Sunday, 6 September 2009

Italy! - Don't mind me.

Greetings from Fort Fantastico!

Well, we're almost 2 years into our relationship, so to celebrate, we treated ourselves to a week-long holiday in Italy. We're back now, refreshed and chilled out after our trip, we're both a little browner (or in the case of Liz's left elbow which burnt, a *lot* browner.) and feeling pretty good.

We had a fantastic time in a resort called Lido Di Jesolo about 40 minutes drive up the coast from Venice. The resort itself wasn't too much to write home about, (identikit hotels, restaurants and shops all selling pretty much the same thing.) but it was near enough to Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda for us to enjoy plenty of trips out. We had a great time soaking up the sun, reading books (No net access! It was like being back in the 90s) building sand castles, (Fort Fantastico as you can see above) and indulging in as much love-making and hypnokink as we could possibly fit around the massive free breakfasts and dinners that our hotel laid on for us. ;D

I managed to make it through three books, (The Night Watch, by
Sergei Lukyanenko, In the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Let Them Come Through by Neil Forsyth. I can heartily recommend the first two, the third was fine... but a bit pedestrian in comparison to the others.) but had taken my Nintendo DS along just in case I felt the need to inject some digital entertainment into the holiday. The game of choice was Puzzle Quest Galactrix, which I highly recommend to RPG / Puzzle playing / Sci-fi geeks out there. I enlisted Liz's help with one puzzle though and she quickly found that not only was she better at it than me, but that she found the whole gem-sliding colour matching mechanic of the game quite compelling... not that I *made* it compelling for her. (It was my game, I wanted to play it!) She quickly started spending every waking minute playing it though. (So as a result, only got through one book. Ha! I feel smugly literary.)

Liz would spend a couple of hours each day after her sunbathe lounging naked on the bed playing this game while I read, (Her compulsion to be naked around me is something that I've only encouraged *very* lightly. She's always been happier to laze about with no clothes on than going through the effort of getting dressed. You won't hear me complaining about this though... well... not unless we have a plane to catch.)

Anyway, this brings us to one of the hypnotic suggestions I gave her during the holiday.

Liz was lying on the bed after a sunbathe, tapping away at her game, and making a *very* nice sight upon my emergence from the shower. I was feeling fresh, clean, and more than a little frisky, and seeing how absorbed Liz was in her game got me wondering just what fun and games I could get up to whilst her attention was focused on battling space pirates.

"Obey: Carry on playing your game for me, remain totally unaware of anything that I do with you whilst you play" I said smoothly.

"Yes Sir" came her automatic response.

"Hi" I said, flopping myself down on the bed beside her.

"Oh hey"
she said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

She continued to tap away intently, paying no attention to my hand on her stomach, or the moment when I decided to explore further up her body and give her nipples a little tweak here and there...

"Doing well?" I asked.

came her response, "I'm level 19 now, I passed you ages ago"

"Gah" said I. "Do I get my game back at some point?"

"Nope, it's mine now!"
she snickered, gleefully.

"Fine fine... suppose I'll have to find other ways to amuse myself"

"Why don't you cry more?"
she smirked.

She carried on playing, and so did I. Next I decided to explore lower, seperating her legs, smoothing my fingers teasingly up the sides of her special place, caressing one hand over her...

It was only when I started to rub and tease her clit that her body began taking notice of what I was doing to her. Although consciously she remained oblivious, her body began moving and grinding against the air unconsciously, this really took off at around about the time that I started with the kissing and licking...

This continued on for a while. Liz enjoying her game... and me enjoying the way she was starting to breathe deeper and moan gently while I teased and touched and toyed with her... I spent a good few minutes bringing her to the boil, by which point she was starting to huff and tut at herself.

"Something up?" I asked innocently, my voice only slightly muffled, coming as it was from between her thighs.

"I don't know what's wrong"
she grumbled. "I keep making mistakes and moving the wrong gems onscreen"

"I guess you're just not as good at that game as me" I grinned, feeling a little bit wicked.

she exclaimed. Not noticing the way in which her breathing was growing more laborious.

"Can I have a go yet?" I asked, feigning interest.

"Hmmmmmm nope! It's still mine."
She teased, sticking out her tongue.

"But you can't even concentrate on it!" I said, rubbing a little harder and faster.

Ever one to prove me wrong, she began focusing on her game even more intently. This was round about the time that I decided to don the equipment needed for continuing any further...

I could carry on, but I'm sure most of you reading this will be pretty sure of where I went from here.

Once I'd gotten a good rhythm going I allowed Liz to realise just what it was that was distracting her.

I'm happy to report that she was more turned on with her discovery than annoyed at my untimely interruption of her game. ;)

Saying that... she did continue playing pretty much the instant we were done.

Still... It could have been worse... she could have asked me to switch her realisation back off so she could get back to her game. :oP