Friday, 27 February 2009

Body Swap - Lex's Perspective

Seriously... Am I *really* that smug?

Myself and Liz are pretty close, we have our differences, but from time to time can be pretty similar in our outlook and reaction to circumstances. We can often guess what the other's thinking, or if something sexy's caught our eye, we know word for word the thoughts that'll be going through one anothers mind. I suppose you end up becoming the people you love, so you incorporate aspects of friends and loved ones as you go through life.

Example: I heard a story (see the end of the post for more details) a while back about a girl who walked blankly into a fraternity house in the US; she ignored all attempts to engage her in conversation, sat down on the couch in their front room, and began to play with herself... the whole while reporting in monotone to someone on her cellphone exactly what she was doing. She didn't respond to the guys asking her if she was okay, telling her to stop, or when they said they were going to call the police. When she'd had her orgasm she wordlessly stood up and walked out... still on the phone.

Truth or Dare Game? Mind Control? Hypnotic Compulsion? Urban Myth? Who can say... I never did hear a follow up as to what really trancepired. I know that I've had one or two subjects perform "similar" tasks via Yahoo IM trances... it's never been with anyone who's been willing to phone or chat on mic / webcam though, so I take the idea that I'm trancing hot 20-something college chicks with a pinch of salt.

Now I don't know if Liz will have heard about this story already, but I can tell you that her reaction will be to give me a wicked little smile, raise her eyebrow and say "Innnnnnteresting"

I can also tell you that if I beat her to the punch and say "Innnnnteresting" first, she'll give me a look of mock annoyance and say "You don't know me!"

If I beat her to *that* punch and say "You don't know me!" myself, she'll then put her hands to her temples, screw up her eyes and yell "GET OUT OF MY MIND!!"

(I know that's not a hugely convincing example belying supernatural quasi-psychic abilities... but I wracked my brains trying to think of an occasion where some other event had triggered this little routine, and I couldn't think of anything. It happens regularly enough, it's just typical of my brain to self-blank itself when I try to give examples.

Razzin Frazzin Brain...

Anyway, yes, we tried a body swap suggestion recently, and I for one found it to be a massive truckload of fun. I got to do my best Lizzidoll impression, while at the same time getting to see just how smug and devious I really am... or how smug and devious I appear to be to Liz... Actually I think she out-Lexed me by quite a large margin. It was almost like she was replaying my greatest hits while she was bossing me around.

Liz (as yours truly) had me posing around the room while she took full advantage of the fact she could grab and toy with parts of me whilst I was fixed in place. I did my utmost to brattishly wind her up: feigning sleep, snoring loudly, asking her to wake me when she was done "fiddling" with me. To her (my?) credit, she wasn't put off by this display of disinterest, She soon had me hypnotically bound up on the bed whilst seductively (and above all smugly) whispering in my ear, making it clear that she was the boss, that that's how I wanted it, and that trying to think otherwise would only lead to me growing more confused, more aroused, and more submissive and helpless...

I didn't let things go *too* far. After all I'm meant to be the dominant one in this relationship, we did do a little bit more... but I won't go into any more details, or you'll all be worrying that either a) I've turned into a massive girl, or b) I've decided to give subbing a go.

NEITHER of which are the case! (Honest ;o)

As for the story that I'd mentioned, thanks go to Monsignor Scott Rassbach for finding the relevant link for me, the details in my remembrance of it are embellished slightly... but you can definitely draw a parallel between appearing to be on drugs and being in a trance state.

Here's the link for all who're interested:


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Found the article:

Dr. SlashBlight said...

Nice post Lex, and interesting article Monsignor!

Luis Enrique said...

well it is one of the most interesting (and that is alot to say) posts i've read with you guys, same happens with my wife we sometimes coughalmostalwayscough know how the other would finish any sentence you guys keep me "Entranced" with your experiences :P i wish we (me and my wife) had your imagination xD

Luis Enrique said...

hey Lex it's me again...
i was wondering if you could help me develop a good script to help us turn my wife into a halfkitten half girl she is interested in it and we'd like to find ideas from the ones that have helped our hypnoside of the relationship improve (you have by your posts)

Lex said...

Hi Luis,

Yep I'd be happy to help with that. I just need to build up enough steam to get myself in a scripting mood.

Give me some more info as to what state of mind you'd like to create in your wife's kittengirl persona. (Submissive? Affectionate? Bratty? Spacey? etc)

You can post it here or mail me at

Lex said...

And less than a month later (which for me is frankly *amazing) here's the catgirl file:

Justin reid said...

Hey lex can you send me the script for the body swap you used as my girlfriend and We would like to try it out
Please send it to
Much appreciated