Monday, 3 August 2009

Ways to amuse yourself with your sleeping girlfriend.

Lately Liz's sleeping habits have been getting more and more messed up. As your typical lazyarse student, they were never all that great at the best of times, but now it's the summer holidays, it's really starting to show. World of Warcraft is fairly solidly to blame for this, and a typical gaming session can last until 5:30 in the morning. Part of me wonders if this WoW addiction is down to the fact that our friend Trish hypnotized Liz a while back and gave her the post-hypnotic-suggestion that whenever her character levelled in WoW, she'd orgasm. I'm reasonably sure this suggestion has worn off... but maybe I need to check that.

As I've got a dayjob, I can't usually stay up much later than 1:30am on a regular basis. (Okay... maybe there's been the odd 3:00am bedtime... but usually that's because I've been trancing gorgeous hypno-ladies in irc hypnosis chatrooms... Well... in my *mind* they're gorgeous hypno-ladies... but as only about 1% of them actually have mics or webcams they're willing to use, they could be *anyone*.) Anyway, I'm digressing. Because of this, Liz and I often sleep at different times. She'll come to bed after me. I'll get up before her. We're both pretty deep sleepers, so don't usually notice when the other comes to bed.

We both kind of like seeing the other sleep, which probably fits fairly naturally in with our hypno-kink. When I'm asleep, Liz will amuse herself by writing down any amusing stuff that I say whilst I'm in dreamland. Apparently I talk a hilarious amount of crap whilst I'm asleep, ask her nicely and she might break out her quotebook. She also gets to use me as a human hot water bottle if she comes to bed cold and wants warming up. (The icy lil rascal!)

As a hypnofetishist, a big turn on for Liz is the thought of being toyed with and messed around with while she sleeps. Now there are certain "activities" that come readily to mind when you think of fun ways to amuse yourself with an unconscious girlfriend who's been known to sleep pretty deeply. You can measure her breasts to work out which one is larger (the right), you can pose her in amusing positions... you can do the "other" thing. (If you don't know what the "other" thing is, then you probably shouldn't be reading this blog.) and as I've discovered lately, you can use her as a life drawing model.

Usually, when I get up in the morning, Liz will be snuggled into the covers. For some reason though, as soon as I'm up, she rapidly seems to grow too hot having the bed all to herself, (she might come to bed freezing cold, but will heat up to thermonuclear levels during the night.) she'll flip the covers off and stretch her body out in some seductive and gorgeous postion. Maybe subconsciously she wants to give me something nice to look at in the mornings, or perhaps (more likely) she just wants to taunt me by showing off how comfy and warm the bed is knowing that I have to get off to work.

Regardless, her slinky poses usually leave quite an impression on my mind throughout the day, and in the interests of furthering my artistic skills, I've sketched down a few doodles of nekkid sleeping lizzidoll.

Any weird problems with proportion or bodyshape are *entirely* down to my horrendous artistic skills.



Blnkstr said...

very nice work, Lex! any anatomical irregularities can be easily overlooked because of the excellent story and description of how the poses cam about. i'm impressed that lizzie can sleep with that collar; she must _be_ quite a deep sleeper! :)

IreOlcas said...

New Reader, reading through the archives of the blog, only done 2007 so far. As it's my first hypnoblog, it's certaintly fun and interesting to read the accounts of both a hypnotist and subject, enjoying themselves and letting others read the feelings and emotions and amusing incidents.

Also, Nice work on the anatomy drawings! Better than I could ever do!

Anonymous said...

You two shouldn't be living together.

Lizzidoll said...

Lol, why ever not Anon?

If we didn't, I wouldn't receive the 'benefits' of Lex's impromptu hypnotic ideas....

On second thoughts....