Friday, 27 February 2009

Body Swap - Lex's Perspective

Seriously... Am I *really* that smug?

Myself and Liz are pretty close, we have our differences, but from time to time can be pretty similar in our outlook and reaction to circumstances. We can often guess what the other's thinking, or if something sexy's caught our eye, we know word for word the thoughts that'll be going through one anothers mind. I suppose you end up becoming the people you love, so you incorporate aspects of friends and loved ones as you go through life.

Example: I heard a story (see the end of the post for more details) a while back about a girl who walked blankly into a fraternity house in the US; she ignored all attempts to engage her in conversation, sat down on the couch in their front room, and began to play with herself... the whole while reporting in monotone to someone on her cellphone exactly what she was doing. She didn't respond to the guys asking her if she was okay, telling her to stop, or when they said they were going to call the police. When she'd had her orgasm she wordlessly stood up and walked out... still on the phone.

Truth or Dare Game? Mind Control? Hypnotic Compulsion? Urban Myth? Who can say... I never did hear a follow up as to what really trancepired. I know that I've had one or two subjects perform "similar" tasks via Yahoo IM trances... it's never been with anyone who's been willing to phone or chat on mic / webcam though, so I take the idea that I'm trancing hot 20-something college chicks with a pinch of salt.

Now I don't know if Liz will have heard about this story already, but I can tell you that her reaction will be to give me a wicked little smile, raise her eyebrow and say "Innnnnnteresting"

I can also tell you that if I beat her to the punch and say "Innnnnteresting" first, she'll give me a look of mock annoyance and say "You don't know me!"

If I beat her to *that* punch and say "You don't know me!" myself, she'll then put her hands to her temples, screw up her eyes and yell "GET OUT OF MY MIND!!"

(I know that's not a hugely convincing example belying supernatural quasi-psychic abilities... but I wracked my brains trying to think of an occasion where some other event had triggered this little routine, and I couldn't think of anything. It happens regularly enough, it's just typical of my brain to self-blank itself when I try to give examples.

Razzin Frazzin Brain...

Anyway, yes, we tried a body swap suggestion recently, and I for one found it to be a massive truckload of fun. I got to do my best Lizzidoll impression, while at the same time getting to see just how smug and devious I really am... or how smug and devious I appear to be to Liz... Actually I think she out-Lexed me by quite a large margin. It was almost like she was replaying my greatest hits while she was bossing me around.

Liz (as yours truly) had me posing around the room while she took full advantage of the fact she could grab and toy with parts of me whilst I was fixed in place. I did my utmost to brattishly wind her up: feigning sleep, snoring loudly, asking her to wake me when she was done "fiddling" with me. To her (my?) credit, she wasn't put off by this display of disinterest, She soon had me hypnotically bound up on the bed whilst seductively (and above all smugly) whispering in my ear, making it clear that she was the boss, that that's how I wanted it, and that trying to think otherwise would only lead to me growing more confused, more aroused, and more submissive and helpless...

I didn't let things go *too* far. After all I'm meant to be the dominant one in this relationship, we did do a little bit more... but I won't go into any more details, or you'll all be worrying that either a) I've turned into a massive girl, or b) I've decided to give subbing a go.

NEITHER of which are the case! (Honest ;o)

As for the story that I'd mentioned, thanks go to Monsignor Scott Rassbach for finding the relevant link for me, the details in my remembrance of it are embellished slightly... but you can definitely draw a parallel between appearing to be on drugs and being in a trance state.

Here's the link for all who're interested:

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Body swap

A common area of experimentation with hypnosis is with hallucination. The subconscious can often override the senses in this respect; for example when you dream, you can almost hear the buzzing of the plague of locusts that's chasing you, or feel the fatigue building up in your muscles as you run. In actuality, you've just probably fallen asleep in an awkward position, or perhaps need to lay off the cheese before bed, but at the time, it's as real as anything else. Deeper levels of trance can be like this, just like experiencing a dream.

Of late, I have to be careful with the things I dream up. A while back I blogged about a dream I'd had in which I'd pictured Lex at the foot of my bed, counting (and therefore, triggering my arousal). I was so surprised to wake up (at about number 3, if you were wondering) and find my body had responded whilst I slept.

Now *that* time, Lex had nothing to do with it, but as I've begun working harder to forget trances, he's been able to mess with my head a little more. From something innocuous like playing scrabble, or chatting online, Lex will move around, and then allow me to notice the change (or sometimes, make me forget the whole thing only to dream it up later!)

I've been through certain experiences of hallucination before; ghostly tickling, and picturing some of my friends in ridiculous outfits (Don't ask...). Actually, Lex didn't look half bad when he turned into Keanu Reeves – who, in my humble opinion, would make a great hypnotist! He's got that look about him, you know?

Let me just take a moment for myself there...*dreamy sigh*

It's one thing to trick the mind to believe that, for example, you're seeing The Corrs performing in your front room. The mind would call upon images of the band that it has seen in the past, and superimpose them onto the current surroundings. It helps at this stage to have a really good imagination, as the stronger the belief that they *are* there, the more realistic they will become.
It's another, however to think that *you* are someone else. It relies on the subject having a good knowledge of the person; of how they act, speak and carry themselves. Also, that you've a good enough imagination to be able to see the world from their eyes – to be able to look down and see a different body that you can touch, and feel.

I had such an experience recently.

Impersonations and accents are most definitely *not* my thing. Lex does them all the time, and he's rather good, but I'd rather just watch from the sidelines and smile when it's appropriate. Asking me to follow suit would bring about nothing but shy smiles as I politely refuse. Doesn't sound like me, does it? Well, that's what self-consciousness does to you.

So when I was told that I would think I was Lex, and would see Liz in front of me. What could I do? Part of my mind was screaming to just ignore the suggestion, but we all know how well that's been working for me lately...'Shy me' was thrust into the spotlight as I looked down to see a rather hairy chest. It was strange really, I could see Lex's body, and my own at the same time. I don't think I could quite force the actual sight out of my mind in favour of Lex's suggestion – I guess, imagination doesn't always win.

Looking up, there was me. Actually, I can't believe how hard it was to picture myself. I was using mental images I'd seen in mirrors all my life, and boy, I had to fight for it to stay in my mind! I could see Lex, but I could see me too. Think of lying in a field, if you will. The grass long and windswept, and a single daisy is eye level with you. Behind the daisy, you can see the hills, the occasional tree, but as you look there, the daisy slips out of focus. You look back at the daisy, and the background is out of focus. That's what seeing Me/Lex was like.

As for my performance as Lex, you'll have to ask him. You'd think after knowing him for almost 2 years I'd be able to pull something off, but I know that 'shy me' was panicking all the way through. Would I do a good enough job of being Lex? Would he be offended with my portrayal of him? Would I make myself look like a tit?

Looking back though, it's very interesting to have someone else be you. Seeing for yourself how others perceive you, and how you come across to people. It's just a shame it takes so much effort, imagination and concentration to pull it off! I was also able to see the areas I still have to work on with hypnosis. I'm a very visual person, but that suggestion pushed even me.

Experimentation and development, two key things to hypnosis for you.

Songs with MC subtext

We've all heard songs with the odd bit of Mind Control subtext here and there, (I don't know if most R&B artists are closet hypnofetishists... but a fair number of R&B songs rhyme "eyes" with "hypnotize", or talk about one body part or another that makes the watcher weak, or hot, or whatever)

I was listening to "That's not my name" by the Ting Tings in the car recently. In the background, Jules sings at one point something that sounds like "The song was in my head, and now it's in my mind" which got me wondering just how far I could push the Mind Control idea... here's what I came up with, there are a few lines that make me wince a little, but for the most part I think it flows pretty well. Comments feedback and suggestions are all very welcome. Cheesy

"I'm In Your Brain "

(to the tune of "That's Not Ny Name" by The Ting Tings)

Four little words feel them deep in your mind,
it's a difficulty and your cares all drop behind.
Find yourself falling and you're starting to feel better,

People around just don't matter to you much now.

Can't hold back, can't keep hold of your brain
Don't want to be resisting, Listen to my voice now.
Don't need to think anything at all,
So with nothing to consider you can fall asleep.

sleep sleep sleep.

You feel relaxed

You feel you're floating

You feel chilled out
You won't refrain.

I'm in your brain
I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain
I'm in your brain

You feel so quiet now,
You just can't fight it,
It's getting easier, always the same,
I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain
I'm in your brain

Don't miss my words you want to hear them all,
You'll answer to my voice if you hear my call.
You're still falling, so deep you can't stop yawning,
Getting caught up and losing your defence now.
You're feeling owned, all the time and you're locked onto my words
Listen to my voice now

Got no stress, got no thoughts at all

With everything considered you can drop so deep,

deep deep deep.

You feel relaxed

You feel you're floating

You feel chilled out

You won't refrain.

I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain

You feel so quiet now,
You just can't fight it,
It's getting easier, always the same,

I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain
I'm in your brain

I'm in your brain

Now you're calling me Master

Now you're calling me Sir
Now you're calling me Master

Now you're calling me Sir


Well now it's in your head, and now it's in your mind,

Cannot fight it can't resist it, you're just falling.

Now you realise, you're feeling hypnotized,

You know you'll obey unresisting when I'm calling,
And can't you see, that it's futility.

Your will is broken when I've spoken to your mind now,

You just relax alone, hypnotic monotone,
speaks right to your soul speaks right to your feeling.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hypnosis? Me? I couldn't possiby...

Because Lex and I trance so often with each other, some of my trances don’t seem remarkable enough for me to blog about. Due to this, I hadn’t even considered blogging about this trance until I’d chatted to a new friend of mine called Parkey. He’s got a really interesting blog we’ve now linked to, and I love his writing style. New to hypnosis, he e-mailed me a while back, and we’ve since kept in touch.

– Oh, incidentally, there’s another one of those “HypnoMeets” he mentions on his blog coming up soon. Lex and I will be going, so feel free to pop along yourself! It's a really informal meeting, details on the Uncommon Knowledge thread here

But back on track, Lex was reading some of Parkey’s blog out to me so that I could catch up on his posts. I love Lex’s voice, it’s one of the things I fell in love with, and I always find it very relaxing. To my knowledge though, he wasn’t even using his ‘hypnovoice’, I guess I was just tired. Before long though, he’d gotten bored of reading and decided to play with me a little. I was completely caught off guard as mid-sentence he cut me off with a simple “Sleep!”
My head went down to the pillow, and it wasn’t until afterwards that he let me piece everything together.

I was in a pub during the summertime. It was late evening, and warm out (the imagination is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Warm weather in England? Pah!) . My friends and I had been out for a casual drink and were talking, having the usual friendly banter. As simple as this imagery was, in terms of trances I don’t think my mind could quite decide on where exactly to put me.

Usually, when told to visualise something, the mind will journey to either a place visited before (in real life, film, or fantasy) that fits the description, or it will create an entirely new place of it’s own for the intents and purposes of the trance. The former is naturally most common, and so my mind searched for an image to link Lex’s words to.

Firstly, it set the scene at a pub I’d stopped off at following a Moel Famau hike. It was a clouded afternoon on the day in question, so with Lex telling me to picture it was evening, my mind painted the sky to suit a time of dusk. Just light enough to see the sun setting in the distance, but dark enough to begin to see the stars coming out. Then, this time of day sent me travelling to a bar I’d sat outside with family on holiday in Portugal, marvelling at the colours of the clouds. Though the image of sitting with my friends casually having a drink sent me to when I was with friends in Costa having a coffee with them last week. I’d flitted between the three pictures for an annoying amount of time before I squashed them all together; I had the same group of friends from the Costa evening sitting in the pub with me, and then we moved outside into the Portuguese weather in the pub’s beer garden to marvel at the colours in the sky.

Phew, you’d think after all this practice that getting a simple scene like a pub set up would be easy. It seems that I’ve still got a lot of work to do. But, I got there in the end, which is all that matters.

Lex told me that we’d been drinking for a while, and my friends were more ‘clotheslined’ than I was (a tip of the hat to Michael McKintyre there for those of you that think I’ve gone insane). He told me I’d see a stranger (him) walking over to our table, introducing himself as a hypnotist and wondering if anyone wanted to give it a try; of course, looking across at me from the corner of his eye as he finished. I suddenly got all nervous, mixing in with excitement and a dash of fear. Here I was, drinking casually with my friends, when a stranger approaches me to ask me if he can demonstrate hypnosis on me.

Now this is where my mind begins to amaze me. Personally, if I’m going to believe a storyline, I’ve got to put the backstory in. I can’t just jump right in there, or else I’ll end up creating my own backstory to accompany the events taking place. Lex once found this an issue when he decides to try tampering with my memories, which worked fine apparently, but he had to remove the suggestion when Pet warned him that in order to accept the new memories, I’d begun making a backstory for them. Tieing them in myself, I’d end up making it much more difficult to tell the fake memories from the real ones, which is great unless he ever waned to remove them.

So, needless to say he’s not tried that again =P

But, even as Lex said: “You see a man walking up to you and your friends. You don’t know it at the time, but it’s me. He introduces himself and says he’s a hypnotist and wondered whether any of the group would fancy trying out some hypnosis.” I’d already begun weaving in a backstory for this suggestion. My analytical tendencies had set my inner monologue in motion, taking down notes and editing my perception of the image I was seeing.

“Ok, so it’s Lex but I don’t *know* it’s Lex. Gotcha. So then if I don’t know it’s Lex, that means, I’m not going out with him. So I’m single, right. Do I still have my hypnofetish? Well yes, otherwise this idea wouldn’t work. So I’m interested in hypnosis, but my friends don’t know. Gotcha.”

Weaving all of this in, I was surprised at my reaction, if I’m honest. Normally, having this kind of thing smacks of MCStories, and I’d love that to happen. But bearing in mind that a stranger has just walked up to me when my friends are a little too drunk to be able to protect me, and I’m sober enough to have to hold this conversation with a strange man made me more nervous than excited.

I blushed, laughing off his suggestion, and looked around at my friends, waiting for one of them to volunteer. Loud and drunk by this point, Lex said that he wouldn’t be able to hypnotise the others, as they’d had too much to drink. This of course, sparked off their protests that they weren’t in fact drunk, and that they could prove it! Rather amusing watching them try in my mind, at least. But then the man turned to me, and asked if I’d like to have a go. What could I say? Did I want my friends to know of my kink? Did I want them to see me hypnotised? I quietly agreed, and the man proceeded to do a rapid induction with me.
I’m sceptical about rapid inductions as it goes, but that’s another blog post, methinks.

Anyway, I went out like a light, and I could hear my friends (distant though they sounded) calling out suggestions of what to do with me. The usual thins came up, like “Make her strip!” and “Turn her into a chicken!”

I have great friends, honest.

The man told me that the guy who’d called out for me to strip would appear to me to stand up and striptease for the group. He ‘woke me up’ and there was my friend, drunkenly stripteasing. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He’s not the sort you’d expect to find on a calendar, by any means. His inebriated state made things all the more hilarious. With whoops and cheers from my friends, as the man proceeded to put me out like a light again, he asked me if there was anything I wanted to do in front of my friends.

The truth was, I didn’t. I’m happy to play demo-dolly in front of a full of strangers (hence my excitement for this up-coming HypnoMeet), but around my friends and my family, it’s too weird. I go all nervous and shy, understandably. They know me to notice the difference, and I think that’s where I get put off. Whether or not I’d think I’d be able to keep myself in trance knowing they were watching, knowing they’d be judging and would see me outside of this occasion.

Lex eventually woke me up fully, both from the ‘trance within the trance’, and the trance itself. I wasn’t half surprised to see how shy I suddenly became. Normally, I’d jump at an opportunity to experience an MCStory like that, but I guess not having the knowledge of hypnosis I’ve built up with Lex behind me, I was only left with nerves.

Ah well, something for future.

The Return of the True Hypnotist

You’ll notice how side-tracked I tend to get, I made that whole post and didn’t even get back on track to the reason that “loophole” jogged my memory, or the whole point of the post – the Demi and Fran shoot. I swear, I need a minder.

So, this post will be my way of getting back on track.

Firstly, loopholes. I’ve always had a tendency to try and find loopholes out of things I don’t fancy doing (or in the case of hypnosis, obeying). If I’m told, for example, to “Get out of bed” I’ll pick up on the fact there’s been no time frame set for this command, and take my sweet time about it. If I’m told to “move” then I’ve a range of movements I can make that avoid the intended one. I can wiggle an arm, or shake a leg, even raise a finger or two ;) Usually, this will just drive Lex to clarify it, and then cut off my routes of escape one by one, but its good practice for me to look for them, especially heading into the Legal sector.

Then of course, if I really don’t want to obey, I can just ignore the command. At the end of the day, I’ve realised its subject-orientated. Which can be a hindrance in some cases – since the more I know about hypnosis, the more wise to the techniques, and cynical about conversations I become. Before now, I’ve just broken free of holds, and snapped out of freezes because I felt like it (I recall blogging about scaring Lex shitless on a few of these ‘freeze’ occasions =P)

Lately though, it doesn’t seem to be working – and I definitely smell a rat. A small, beardy rat with a directory for my brain. I’ll be plotting a loophole and the best time to reveal it to him, and then before I can try it he’ll have beaten me to it and sealed off the exit. I’ll consider just not obeying, and find myself in a different position (often being spanked for my misbehaving). He’s got inside help, and this whole affair smacks of a certain tattle-tale bimbo living in my head.

I’ll find a way around it though, if it’s the last thing I do…

But the link from loopholes back to the Demi and Fran shoot was more of a ‘silver lining’ to hypnosis. I touched on the ‘pro’s’ of being a subject when I blogged about having Lex switch my brain off during a ‘Naming Day’ ceremony. But this concept I’ve carried through into other areas. Now, a 5 hour journey will only be the click of a finger and a short nap to me. He can turn my brain off, allowing me to sleep in the passenger’s seat for the duration of the trip, waking up feeling refreshed and bouncy. On the downside though, I *do* feel a little bad that it leaves Lex with a quiet car and no-one to talk to for those hours. Then, when we arrive, I’m nice and refreshed and he’s left tired and needing a break. Which is, of course, never what I have in mind for him =P

This is why I said there would be a lack of detail to do with the trip across to the shoot. I remember heading through Glossop, in Derbyshire, and around the lovely scenery, but other than that, I employed my personal hypnotist to make the journey go a little quicker for me.

See? We’re back on track now. What can I say, my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes…

Right, the shoot.

It was one of ups and downs, to say the least. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We arrived at Demi’s house and met both of the girls. Both lovely, I will add, if not a little apprehensive about the shoot. That’s understandable really, since a model’s comfort zone is to stand in a studio whilst they come up with new and exciting poses for a few hours. To have someone contact you requesting that you do a filmed shoot whereby the appeal would simply be in switching off your brain for a few hours must seem strange to them. But, to their credit, they were both up for it.

Money *does* seem to have that effect on people, I’ve noticed.

To calm their nerves, Lex went through his usual opening spiel about the state of trance being entirely natural, people going into it all the time without even realising it, yada yada yada…

I, on the other hand, knowing exactly where his rambling would end, began to calm a little excitement that was building in my chest. I knew it would be only a matter of time before he’d politely ask the models if they minded him demonstrating the effects of hypnosis on me. Of course, that’s where I’d brattily refuse, telling him not to even try it. Lex is learning the subtle signs to tell when I’m bratting, and saying “Go ahead!” or when I’m *actually* against whatever silly suggestion he’s planning. It’s a work in progress, but he’s getting there. Bless him.

So, he proceed to use me as his demonstration dolly for a while; freezing me, posing me, making me sleep on demand. It’s funny actually, I’ve only seen myself responding to my sleep trigger once or twice, and the vision itself is indeed strange. I waste no time going into trance, and there have been several occasions where it’s not been the safest thing to do, but I’ve still fallen anyway. Two examples of this are when ‘puppy-me’ has been out, and still on all fours, I’ve collapsed face-first onto the ground at the mention of the word ‘Sleep’. Another would be on Lex’s bed, where I’ve narrowly missed the metal bar at the end of it.

But, despite my initial shyness (gradually lessening with time and exposure to being triggered in front of others) I responded well. Well enough, that is, to wow the models. Job well done.

Now, convinced that hypnosis *can* actually work, shyness came about once more at the mention of trying it out on the models. But this time, the apprehension was mixed with excitement, which was a positive. I can understand how they must have felt, as going through an induction one-on-one for the first time is an experience enough, to then ask them to go under on their first time in front of another model and three people pointing cameras their way is another, I’m sure. Still, Lex began the induction, and Fran seemed to really respond well. She’d said she had a tendency to daydream, like me, and from the conversation leading up to the induction, I could tell she had a firm belief in hypnosis – another plus.

The induction went really well for Fran, who found her hands floating and forgot her name very easily, it seemed. Demi, on the other hand, didn’t seem to respond. There were a number of reasons I came up with, but part way through the induction, I piped up and said I’d try my hand at hypnotising Demi. Fresh from my success with Amy, I was confident enough to try the same visual induction again. An induction that has proved very useful to date, thanks to a very good friend of mine who was kind enough to show it to me.

Lex agreed to carry on playing with Fran on camera, whilst I took Demi upstairs. She originally led me to an empty room (they’d been decorating) and it was rather cold. For the induction I had in mind, I said it was best if she were warm, and that she lay down. So, she took me into her bedroom, where unbeknownst to me, her boyfriend lay sleeping. I tell you, *that* was awkward when I found out my audience would include a disgruntled man who had been awoken so that his girlfriend could go to sleep.

But nevertheless, I persevered, my stubbornness eating back my nerves. Theinduction went really well, and I gave her a trance trigger, and practiced it a few times. Knowing the cameras were rolling downstairs, it wasn’t as thorough as I’d have liked, but it worked – and that’s all that mattered. When of course, I took Demi back into the room (apologising profusely to her boyfriend for waking him), Lex could spot my grin a mile off. I showed off my latest hypno-victim, and he was impressed. There’s one point in the film that he asked her to freeze and her eyes began to roll. Man, that girl went *deep*.

On the unfortunate side, we hit some complications with Demi that although I had no control over, I couldn’t help but feel responsible for. She’d had some recent troubles in her life, and we had to end the shoot early as she couldn’t continue. But, that aside, the shoot went well and we got some really good footage. I tried my hand at being a camerawoman for the first time, too. So it proved to be a very interesting shoot for me!

But, I believe that’s 2 for me that I’ve caught Lex couldn’t; and believe me, I’ve a *very* long memory when I’m feeling smug.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

For Sex Therapy Dial....

Not sure how many details I'm going to spill here... sometimes it's more fun for your mind to fill in the blanks.

So I was chatting online to my friend Anthea recently, (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) she's just recently got back online after getting hitched. Being a good jewish girl, she held back from certain aspects of love-making till the actual night of her wedding. When she finally got round to it though... she found she was too nervous to keep certain areas of her body properly "motivated" to actually make love. In terms of kissing, touching, and playing, everything was fine and dandy... during the actual act itself though... nothing but nerves and apprehension.

Anthea's a little bit of a dichotomy. On one hand, she's a shy and retiring 23 year old, kind and gentle, good with children, seemingly very innocent and naive... the kind of "nice" girl you'd have over to babysit. On the other hand... she's very much a fan of the hypnokink and the things that such a kink can lead to, she's made numerous appearances on cam and via text message in whatever attire I fancied seeing her in at the time, (Guys, let your minds wander freely at this point, I'm sure you'll get the picture. Girls, feel free to roll your eyes and tut in annoyance at our lack of imagination)

I'm sure last minute nerves aren't *that* unusual a problem when it comes to sexytime... but even a small problem, if left unresolved can easily grow over time into what seems like a much bigger issue. Probably unsurprisingly, when I suggested she talk to friends, family, or even a sex therapist about the problems she'd been having in the bedroom, Shy-Anthea came to the fore and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no *way* she could ever mention something like sex to a friend or family member... (I'm a lot more open about my sex-life (you may already have noticed this) so shake my head at the thought of being unable to ask friends for help with an issue, but what're you gonna do? :oP

When Liz heard about the issue Anthea was having, she offered to chat to her on the phone, girl to girl. Anthea seemed interested in this, but as it's been a while since I tranced her, she wanted to chat to me first. (Which I was fine with) Obviously with two girls present, (well, sort of present) both wanting to be hypnotized by me, (definitely) my mind wandered over to the topic of threesomes (BAD mind! Bad!) so I started toying with the idea of perhaps trancing Anthea while doing other things with Liz.... :oD

So... that's what we did. I phoned her up, and before very long I had her lying nude on her bed... nicely deep in a hypnotic trance, hanging helplessly onto my every word while I worked the erotic hypnotic angle... getting her to feel enchanted... out of control... uninhibited... horny... hot. I had her think about her fella, and grow excited and turned on by the thought of having him inside her... then I did the same with Liz... though it was probably (I hope anyway!) a little more vivid for Liz, bearing in mind that I was toying with her in person at the same time as I was trancing Anthea over the phone.

After a while, I had a hypnotized Liz take the phone from me, and feed back to a very horny Anthea everything I was doing to her, where my hands were, what my mouth was doing, where the "rest of me" was, and how it was making her feel. Anthea at the other end of the phone got to feel and experience every sensation that Liz was feeling, and found herself experiencing the same level of excitement and arousal as Liz.

It was a slightly surreal, but *very* hot experience, seeing Liz enjoying herself, while at the same time, calmly relaying back to this other girl everything she and her body was feeling. Hearing the occasional pant or moan from the other end of the phone also did wonders for the old ego. Needless to say, the three of us found the whole thing very enjoyable.

It's no-where near being an actual threesome, but the whole thing's contains enough aspects and similarities of one to get me feeling pretty smug about the whole encounter.

I caught up with Anthea the other day, and though I'd love to report a 100% success rate, and a bunch of steamy developments in her sexlife, she's still having some difficulties with her chap. I keep telling her she should spill the beans about her hypno-kink to him, but she's having none of it. I suppose we're going to have to encourage her to take babysteps.

If anyone has any advice for shy lovers, or can share similar experiences, I'd be interested in hearing it, and could relay anything useful back to Anthea.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Straight From the Subject's Mouth...

Well, I’ll be the first to comment on the lack of postage in the last few weeks. Long story short, it comes down to the Christmas Period, study, work (it’s been known to happen on occasion!), and trademark laziness from the pair of us.

However! Here I am, back with a vengeance to tell you all about our latest shoot with two girls called Demi and Fran. I’d talk about the journey down, but there would be a little problem with detail (or a lack thereof). You see, being a hypnotic subject can sometimes be a whirlwind adventure for your mind. One minute you’re in trance, the next you’re not. One minute you’re talking, and the next you’re facing a different way, pouting in the position of a French Maid. You get the idea.

But it’s not all bad, especially not once you’re able to find loopholes to your ‘predicament’….

Actually, a side note here that typing the word ‘loophole’ has just jogged my memory. Lately, I’ve been a little anxious about my reaction to hypnosis (me of all people, I know). I’ve mentioned before about the period of a few months when I first entered the world of hypnosis where I doubted my reaction was genuine. Since I wasn’t adhering to the stereotypical level of depth I’d seen through the media (the instant fall-limply-into-the-hypnotists-arms reaction), I thought that either I wasn’t a good subject, or I was just faking and kidding myself. But, I persevered in my typical ‘ostrich’ fashion – to of course, ignore it and hope it resolves itself – and thanks to a certain event that I won’t mention on the blog, I finally accepted that hypnosis was working for me. But, it *did* make me re-evaluate exactly *what* was working.

We’ve all seen the cartoons and films regarding hypnosis. The majority will include some irresistible, overwhelming force that hits the unsuspecting subject. Then, he or she is completely enthralled by the more dominant of the two and usually remembers little of the encounter afterwards. Heck, it bred a generation of kinky so-and-so’s like you and me ;)

Anyway, it was this image in mind that made me doubt the credibility of my reaction to hypnosis. However, from my experience, the stereotype and the actual trance are different. Now, don’t get me wrong, hypnosis never ceases to amaze me with the results it produces from people. It’s just I didn’t achieve what I expected, and for a while because of this I doubted myself. I’ll tell you, it’ a horrible feeling to think you’re not a good enough subject.

This is why I thought I’d give mention to what I’ll call my ‘brain blogpost’ – probably the wrong term, but I’m just writing this as I go along - basically, an account of my experience of actual trance. Rather apt for a blog documenting my experiences with hypnosis, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Inside Look

Gosh, I’ve just made all this build up and now I’m sat in the library (thank goodness for proxies!), staring dumbfounded at the screen. Where on earth do I begin to write this? I’ve been hopping in and out of trance pretty much every day for the last year and a half, but the words just aren’t coming as easily as I’d hoped. So I apologise in advance for a possible lack of cohesion in this. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to write with a conscious stream of thought; simply put, I think it, and my fingers leap to the keys before I even have a chance to consider what it is they could be typing. Anyway, enough stalling. Here goes.

When I first tranced with Lex online, he used one of his famous conversational inductions. I still remember most of the text actually, beginning with lots of leading questions, slipping in suggestions under the radar. At the time, I still thought he was leading up to the trance, or possibly gauging whether I’d be a good enough subject through his questioning. I didn’t realise that it was the actual induction until about half way through, when the ‘what you’ll find happening is’s began to appear. But that’s one of the things I *love* about conversational inductions, the fact that until that point, I’d been growing more and more excited, agreeing with everything Lex said and wondering how he knew so much about me.

But then it happened.

“What you’ll find is that your legs are now too heavy, your whole body is too heavy to move. You can try to move it, but you’re just too comfy, too heavy to do anything right now. You just want to stare at the screen, keeping reading my words.”

On of my first experiences with suggestive statements that force a reaction from the subject. I’ve had people say that they actually felt as if they were weighted to the ground, that gravity was too strong for them, and even that their legs simply wouldn’t respond to the urgings from their brain. For me though, parts of the statement I could identify with strongly, and others I tended to gloss over – namely the ones I didn’t astound me with their effect upon my body.

“…You just want to stare at the screen, keep reading my words…” Well that I focused upon. After all, I’d basically come to Lex looking for a good trancing, and a trance I wanted. So I wanted to keep the connection to the hypnotist as long as I could (a year and a half, it turned out to be =P). I barely blinked, just staring at the screen.

“…Your whole body is too heavy to move…” This is where I had problems, and began to gloss. I knew in the back of my mind – whether or not it was my bratty nature saying ‘Yeah? Try me!’ – that I *could* move my legs if I wanted to. I just didn’t try to. Partly because I was scared that his command wouldn’t work, and partly because I didn’t want to upset the flow of the trance fretting too much about it. So I just didn’t try. I didn’t move a muscle, although I was sure I could if I wanted to. Instead, my eyes skipped over to “…You’re just too comfy…to do anything right now…” That was true enough, I *was* comfy in my chair, and it seemed to tie in with not trying to lift my body. After all, why would I want to stop feeling so comfy? I may not get as comfy as I was right now.

But it’s funny, reading back my reaction and mental dilemma to my first trance. I scolded myself for not having heavy legs, and tried to silence any worries I had about trance – telling myself I’d think it through after he was finished. With hindsight, I can see that the media influence had clouded my mind a bit. Yes, I didn’t *try* to move myself, but why? Hypnosis in itself is subject-orientated. The hypnotist can tell you that your arms are lifting in the air, but he’s not going to physically get up and lift them for you. *You’re* the one that has to lift them and it’s because of this voluntary action that I began to doubt myself. When I was told something like this, I expected my limbs to suddenly sprout life of their own and raise into the air. Hypnotists are good, but its more persuasion than telekinetic thought I’m afraid. So you *are* doing the actual moving, but it’s the hypnosis that is *making* you obey the suggestion.

Why else would you be (in the case of our models) raising your arms in the air, and freezing in place for a complete stranger and his girlfriend?

Once I began to understand this concept, and get my head out of the media stereotype a little, I started to just go with the flow. There have been many suggestions that have shocked me at their realistic effect, such as when I appeared to have Lex’s beard when I looked in the mirror, or when I was creeping around the house as a thief. But, not all of the suggestions and inductions will work on everyone in the same way. We’re all different, at the end of the day, and the way our minds work with regards to hypnosis is down to trial and error.

– As an example, confusion inductions have very little effect upon me. I was once told to imagine 10 objects. They could be anything, anything in the world; all I had to do was picture them, and hold them all in my mind. The idea behind it of course is that whilst the conscious mind is juggling all these objects, the hypnotist’s words are going under the radar to the subconscious. I don’t like my thoughts unorganised, and so I never found very much success with the induction. If you’d like to know my response to it though, I pictured 10 pencils, all in one pot. Flicking the metaphorical ‘V’ at the hypnotist. –

I could go on forever about my reaction to hypnosis, and that’s what this blog has spent the last year and a half documenting. But I think I’ve summed up the main points really.

a) Don’t get too bogged down with what the media has portrayed, you’re not a fictional character with set dialogue and responses to hypnosis
b) Hypnosis is subject-orientated. The hypnotist isn’t going to physically move you, you’re the one that has to make yourself respond to the suggestion!
c) Everyone is different. If a suggestion or induction doesn’t work so well for you, don’t worry about it! Focus on the things that *do* work and build upon them.
d) Experimentation is key really with hypnosis, because there are unlimited things you can do, be as creative as you like and find out which aspects you enjoy, and which you don’t.

Now, as I’ve mentioned, everyone is *different*. My account above will not apply to many people. I’m just telling you all how my personal experience of hypnosis went, from the point of view of an intuitive brat. I’ve met people who *because* of the media stereotype find certain things appealing. If you believe that pendants are the most mystical devices known to man, and that if a pendant is placed before you, you can do nothing to stop yourself obeying…then you can guess what you’ll condition yourself to believe. Basically, if you believe it strongly enough, you’ll make it true.

Good bit of Disney theology there to tie things off =)