Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dark Puppetry

One hypnotic trigger that Liz has been enjoying lately (and I’ve been enjoying using on her) is “Strings Cut”.

When I say this to her, she instantly finds herself flopping forward (or sideways… or backwards) like a puppet that’s had all of her strings cut. Her eyes stay the same, as it only affects her muscles, not her mind, but all the expression in her face will relax away, her arms will just flump down to her sides and her head will loll forwards. In this state she can look around, (if anyone’s kind enough to lift her head so she’s able to.) but not speak.

From here, I can move her, pose her, (though we’re talking floppy ragdoll poses, rather than rigid mannequin poses this time round) or take advantage in any other way she might care to think of. ;)

I have to be *fairly* careful not to use the trigger when she’s walking down the street… (though conscientious chap that I am, I’ve told her if I *do* use the trigger when she’s standing, her fall to the floor will be gentle and steady, rather than sudden and uncontrollable.)

Whilst she’s a puppet I can direct Liz’s actions by telling her what I’m doing with her “strings” and she’ll move into place like a puppet having her strings pulled this way or that. So far this has included (but isn’t limited to)

“Head pulled up”
“Rocking side to side”
“Left hand lifts and waves”
“Mouth smiles”
“Both hands on your head”
“Dancing puppet!”
“Pulled to your feet”
“Stepping forward”

Mainly I’ve been using it in private, though recently we’ve been out in Bristol with the hypno crew from uncommonforum, and I’ve been able to demonstrate what a good subject Liz is in a public setting. Depending on how busy the pub is and how raucous the other drinkers are around us, this’ll either draw interested glances from nearby tables, or no-one’ll notice. It usually goes down well amongst the other hypnotists if nothing else.

If I’m feeling particularly naughty I can tell Liz that the strings to her mind are cut as well, at which point she becomes completely blank.

It’s a fun suggestion and looks really good, I’m going to fit it into a few more hypno videos if I get the chance. I tried it out with Monica Haze (the last model that I worked with) but due to a fear of falling, she didn’t take too strongly to that suggestion. (Even if it was just her arms that were falling from the air above her to her lap.) I suppose some people can't let go to the extent that Liz can. Just one more way in which i'm a lucky lucky man. ;)

Though Monica wasn't too keen to fall over at any point, she *was* keen on doing plenty of other things on cam... more on that topic if and when I blog about it.


Parkey said...

Oh the vast majority of people wouldn't recognise hypnosis if it was staring them in the face.

On Wednesday I saw someone being hypnotised in the street by a street hypnotist I know in Covent Garden. The guy was stood with his eyes closed and head flopped whilst pretending to play an invisible guitar as the hypnotist was speaking to him, fingers clicking. As I joined the crowd guess what everyone was asking. Yep, "what's happening here?".

Liz draws interested glances from nearby tables anyway. Hadn't you noticed?

IreOlcas said...

Heh, something I've never seen in a pub personally..

And nice trigger. I find it hard to do or have done to me, such physical triggers.

enchantersname said...


I just may have to try this one. Personally, I tend more interested in windup dolls or robots than puppets, but this is also pretty awesome.

I've been meaning to comment on your blog for some time now. I've been fascinated since I was a little kid with the idea of being able to control another person. Your blog has been one of the influences that's made me realize that there actually are women as interested in being controlled as I am in controlling them, and that it's actually possible to do so in ethical and mutually-satisfying ways.

I've been learning hypnosis myself these last few months, along with some local folks, and enjoying it greatly. Your blog and videos have been among my inspirations.

Thank you!
(Enchanter, on FetLife)

Anonymous said...

Is there any "special" string on Liz? If you know what I mean ;P

Anonymous said...

Amateur, at best.

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

This whole post is so damn hot, lol.

I think it would be interesting if, instead of a slower fall, you just made sure you were their to "catch" once she's gone limp, and lower her yourself. And more sensual in a way.

Would love to see a video of this trigger. ^_^