Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hypnotic Commissions

Lately I've received a few emails from people who'd like me to produce more in the way of hypnotic MP3s, YouTube videos, particular scenes that the'd like added in my vids.

The first request came from a reader called Luis (Heya Luis!) who asked if I'd make a catgirl MP3 for his wife to listen to. He wanted to be able to give her a particular trigger to switch her from being her normal self, to becoming a submissive playful cat-girl. (Half kitten, half hot wife ;o) It was a fun idea, and I had a subject of my own itching to test out the resulting file, so I was pretty happy to oblige.

Last I heard, the pair of them were having quite a lot of fun with that trigger. I've got my fingers crossed that they'll feel the sudden urge to produce documentary footage and photographic galleries full of pictures of Ms Catgirl chasing a ball of yarn around... but I'm not going to get my hopes up *too* much.

I've also been asked if I could produce a couple of files with a "Freeze" trigger. (One embedding the command, one testing it out)

Here's part one of the catgirl trance, it's in two parts, which I reailse isn't *ideal* for a hypnosis file, (you're just getting to the deep part when you're told "Now turn over your cassette, and put in side 2")

Part one just contains some deepening suggestions. You can listen to it if you're curious, or if you'd just like to chill out for a while. (Though be warned, in part one there's no waking suggestion, so you'll just have to drift out of trance on your own.) Part two's the part with all the submissive catgirl elements. It's also not as good quality unfortunately, so I'll be re-recording it at some point.

The ultimate plan's to produce several files, (all of which will have to keep to the 10 minute limitation of Youtube) One core file to make it easier to drop under and respond better to future files, and then a bunch of supplementary files to give further triggers and suggestions.


After listening to this file, wake up easily over the next 30 seconds, feeling refreshed, wide awake, and alert, recalling as much or as little as you'd like to.

If you'd prefer though, you can listen to part two here: and *then* wake up.

Either way, please let me know how you found it.




Hugh said...

you can put any length video on youtube, well I have seen ones that are two hours long...

Lex said...

You can, but only if you sign up for a directors account (I think that's what it's called.) I think that costs extra.

Anna said...

First time I've seen your blog, and I love it!
I was wondering though, you said that you want to do a single core file for the trance itself, and seperate triggers. What triggers do you have in mind, or would you make them as they are suggested? I think I could imagine what some suggestions would be...

Nic said...

I just love your voice, Lex. ;)

Luis Enrique said...

Hey Lex sorry i havent sent you the pics we're going through a harsh situation with money and housing we had to move and ah its not easy to adapt to a new place and everything but i promisse its something i will give to you and yes it is a good file :) more than good :P my wife isnt the exactly easy "i want to be hypnotized" girl i know cuz its hard to crack her shell (i've done hypnosis on my own on her) mind you she loves girls voices... maybe if we had liz to do the reading or recording :P

BBC said...

That freeze trigger and test would be awesome to try. Making that would be greatly appreatied. :)

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

A useful Youtube trick for when you want something more than 10 minutes long: have you noticed the section of your profile labeled "playlists"? If you've had to split something up into several Youtube vids, add them all to a playlist in the order you want...and when you start the playlist, it will automatically start loading the next vid right when the previous one has finished. You can even embed the playlist onto your blog, and it will play through all the videos through the same embedded screen. (If that makes's getting late.)