Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cate and Honey

Well it's about time I posted... an *actual* post I mean, Liz tells me that random doodles and spiral animations don't count.

First off. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope it's a good one for you and all your loved ones.

I've been pretty busy over the christmas period. All the usual things, buying pressies, seeing family and catching up with old friends, but I'd also been planning another hypno shoot. (As it's been several months since we did the shoot with Amy)

I did have another shoot planned in the months leading up to christmas, but it fell through. The girl who I *was* due to work with pulled out at the last minute, as she wasn't able to get a friend or partner to come along as a chaperone to the shoot. (In all our video shoots, girls are very welcome to bring along buddies / boyfriends / etc, as it gets them feeling safer and more relaxed about the whole thing, and the happier and more relaxed you are, the easier it is to get hypnotized)

This kind of thing has happened a few times now. In some cases the girls get last minute nerves, in others, boyfriends get jealous, and sometimes there're health issues. I've learnt to take it in my stride now, and as long as I'm not losing money, I don't feel *too* put out when it happens.

A while back, I met a chap online through Collarme (a friendship / dating site for kinky types) who does camera work. He asked if myself and Liz would be interested in having a "private" video of the two of us shot. Tempting though it was... there's a reason why I prefer to say *behind* the camera, so I declined that offer... but after seeing some of his work up on YouTube (he'd put together a music video for a friend's band) I asked him if he'd like to come along to one of my hypno shoots as cameraman.

He agreed, and we finally had the shoot last weekend. This time round it was a two girl shoot, with a couple of girls called Cate and Honey.

Here's a pic:

Cate's on the left, Honey's on the right. Here the pair of them are hypnotized to think that they're teenage girls who've won a photoshoot in a competition. As teenagers they're shy, coy, playful and more concerned with looking pretty than in doing anything sexy.

Though of course a couple of minutes later, they'd forgotten totally about being cute teen models, and now firmly believed that the pair of them were adult models auditioning for a role on a late night XXX TV Channel.

Then once back in "teen girl" mode, the girls were blissfully unaware that they were wearing rather less clothing than they'd started out in. ***Maniacal Cackle***

And here they are mindlessly blank, frozen, and posed in place. (Which is a style I seem to gravitate towards... not sure why. *whistles innocently*)

Here's Cate, nice and frozen between shooting. It was pretty cold in the studio, so at this point she was stood in front of a jet heater trying to warm herself up. (Not in that pose of course... I put her in that out of mischief while I snapped pics of her) How deep Cate went throughout the shoot varied quite a lot, at times I had to do extra mini-inductions on her to get her back under. She found that if she was prepared to go into hypnosis, she dropped pretty easily, but if I just randomly yelled "SLEEP" at her when she wasn't expecting it, she'd be more shaken by that than relaxed by it. She's pretty deep here, she was stood in front of a very strong heater for about a minute while I photographed her, on telling her to move again she started gasping in surprise as her legs had gotten a *lot* hotter in front of that heater than she'd intended.

And for your delectation, here's a frozen Honey. (I didn't leave her frozen so long this time, as I didn't want her legs to suffer the same fate as Cate's.)

There were quite a bunch of people at the shoot this time round. There was myself and Liz, my cameraman buddy, the studio owner (though he spent the majority of the shoot in his office) Cate and Honey, and Cate's boyfriend also came along.

Mr Cate was *very* interested in hearing about the kinda things me and Liz use hypnosis for in the bedroom, and although he said at one point that seeing nekkid ladies is all in a days work for him and it was "nothing unusual" he seemed to spend a *lot* of time either asking me to demonstrate on Liz by freezing her, posing her, or giving her hypnotic orgasms (Though Liz vetoed that, due to being a lil under the weather.) or to leave Cate with hypnotic triggers for his own enjoyment.

Cate said she didn't see him as the hypnotic type, so doubts it would work for him.

(Mwahahahaa, I'm the Hypnotic Type.)

Cameraguy is editing the video together for me (this time round we had two cameras, so it'll be my first video with alternate angles) and when I get the footage back, I'll be putting up a YouTube clip.

Stay tuned.

Full Contents


Candle Focus Induction

Hands Stuck Together

Hands Stuck to Noses / Heads

Forgotten their names

Freeze Trigger

Posing and playing with the frozen girl

Deepening the relaxation

Self Freeze when they touch their hair

Flash their breasts (unaware of doing so)

Fun Teen Shoot

Raunchy XXX Shoot

Fun / Raunchy Switch-around

Teens unaware of being topless
Wake up and realise they're topless
Butt stuck to couch

Blank Trigger

Pendant Fixation

Blank Strippers

Blank breast play

Mantra: "I love being hypnotized, I love to obey"

Blank Dress-Up

30 Second Freeze Switch

Copy Cats infuriate one another

Mindless Mirror Maid

Mistress Honey Seduces Cate

Mistress Honey's Induction

Mistress Cate's Velvet Gloves

Hypno-Puppy Honey

Hypno-Kitten Honey

Amnesia: Forget we've started

Don't believe they've been under

Body Swap

Brain Swap

Cate and Honey become Matt and Harry

Final Chat