Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween Hypnofantastico!

Just thought you might be interested in seeing a pic of me in my new corset. ;o)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Public displays of hypnotic control

Off work with the sniffles today, but at least that gives me time to blog a little bit. Today's topic? Hypnotic Embarrassment! I asked in my questionnaire how many people liked to see and hear about it, and it seems a fair number of people (41% of the 300 or so people who've responded) either like or love it. (30% don't care, and 30% dislike it.)

Don't worry if you're in the 30% of people who aren't so keen to hear about it, as this post will feature arousal too. (Which has an 87% approval rating ;o) It's also the first time I'm going to mention my buddy Audrey (that's not her real name, but she's a big Audrey Tatou fan, so that's what we'll call her) who's a long-time reader of the blog but has only lately started chatting to us / getting zapped by us.

Now for some background.

When it comes to having her responsiveness to hypnosis demonstrated to an audience, under the right conditions, Liz does enjoy being shown off. Key words here being "The Right Conditions" usually if we're around other hypnotists or kinky types, then she's happy to be zapped and triggered to my heart's content. Similarly, if she's feeling particularly playful, then from time to time we'll have ourselves a cam-show with any buddies who're online and fancy seeing her toyed with.

Usually this play will involve me freezing and posing her, or showing off her arousal trigger (which can earn me a thump on the arm, as usually if I start demonstrating just the beginnings of *that* particular trigger, Liz will need to go clean herself up afterwards.) Sometimes I'll make her a puppy and have her chase rolled up pairs of socks around the room. Other times I'll put her in "slave" mode and have her... well, you can probably imagine for yourselves what you'd do with a mindless slavegirl and a captivated audience. ;o)

Although she'll call this embarrassing, it's the right kind of embarrassment for her tastes. It's D/s based, and demonstrated to people who are "in" on the lifestyle. People might find it a little strange, but no-one's going to be sat at home watching this girl performing on cam and saying to themselves "What a Nutcase!"

Some people though, when they think of "Hypnosis" think more along the lines of stage shows, about the kind of weird and wacky things that people do on there in front of an actual audience of hundreds, not 3-4 close friends. They think about the ways they could be made to perform, or the embarrassing things they could be compelled to believe and act upon... And for some people, that's a very exciting idea.

One such friend is Audrey, who I've been chatting to lately and have had the pleasure of trancing on a number of occasions. She's a very good subject and has proven creative, playful, sexy and extremely intelligent on a number of occasions.

Now she's a member of the school of thought that believes the sexiest kind of hypnosis is the kind that you find yourself helplessly and publicly compelled to responding to, no matter who's watching, and no matter where you are. She linked me to Peter Powers "Power of One" show that you can see on YouTube or at the top of this blog post.

Now... up front I'd like to say that usually when I hypnotize someone, I'll try to make the experience as fun and sexy as possible. I'll try to find out what my subject's particularly interested in, and steer the trance that way. Usually it produces deeper trances and more enjoyable results if you let the subject's own desires dictate the direction in which the trance heads. Other than the odd bit of deviousness, I'm moral, ethical and don't get off on embarrassing or humiliating my subjects... Saying that, when it's *requested*... well... that's another thing entirely. ;o)

Audrey is one such subject that enjoys the idea of being made a fool of. In the past with other hypnotists she's been hypnotized to believe that whipped cream is shower gel and nutella is facial scrub, and then smothered herself in both... and it seems the more inventive ways you find to embarrass the girl, the more she'll enjoy and be turned on by the whole experience.

She's quite a pleasure to trance and drops pretty deeply, so this has led to me trying to find new and inventive ways to (safely) get the girl doing weird and random stuff every time we get to chat and trance.

Here's a selection of things she's found herself doing and believing, purely whilst we've been chatting over the net.

  • She became convinced that she'd spent an evening out with friends believing that she was a bimbo named Ferrari who the cars were named after. (And had a rearing horse tattoo on her left breast to prove it!)

  • She also spent time believing that she was a burlesque striptease artist named Dita, and that she'd climbed up on the tables down her local pub in order to strip, dance, and shake her heiny.

  • She spontaneously developed Tourette's syndrome mid-conversation with me, shouting out things like "MY PUSSY TASTES OF CANDYFLOSS" and "I LIKE TO MASTURBATE WITH VEGETABLES" without even realising she was doing it. Then when she *did* realise it, she found herself unable to stop.

  • Believing for the first 15 seconds of her meal that trying to eat her Spaghetti Bolognese by using just her face was a completely normal thing to do... And after 15 seconds, realising it wasn't. ;o)

  • Believing after 10 minutes in the bath that she was somehow fully dressed and hadn't realised it. (Then on leaping out of the bath and "undressing" realising that she had in fact been nude the whole time.)

  • Believing that she was an 8 year old in her big sister's room and wanted to play "dressup" with her clothes and makeup.

  • Believing herself to be a bohemian stoner poet called "Myrtle" who writes deep poems that just aren't understood by modern man about the infinite energy of the cosmos, here's a sample:

    One may not be brassica,
    The lines, they seldom remain,
    For the stylistic world of massacre,
    And the remainded ounce of pain,
    Confederate currency is your bandage,
    Devolution your asprin,
    Your agony isn't planned ridge,
    Rigid, the conoturs we begin,
    Navy, blue, red, potassium,
    A business's suit left rotten and grey,
    But forever I feel debased-um,
    Away, away, away,
    And yet I always feel these lines flow,
    Desterium masteris polut gyndrow.

  • Believing that she was a presenter on a home shopping channel, and that she was trying to sell herself and different sexual services to the viewers at home.

    All of this was of course carried out in the safety of her own home. Ever keen to push her boundaries though, she asked me yesterday (whilst in trance) if I could use hypnosis to spice up her weekly shop at the local supermarket.

    I was only too happy to help. *Grin*

    The following story is... more or less true, the dialogue and timing of events might have been rearranged to make them into a more amusing story, but Audrey was given these suggestions to follow whilst out on her shopping trip.


    Audrey's shopping trip.

    Audrey probably noticed that something was wrong fairly early on, when upon entering the supermarket, rather than heading towards the breakfast cereals as was her intention, she instead marched straight to the Toiletries aisle and began to fill her shopping basket with each and every variety of different condom that the store had to offer. Lubed, Flavored, Extra Durable, Extra Large, Ribbed... they all went into her basket. Then, without setting foot in any other part of the store, she span on her heel and headed towards the checkouts with her basket on her arm.

    Strolling up and down the checkouts she might have noticed that she seemed to be looking for something in particular. This cashier was a middle aged lady, that one a student, this one a teenage guy, that one an older man... her gaze would have passed by all of them till her eyes came to rest... on the young shy-looking but *very* cute asian girl in aisle 9. Unbeknown to her, she'd been told to approach the cutest cashier before carrying out the next part of her programming. She'd been told to do this irrespective of gender, so it looks like *someone* has a thing for cute asian chicks.

    "Well hello there cutie." came Audrey's voice in an unintended seductive purr, her mouth, but not her words. "I'm a writer for "Lez" magazine" she continued, surprising both herself and the girl at the checkout as she revealed this information, "I'm doing a study of the properties of different condoms. Would you like to be my research buddy?" she said with a wink. "Be a doll and buy these for me will you? Then we can go back to my place and test them out."

    The checkout girl blushed furiously and wordlessly carried on scanning Audrey's shopping. At this point Audrey found herself fully under her own control once more, and as the girl told her the total of her shopping, she blushed herself as she felt forced to pay for it.

    (Now I've worked in supermarkets, so I know that it's not a big deal for staff to return unwanted shopping, I hadn't told Audrey to actually *buy* the condoms, but it seems that by this point she felt like she *should* buy it... oh well, guess I'll have to buy her pizza sometime to make up for it.)

    Next she found herself taking a stroll over towards the clothing aisle. Before she could get there though, there was a "Bing Bong" from the PA system as a member of staff's voice came over the tannoy. Whatever announcement was being given though, Audrey was unable to take notice as with an involuntary gasp, her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

    It wasn't until a second orgasm hit her as the announcement was repeated a couple of minutes later that she realised these feelings were being triggered by the "Bing Bong" of the PA system. She managed to cover up for the fact she was suddenly unable to walk straight by faking interest in the contents of a packet of fajita mix as she rode this orgasm out. Hopefully none of the passers by will have noticed how flushed she suddenly was, or how deep her breathing had become.

    She made it safely to the clothing aisles, a display of mannequins in various poses were arranged in the center of the aisle. Wondering what she'd come here for, she found herself walking up to the mannequins, taking up residence beside them, striking a pose of her own... and then nothing.

    5 minutes passed at this point, with Audrey's mind frozen in hypnotic limbo. One hand on her hip, the other out in front of herself as though offering something, an expression of quizzical confusion fixed on her face. Though a few people may have passed by and paid attention to her, her mind was as blank as those of the mannequins that stood around her, and everyone else, every store assistant asking if she was alright, every child wondering what the lady was doing, everyone was just ignored.

    After 5 minutes Audrey's mind returned, though not (unfortunately for her) her ability to move. Her frustration was only compounded when another announcement came over the tannoy. "Dammit, as soon as I can move again, I'd best take a visit to the ladies room" she thought to herself, trying to ignore the fact that a small child was standing in front of her gazing up, mouth agog at the strange lady playing musical statues all by herself.

    When she was finally able to move once more, she headed off towards the bathroom, she passed a mother and her child, both of whom gave her a slightly odd look, and then, just as she was 10 paces from the bathroom, she made eye contact with a lady stacking shelves. The hypnotic trigger that had been installed in her previously took immediate effect. "Excuse me?" she heard herself asking. "Can you direct me to the bathroom?" she finished stupidly.

    "Erm... it's right over there" said the lady, pointing to the toilets sign not 20 feet away. "Did you not see the sign, love?"

    "Oh erm... no... how silly of me" said Audrey, flushing once more. "Thanks very much!" she finished, as, rather than heading towards the bathroom as had been her intention, she span on her heel once more and walked in completely the opposite direction.

    "What the?" she thought frantically, as she found herself pulled away from the bathrooms. She made eye contact with 2 more people, and then at the third person, the compulsion came again. Once more, she found her actions being taken over, her mouth was pulled into a friendly smile as she asked a 20-something guy buying wine "Hi! D'you know the way to the loos?" The guy gave a grin and said "Yep, back the way you just came, over there" he said pointing. "Great!" Audrey replied, a tad sarcastically as once more she began to march off in completely the wrong direction.

    This game went on for some time, every third person would be asked for directions, and every set of directions would be ignored completely as she headed off in the opposite direction. It was only on entering the electronics aisle that Audrey found herself able to control her actions by herself once more. And... owing to the nature of the images on each TV screen... going to the bathroom was suddenly the last thing on her mind.

    Every screen, instead of showing the latest action blockbuster was instead showing porn. To be more specific, it was showing "Audrey Porn". On this screen she was on her back, legs wide open, being fucked... On that one she was on her knees playing with herself... Here she was on all fours, being spanked... there she was going down on another girl... With shock she looked at the DVD cases beside each screen. "Audrey's Anal Adventure" "Audrey Oral Party" "Audrey's Amazing Ass IV"... the names went on and on.

    At this point the fourth (and thankfully final) "Bing Bong" announcement of the night came over the PA system. Bracing herself against a screen (showing "Audrey Does Aberdeen") she rode out this final orgasm before taking a deep breath, heading towards the *real* location of the bathroom, and resolving to give her hypnotist a piece of her mind as soon as she got home.

  • Wednesday, 21 October 2009

    Entrancement Hypno Questionnaire

    With a little help from my friends, I've put together this questionnaire for all fans of hypnosis and hypnotic videos. I'm interested in seeing if any trends pop up, or if any new kinks come to light that I'm not currently aware of. It was made using Google Docs, which I'm pretty new to, but appears to be a very flashy way of putting together content like this, and generating results in the form of spreadsheets.

    Special thanks to my hypno-buddy Jen for giving me a list of 43(!!) ideas for questions. Sorry if I had to prune them back a little bit. ;o)

    Liz has just started back at uni, (hence the lack of hypno-posts) and I'm trying to get her to focus where possible on that work, rather than the usual online distractions of World of Warcraft and the Hypnopics Collective. Needless to say, getting her stubborn butt to do anything work related can prove more than a little tricky without the POWER OF HYPNOSIS(TM), so I'm glad I've got multiple methods of persuasion available to me.

    I'm starting to up the dominance and set Liz more tasks and homework lately, as well as various kinky forms of discipline and punishment if she misbehaves. (Needless to say she's loving it ;o) She's offered to compile the results from the questionnaire into nice tally charts and graphs for me in a day or so. All the more reason to get as many responses in as possible.

    Please check it out, fill out as many questions as you feel like responding to, and I'll have Liz post her findings in a future post.

    You should be able to see it below, or failing that, you can go to the questionnaire directly at this link: Questionnaire

    Apologies to anyone who reads the blog on a mobile phone. (Parkey, Conrad.) This one's a biggy!

    Cheers all!