Monday, 22 June 2009

There's a first for everything...

For a while now, Lex and I have been talking about going to the Birmingham Bizaare Bazaar. The BBB is a large UK fetish market held once a month in a nightclub in Birmingham, and not only are there stalls there from just about *every* kind of fetish store, there are also demonstrations held and all sorts. So this month, we said we'd finally get around to going.

I must admit, I wasn't sure what I was going to be expecting, but as we drove past the place looking for parking (there's never any damned parking in cities in England, ever) it was clear this was a *very* diverse market. I saw a guy that had to be well over 6"3 wearing a corset, mothballed tights, and 3 or four inch heels, leading a woman who looked to be about 5"3 (ish) around on a leash. Oh, and his wig was made from plastic and paper streamers. Yeah, welcome to the BBB.

We got inside, and stood with the other 'newbies' as we got the tour. Everyone seemed really friendly, on the stalls and on the organisation staff. They told us that demonstration that day was suspension bondage, apparantly - which I was kind of interested to go to. After we'd had the tour we were then left to our own devices to nosey around. I'd been making a mental shopping list on the tour, so I already knew what kinds of things I wanted ;)

Our first port of call was to a woman who runs a store called Adixxtion ( who produce ready-made and custom-made corsets/formalwear. Now, I don't own a proper corset, so I wanted to ask her advice on a number of things. She was absolutely lovely, talking me through everything and taking various measurements. She even said I could try one of her corsets on for size, and see what it looked like!

A chance to play dress up? Hellz yeah!

So, off we went to the toilets to get changed. I don't know how she does it, but lacing it up looks to be a real bitch. I was fine with all the pulling, but then she was loosening, and then pulling, and loosening...And people that wear corsets do this by themselves? I suppose I'll pick it up in time. Anyway I then had the moment of truth. Would I actually look *good* in a corset? I'd been worrying for a while that my figure wouldn't suit one, but as I turned around to the mirror, I went into a primitive female mindset of euphoria - finding an outfit that looks amazing, and knowing for sure you want this one. I was over the moon as I turned around in the mirror, looking at the way it pulled me in and managed to show off my figure.

I rushed back out to show Lex, loving the enjoyable feeling of restraint it offered (and of course, the kick-ass wiggle I got as I walked in heels with one). I was grinning from ear to ear as I came up the steps to show him, and he soon returned the grin as he caught a look at me. Of course, no clothes parade would be complete without a *little* hypnofun, so he got me to pose for a little while as we talked to the woman.

She took some more measurements, telling us what she'd do to make it more fitting of my figure - as she never makes two corsets the same (hence why her prices start at a whopping £220! But, I guess you're paying for quality and bespoke fashion, aren't you?). I periodically shot Lex my puppydog eyes, showing him how much I'd fallen in love with this corset, and he agreed to get me one.

Have I mentioned how much I love him?

So, I've got an *incredibly* smexy corset being made over the next 3 or 4 months. It's a while off, but it'll be worth it. My first corset - I can't wait! But with all that finalised, I brought Lex over to another stall. I'd seen so many people walking around with collars and leashes (including one girl who was being lead around wearing a collar, corset and leash with her hands cuffed behind her back - Hot. As. Hell.) that I was feeling rather left out, I must admit. Thus, our next point of call was a leatherworkers.

Everything from masks, to ballgags, to whips and ponyplay bits. I picked out a very fetching black collar, and asked if I could try it on. They agreed, and yet again, I fell in love with the style of it. The large ring really smacks of a dog-collar, and you all know how much I love being a puppy! But, I suppose I should really let you see for yourself, shouldn't I? So here's two pictures Lex took of me that I happened to discover he'd taken - two or three hours later! Tell me what you think.

Isn't it just adorable!? But no collar would be complete without a leash, so we bought one of their leashes as well, with a gorgeous black leather strap at the hand.

Walking around on a leash was *very* fun. I even got Lex to continue leading me around in Slavegirl Mode as we left the club and walked through the streets of Birmingham back to the car! Walking tall in heels, head up, eyes down. But I'll tell you, boy is it hot when Lex takes the slack in on my collar, and pulls me down for a kiss. Mmmmmm...

Have I mentioned how much I love him?

So an *amazing* evening of first times for me. I went to my first fetish club, I've got my first corset on it's way in the next few months, I got to get a leash for the first time, and wear it around in public! I didn't get to see the demonstration, but I suppose there's always next month ;)


Melted Dreams said...

There was a corset shop at download festival, and I must say, the whole process of fitting someone into one seems a bit rough. Surprised the poor girl didn't snap in two with how she was being pulled, pushed, laces tightened and her insides squished.

Nice to see you were like a kid in a candy shop (kinda like your previous post), and the collar and lead looks very nice. Again, lex's sneakiness manages to conjure up a couple of photo's you didn't know about. Reminds me a little of the neurolizers on men in black. Maybe he has one of those tucked away to make you forget.

Melted Dreams said...
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Blnkstr said...

Very nice reporting! You two have been finding lots of new fun lately, so thanks for writing to let us know about your latest adventures :) Happy post-solstice and enjoy all that extra English sunshine >:)

Robolvr said...

The post was great. The collar looks great. The pictures look great.

In summary: great, great, great.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I've only just recently come across this blog! Wish I'd seen it years ago! Me and my g/f are really intrested in trying some "Hypnofun" out and was hoping that you could give us a few pointers or even at a long shot perhasp in the future meet up? Let me know and I'll forward you some contact details so we can speak a little more in private :)

Bradly J said...

Wow great story. And great pics :) Is that really Liz? I dont think ive ever seen her before. Even just that much of her looks amazing.

Braldy J said...

Also my Yahoo ID is bradly1581, if you could please add me. Love to chat to you guys. We actually used to chat on msn way back but nothing recently.

pocketgoth said...

Ok, slightly late comment, but I've only just discovered your blog!
I've really enjoyed reading it, it's very interesting.

I regularly attend the BBB with my Owner, and I just wanted to say what an accurate account you've given! And I think I recognise where you got that collar from, as I have a number of items from the same place.

I found your blog from your CM profile, but can't find your profile again now :(