Thursday, 19 February 2009

Body swap

A common area of experimentation with hypnosis is with hallucination. The subconscious can often override the senses in this respect; for example when you dream, you can almost hear the buzzing of the plague of locusts that's chasing you, or feel the fatigue building up in your muscles as you run. In actuality, you've just probably fallen asleep in an awkward position, or perhaps need to lay off the cheese before bed, but at the time, it's as real as anything else. Deeper levels of trance can be like this, just like experiencing a dream.

Of late, I have to be careful with the things I dream up. A while back I blogged about a dream I'd had in which I'd pictured Lex at the foot of my bed, counting (and therefore, triggering my arousal). I was so surprised to wake up (at about number 3, if you were wondering) and find my body had responded whilst I slept.

Now *that* time, Lex had nothing to do with it, but as I've begun working harder to forget trances, he's been able to mess with my head a little more. From something innocuous like playing scrabble, or chatting online, Lex will move around, and then allow me to notice the change (or sometimes, make me forget the whole thing only to dream it up later!)

I've been through certain experiences of hallucination before; ghostly tickling, and picturing some of my friends in ridiculous outfits (Don't ask...). Actually, Lex didn't look half bad when he turned into Keanu Reeves – who, in my humble opinion, would make a great hypnotist! He's got that look about him, you know?

Let me just take a moment for myself there...*dreamy sigh*

It's one thing to trick the mind to believe that, for example, you're seeing The Corrs performing in your front room. The mind would call upon images of the band that it has seen in the past, and superimpose them onto the current surroundings. It helps at this stage to have a really good imagination, as the stronger the belief that they *are* there, the more realistic they will become.
It's another, however to think that *you* are someone else. It relies on the subject having a good knowledge of the person; of how they act, speak and carry themselves. Also, that you've a good enough imagination to be able to see the world from their eyes – to be able to look down and see a different body that you can touch, and feel.

I had such an experience recently.

Impersonations and accents are most definitely *not* my thing. Lex does them all the time, and he's rather good, but I'd rather just watch from the sidelines and smile when it's appropriate. Asking me to follow suit would bring about nothing but shy smiles as I politely refuse. Doesn't sound like me, does it? Well, that's what self-consciousness does to you.

So when I was told that I would think I was Lex, and would see Liz in front of me. What could I do? Part of my mind was screaming to just ignore the suggestion, but we all know how well that's been working for me lately...'Shy me' was thrust into the spotlight as I looked down to see a rather hairy chest. It was strange really, I could see Lex's body, and my own at the same time. I don't think I could quite force the actual sight out of my mind in favour of Lex's suggestion – I guess, imagination doesn't always win.

Looking up, there was me. Actually, I can't believe how hard it was to picture myself. I was using mental images I'd seen in mirrors all my life, and boy, I had to fight for it to stay in my mind! I could see Lex, but I could see me too. Think of lying in a field, if you will. The grass long and windswept, and a single daisy is eye level with you. Behind the daisy, you can see the hills, the occasional tree, but as you look there, the daisy slips out of focus. You look back at the daisy, and the background is out of focus. That's what seeing Me/Lex was like.

As for my performance as Lex, you'll have to ask him. You'd think after knowing him for almost 2 years I'd be able to pull something off, but I know that 'shy me' was panicking all the way through. Would I do a good enough job of being Lex? Would he be offended with my portrayal of him? Would I make myself look like a tit?

Looking back though, it's very interesting to have someone else be you. Seeing for yourself how others perceive you, and how you come across to people. It's just a shame it takes so much effort, imagination and concentration to pull it off! I was also able to see the areas I still have to work on with hypnosis. I'm a very visual person, but that suggestion pushed even me.

Experimentation and development, two key things to hypnosis for you.


Parkey said...

That's one way to cheat at scrabble I guess.

I bet Lex managed to get the tripple word score with Zs without you even seeing it coming.

Note to self, must play scrabble with a hypnotised opponent more often.

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

So would you say in general it'd be tough for you to "see" your body transformed into some other form?