Sunday, 8 February 2009

For Sex Therapy Dial....

Not sure how many details I'm going to spill here... sometimes it's more fun for your mind to fill in the blanks.

So I was chatting online to my friend Anthea recently, (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) she's just recently got back online after getting hitched. Being a good jewish girl, she held back from certain aspects of love-making till the actual night of her wedding. When she finally got round to it though... she found she was too nervous to keep certain areas of her body properly "motivated" to actually make love. In terms of kissing, touching, and playing, everything was fine and dandy... during the actual act itself though... nothing but nerves and apprehension.

Anthea's a little bit of a dichotomy. On one hand, she's a shy and retiring 23 year old, kind and gentle, good with children, seemingly very innocent and naive... the kind of "nice" girl you'd have over to babysit. On the other hand... she's very much a fan of the hypnokink and the things that such a kink can lead to, she's made numerous appearances on cam and via text message in whatever attire I fancied seeing her in at the time, (Guys, let your minds wander freely at this point, I'm sure you'll get the picture. Girls, feel free to roll your eyes and tut in annoyance at our lack of imagination)

I'm sure last minute nerves aren't *that* unusual a problem when it comes to sexytime... but even a small problem, if left unresolved can easily grow over time into what seems like a much bigger issue. Probably unsurprisingly, when I suggested she talk to friends, family, or even a sex therapist about the problems she'd been having in the bedroom, Shy-Anthea came to the fore and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no *way* she could ever mention something like sex to a friend or family member... (I'm a lot more open about my sex-life (you may already have noticed this) so shake my head at the thought of being unable to ask friends for help with an issue, but what're you gonna do? :oP

When Liz heard about the issue Anthea was having, she offered to chat to her on the phone, girl to girl. Anthea seemed interested in this, but as it's been a while since I tranced her, she wanted to chat to me first. (Which I was fine with) Obviously with two girls present, (well, sort of present) both wanting to be hypnotized by me, (definitely) my mind wandered over to the topic of threesomes (BAD mind! Bad!) so I started toying with the idea of perhaps trancing Anthea while doing other things with Liz.... :oD

So... that's what we did. I phoned her up, and before very long I had her lying nude on her bed... nicely deep in a hypnotic trance, hanging helplessly onto my every word while I worked the erotic hypnotic angle... getting her to feel enchanted... out of control... uninhibited... horny... hot. I had her think about her fella, and grow excited and turned on by the thought of having him inside her... then I did the same with Liz... though it was probably (I hope anyway!) a little more vivid for Liz, bearing in mind that I was toying with her in person at the same time as I was trancing Anthea over the phone.

After a while, I had a hypnotized Liz take the phone from me, and feed back to a very horny Anthea everything I was doing to her, where my hands were, what my mouth was doing, where the "rest of me" was, and how it was making her feel. Anthea at the other end of the phone got to feel and experience every sensation that Liz was feeling, and found herself experiencing the same level of excitement and arousal as Liz.

It was a slightly surreal, but *very* hot experience, seeing Liz enjoying herself, while at the same time, calmly relaying back to this other girl everything she and her body was feeling. Hearing the occasional pant or moan from the other end of the phone also did wonders for the old ego. Needless to say, the three of us found the whole thing very enjoyable.

It's no-where near being an actual threesome, but the whole thing's contains enough aspects and similarities of one to get me feeling pretty smug about the whole encounter.

I caught up with Anthea the other day, and though I'd love to report a 100% success rate, and a bunch of steamy developments in her sexlife, she's still having some difficulties with her chap. I keep telling her she should spill the beans about her hypno-kink to him, but she's having none of it. I suppose we're going to have to encourage her to take babysteps.

If anyone has any advice for shy lovers, or can share similar experiences, I'd be interested in hearing it, and could relay anything useful back to Anthea.

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Anonymous said...


I had similar troubles to tell my wishes to my wife;
the first inhibitions were overcome by using a glove puppet;
the glove puppet introduced himself as friend of my **** and that **** has asked him to tell her ...

It was _not_ a first time success;
even in the first moment my wife reacted annoyed ("Why don't you tell it yourself?"),
but her next question ("What do YOU want? YOU tell ME directly!") broke down a barrier and the words just spilled out of me!
(My wishes are still only partial satiesfied, but we are working on it, and it is more than w/out telling the wishes)

I had the advance that we already had a nickname for my **** and that the nickname was from a fantastic world were "he" has a friend, and this friend slipped into the glove puppet ...

Maybe Anthea helps "The Jungle book 2"; in the second film the girl Shanti is hypnotized by Kaa, the snake ...

Ano glove puppet