Monday, 22 June 2009

There's a first for everything...

For a while now, Lex and I have been talking about going to the Birmingham Bizaare Bazaar. The BBB is a large UK fetish market held once a month in a nightclub in Birmingham, and not only are there stalls there from just about *every* kind of fetish store, there are also demonstrations held and all sorts. So this month, we said we'd finally get around to going.

I must admit, I wasn't sure what I was going to be expecting, but as we drove past the place looking for parking (there's never any damned parking in cities in England, ever) it was clear this was a *very* diverse market. I saw a guy that had to be well over 6"3 wearing a corset, mothballed tights, and 3 or four inch heels, leading a woman who looked to be about 5"3 (ish) around on a leash. Oh, and his wig was made from plastic and paper streamers. Yeah, welcome to the BBB.

We got inside, and stood with the other 'newbies' as we got the tour. Everyone seemed really friendly, on the stalls and on the organisation staff. They told us that demonstration that day was suspension bondage, apparantly - which I was kind of interested to go to. After we'd had the tour we were then left to our own devices to nosey around. I'd been making a mental shopping list on the tour, so I already knew what kinds of things I wanted ;)

Our first port of call was to a woman who runs a store called Adixxtion ( who produce ready-made and custom-made corsets/formalwear. Now, I don't own a proper corset, so I wanted to ask her advice on a number of things. She was absolutely lovely, talking me through everything and taking various measurements. She even said I could try one of her corsets on for size, and see what it looked like!

A chance to play dress up? Hellz yeah!

So, off we went to the toilets to get changed. I don't know how she does it, but lacing it up looks to be a real bitch. I was fine with all the pulling, but then she was loosening, and then pulling, and loosening...And people that wear corsets do this by themselves? I suppose I'll pick it up in time. Anyway I then had the moment of truth. Would I actually look *good* in a corset? I'd been worrying for a while that my figure wouldn't suit one, but as I turned around to the mirror, I went into a primitive female mindset of euphoria - finding an outfit that looks amazing, and knowing for sure you want this one. I was over the moon as I turned around in the mirror, looking at the way it pulled me in and managed to show off my figure.

I rushed back out to show Lex, loving the enjoyable feeling of restraint it offered (and of course, the kick-ass wiggle I got as I walked in heels with one). I was grinning from ear to ear as I came up the steps to show him, and he soon returned the grin as he caught a look at me. Of course, no clothes parade would be complete without a *little* hypnofun, so he got me to pose for a little while as we talked to the woman.

She took some more measurements, telling us what she'd do to make it more fitting of my figure - as she never makes two corsets the same (hence why her prices start at a whopping £220! But, I guess you're paying for quality and bespoke fashion, aren't you?). I periodically shot Lex my puppydog eyes, showing him how much I'd fallen in love with this corset, and he agreed to get me one.

Have I mentioned how much I love him?

So, I've got an *incredibly* smexy corset being made over the next 3 or 4 months. It's a while off, but it'll be worth it. My first corset - I can't wait! But with all that finalised, I brought Lex over to another stall. I'd seen so many people walking around with collars and leashes (including one girl who was being lead around wearing a collar, corset and leash with her hands cuffed behind her back - Hot. As. Hell.) that I was feeling rather left out, I must admit. Thus, our next point of call was a leatherworkers.

Everything from masks, to ballgags, to whips and ponyplay bits. I picked out a very fetching black collar, and asked if I could try it on. They agreed, and yet again, I fell in love with the style of it. The large ring really smacks of a dog-collar, and you all know how much I love being a puppy! But, I suppose I should really let you see for yourself, shouldn't I? So here's two pictures Lex took of me that I happened to discover he'd taken - two or three hours later! Tell me what you think.

Isn't it just adorable!? But no collar would be complete without a leash, so we bought one of their leashes as well, with a gorgeous black leather strap at the hand.

Walking around on a leash was *very* fun. I even got Lex to continue leading me around in Slavegirl Mode as we left the club and walked through the streets of Birmingham back to the car! Walking tall in heels, head up, eyes down. But I'll tell you, boy is it hot when Lex takes the slack in on my collar, and pulls me down for a kiss. Mmmmmm...

Have I mentioned how much I love him?

So an *amazing* evening of first times for me. I went to my first fetish club, I've got my first corset on it's way in the next few months, I got to get a leash for the first time, and wear it around in public! I didn't get to see the demonstration, but I suppose there's always next month ;)

The "Real" Wonka Chocolate Factory!

There are too few moments these days where you get the opportunity to act like a kid again. So to compensate, I try and get away with as much 'childishness' as I possibly can, especially around Lex. Afterall, maturity is knowing when it's okay to be immature – and I seem to have a gift for trying to push the boundaries on this as much as can get away with.

A litle while ago, one of our friends was supervising a group of kids heading to Cadbury World, and he came back just as excited as they were. He spent about an hour singing its praises, and it was enough to convince me that Lex and I should go too. Now, normally Lex and I are terrible at planning anything in advance. We'll agree to an idea that sounds good, but at the same time we are agreeing, we're also adding an extra clause that requires leaving a period of six months or so for us to get around to doing something about it. Having a good idea and planning it the same weekend are usually rarely accomplished without extensive insistence.

It's a good job I can be insistent when I need to be then, isn't it?

- A short introduction for our international friends who haven't heard of Cadbury. Cadbury's is a brand international brand of chocolate and the company was one of the first in England to start using milk in their chocolate bars to give it a better taste. Basically, Dairy Milk chocolate bars are gorgeous, and if I have to include spirals as a background for this post in order to get you to try one, I will, dammit!

And if Cadbury would like to send me some freebies for that little advertisement, I certainly wouldn't argue! -

So anyway, at the weekend I managed to persuade Lex to book some tickets for Cadbury World, and after taking a tour around the *incredibly* shiny site (seriously, go and have a play at my excitement had sufficiently regressed me to about the age of 9. It was awesome!

Aside from getting up at stupid o'clock in order to get down to Brummy-land (Birmingham for those of you in the States), the drive down wasn't bad, and I even managed to refrain from getting Lex to just put me to sleep for the whole ride. As we got in, we didn't let the hordes of youngsters deter us: our mental ages could match theirs any day! I'm only sad I didn't get to enter into the colouring competition; I'd have loved to do some amazing piece of artwork and then write my name in my other hand, signing it “Lis, aGeb 7”.

As we went around the Factory, the freebies started coming in waves, and we ended up getting chocolate from just about every Cadbury employee we came across. Most of the tour is away from the actual production line, but near the end of the journey, I got the shock of my life. As you enter the factory, you're asked not to bring cameras in, for copyrights sake or whatever. I didn't have a problem with that of course, I just wanted to see more of the factory.

We rounded a corner, seeing all the machinery churning the melted chocolate (drool...), and the process of packaging. There were a large group of people crowded around several desks where there were various chocolate-related activities being held. You know, things like writing your name in melted chocolate (which of course, I was *far* to mature to try...), trying to beat one of their representatives at 'picking up' melted chocolate with a spatula, watching how the chocolate shapes are made and packaged. That kind of thing.

I rounded a corner, watching the visitors crowd around the desks, and then I spotted one of the employees. I don't wish to be offensive, but when I spotted that the Cadbury employee was the modern day equivalent of an Oompa-loompa (less of the orange make-up, more of the white jackets and hairnets), I had to conceal a smile. When I looked across to the next stall, and saw that there were two...and then mouth dropped. Every employee I saw was the same - it was like the real Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

I reached for my camera phone, vowing to take a picture to show the folks back home, but Lex grabbed my arm.

"No cameras." He said, pointing to the sign above my head.

"But..But I *can't* just walk out without taking a *picture*! I mean come *on*! It's like Wonka's in here!"

"Nope, sorry."

"But no-one will believe me unless I get photographic evidence!"

I couldn't get the camera out because of the signs, but then I realised something. *They* were the reason they didn't want you to use cameras! They didn't want to reveal to the world that an operation like Wonka's actually existed! I was convinced I'd seen through their plot, and although I had several attempts to sneak a picture of one of them, Lex wouldn't let me.

I protested about it (at length) to him, and after a few minutes, he just looked at me with a bemused expression.

"What are you talking about?"

"The," I lowered my voice. "Vertically challenged staff here."


I turned over my shoulder, pointing at the staff, and started to repeat my last sentence, when I realised the employee I was pointing to was about 6ft. I looked around, trying to find them again, and couldn't see a single one in the entire room. I was incredulous. Where could they have gone to? They were right here!

You know, you'd think after being a subject for so long under a twisted mind like Lex's, I'd be less naive at times like this. It eventually twigged in my mind, and I shot a *very* annoyed look at Lex as my cheeks flushed bright red.

"It was *you* wasn't it!?" I demanded.

"Me? What could I have done?" he said with a mischevious smile, as he turned to walk away.

Can anyone really blame me for the expletives I may or may not have used as I went to catch up with him? The knowledge that one of the movies from my childhood could actually have a grain of truth to it is dangled in front of my face, and then my frantic reactions are made to look absolutely ridiculous as they are taken away. I can't even begin to *think* what some of the visitors were thinking as I tried several times to get my camera out.

Oh, and if you were wondering. For my first picture on this blog, I thought I'd include the one I took of writing my name in chocolate...

I *am* mature, alright!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Our first date... again.

For a while, Liz has been asking if I could give her a certain hypnotic suggestion involving her memories. She's been keen to see what would happen if she were to forget who I was, and then meet up with me, as though it were our first date. Would we get on as well as we do now? Would there be a different kind of chemistry? Would she realise this time round what a kinky old perve I can be? She raised the idea again this weekend as I was driving her back to mine on Friday afternoon. The weather was warm and sunny, and the car was getting pretty stuffy. "Can we take a walk into town today?" she asked, "I need to buy some new shoes." I looked at the clock on the dashboard and saw it was 4pm already. It'd be nearly 5 by the time we got into town, not really enough time to go shoe shopping. Luckily for me, Liz isn't the kind of girl who likes to spend 5 hours buying one pair of shoes... still, we'd barely have half an hour so I wondered if maybe this amnesia suggestion had crept back into her mind.

"Course we can" I said, wanting to make the most of the sunshine, if not traipse around shoe shops.

Liz ummed for a moment, a little hesitant to bring the idea up in case I didn't fancy it. (I did. But it's fun to let her sweat, so I waited.)

I'd already been thinking of how to phrase the suggestion, where we could meet, and what we could get up to, etc. So as soon as the words were out of Liz's mouth, I reached up a hand, clicked my fingers and with a strong "SLEEP" she was slumped in her seat, eyes closed, lips parted, head rolled back. I enjoyed the view (as much as one *can* whilst still paying attention to the road.) spent a few moments deepening her relaxation. Then I gave her this suggestion:

"For the rest of the day, when I say the word "Amnesia" loud and clear, you'll forget for the time being all about our relationship, you'll forget that we've ever met face to face, or that you've ever been hypnotized in person. You'll know me from a chatroom online. You'll have had a number of conversations about hypnosis and trance, but you don't believe you've ever really done anything more than play along. As far as you're this is your first meeting with a real hypnotist. When I use the word "remember" you'll recall exactly who you are, who I am, and what we've done together in the past."

I made sure that she understood this suggestion, then had her wake. On getting home she mentioned that she'd received a few honks of appreciation from passing cars on her walk into uni that morning, and she mischeviously asked if she could walk into town ahead of me, as she wanted to see just how many more honks she could accrue. I thought a walk into town apart from me would probably make a good setup for the amnesia suggestion I'd just given her, so said that that would be fine.

"Obey: Walk into town, ignore me completely till I call you. Understand?" I asked.

"Yes Sir." came her submissive response.

"Good girl" I said with a grin, before unleashing her new trigger.

"AMNESIA!" I exclaimed.

Liz's focus on me evapourated, she blinked a couple of times, glanced up the road, and started the walk into town (about a mile and a half away.) I stood back for a moment, allowing her to reach a suitable distance when....

"Honnnnnnnnnnk" went a passing car.

Bloody hell. 10 seconds in and she's already attracting the attention of strangers.

I started to follow, trying my best to balance my distance between "I'm there if you need me." and "Someone's got a Stalker!"

Liz didn't make it easy for me to track her whilst remaining unobtrusive. She looks nice and approachable, so as she was moseying into town, she was the cause of a number of conversations trailing off, she also got herself a wolf whistle, another honk, and was stopped and asked for directions at least once.

Her being asked for directions was kinda funny. A couple stopped her and asked if she knew where Charles street was. (She didn't, I did) so I got to look like a stalker *and* an eavesdropper when I waited for her to walk on, then strolled up and told the couple that: Yep I knew the way! Left at the bank, then left again into the next sidestreet." I was on the brink of saying "I'd show you the way, but I've got to catch up with that girl you already asked." but thought it might be best if I didn't reveal *quite* so much info to complete strangers.

On arriving in town, I realised we'd not arranged a meeting place, so I crossed the road and phoned her. She picked up, a little hesitation and curiosity in her voice:


"Hi, is that Liz?"

"Yeah.... is that Alex?"

"Yeah hi, I'm just letting you know that I've just arrived in town, where d'you want to meet?"

"Oh cool, I've just arrived in town too, my bus was a little early so I walked part way."

We agreed on a nearby bus-stop, and a minute later I jogged past Liz with a quick "Obey: Ignore me till you see me at the bus stop" command so I could get ahead of her.

I got to the bus stop, sat down at the bench, then immediately stood up again as Liz popped her head around the timetable with a curious look on her face.

"Hi there!" I said, hopping up. "Liz?"

"Yep, hi!" she replied, extending a hand.

We shook hands, went through "introductions", and I asked if she'd like to go for a drink. We wandered on into town enjoying the afternoon sunlight and talking about our interest in hypnosis, and how we both got into it.

It was a good thing I *did* give Liz that "Remember" trigger, that I mentioned earlier, as while we were heading to a local café to get ourselves a drink, I bumped into a girl called Nikki from my old work, who'd not had the pleasure of meeting Liz yet. Introducing her as "this girl I've just met" may have seemed a little strange... though come to think of it, introducing her as my "Mind Controlled Amnesiac Girlfriend" probably wouldn't do either, so I leant in and murmured "Remember" allowing Liz to recall who and where she was just long enough to exchange pleasantries with Nikki. As soon as she was gone.... I re-"amnesiac"ed Liz and on we went.

We got to the café, sat ourselves down, I had an Iced Tea, (something I'd developed a mild addiction for when I was visiting a friend in Japan a couple of years back,) and Liz had a fruit juice. We had the usual introductory chat. How did we get into hypnosis? How long's it been an interest for? What kind of experiences has it led us to so far? and so on. I mentioned triggers fairly loudly at a couple of points, and noticed that Liz didn't respond to them, (Ordinarily, If I mention the word "Freeze" as part of a normal conversation when it's just myself and Liz around, she'll freeze in place, triggered. If I want her to be unaffected, I usually have to lower my voice and almost mumble the word "freeze.")

Her lack of response to triggers was a good thing though, as it meant her mind was in a state where she was acting and thinking in terms of the guidelines I'd outlined for her. In that: she really thought she'd never been deeply hypnotized, so any hypnotic compulsions that I managed to implant, I'd be implanting "fresh" as it were, instead of relying on the fact that Liz is normally predisposed to obey any suggestion I might give. As a result, zapping her with new suggestions might be more of a challenge but... wait, what was I thinking? Liz *loves* being tranced and toyed with, odds are the only reason she wasn't already asking for a trance was for the sake of politeness... well, that and the fact she didn't know who the hell I was. :oP

I was actually pretty proud of her (of the both of us really) as we managed to get through a whole introductory conversation a drink in the coffee shop, and then take a walk for at *least* 25 minutes before my hypno-impulses started itching.

We were meandering through the park and gardens down by the river when I started to wonder what kind of demonstration I should give Liz. It was too sunny and too busy to do a full-scale induction, (Though I know from experience, the majority of people won't bat an eyelid if they see one person slumped sleepily over at the command of another, I wasn't sure if perhaps Liz wasn't willing to be made a spectacle of *just* yet.) perhaps I could sneak in some suggestions in my normal conversation and produce some waking hypnotic effects though... Still chatting about the effects of hypnosis, I guided us over to a bench around some circular flowerbeds.

"So have you been hypnotized much in the past then?" I asked, innocently.

"Well.... a little online, but I never really know if I'm just roleplaying or really hypnotized" Liz replied.

"I know what you mean, in a light trance that's often how things go. You feel obliged to follow the suggestions given you... but you don't exactly feel a massive compulsion to obey"

"That's just it! It's not really what I'd have expected."

"You'd rather find yourself helplessly forced to obey the commands given to you by your hypnotist" I grinned.

"Well..." she started, her cheeks flushing a little. "It would depend on what the commands were." she finished.

"Of course, so long as there's nothing creepy or dodgy going on... you want to find yourself just obeying, right?" I enquired.

"Right" she nodded.

"Because that's one idea of hypnosis that you enjoy picturing, yes? A hypnotist slowly taking control without his subject really realising what's going on"

"Mmmmm" she said, her eyes locking on mine.

"Working his will on you, finding yourself following along naturally, while at the same time becoming very intent on everything being told you."

"Yes" she agreed, (intently.)

"Well that's not hard to do at all, did you realise that you're doing it right now in fact?"

"I am?" she asked, looking a little surprised, but growing no less fixed upon my words.

"Yep, notice how you're absorbing everything I'm telling you, how you can't look away, how you're waiting to be told what to do next."

"But... I'm awake" she said, with just a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

"You are... but hypnosis as I've said, can be a very easy state to slip into, even when you're awake."

"I see." she said, looking a little helpless.

"Why I could tell you right now that your bum's stuck to that bench, and what you'd find is that you're unable to get up off it."

"Oh *would* I now!?" she said, openly skeptical... but again, with enough of a hint of uncertainty for me to know that yes, she would.

"Mmmm hmmmm" I said with a grin. "In fact that more you try to move off that bench, the more you'll just find yourself fixed to it, bum locked in position"

"Ha! Nice try!" She said, asserting her inner brat, which up until this point she'd been holding at bay behind her polite 'meeting new people' attitude.

She shifted on her seat for a moment and then stopped, looking at me, shocked

"I... I can't get up!" She said, her voice 1 part panic, 2 part's curiosity, 3 parts excitement.

"That's right. Obviously if it was an emergency you'd be leaping up and legging it... but if I just leave you like this... hmmm, I bet you'd probably stay there for 5 - 10 minutes." I grinned, starting to get up.

"You can't leave me like this!" she gasped.

"Ohhh, you'd get free when it was clear to you I wasn't coming back" I said with a wink. "Alright though, I'll stay." And I sat back down. "Fun how I can control your body like that, don't you think?" I asked.

"Well.... it is kinda cool I suppose." she admitted.

"Want to see what else I can do with you?" If I could wiggle my eyebrows quizzically, I would have done.

"Dare I ask?"

"Well.... I could tell you that whenever I say something's bound in place, that it becomes fixed in position."

(I did tell her that and then spent a few moments amusing myself by placing a slightly embarrassed Liz into different poses.)

"Or I could tell you that when I tap you on the forehead, the stillness that's in your body will move into your mind, locking your thoughts in place. Leaving you a poseable dolly" I smirked.

"Would that really work?" she asked, currently sat with her hands 'vogue'ing above and below her face.

"Want to see?" I said, slowly moving my forefinger towards her head. Fixed in place though she was, she still tried to shy away from my finger nervously.

"No! Wait! I...." she began.


Her expression fixed in place, mouth partway open, words still part-formed on her lips, I waved a hand in front of her face, no reaction. Fun. I posed her a little more, before moving round behind her (to the shoulder massage position.) I placed both hands on her shoulders and said "Move"

Liz's words came in a flurry: "... don't know if I want to.... woah.... HEY! What are you doing!? Easy Tiger!"

It was at this point that I realised that sneaking up on your girlfriend to give shoulder massages is appreciated *much* more when she actually *knows* she's your girlfriend. As it was, I was suddenly turning into Random Touchy Feely Stranger / Enforced Massage Man.

"Sorry" I said, with an embarrassed smile, (almost adding "Forgot who you think I was, there.") "Maybe it's a bit early for that kind of malarky."

"Yeah" she agreed. "You seem fun and all it's just..."

"It's not a problem" I said, remembering that this was pre-massage / pre-sex / pre-kissed-a-boy Liz. "Just couldn't resist, sorry!"

"No it's okay... kinda fun, I just erm... don't feel like massages just yet."

"So I suppose a kiss is out of the question?" I said with a cheeky grin. (Liz and I had been seeing each other for a good couple of weeks before our first kiss, so it certainly *would* be out of the question, I'd be lying if I told you that everything I ever wanted to happen always played out exactly as I planned it though. )

"Ahhhhhhhh" she said, growing a little embarrassed again.

"It's fine, it's fine" I said with a laugh, sitting back down beside her.

"So can I move now?" she asked, her bum evidently still firmly rooted to the bench.

"Oh, sure, you're released" I said, with a theatrical wave.

Liz got up and gave a wiggle to test that her bottom was now under her own command. Beside the part where I'd tried my luck a bit too soon, she was having a whale of a time. Recalling Liz's love of all things puppy related, my next suggestion was completely none kinky. It involved getting her to "Ruff!" like a pup each time I made a poking motion in the air. I had a fun few minutes using that one. Liz would be chatting while I *poke poke poked* the air in front of her. Eventually the conversation had wandered through enough none-kinky topics for us to come back to the more sexy uses of hypnosis. (Though this wasn't before this exchange took place:)

"Look *ruff* will you *ruff* stop *ruff* messing *ruff* about!? *ruff ruff*" at which point Liz grabbed both my hands and gave me a withering look. (Which is practiced and scary, let me tell you.)

Once I removed the "ruff ruff" suggestion we moved back towards....

"I don't *mind* the thought of hypnotic kissing you know... it's just."

"Early days?" i asked.

"Right, yeah. I mean... it's kind of a hot idea someone controlling me like that, but I *have* only just met you."

"Not wanting to find yourself kneeling submissively as my slavegirl *just* yet then?" I asked, making doe-eyes.

"Hmmmm" she said... looking more interested than perhaps she intended to. "probably not..." she elongated the word probably, a slightly wistful look in her eyes.

"So if I told you that when I call you a "slavegirl" you'll get off the bench, kneel down and submissively say "How may I serve you Sir?" that wouldn't appeal?"

"Oho I don't think I'd do *that!*" she said, the note of challenge in her voice once more.

"Oho, well I think you *would*" i retorted... adding "Well... as long as I don't try to make you kiss me"

"I'd not do that in public!" she hissed.

"Ohhh I don't know" I said, "I think you probably quite like the idea of being made a public display of."

"No." she said weakly.

"It's not like I'd have you dancing round naked... not today anyway...."

"Don't... You... Dare...." she seethed, her eyes flashing, cheeks flushing.


Liz calmly got off the bench, knelt beside me, and looked adoringly up at my face. "How may i serve you Sir?" she enquired politely.

"Hmmmm.... don't suppose you want to kiss me, do you?" I asked, still trying my luck.

"No Sir" she said, eyes downcast a little.

"Oh well... are you happy to jiggle your breasts for me?"

"Of course Sir!" exclaimed slavegirl Liz happily, giving her boobs a playful jiggle.

"That's good. You can go back to normal now." I told her.

"Thank you Sir... uh.... HEY!" said Liz, hands flying from her breasts like they were on fire. She hurriedly got back up off her knees and sat on the bench.

"Wasn't *that* fun?" I grinned, "You make an *excellent* slavegirl you know."

Liz harrumphed, but was more amused than annoyed, and the next few times that I used her "slavegirl" trigger, she responded just as eagerly and enthusiastically to the order to kneel in front of me. A few passers by passed by, but slavegirl Liz didn't bat an eyelid. She was just happy to pose herself prettily on command, or try my hat on, (which looks *really* cute on her by the way.) or follow any other suggestion (within reason) that I felt like giving her.

I imagine she was more turned on by the whole experience than she'd be willing to admit to. At least till I've known her a couple of months. ;o)

We ended the date by grabbing a bite to eat from Subway, before walking back to the bus station. Liz got onto her bus to go home (which was actually *my* bus home), gave me a wave, then looked confused as I got on the bus after her. As I sat down beside her (the pre-arranged trigger to remember everything about our relationship) her eyes lit up, she gave me a huge grin, threw her arms around me and told me what a "Good Boy" I'd been for making the afternoon so much fun for her.

Did I ever mention what a gigantic smegging brat she can be!?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

New Comic: Nic Buxom

Just a quick shout-out to my buddy Nic who's just started her own webcomic. Nic's fairly involved in the kinky lifestyle, so she's got a wealth of experiences that she can draw on. (For example, I know that at one point or another she's been a hypnotized kitten, she's been a dominatrix, and she's wrestled with a bunch of other girls in chocolate sauce!)

Nic's an exceptional cartoonist, and her style always gets me thinking that these are the kinds of drawings that big animation studios would produce if they ever made comics for an adult audience.

Check her out, she's over at

I've added a link to her over on the right side of the blog.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hypnotic Induction

As mentioned in my previous post, I've produced a "core" hypnosis file to entrance anyone who'd like to give it a listen. The full version's 16 minutes, but I've managed to streamline this particular one down to 10 minutes (to fit YouTube's length limits.)

The 10 minute limit meant that I had to cut out a few of the repetitions, but as a self contained file I think it works pretty well. There've already been a couple of positive comments, but I'd love to get feedback from blog readers as to what they think.

Fairly standard induction, with suggestions once you're under to relax deeper, go under easier and respond more effectively to any future videos of mine that you watch.

Feel free to give it a listen to check you're happy with the content of the file before going into a trance for it. (Unless you like surprises, it's never really a good idea to listen to a hypnosis file before you know what's in it.)