Friday, 6 March 2009

Who said I was 'Off Limits'?

Women reading this blog will inwardly groan at the mention of her period. We’re all familiar with the one annoying week of the month, whereby your main concern is when exactly you’re going to come ‘on’, and then having to deal with it. Not to mention, of course, the bloated feeling, cramps and the thought that no man around understands what you’re going through.

Then again ladies, it *is* very fun to vent, isn’t it?

Men, on the other hand, aside from feeling a little uneasy reading the above paragraph, will most likely consider the week in question to be nothing more than a woman’s irritable blur – whereby certain bedroom activities are forbidden, and it’s back to flying solo.

Now, it may shock you to think that women have needs too, but please, just humour me in this image. I refuse to accept the view that it is only men who ‘miss out’ during this week, and I wholeheartedly challenge this view! It was probably a man who stirred *that* little guilt trip up anyway. *You* can fly solo, lads. We can’t – not unless we’re prepared to do a lot of cleaning up.

Post-watershed content over, I’ll begin with the topic for this particular blog post; a way in which to right this injustice, if you will.

Frustration is a very familiar sensation when I’m with Lex, knowing I can’t go as far into bedroom activity as he can. Sure, he can give me mental orgasms, but my response to this suggestion often wavers the stronger my desire to experience the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, the mind can give you all *sorts* of pleasures if you want it to, just think of the last time you thought up a naughty fantasy, for example. But, still, it can’t compare to the actuality.

This is where Lex stepped in, most likely to quieten my moaning more than anything else.

He gave me the suggestion that, at this time of the month, the *rest* of my body would feel much more receptive to his touch. With lingered care and attention on certain areas, I would be able to feel arousal (and achieve climax) without it ever needing to be centred around its normal base.

Now, if that suggestion didn’t raise *your* eyebrows, it certainly did in my mind when I heard it. But, who am I to argue, with hindsight of what I’ve already achieved with hypnosis? Still it doesn’t stop me being sceptical.

Let me just break that suggestion down for you into the things that you may not have considered when you first read it. This actually incorporates a trance I bogged about a while back, where my awareness was pushed into one of my breasts – a *very* strange sensation indeed. One I found *extremely* difficult to respond to and envision correctly.

You all know the feeling of arousal; that warm, tingling sensation in obvious parts. Your heart begins to beat faster, and you can almost hear the blood pumping through your veins (men, this is because it’s *leaving* your head and fulfilling other required functions…). We have all felt it, and can recognise the feeling when it comes. Now, try to imagine forcing that feeling into your arm for example. Not so easy, is it? Our minds tend to tie that feeling of longing downstairs to what we know to be arousal. So to uproot that feeling and shove it into your arm isn’t the easiest thing to picture.

Try it, take a minute and see what happens.

A warmth, right? Possible even a sight tingle? Nothing compared to the actual feeling, if I’m correct. So you can begin to understand how strange this suggestion was for me to comprehend, let alone put into practice. But Lex, all credit to him, led me through an induction without me even realising it *was* one (I love it when he does that =P). A spot of RPing, and he began to caress my skin. He touch felt wonderful; I began to notice how soft his hands were, how light and beautiful they felt against my skin. Leaving a trail of warmth that lingered for a few moments before my mind concentrated on where his hands were next. It was electric, it really was, and the feeling of ‘arousal’ wasn’t making me wet, which surprised me. I just lay there, lost in the feeling; allowing my body to simply respond, and didn’t give it chance to think or consider. I lay still, responding to his words, his voice, his touch, the feeling now burning within me.

Of course, I'll leave the rest of the details to your own imaginations - which if you read this blog, will hopefully be at least half as filthy as mine (otherwise I have more work to do! ;)

But what I *will* say, ladies, is that I'm looking forward to the rest of this week, and next month in fact! Who said I was ‘off limits’ anyway?


redmollie said...

I'm typically of the "Who said I was 'off limits'?" school anyway. True, I'm not that sanguine (ha ha) about someone going down on me at that time, nor going down on someone who's been in me, and I use a towel underneath, but other than that, go for it, and I tease unmercifully a guy who's squeamish about it. Yes, I'm sure it's shocking to see one's genitalia all covered in blood, but if I can handle it, he can.

Lizzidoll said...

Good on you, girl!

Lady Ru'etha said...

This is beautiful.

I love hearing stories about how people discover new things about themselves via hypnosis. I'm so glad you had this experience, and I hope you have it again and again! :)