Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Return of the True Hypnotist

You’ll notice how side-tracked I tend to get, I made that whole post and didn’t even get back on track to the reason that “loophole” jogged my memory, or the whole point of the post – the Demi and Fran shoot. I swear, I need a minder.

So, this post will be my way of getting back on track.

Firstly, loopholes. I’ve always had a tendency to try and find loopholes out of things I don’t fancy doing (or in the case of hypnosis, obeying). If I’m told, for example, to “Get out of bed” I’ll pick up on the fact there’s been no time frame set for this command, and take my sweet time about it. If I’m told to “move” then I’ve a range of movements I can make that avoid the intended one. I can wiggle an arm, or shake a leg, even raise a finger or two ;) Usually, this will just drive Lex to clarify it, and then cut off my routes of escape one by one, but its good practice for me to look for them, especially heading into the Legal sector.

Then of course, if I really don’t want to obey, I can just ignore the command. At the end of the day, I’ve realised its subject-orientated. Which can be a hindrance in some cases – since the more I know about hypnosis, the more wise to the techniques, and cynical about conversations I become. Before now, I’ve just broken free of holds, and snapped out of freezes because I felt like it (I recall blogging about scaring Lex shitless on a few of these ‘freeze’ occasions =P)

Lately though, it doesn’t seem to be working – and I definitely smell a rat. A small, beardy rat with a directory for my brain. I’ll be plotting a loophole and the best time to reveal it to him, and then before I can try it he’ll have beaten me to it and sealed off the exit. I’ll consider just not obeying, and find myself in a different position (often being spanked for my misbehaving). He’s got inside help, and this whole affair smacks of a certain tattle-tale bimbo living in my head.

I’ll find a way around it though, if it’s the last thing I do…

But the link from loopholes back to the Demi and Fran shoot was more of a ‘silver lining’ to hypnosis. I touched on the ‘pro’s’ of being a subject when I blogged about having Lex switch my brain off during a ‘Naming Day’ ceremony. But this concept I’ve carried through into other areas. Now, a 5 hour journey will only be the click of a finger and a short nap to me. He can turn my brain off, allowing me to sleep in the passenger’s seat for the duration of the trip, waking up feeling refreshed and bouncy. On the downside though, I *do* feel a little bad that it leaves Lex with a quiet car and no-one to talk to for those hours. Then, when we arrive, I’m nice and refreshed and he’s left tired and needing a break. Which is, of course, never what I have in mind for him =P

This is why I said there would be a lack of detail to do with the trip across to the shoot. I remember heading through Glossop, in Derbyshire, and around the lovely scenery, but other than that, I employed my personal hypnotist to make the journey go a little quicker for me.

See? We’re back on track now. What can I say, my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes…

Right, the shoot.

It was one of ups and downs, to say the least. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We arrived at Demi’s house and met both of the girls. Both lovely, I will add, if not a little apprehensive about the shoot. That’s understandable really, since a model’s comfort zone is to stand in a studio whilst they come up with new and exciting poses for a few hours. To have someone contact you requesting that you do a filmed shoot whereby the appeal would simply be in switching off your brain for a few hours must seem strange to them. But, to their credit, they were both up for it.

Money *does* seem to have that effect on people, I’ve noticed.

To calm their nerves, Lex went through his usual opening spiel about the state of trance being entirely natural, people going into it all the time without even realising it, yada yada yada…

I, on the other hand, knowing exactly where his rambling would end, began to calm a little excitement that was building in my chest. I knew it would be only a matter of time before he’d politely ask the models if they minded him demonstrating the effects of hypnosis on me. Of course, that’s where I’d brattily refuse, telling him not to even try it. Lex is learning the subtle signs to tell when I’m bratting, and saying “Go ahead!” or when I’m *actually* against whatever silly suggestion he’s planning. It’s a work in progress, but he’s getting there. Bless him.

So, he proceed to use me as his demonstration dolly for a while; freezing me, posing me, making me sleep on demand. It’s funny actually, I’ve only seen myself responding to my sleep trigger once or twice, and the vision itself is indeed strange. I waste no time going into trance, and there have been several occasions where it’s not been the safest thing to do, but I’ve still fallen anyway. Two examples of this are when ‘puppy-me’ has been out, and still on all fours, I’ve collapsed face-first onto the ground at the mention of the word ‘Sleep’. Another would be on Lex’s bed, where I’ve narrowly missed the metal bar at the end of it.

But, despite my initial shyness (gradually lessening with time and exposure to being triggered in front of others) I responded well. Well enough, that is, to wow the models. Job well done.

Now, convinced that hypnosis *can* actually work, shyness came about once more at the mention of trying it out on the models. But this time, the apprehension was mixed with excitement, which was a positive. I can understand how they must have felt, as going through an induction one-on-one for the first time is an experience enough, to then ask them to go under on their first time in front of another model and three people pointing cameras their way is another, I’m sure. Still, Lex began the induction, and Fran seemed to really respond well. She’d said she had a tendency to daydream, like me, and from the conversation leading up to the induction, I could tell she had a firm belief in hypnosis – another plus.

The induction went really well for Fran, who found her hands floating and forgot her name very easily, it seemed. Demi, on the other hand, didn’t seem to respond. There were a number of reasons I came up with, but part way through the induction, I piped up and said I’d try my hand at hypnotising Demi. Fresh from my success with Amy, I was confident enough to try the same visual induction again. An induction that has proved very useful to date, thanks to a very good friend of mine who was kind enough to show it to me.

Lex agreed to carry on playing with Fran on camera, whilst I took Demi upstairs. She originally led me to an empty room (they’d been decorating) and it was rather cold. For the induction I had in mind, I said it was best if she were warm, and that she lay down. So, she took me into her bedroom, where unbeknownst to me, her boyfriend lay sleeping. I tell you, *that* was awkward when I found out my audience would include a disgruntled man who had been awoken so that his girlfriend could go to sleep.

But nevertheless, I persevered, my stubbornness eating back my nerves. Theinduction went really well, and I gave her a trance trigger, and practiced it a few times. Knowing the cameras were rolling downstairs, it wasn’t as thorough as I’d have liked, but it worked – and that’s all that mattered. When of course, I took Demi back into the room (apologising profusely to her boyfriend for waking him), Lex could spot my grin a mile off. I showed off my latest hypno-victim, and he was impressed. There’s one point in the film that he asked her to freeze and her eyes began to roll. Man, that girl went *deep*.

On the unfortunate side, we hit some complications with Demi that although I had no control over, I couldn’t help but feel responsible for. She’d had some recent troubles in her life, and we had to end the shoot early as she couldn’t continue. But, that aside, the shoot went well and we got some really good footage. I tried my hand at being a camerawoman for the first time, too. So it proved to be a very interesting shoot for me!

But, I believe that’s 2 for me that I’ve caught Lex couldn’t; and believe me, I’ve a *very* long memory when I’m feeling smug.

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Dr. SlashBlight said...

good job Liz! I know what its like to be side tracked but as Long as the Job get done and you had a good time who cares.