Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hypnosis? Me? I couldn't possiby...

Because Lex and I trance so often with each other, some of my trances don’t seem remarkable enough for me to blog about. Due to this, I hadn’t even considered blogging about this trance until I’d chatted to a new friend of mine called Parkey. He’s got a really interesting blog we’ve now linked to, and I love his writing style. New to hypnosis, he e-mailed me a while back, and we’ve since kept in touch.

– Oh, incidentally, there’s another one of those “HypnoMeets” he mentions on his blog coming up soon. Lex and I will be going, so feel free to pop along yourself! It's a really informal meeting, details on the Uncommon Knowledge thread here

But back on track, Lex was reading some of Parkey’s blog out to me so that I could catch up on his posts. I love Lex’s voice, it’s one of the things I fell in love with, and I always find it very relaxing. To my knowledge though, he wasn’t even using his ‘hypnovoice’, I guess I was just tired. Before long though, he’d gotten bored of reading and decided to play with me a little. I was completely caught off guard as mid-sentence he cut me off with a simple “Sleep!”
My head went down to the pillow, and it wasn’t until afterwards that he let me piece everything together.

I was in a pub during the summertime. It was late evening, and warm out (the imagination is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Warm weather in England? Pah!) . My friends and I had been out for a casual drink and were talking, having the usual friendly banter. As simple as this imagery was, in terms of trances I don’t think my mind could quite decide on where exactly to put me.

Usually, when told to visualise something, the mind will journey to either a place visited before (in real life, film, or fantasy) that fits the description, or it will create an entirely new place of it’s own for the intents and purposes of the trance. The former is naturally most common, and so my mind searched for an image to link Lex’s words to.

Firstly, it set the scene at a pub I’d stopped off at following a Moel Famau hike. It was a clouded afternoon on the day in question, so with Lex telling me to picture it was evening, my mind painted the sky to suit a time of dusk. Just light enough to see the sun setting in the distance, but dark enough to begin to see the stars coming out. Then, this time of day sent me travelling to a bar I’d sat outside with family on holiday in Portugal, marvelling at the colours of the clouds. Though the image of sitting with my friends casually having a drink sent me to when I was with friends in Costa having a coffee with them last week. I’d flitted between the three pictures for an annoying amount of time before I squashed them all together; I had the same group of friends from the Costa evening sitting in the pub with me, and then we moved outside into the Portuguese weather in the pub’s beer garden to marvel at the colours in the sky.

Phew, you’d think after all this practice that getting a simple scene like a pub set up would be easy. It seems that I’ve still got a lot of work to do. But, I got there in the end, which is all that matters.

Lex told me that we’d been drinking for a while, and my friends were more ‘clotheslined’ than I was (a tip of the hat to Michael McKintyre there for those of you that think I’ve gone insane). He told me I’d see a stranger (him) walking over to our table, introducing himself as a hypnotist and wondering if anyone wanted to give it a try; of course, looking across at me from the corner of his eye as he finished. I suddenly got all nervous, mixing in with excitement and a dash of fear. Here I was, drinking casually with my friends, when a stranger approaches me to ask me if he can demonstrate hypnosis on me.

Now this is where my mind begins to amaze me. Personally, if I’m going to believe a storyline, I’ve got to put the backstory in. I can’t just jump right in there, or else I’ll end up creating my own backstory to accompany the events taking place. Lex once found this an issue when he decides to try tampering with my memories, which worked fine apparently, but he had to remove the suggestion when Pet warned him that in order to accept the new memories, I’d begun making a backstory for them. Tieing them in myself, I’d end up making it much more difficult to tell the fake memories from the real ones, which is great unless he ever waned to remove them.

So, needless to say he’s not tried that again =P

But, even as Lex said: “You see a man walking up to you and your friends. You don’t know it at the time, but it’s me. He introduces himself and says he’s a hypnotist and wondered whether any of the group would fancy trying out some hypnosis.” I’d already begun weaving in a backstory for this suggestion. My analytical tendencies had set my inner monologue in motion, taking down notes and editing my perception of the image I was seeing.

“Ok, so it’s Lex but I don’t *know* it’s Lex. Gotcha. So then if I don’t know it’s Lex, that means, I’m not going out with him. So I’m single, right. Do I still have my hypnofetish? Well yes, otherwise this idea wouldn’t work. So I’m interested in hypnosis, but my friends don’t know. Gotcha.”

Weaving all of this in, I was surprised at my reaction, if I’m honest. Normally, having this kind of thing smacks of MCStories, and I’d love that to happen. But bearing in mind that a stranger has just walked up to me when my friends are a little too drunk to be able to protect me, and I’m sober enough to have to hold this conversation with a strange man made me more nervous than excited.

I blushed, laughing off his suggestion, and looked around at my friends, waiting for one of them to volunteer. Loud and drunk by this point, Lex said that he wouldn’t be able to hypnotise the others, as they’d had too much to drink. This of course, sparked off their protests that they weren’t in fact drunk, and that they could prove it! Rather amusing watching them try in my mind, at least. But then the man turned to me, and asked if I’d like to have a go. What could I say? Did I want my friends to know of my kink? Did I want them to see me hypnotised? I quietly agreed, and the man proceeded to do a rapid induction with me.
I’m sceptical about rapid inductions as it goes, but that’s another blog post, methinks.

Anyway, I went out like a light, and I could hear my friends (distant though they sounded) calling out suggestions of what to do with me. The usual thins came up, like “Make her strip!” and “Turn her into a chicken!”

I have great friends, honest.

The man told me that the guy who’d called out for me to strip would appear to me to stand up and striptease for the group. He ‘woke me up’ and there was my friend, drunkenly stripteasing. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He’s not the sort you’d expect to find on a calendar, by any means. His inebriated state made things all the more hilarious. With whoops and cheers from my friends, as the man proceeded to put me out like a light again, he asked me if there was anything I wanted to do in front of my friends.

The truth was, I didn’t. I’m happy to play demo-dolly in front of a full of strangers (hence my excitement for this up-coming HypnoMeet), but around my friends and my family, it’s too weird. I go all nervous and shy, understandably. They know me to notice the difference, and I think that’s where I get put off. Whether or not I’d think I’d be able to keep myself in trance knowing they were watching, knowing they’d be judging and would see me outside of this occasion.

Lex eventually woke me up fully, both from the ‘trance within the trance’, and the trance itself. I wasn’t half surprised to see how shy I suddenly became. Normally, I’d jump at an opportunity to experience an MCStory like that, but I guess not having the knowledge of hypnosis I’ve built up with Lex behind me, I was only left with nerves.

Ah well, something for future.


Lex said...

In fairness to Parkey, the whole "Approached by a hypnotist whilst down the pub for a quiet drink with some friends" idea is pretty much lifted 100% from some of his first few blogposts.

It was interesting seeing Liz go from being rampantly raunchy and open about her kinks with me, to being shy, cautious and unwilling to to entertain the idea of doing anything more than a quick demo with me. As always, it was a pleasure to see her waking up as her usual self. (Though the usual sarcasm was on hold this time round, as she'd enjoyed the trance so much she forgot to brat upon waking.)

Dr. SlashBlight said...

It sounds like a nice round of RP, Lex has Liz ever told you the back stories she makes up as she is thinking them up?

Great post!

Parkey said...

What rapid induction did you do Lex?

Lex said...

@ Parkey

"Push down on my hand... Close your eyes... SLEEP!"


Parkey said...

Excellent! I love that one.

Although you appear to have nine-wordified the 8-word induction ;)