasn't it... Teasing hands running across her body? A heightened feeling of arousal told her she was getting warmer.

The problem was, she was approaching her orgasm, and whilst a part of her knew that this wasn't the final intended image, her thoughts began to get increasingly difficult to conjure, as her fingers worked frantically to maintain her level of arousal. Suddenly, something inside told her that the image had changed, and she let out a small moan of despair. She just wanted her release!

She searched in frantic haste around the deeper recesses of her mind, trying to pick the images the man had intended her to think of. Something brought her back to her outings at the BBB, and images of her being collared and leashed made her back arch in pleasure... She was so close! Caring little for her loud moans and panting, she imagined being led around on her leash, of kneeling down next to her Master as he paid little heed to her. She gasped as her hands worked harder, but still, there was something missing. Her mind held on the edge, her orgasm dependant on the next thought that refused to come. Licking his boots? No... Walking around on all fours? No... Wearing revealing attire to the BBB? No, no, no!

She choked out a "p-pleeasee!", begging the man for her release, and he seemed to take pity on her. Her orgasm exploded in her mind, filling every nerve in her body with waves of pleasure. Her back arched, her moans and grunts holding no consideration for subtlety any longer. She collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily, the tingling sensation in her sex still giving her shivers, and the sweat glistening on her skin. Bringing her temperature down to that of the room once more, she shivered and dove beneath the covers, giving contented sighs as she settled herself.

An erotic treasure hunt, she thought to herself. How ingenious.


Well, thanks to the persistent "encouragement" (and cyber-poking) of the people around me, I'm finally catching you all up on some of the hypno-antics I've been subjected to lately. To give you all some insight into the afore mentioned encouragement, I am writing with some incentive today...

I can't log into WoW until I've written these two posts.

So lets get down to it, shall we? *shakes fist at Lex*

On Saturday, Lex and I had planned to do some shopping in town. Whilst getting ready, I spotted my corset, and the cogs starting turning upstairs. After all, I'd not tried it on since I got it...and morning *was* the thinnest time of the day...and I *loved* the way I looked in it...

15 minutes of faffing around later, and I was admiring my reflection in the mirror (see the below post). But, we still had to go out into town - and so I decided I'd wear the corset with my jeans, and see what the locals would say.

Getting into town, walking a good half-foot taller than Lex in my heels, I must admit I probably looked like his hooker, but I didn't care. I held my head high, put on my best mischevious smile, and kept walking as if I didn't notice the stares around me. To make things even more amusing, Lex was walking just behind me, whispering "Ding!" to me every time he caught a look.

If you get that Ding reference, you officially get gaming geek kudos.

So, I was walking down the main street, and all I was listening for were Lex's comments.






"Combo ding?" I asked, turning back.

"He looked, and then his friend looked, and then the guy behind those two looked. Combo-ding."

It wasn't until I saw the young Army and Navy recruits out in town selling poppies that I understood what he meant. A wicked thought crossed my mind, and I sashayed across to him, opening my coat a little more. I asked how much poppies were, and after the two boys exchanged looks for a second, he responded that it was only a donation they asked for. I put some money in, and took the poppy from one, catching his eye for just a second, a giving a cheeky smile as I waited expectantly for a pin from the other.

"Oh, you want a pin?" The boy said, snapping out of whatever he may have been staring at ;o)

He handed me the pin, and I leaned in closer to allow him to fix it onto my jacket should he wish. Meeting his eyes though, he seemed to hesitate too long, unsure if that's what I wanted, and so I simply thanked them both, turning back to Lex and allowing them a good long view of my ass as I walked away.

Around town there were mixed reactions, all of which I was expecting. Boyfriends looked, and girlfriends glared, DOMs (dirty old men, not the sexy Doms I'm afraid) leered, and others stared. Walking into M & S trying on a skirt with my corset got even the attendants complimenting me on my 'bask thing' (by the way, the escalators? Great fun when Lex told me to pose subtlely).

I tell you, I have never had so much fun showing off in town.

But the single greatest "Combo-ding" I received was on my way back out of town, spotting a Fire Engine stopped at a traffic light. I saw one of the men inside staring at me, and as I continued to walk I kept stealing glances back at him. Before the lights changed I decided to give him a little wave, and without a second to think, three of them inside waved back at me! Oh God did I get a huge buzz from that!

Yes, this whole post may seem vain, reader. But a woman's opinion of her own looks is so fragile from day to day that it's occasions like these, when not only do you find an outfit that *you* think makes you look good, but that others around you confirm it, that can really make your day. I have never been so happy with how I looked since my High School Prom, and even then, looking back on those now I'm incredibly self-critical. It's just being a woman, I suppose. You're rarely happy with your own appearance, and so when you can truly see (even for just one afternoon in town) that you're drop dead gorgeous, there's such a rush that comes from it.

I'd just like to give a big thank you to Fiona from Adixxtion Designs for making me the corset, and Lex of course for buying it! I've a feeling that it's going to get a *lot* of use from now on.

After all, I need to look good when I shop, right? ;o)