Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Entrancement Hypno Questionnaire

With a little help from my friends, I've put together this questionnaire for all fans of hypnosis and hypnotic videos. I'm interested in seeing if any trends pop up, or if any new kinks come to light that I'm not currently aware of. It was made using Google Docs, which I'm pretty new to, but appears to be a very flashy way of putting together content like this, and generating results in the form of spreadsheets.

Special thanks to my hypno-buddy Jen for giving me a list of 43(!!) ideas for questions. Sorry if I had to prune them back a little bit. ;o)

Liz has just started back at uni, (hence the lack of hypno-posts) and I'm trying to get her to focus where possible on that work, rather than the usual online distractions of World of Warcraft and the Hypnopics Collective. Needless to say, getting her stubborn butt to do anything work related can prove more than a little tricky without the POWER OF HYPNOSIS(TM), so I'm glad I've got multiple methods of persuasion available to me.

I'm starting to up the dominance and set Liz more tasks and homework lately, as well as various kinky forms of discipline and punishment if she misbehaves. (Needless to say she's loving it ;o) She's offered to compile the results from the questionnaire into nice tally charts and graphs for me in a day or so. All the more reason to get as many responses in as possible.

Please check it out, fill out as many questions as you feel like responding to, and I'll have Liz post her findings in a future post.

You should be able to see it below, or failing that, you can go to the questionnaire directly at this link: Questionnaire

Apologies to anyone who reads the blog on a mobile phone. (Parkey, Conrad.) This one's a biggy!

Cheers all!



Conrad said...

No Probs Lex, actually got use of a Pc now. lol

Mistress Winters said...

I hope you find my answers interesting and usefull.

Lex said...

Heya Mistress Winters, thanks for the comment, good to see that you're still around, I only found your blog recently. Read it and loved it though, so I've linked to you. Hope that's okay. ;)

Mistress Winters said...

Oh of course. Glad you enjoyed it. I've been a reader of yours for sometime now, and very much enjoy all your videos.