Thursday, 26 March 2009

Oxford (finally)

Well, it's about time I sat down and wrote up my perspective on the fun and games we had in Oxford. Liz has mentioned once or twice (per day) that I need to get something written down, and she's even managed to persuade Parkey to use all his skills in the field of badgering whenever he happens to see me online. So okay! I surrender! Here! I'm writing!

Right then, where to begin... Liz has mentioned the drink we had at the Head of the River pub. It's a fairly busy place, on one of the main roads in Oxford, we started off sat outside on benches by the river whilst everyone arrived, Parkey and Ben were already there, so we spent a couple of minutes making introductions.

Parkey had brought a hypnosis book with him called "Reality Is Plastic" which Liz kept eyeing nervously. It has a water pistol on the cover, and I found out later that Parkey had done some trancework with Liz over webcam where he'd had her believing that he was holding such a water pistol, and was using it to squirt her through her computer chat window. (Unless we're talking hot showers and baths, Liz is *not* a fan of getting wet.)

Later on he threatened her with the water pistol again, which I decided to combat by giving Liz a hypnotic umbrella to fend him off with.... at which point Parkey conjured up a second water pistol for himself. So I gave Liz *two* umbrellas. (I know, I'm so creative). Not wanting to be outdone, Parkey pointed out to Liz that there was now a bucket of water hovering *just* above her head and starting to teeter... Someone compared our miniature arms race to the scene in Disney's version of "The Sword in the Stone" where Merlin and Madam Mim transform themselves into different creatures to outdo one another... (or for bonus geek points, the Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin and Hobbes fight over a transmogrifier gun, using it to transform one another) I don't know if it was *quite* as well scripted as either of those examples, but it certainly gives me ideas for future shoots.

Shout outs to Conrad, who reads the blog. (And even showed us how he reads it on his mobile phone, - ahh technology.) and Darren, who arrived wearing his "Hypnosis Rocks" t-shirt. As soon as there was some space free indoors we commandeered ourselves a nice big table inside, where the hypnotic shenanigans continued. Darren and Ben were taking turns showing off inductions and rapid inductions, and Parkey and Liz were continuing with their duel.

It was a little odd for me to see hypnosis being performed so openly whilst out in public. Not more than 5 minutes seemed to go by before someone was slumped over in trance, or sitting with their arm bolt out in front of them, or stuck to a table. It went on in the pub, and it continued when we moved on to an italian restaurant down the road. Darren had Conrad slumped in his seat, arm raised in the air, (Which - professional to the end, the waitress utterly ignored... though I did notice a couple on a table behind the chaps becoming rather inquisitive.) It *really* took off later on when we went to the turf tavern and some of the chaps persuaded a group of students to try it out.

I think what made it so strange for me was the fact I had a fairly religious upbringing, where hypnosis was always spoken of as something negative, usually in the same breath as mind control cults. I came to my interest in the subject more or less in secret, only finding an outlet for it at about the age of about 17 when I first discovered the joys of the internet (and MCStories). As a result, hypnosis has always seemed kind of taboo and sexy... though I'll admit, hypnotizing girls and controlling their minds in fun and kinky ways made it seem pretty sexy too; and so my experience is usually in erotic hypnosis, rather than the more socially acceptable pub hypnosis. Darren's "Hypnosis Rocks" t-shirt, and later on Rich's "Hypno Erotica" T-shirt seemed positively risqué to me, but I think that's just me and my sheltered upbringing. ;)

The meet was arranged through, which is a UK based message board geared towards psychology and self-help, with a fairly large "Hypnosis" section. How much experience everyone had had of hypnosis varied from: running successful websites geared towards using hypnosis to fulfil the fantasies of singles and couples... to writing a regular hypnosis-blog with the girlfriend (wonder who that could have been), to performing it once in a blue moon on any friends that will agree to it. So wheras I was fairly content
to sit back, chat, and watch the events unfold, some of the guys saw the meeting as a real chance to practice their routines as they approached strangers, asking if they'd like to try hypnosis out.

I think it's safe to say that Liz being the only girl in our particular group was enjoying the attention it afforded her, she was doing her best to challenge Parkey to overcome his nerves and get him to talk to a group of students sat around one large table in the beer garden of the Turf Tavern. At one point she had Parkey zapped into a nice trance where she suggested that of *course* he'd be comfortable approaching a group of people he didn't know and presenting the idea of hypnosis to them. On waking up, he stood from the table we were sat at, rubbed his hands together with a "Right... time for action" look on his face, and with Darren headed over to the next table, where about a dozen student types were sat around discussing drinking games.

Before too long, Darren and Parkey had the whole group of students with their hands held out in front of themselves, doing magnetic finger and magnetic hand routines. Darren singled out one particular rugby player who responded *very* swiftly to any suggestion given, and made him the star of his own personal hypnosis show for the next half hour.

If our antics had gone more or less unnoticed in the previous pub and restaurant, they were *far* from discreet now, and as more hypnotists joined in the fray, more and more of a crowd gathered. Rich, as I've mentioned, runs a site called hypno erotica, and even has a t-shirt and business cards advertising this fact. His T-shirt has the silhouette of a lady lounging back in an enticing pose over his "Hypno Erotica" logo. This drew (understandably) a fair bit of attention from the people gathered round, but especially from 2 or 3 girls who had particular erotic requests that they'd like to know if Rich would be able to fulfil... Ten minutes later, all three of them were heading to the bathroom to "freshen up" after having experienced hypnotic orgasms!

As I said earlier, I was completely content to sit back and enjoy the show, but it wasn't to be!

What happened next could almost have come right out of an MCStory.

As I stood watching my new hypno-friends going to work, I heard a girl's voice directed towards me from behind, asking what was going on.

I turned, and sat up on a bench, watching the proceedings was a very cute girl, who along with her boyfriend, (who was stood beside her) had become very interested in what exactly was going on. I introduced myself, and explained that we were a group of hypnotists meeting up for a social drink, and that things had taken a slight turn for the dramatic, and she said (I'm not kidding) "Hypnosis? Cool! I've always wanted to be hypnotized. Can you hypnotize me?"

I'd have been happy just to sit back and have a drink!

Needless to say I was persuaded (it didn't take too long) to give Jo (the gal's name) a taster of hypnosis. All the while trying to remember the fun and interesting things that can be done with hypnosis... as opposed to the raunchy stuff that I tend to get up to either with Liz at home or with the models during my shoots. Using one of Darren's trances earlier as an example, I did a rapid induction on her (my first rapid induction on a complete stranger. Liz is *very* proud of me) It seemed to go well... though I completely failed to get her hands to stick to anything. Fortunately both Liz and Parkey showed up before too long and were quite happy to talk to Jo and her fella about the fun (and none-raunchy) aspects of hypnosis.

All in all we had a lot of fun. Liz is *very* keen to go to the next hypno meet, though Oxford's a little bit far. Still, there's plans for further meets in the northwest, so perhaps we'll be playing out in public again soon... watch this space. ;o)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Oxford HypnoMeet

I must say, that this weekend was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Bar Lex, I’ve never met another hypnotist before in person, so the prospect of meeting several in one night with promise of a good bout of fun and games definitely caught my attention!

After the long drive down, we met up at The Head of the River pub in Oxford, and had the opportunity to get to know everyone. I was surprised to see that one of the guys was a regular reader of the blog, and showed me he had been reading it on his mobile! Now, I’m no stranger to technology, but even I was a little astounded at that. I guess the world really *is* moving along at a very dramatic rate these days.

But, back on topic. Once we’d gotten out of the cold, we began talking and inevitably, when with a group of hypnotists, the weather wasn’t the topic of conversation for very long. I love making friends through the blog, and Parkey has been no different. I’ve been talking to him on Skype and MSN for the past few weeks now, and managed to zap him into trance a couple of times. Before the Meet he let slip that he hadn’t been one to buy the round many times, and felt a little guilty about that fact. So of course, being a woman of morality and fairness, I decided to give him a trigger that would give him the compulsion to offer to buy the next round. Aren’t I good?

But, from there the conversation began to go less and less in my favour. In effect, all I’d done is made Parkey swear revenge, and since he’s tranced *me* before now, I probably should have thought my actions through a little more before I shot my mouth off…

From hallucinations of water pistols (which Lex allowed me to combat with hypno-umbrellas!) to the demonstration of my triggers in front of the group. I spent a good while being the demonstration dummy, and we began a good discussion about the finer points of my hypnosis at one point. You know it’s funny, since I’ve been around the fetish side to hypnosis for a long while now, I was explaining some of my alternate personalities to one of the guys, and he had to stop me at several points so I could explain to him.

I never usually try to bog myself down with learning too much information about the theories of response to hypnosis; all the technobabble regarding the reasons *why* people go into trance and the like. In my opinion, the more I learn about this kind of thing, the easier it will be for me to spot when they're being used on me. Similarly, it'll be more difficult for me to slip into trance to the extent I do now. So, I tried not to involve myself as the discussions get too technical, and settled for watching the shiny candle on the table for a while...

As our stomaches began rumbling, we headed into Oxford to a restaurant, and it wasn't too long before Darren's hypnotic tendencies were itching to be let loose. There was a rather amusing moment where Darren had taken his subject half way through a rehersal induction as the waitress came across with the food. His arm hanging in mid-air, she simply raised a confused eyebrow, thinking it best not to ask as she placed the food down.

Now, I'm sure it's not merely an 'occupational hazard' that I naturally get very sceptical whenever anything strange starts happening. Usually, I'll immediately look to Lex to pointedly ask what he's been upto, but when I returned from the toilet, I saw the lads in deep conversation which ended abruptly as I approached the table. In almost second nature, I looked to Lex, but then the thought occurred to me - there's five of them here, who do I turn to first? I highly doubted I was being overly cynical, and with hindsight I feel much more secure in that view, but before I could pry we were leaving to head to another pub.

I noticed as we were walking that another had joined our number, and although everyone seemed to gloss over his appearance as a normality, I couldn't help but find this strange. Had I missed out on the meet and greet session? Turning to Lex, I quietly inquired as to whether this guy was 'with us', to which he casually replied that he was another hypnotist, and offered to introduce me. He told me his name was Parkey, and extended his hand. I'd taken it before I'd even realised how foolish a thing that was to do! Before I knew it, I was staring at the palm of my hand as it drifted closer and closer to my face, making my vision blur slightly... Bloody Hell! A hypnotist indeed!

I politely told him I wouldn't be shaking his hand again.

He seemed to know a lot about Oxford though, understandable since he was 'from around here'. I didn't know that some of the Harry Potter films had been shot in Oxford, and he told me it was because of the natural beauty and magic the City had. I took it on good faith, as the City *was* beautiful, although the magical description struck me as being lifted from a travel brochure or something. Without warning, the group stopped, and I almost walked straight into the guy in front of me. They turned towards a wall, and Parkey mentioned something about the concept of Diagon Alley being lifted from Oxford. He said there were areas in Oxford you'd never reach if you didn't know where to look.

He then proceeded to walk right through a wall.

No matter how many times you re-read the above sentence, you won't have been half as taken aback as I was. First Parkey, then the rest of the group (including Lex!) walked through the stone as if they were just heading down to the shops! I placed my hand against the brick, pushing lightly on it. My mind spun, there was no way on this Earth I could have actually witnessed what I did. It was impossible! People didn't just walk through walls! Harry Potter was just a book, and Oxford's version of Platform 9.75 couldn't actually exist, could it? Either way, they'd all left me, there was no question about that. But why wasn't Lex as surprised as I was? Had this been what they were talking about as I returned to the table? "Let's all freak the new girl out" - Yeah, thanks lads.

Lex reappeared through the brick and took my hand. He led me into the wall and out the other side. I don't know what I was expecting, whether it was a momentary dematerialisation as my body matter passed through solid brick, or even a weird sensation in my stomache - whatever it was, I didn't get it. Nothing at all. We went down a few more tight alleys, but I hardly noticed them - my mind still spinning from what had just happened. As we entered the courtyard, I realised how alive with activity this place was. Students from all over crammed into the huge beer garden (of which I later dicovered there were two more). How could so many people have hard about this place? Was I really that naive or dense to still be amazed by it? I tell you, my ghast was truly flabbered.

It was about then I noticed a man calling us over to a table. After turning behind me, and seeing another of the group go up to meet him, I realised he was calling us. Turning to one of the others, I inquired as to who he was. "Who, Parkey?" he replied casually, "Sorry, want me to introduce you?" I nodded, wondering why men simply didn't think about such simple common acts of courtesy.

Now, you may be spotting a pattern here. It transpired later that I had been 'prepped' by Lex for the Meet, to accept without suspicion any handshakes offered to me. At the Meet itself, and at the table, they had decided that they would have me hallucinate this wall covering the alleyway, and also have me forget who Parkey was every time he was out of my sight. It appeared that the lads were impressed with my abilities as a subject (I know Parkey certainly likes to toy with my ability to hallucinate things) and thought they'd play with my head a bit.

Aren't they nice?

I'd just like to point something out to you boys, an old saying I read in a book. "Forgive and forget, but keep a list of names."

The whole evening was amazing, and it was wonderful (if not a little mind-blowing) to meet up with so many other hypnotists. Oxford really is a beautiful place, and the guys were a really good laugh. I've learnt a lot from the meet, in terms of my capabilities as both a hypnotist and as a subject. I'd just like to thank everyone that came, as well as those poor unsuspecting students the rest of the group began hypnotising! Looking forward to the next one, definitely.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Who said I was 'Off Limits'?

Women reading this blog will inwardly groan at the mention of her period. We’re all familiar with the one annoying week of the month, whereby your main concern is when exactly you’re going to come ‘on’, and then having to deal with it. Not to mention, of course, the bloated feeling, cramps and the thought that no man around understands what you’re going through.

Then again ladies, it *is* very fun to vent, isn’t it?

Men, on the other hand, aside from feeling a little uneasy reading the above paragraph, will most likely consider the week in question to be nothing more than a woman’s irritable blur – whereby certain bedroom activities are forbidden, and it’s back to flying solo.

Now, it may shock you to think that women have needs too, but please, just humour me in this image. I refuse to accept the view that it is only men who ‘miss out’ during this week, and I wholeheartedly challenge this view! It was probably a man who stirred *that* little guilt trip up anyway. *You* can fly solo, lads. We can’t – not unless we’re prepared to do a lot of cleaning up.

Post-watershed content over, I’ll begin with the topic for this particular blog post; a way in which to right this injustice, if you will.

Frustration is a very familiar sensation when I’m with Lex, knowing I can’t go as far into bedroom activity as he can. Sure, he can give me mental orgasms, but my response to this suggestion often wavers the stronger my desire to experience the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, the mind can give you all *sorts* of pleasures if you want it to, just think of the last time you thought up a naughty fantasy, for example. But, still, it can’t compare to the actuality.

This is where Lex stepped in, most likely to quieten my moaning more than anything else.

He gave me the suggestion that, at this time of the month, the *rest* of my body would feel much more receptive to his touch. With lingered care and attention on certain areas, I would be able to feel arousal (and achieve climax) without it ever needing to be centred around its normal base.

Now, if that suggestion didn’t raise *your* eyebrows, it certainly did in my mind when I heard it. But, who am I to argue, with hindsight of what I’ve already achieved with hypnosis? Still it doesn’t stop me being sceptical.

Let me just break that suggestion down for you into the things that you may not have considered when you first read it. This actually incorporates a trance I bogged about a while back, where my awareness was pushed into one of my breasts – a *very* strange sensation indeed. One I found *extremely* difficult to respond to and envision correctly.

You all know the feeling of arousal; that warm, tingling sensation in obvious parts. Your heart begins to beat faster, and you can almost hear the blood pumping through your veins (men, this is because it’s *leaving* your head and fulfilling other required functions…). We have all felt it, and can recognise the feeling when it comes. Now, try to imagine forcing that feeling into your arm for example. Not so easy, is it? Our minds tend to tie that feeling of longing downstairs to what we know to be arousal. So to uproot that feeling and shove it into your arm isn’t the easiest thing to picture.

Try it, take a minute and see what happens.

A warmth, right? Possible even a sight tingle? Nothing compared to the actual feeling, if I’m correct. So you can begin to understand how strange this suggestion was for me to comprehend, let alone put into practice. But Lex, all credit to him, led me through an induction without me even realising it *was* one (I love it when he does that =P). A spot of RPing, and he began to caress my skin. He touch felt wonderful; I began to notice how soft his hands were, how light and beautiful they felt against my skin. Leaving a trail of warmth that lingered for a few moments before my mind concentrated on where his hands were next. It was electric, it really was, and the feeling of ‘arousal’ wasn’t making me wet, which surprised me. I just lay there, lost in the feeling; allowing my body to simply respond, and didn’t give it chance to think or consider. I lay still, responding to his words, his voice, his touch, the feeling now burning within me.

Of course, I'll leave the rest of the details to your own imaginations - which if you read this blog, will hopefully be at least half as filthy as mine (otherwise I have more work to do! ;)

But what I *will* say, ladies, is that I'm looking forward to the rest of this week, and next month in fact! Who said I was ‘off limits’ anyway?