Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Drawing: "But I'm not a mannequin!"

Just finished drawing this, it ties in with the post Public Displays of Hypnotic Control that you can read here

In other news... 100 posts. Woohoo.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Behind the scenes with Steph and Michelle

Not sure how many of you know who Mistress Winters is, she runs a rather sexy hypnosis blog over at and she's just started updating again. You should all add her to your bookmarks, read and comment!

Anyway, she commented on my last post about how nice it would be to corrupt Steph, and that reminded me of a little scene that occurred halfway through the shoot. We'd been taking a short break, the girls were upstairs getting themselves changed, and Liz had commented (with eager eyes aglow) on how hot Michelle is.
Me being me, I couldn't let this slide without investigating a little further where it might lead.

Lately I've been trying to encourage Liz to explore her bisexual side a little more. There was definitely a seed of interest there when I first met her, and I've lost count of the number of times I've come home to find her hypnotized and semi-nude in front of the webcam for our buddy Trish
, so I know that there's some attraction to the idea there. The fact that I've had Liz watching lesbian porn whilst repeating bisexuality mantras and playing with herself also probably helped just a little. ;o)

When Liz made her comment I asked "Would you like her to be in control of you?" to which her playful response was "Mayyyyyybe" which in Liz's case usually means "Yes please! Do with me as you will sir!" she just doesn't like to come out and reveal herself to be so submissive. ;o)

Anyway, when Michelle and Steph had made their way back down after getting changed, Steph in her burlesque gear, and Michelle in her stockings, frilly skirt and corset, I couldn't resist putting Liz into a nice blank state before asking the girls if there was anything that they'd like Liz to do for them whilst they took their break. Steph blushed a little and declined (Mistress W's right, she *is* innocent and sweet) but Michelle looked more than a little amused by the whole idea as she said: "Sure... have her strip nude for me"

Now I think Liz is more than hot, so I'd have happily told her to do that, but I know that she'd have been more than just a little embarrassed if she woke to find herself completely nekkid, so I just told her undress to her underwear.

"Yes Sir" came her well trained response as she casually began to disrobe in front of myself and the two other girls.

"Anything else you'd like?" I enquired of Michelle.

"Sure, have her come and kneel next to me" said Michelle with a grin.

"Do as you're told Liz" I instucted.

"Yes Sir" came her calm response once more, and she knelt in her black knickers and bra beside Michelle's feet, head bowed, looking *very* appealing.

Now at this point I wondered to myself if Steph could be persuaded to play the part of submissive too... and I asked Michelle casually if she'd like to have both Liz *and* Steph kneeling and obedient toward her. This was in front of Steph, without asking her what her opinon was on being made to feel that way, I know some girls very much enjoy being spoken about as though they're playthings who don't need to be asked for their opinion... but it doesn't seem Steph's one of those girls. (at least... not within 3 hours of meeting a person) Seeing Michelle and myself discussing her like this with Liz kneeling and semi nude and the cameras off made her a bit uncomfortable though, and she said so, and not wanting to jinx the shoot by alienating one of the girls, I backed off on the hypnotic dominant routine. (In Steph's case anyway.)

Liz was asked to fetch Michelle a drink, ("At once Miss") which she did diligently, and she got to wake up a couple of minutes later, head still bowed, being used as a lingerie-clad drink's holder by Miss Michelle. As usual, her response to waking up in unusual undressed positions was pretty priceless. Though from the way her cheeks flushed and judging by how excited she was after the shoot, I'm pretty sure she's glad to be bossed around in that way. ;o)

So there we go, just a little behind the scenes peek that might interest you. If anyone else has tasks that they think other Mistresses might enjoy seeing Liz carry out for them, do let us know.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Steph & Michelle's Entrancement Video

Hi all.

For your viewing pleasure...

Steph and Michelle's video is now available at my clips4sale store. It gets my "Directors Choice" rating, which means I'm personally almost completely happy with it. (Perfectionist that I am.)

Larger version here: Michelle and Steph

This was a
really hot shoot, I'm not talking "legs wide, everything on show" (There are other hypno studios for those kind of shenanigans, ;) ) but I am talking about seeing gorgeous girls, in very deep trances, with really good responses whilst in trance, involved in some very fun situations and steamy scenes.

Straying from convention, we opened the session with the video cameras turned off and did a mock hypnosis photoshoot (Liz's idea, all hail the almighty g/f) to get the girls familiar with the material, and feeling comfortable about just what they'd be doing. (If you'd like to see that gallery, it's available here: Entrancement Hypno Gallery

Working with the girls was an absolute pleasure, Michelle had been under once before in a stage show, and had woken up with no memory of events, (even though she'd been a catwalk model, a singer, and so on) so I was pretty sure she'd be a good subject. Steph was a hypno-virgin, but seemed very keen to try trying it out. I was very happy to find that after a few minutes of trance, I was able to give the both of them hypnotic amnesia when it came to recalling their names. This is a suggestion I'll sometimes reserve for later, as it takes a deeper level of trance than some of the other suggestions I give.

I based a lot of this shoot on feedback I'd received from the hypnosis questionnaire I posted a month or so back, Questionnaire (feedback from which will get posted as soon as I've collated it all) so I included scenes that reflected demand. We have some freezing, but not too much, as it seems a lot of people are getting fed up with it, but lots of mindlessness, including sections where one or the other girl is mindless, whilst the girl who's still awake gets to play with her, pose her, command her, and so on. I also have a few more foot scenes for any foot lovers out there, (The girls believing that their feet are their best feature and want to show them off... then believing that the other girl's feet are the most enchanting, and wanting to play with them.) For those who don't get the foot fetish but do quite enjoy seeing girls in gorgeous outfits, stockings and heels, we have some very nice routines. Michelle looks great dressed in her "glamorous assistant" garb, and responds really well to trance, so I might look into hiring her as an assistant in future.

In the first half, highlights include a big long induction, with a smattering of open-eyed blank mindedness, then having the girls believing that they're friends one minute, and lesbian lovers the next, (yes, there's hot girl/girl kissing) convincing them that any body part I name becomes their "best feature", and having them mess around and play with one another whilst naked in trance.

In the second half, highlights are Michelle's mindless dolly smile, Steph's burlesque striptease, both girls becoming Mistresses and Slavegirls, their reactions to my hypno-laser which had them feeling tickled one minute, and aroused the next, and a post-session interview conducted while they're both still in trance.

For those of you for whom 5 minutes of hypno-shenanigans just isn't enough, the whole 127 minute video can be purchased here: Entrancement UK Clips4Sale Store

Here's the full contents of the video:

Opening Chat
Eyes open, mind blank
Sleep trigger
Forgotten names
Blankly flashing bras
Photograph my best feature
Love the other girls feet
Enchanted by her eyes
Best buddies / Lesbian lovers (kissing)
Blank Mind Trigger
Mindless Zombies
Stripping whilst mindless
Posing whilst mindless
Steph playing with frozen Michelle
Michelle plays with frozen Steph
Posing them whilst they're frozen
Applying Makeup Whilst Mindless
Enchanted by their reflections
Outfit Change
Michelle's Dolly Smile
Michelle in Hypno Bondage
Steph's Burlesque Striptease
Naked Steph = Tranced Michelle
Steph's pendant sends Michelle deeper
Mistress Michelle entrances and enslaves Steph
Slave Steph pleases and massages her Mistress
Michelle plays with mindless Steph
Perspective switching with a kiss
Slave Michelle caresses Mistress Steph
Sex Kitten Michelle
Surrendering to the power of the pendant
Laser Pointer of Arousal
Laser Pointer of ticklishness
Fighting over the laser
Sleepy Girls Trance interview
Awake, closing chat

Please post any thoughts or feedback.



Monday, 2 November 2009

X Marks the...Oooh!

I've got to admit, I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to write about this post both tastefully and without going completely detatched and sounding clinical.

Okay, for those of you reading this in public, I'll be writing this as a story, so this will be NSFW ;o)

She lay on the bed, eyes half closed in pleasure as her fingers seemed to find pathways of their own. Without an ounce of direction, they roamed her body, teasing, toying, tweaking, building her frustration to the point of conscious thought, and then appearing to take notice and wash those thoughts away in arousal once more. Had she been able to think coherently enough to form a suitable back-biting comment, she may have directed one at the man watching her from his computer chair. He didn't say anything to her that she was permitted to be aware of, of course, his quiet direction went unnoticed by anything other than her fingers.

A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as her hips rose and fell in time with those alien hands. As she closed her eyes and decided to accept the feeling, finally giving up the what little fight she had been pressing, enjoying her plight in its entirity, everything stopped. The force guiding her hands died, and her arousal ebbed at a frustratingly good point. She looked up at the man, her question written across her features. He merely shot back a feigned innocent expression, turning back to his computer with a shrug. She lay back on her bed, her breathing still quick, beginning to direct her own hands to recreate the pleasure she now longed to feel again. Try as she might though, nothing she tried was working, and her small moans turned into frustrated grunts as she repeatedly failed to arouse herself.

"Try thinking of things." The man shot over his shoulder.

"What things!?" She responded in desperation as he turned to face her.

"I don't know, just let your mind wander.." He replied, giving a small smile.

She lay back, trying to conjure up some thought. It seemed strange to her that he was encouraging her to think tonight, when he had spent so long training her out of that in the throws of passion. Under pressure, she found it was a lot harder to think of anything in particular, and fleeting thoughts of the day she had had, and her plans for the week entered her mind, but something told her she should be looking elsewhere. She absently circled her clit with her finger, but the effort only served to force her to think along the lines of sexier thoughts...

She pursed her lips, her brow furrowing in concentration as she tried to let her mind wander into her darker desires, her lust, her passion. Her mind cycled through images of spirals, of brainwashing, of the erotic images she had used in the past to arouse herself. Still, her arousal simmered below the surface. She then recalled her past sexual experiences, and upon remembering being blindfolded, a small wave of pleasure rippled through her body, her hands seeming to have hit a 'sweet spot'.

Recoiling for a moment to work out what it was she had done, she once again thought of being blindfolded, and the feeling returned. She pressed at that line of thought with a vengeance, determined to discover more, to work out what it was she was supposed to be thinking of. She thought of more images, of being tied down and blindfolded, to which she received another pleasant rush, and which in turn, spurred her tenacity. Oral sex from this position? No, that wasn't it... Teasing hands running across her body? A heightened feeling of arousal told her she was getting warmer.

The problem was, she was approaching her orgasm, and whilst a part of her knew that this wasn't the final intended image, her thoughts began to get increasingly difficult to conjure, as her fingers worked frantically to maintain her level of arousal. Suddenly, something inside told her that the image had changed, and she let out a small moan of despair. She just wanted her release!

She searched in frantic haste around the deeper recesses of her mind, trying to pick the images the man had intended her to think of. Something brought her back to her outings at the BBB, and images of her being collared and leashed made her back arch in pleasure... She was so close! Caring little for her loud moans and panting, she imagined being led around on her leash, of kneeling down next to her Master as he paid little heed to her. She gasped as her hands worked harder, but still, there was something missing. Her mind held on the edge, her orgasm dependant on the next thought that refused to come. Licking his boots? No... Walking around on all fours? No... Wearing revealing attire to the BBB? No, no, no!

She choked out a "p-pleeasee!", begging the man for her release, and he seemed to take pity on her. Her orgasm exploded in her mind, filling every nerve in her body with waves of pleasure. Her back arched, her moans and grunts holding no consideration for subtlety any longer. She collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily, the tingling sensation in her sex still giving her shivers, and the sweat glistening on her skin. Bringing her temperature down to that of the room once more, she shivered and dove beneath the covers, giving contented sighs as she settled herself.

An erotic treasure hunt, she thought to herself. How ingenious.


Well, thanks to the persistent "encouragement" (and cyber-poking) of the people around me, I'm finally catching you all up on some of the hypno-antics I've been subjected to lately. To give you all some insight into the afore mentioned encouragement, I am writing with some incentive today...

I can't log into WoW until I've written these two posts.

So lets get down to it, shall we? *shakes fist at Lex*

On Saturday, Lex and I had planned to do some shopping in town. Whilst getting ready, I spotted my corset, and the cogs starting turning upstairs. After all, I'd not tried it on since I got it...and morning *was* the thinnest time of the day...and I *loved* the way I looked in it...

15 minutes of faffing around later, and I was admiring my reflection in the mirror (see the below post). But, we still had to go out into town - and so I decided I'd wear the corset with my jeans, and see what the locals would say.

Getting into town, walking a good half-foot taller than Lex in my heels, I must admit I probably looked like his hooker, but I didn't care. I held my head high, put on my best mischevious smile, and kept walking as if I didn't notice the stares around me. To make things even more amusing, Lex was walking just behind me, whispering "Ding!" to me every time he caught a look.

If you get that Ding reference, you officially get gaming geek kudos.

So, I was walking down the main street, and all I was listening for were Lex's comments.






"Combo ding?" I asked, turning back.

"He looked, and then his friend looked, and then the guy behind those two looked. Combo-ding."

It wasn't until I saw the young Army and Navy recruits out in town selling poppies that I understood what he meant. A wicked thought crossed my mind, and I sashayed across to him, opening my coat a little more. I asked how much poppies were, and after the two boys exchanged looks for a second, he responded that it was only a donation they asked for. I put some money in, and took the poppy from one, catching his eye for just a second, a giving a cheeky smile as I waited expectantly for a pin from the other.

"Oh, you want a pin?" The boy said, snapping out of whatever he may have been staring at ;o)

He handed me the pin, and I leaned in closer to allow him to fix it onto my jacket should he wish. Meeting his eyes though, he seemed to hesitate too long, unsure if that's what I wanted, and so I simply thanked them both, turning back to Lex and allowing them a good long view of my ass as I walked away.

Around town there were mixed reactions, all of which I was expecting. Boyfriends looked, and girlfriends glared, DOMs (dirty old men, not the sexy Doms I'm afraid) leered, and others stared. Walking into M & S trying on a skirt with my corset got even the attendants complimenting me on my 'bask thing' (by the way, the escalators? Great fun when Lex told me to pose subtlely).

I tell you, I have never had so much fun showing off in town.

But the single greatest "Combo-ding" I received was on my way back out of town, spotting a Fire Engine stopped at a traffic light. I saw one of the men inside staring at me, and as I continued to walk I kept stealing glances back at him. Before the lights changed I decided to give him a little wave, and without a second to think, three of them inside waved back at me! Oh God did I get a huge buzz from that!

Yes, this whole post may seem vain, reader. But a woman's opinion of her own looks is so fragile from day to day that it's occasions like these, when not only do you find an outfit that *you* think makes you look good, but that others around you confirm it, that can really make your day. I have never been so happy with how I looked since my High School Prom, and even then, looking back on those now I'm incredibly self-critical. It's just being a woman, I suppose. You're rarely happy with your own appearance, and so when you can truly see (even for just one afternoon in town) that you're drop dead gorgeous, there's such a rush that comes from it.

I'd just like to give a big thank you to Fiona from Adixxtion Designs for making me the corset, and Lex of course for buying it! I've a feeling that it's going to get a *lot* of use from now on.

After all, I need to look good when I shop, right? ;o)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween Hypnofantastico!

Just thought you might be interested in seeing a pic of me in my new corset. ;o)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Public displays of hypnotic control

Off work with the sniffles today, but at least that gives me time to blog a little bit. Today's topic? Hypnotic Embarrassment! I asked in my questionnaire how many people liked to see and hear about it, and it seems a fair number of people (41% of the 300 or so people who've responded) either like or love it. (30% don't care, and 30% dislike it.)

Don't worry if you're in the 30% of people who aren't so keen to hear about it, as this post will feature arousal too. (Which has an 87% approval rating ;o) It's also the first time I'm going to mention my buddy Audrey (that's not her real name, but she's a big Audrey Tatou fan, so that's what we'll call her) who's a long-time reader of the blog but has only lately started chatting to us / getting zapped by us.

Now for some background.

When it comes to having her responsiveness to hypnosis demonstrated to an audience, under the right conditions, Liz does enjoy being shown off. Key words here being "The Right Conditions" usually if we're around other hypnotists or kinky types, then she's happy to be zapped and triggered to my heart's content. Similarly, if she's feeling particularly playful, then from time to time we'll have ourselves a cam-show with any buddies who're online and fancy seeing her toyed with.

Usually this play will involve me freezing and posing her, or showing off her arousal trigger (which can earn me a thump on the arm, as usually if I start demonstrating just the beginnings of *that* particular trigger, Liz will need to go clean herself up afterwards.) Sometimes I'll make her a puppy and have her chase rolled up pairs of socks around the room. Other times I'll put her in "slave" mode and have her... well, you can probably imagine for yourselves what you'd do with a mindless slavegirl and a captivated audience. ;o)

Although she'll call this embarrassing, it's the right kind of embarrassment for her tastes. It's D/s based, and demonstrated to people who are "in" on the lifestyle. People might find it a little strange, but no-one's going to be sat at home watching this girl performing on cam and saying to themselves "What a Nutcase!"

Some people though, when they think of "Hypnosis" think more along the lines of stage shows, about the kind of weird and wacky things that people do on there in front of an actual audience of hundreds, not 3-4 close friends. They think about the ways they could be made to perform, or the embarrassing things they could be compelled to believe and act upon... And for some people, that's a very exciting idea.

One such friend is Audrey, who I've been chatting to lately and have had the pleasure of trancing on a number of occasions. She's a very good subject and has proven creative, playful, sexy and extremely intelligent on a number of occasions.

Now she's a member of the school of thought that believes the sexiest kind of hypnosis is the kind that you find yourself helplessly and publicly compelled to responding to, no matter who's watching, and no matter where you are. She linked me to Peter Powers "Power of One" show that you can see on YouTube or at the top of this blog post.

Now... up front I'd like to say that usually when I hypnotize someone, I'll try to make the experience as fun and sexy as possible. I'll try to find out what my subject's particularly interested in, and steer the trance that way. Usually it produces deeper trances and more enjoyable results if you let the subject's own desires dictate the direction in which the trance heads. Other than the odd bit of deviousness, I'm moral, ethical and don't get off on embarrassing or humiliating my subjects... Saying that, when it's *requested*... well... that's another thing entirely. ;o)

Audrey is one such subject that enjoys the idea of being made a fool of. In the past with other hypnotists she's been hypnotized to believe that whipped cream is shower gel and nutella is facial scrub, and then smothered herself in both... and it seems the more inventive ways you find to embarrass the girl, the more she'll enjoy and be turned on by the whole experience.

She's quite a pleasure to trance and drops pretty deeply, so this has led to me trying to find new and inventive ways to (safely) get the girl doing weird and random stuff every time we get to chat and trance.

Here's a selection of things she's found herself doing and believing, purely whilst we've been chatting over the net.

  • She became convinced that she'd spent an evening out with friends believing that she was a bimbo named Ferrari who the cars were named after. (And had a rearing horse tattoo on her left breast to prove it!)

  • She also spent time believing that she was a burlesque striptease artist named Dita, and that she'd climbed up on the tables down her local pub in order to strip, dance, and shake her heiny.

  • She spontaneously developed Tourette's syndrome mid-conversation with me, shouting out things like "MY PUSSY TASTES OF CANDYFLOSS" and "I LIKE TO MASTURBATE WITH VEGETABLES" without even realising she was doing it. Then when she *did* realise it, she found herself unable to stop.

  • Believing for the first 15 seconds of her meal that trying to eat her Spaghetti Bolognese by using just her face was a completely normal thing to do... And after 15 seconds, realising it wasn't. ;o)

  • Believing after 10 minutes in the bath that she was somehow fully dressed and hadn't realised it. (Then on leaping out of the bath and "undressing" realising that she had in fact been nude the whole time.)

  • Believing that she was an 8 year old in her big sister's room and wanted to play "dressup" with her clothes and makeup.

  • Believing herself to be a bohemian stoner poet called "Myrtle" who writes deep poems that just aren't understood by modern man about the infinite energy of the cosmos, here's a sample:

    One may not be brassica,
    The lines, they seldom remain,
    For the stylistic world of massacre,
    And the remainded ounce of pain,
    Confederate currency is your bandage,
    Devolution your asprin,
    Your agony isn't planned ridge,
    Rigid, the conoturs we begin,
    Navy, blue, red, potassium,
    A business's suit left rotten and grey,
    But forever I feel debased-um,
    Away, away, away,
    And yet I always feel these lines flow,
    Desterium masteris polut gyndrow.

  • Believing that she was a presenter on a home shopping channel, and that she was trying to sell herself and different sexual services to the viewers at home.

    All of this was of course carried out in the safety of her own home. Ever keen to push her boundaries though, she asked me yesterday (whilst in trance) if I could use hypnosis to spice up her weekly shop at the local supermarket.

    I was only too happy to help. *Grin*

    The following story is... more or less true, the dialogue and timing of events might have been rearranged to make them into a more amusing story, but Audrey was given these suggestions to follow whilst out on her shopping trip.


    Audrey's shopping trip.

    Audrey probably noticed that something was wrong fairly early on, when upon entering the supermarket, rather than heading towards the breakfast cereals as was her intention, she instead marched straight to the Toiletries aisle and began to fill her shopping basket with each and every variety of different condom that the store had to offer. Lubed, Flavored, Extra Durable, Extra Large, Ribbed... they all went into her basket. Then, without setting foot in any other part of the store, she span on her heel and headed towards the checkouts with her basket on her arm.

    Strolling up and down the checkouts she might have noticed that she seemed to be looking for something in particular. This cashier was a middle aged lady, that one a student, this one a teenage guy, that one an older man... her gaze would have passed by all of them till her eyes came to rest... on the young shy-looking but *very* cute asian girl in aisle 9. Unbeknown to her, she'd been told to approach the cutest cashier before carrying out the next part of her programming. She'd been told to do this irrespective of gender, so it looks like *someone* has a thing for cute asian chicks.

    "Well hello there cutie." came Audrey's voice in an unintended seductive purr, her mouth, but not her words. "I'm a writer for "Lez" magazine" she continued, surprising both herself and the girl at the checkout as she revealed this information, "I'm doing a study of the properties of different condoms. Would you like to be my research buddy?" she said with a wink. "Be a doll and buy these for me will you? Then we can go back to my place and test them out."

    The checkout girl blushed furiously and wordlessly carried on scanning Audrey's shopping. At this point Audrey found herself fully under her own control once more, and as the girl told her the total of her shopping, she blushed herself as she felt forced to pay for it.

    (Now I've worked in supermarkets, so I know that it's not a big deal for staff to return unwanted shopping, I hadn't told Audrey to actually *buy* the condoms, but it seems that by this point she felt like she *should* buy it... oh well, guess I'll have to buy her pizza sometime to make up for it.)

    Next she found herself taking a stroll over towards the clothing aisle. Before she could get there though, there was a "Bing Bong" from the PA system as a member of staff's voice came over the tannoy. Whatever announcement was being given though, Audrey was unable to take notice as with an involuntary gasp, her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

    It wasn't until a second orgasm hit her as the announcement was repeated a couple of minutes later that she realised these feelings were being triggered by the "Bing Bong" of the PA system. She managed to cover up for the fact she was suddenly unable to walk straight by faking interest in the contents of a packet of fajita mix as she rode this orgasm out. Hopefully none of the passers by will have noticed how flushed she suddenly was, or how deep her breathing had become.

    She made it safely to the clothing aisles, a display of mannequins in various poses were arranged in the center of the aisle. Wondering what she'd come here for, she found herself walking up to the mannequins, taking up residence beside them, striking a pose of her own... and then nothing.

    5 minutes passed at this point, with Audrey's mind frozen in hypnotic limbo. One hand on her hip, the other out in front of herself as though offering something, an expression of quizzical confusion fixed on her face. Though a few people may have passed by and paid attention to her, her mind was as blank as those of the mannequins that stood around her, and everyone else, every store assistant asking if she was alright, every child wondering what the lady was doing, everyone was just ignored.

    After 5 minutes Audrey's mind returned, though not (unfortunately for her) her ability to move. Her frustration was only compounded when another announcement came over the tannoy. "Dammit, as soon as I can move again, I'd best take a visit to the ladies room" she thought to herself, trying to ignore the fact that a small child was standing in front of her gazing up, mouth agog at the strange lady playing musical statues all by herself.

    When she was finally able to move once more, she headed off towards the bathroom, she passed a mother and her child, both of whom gave her a slightly odd look, and then, just as she was 10 paces from the bathroom, she made eye contact with a lady stacking shelves. The hypnotic trigger that had been installed in her previously took immediate effect. "Excuse me?" she heard herself asking. "Can you direct me to the bathroom?" she finished stupidly.

    "Erm... it's right over there" said the lady, pointing to the toilets sign not 20 feet away. "Did you not see the sign, love?"

    "Oh erm... no... how silly of me" said Audrey, flushing once more. "Thanks very much!" she finished, as, rather than heading towards the bathroom as had been her intention, she span on her heel once more and walked in completely the opposite direction.

    "What the?" she thought frantically, as she found herself pulled away from the bathrooms. She made eye contact with 2 more people, and then at the third person, the compulsion came again. Once more, she found her actions being taken over, her mouth was pulled into a friendly smile as she asked a 20-something guy buying wine "Hi! D'you know the way to the loos?" The guy gave a grin and said "Yep, back the way you just came, over there" he said pointing. "Great!" Audrey replied, a tad sarcastically as once more she began to march off in completely the wrong direction.

    This game went on for some time, every third person would be asked for directions, and every set of directions would be ignored completely as she headed off in the opposite direction. It was only on entering the electronics aisle that Audrey found herself able to control her actions by herself once more. And... owing to the nature of the images on each TV screen... going to the bathroom was suddenly the last thing on her mind.

    Every screen, instead of showing the latest action blockbuster was instead showing porn. To be more specific, it was showing "Audrey Porn". On this screen she was on her back, legs wide open, being fucked... On that one she was on her knees playing with herself... Here she was on all fours, being spanked... there she was going down on another girl... With shock she looked at the DVD cases beside each screen. "Audrey's Anal Adventure" "Audrey Oral Party" "Audrey's Amazing Ass IV"... the names went on and on.

    At this point the fourth (and thankfully final) "Bing Bong" announcement of the night came over the PA system. Bracing herself against a screen (showing "Audrey Does Aberdeen") she rode out this final orgasm before taking a deep breath, heading towards the *real* location of the bathroom, and resolving to give her hypnotist a piece of her mind as soon as she got home.

  • Wednesday, 21 October 2009

    Entrancement Hypno Questionnaire

    With a little help from my friends, I've put together this questionnaire for all fans of hypnosis and hypnotic videos. I'm interested in seeing if any trends pop up, or if any new kinks come to light that I'm not currently aware of. It was made using Google Docs, which I'm pretty new to, but appears to be a very flashy way of putting together content like this, and generating results in the form of spreadsheets.

    Special thanks to my hypno-buddy Jen for giving me a list of 43(!!) ideas for questions. Sorry if I had to prune them back a little bit. ;o)

    Liz has just started back at uni, (hence the lack of hypno-posts) and I'm trying to get her to focus where possible on that work, rather than the usual online distractions of World of Warcraft and the Hypnopics Collective. Needless to say, getting her stubborn butt to do anything work related can prove more than a little tricky without the POWER OF HYPNOSIS(TM), so I'm glad I've got multiple methods of persuasion available to me.

    I'm starting to up the dominance and set Liz more tasks and homework lately, as well as various kinky forms of discipline and punishment if she misbehaves. (Needless to say she's loving it ;o) She's offered to compile the results from the questionnaire into nice tally charts and graphs for me in a day or so. All the more reason to get as many responses in as possible.

    Please check it out, fill out as many questions as you feel like responding to, and I'll have Liz post her findings in a future post.

    You should be able to see it below, or failing that, you can go to the questionnaire directly at this link: Questionnaire

    Apologies to anyone who reads the blog on a mobile phone. (Parkey, Conrad.) This one's a biggy!

    Cheers all!


    Sunday, 6 September 2009

    Italy! - Don't mind me.

    Greetings from Fort Fantastico!

    Well, we're almost 2 years into our relationship, so to celebrate, we treated ourselves to a week-long holiday in Italy. We're back now, refreshed and chilled out after our trip, we're both a little browner (or in the case of Liz's left elbow which burnt, a *lot* browner.) and feeling pretty good.

    We had a fantastic time in a resort called Lido Di Jesolo about 40 minutes drive up the coast from Venice. The resort itself wasn't too much to write home about, (identikit hotels, restaurants and shops all selling pretty much the same thing.) but it was near enough to Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda for us to enjoy plenty of trips out. We had a great time soaking up the sun, reading books (No net access! It was like being back in the 90s) building sand castles, (Fort Fantastico as you can see above) and indulging in as much love-making and hypnokink as we could possibly fit around the massive free breakfasts and dinners that our hotel laid on for us. ;D

    I managed to make it through three books, (The Night Watch, by
    Sergei Lukyanenko, In the Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Let Them Come Through by Neil Forsyth. I can heartily recommend the first two, the third was fine... but a bit pedestrian in comparison to the others.) but had taken my Nintendo DS along just in case I felt the need to inject some digital entertainment into the holiday. The game of choice was Puzzle Quest Galactrix, which I highly recommend to RPG / Puzzle playing / Sci-fi geeks out there. I enlisted Liz's help with one puzzle though and she quickly found that not only was she better at it than me, but that she found the whole gem-sliding colour matching mechanic of the game quite compelling... not that I *made* it compelling for her. (It was my game, I wanted to play it!) She quickly started spending every waking minute playing it though. (So as a result, only got through one book. Ha! I feel smugly literary.)

    Liz would spend a couple of hours each day after her sunbathe lounging naked on the bed playing this game while I read, (Her compulsion to be naked around me is something that I've only encouraged *very* lightly. She's always been happier to laze about with no clothes on than going through the effort of getting dressed. You won't hear me complaining about this though... well... not unless we have a plane to catch.)

    Anyway, this brings us to one of the hypnotic suggestions I gave her during the holiday.

    Liz was lying on the bed after a sunbathe, tapping away at her game, and making a *very* nice sight upon my emergence from the shower. I was feeling fresh, clean, and more than a little frisky, and seeing how absorbed Liz was in her game got me wondering just what fun and games I could get up to whilst her attention was focused on battling space pirates.

    "Obey: Carry on playing your game for me, remain totally unaware of anything that I do with you whilst you play" I said smoothly.

    "Yes Sir" came her automatic response.

    "Hi" I said, flopping myself down on the bed beside her.

    "Oh hey"
    she said, her eyes never leaving the screen.

    She continued to tap away intently, paying no attention to my hand on her stomach, or the moment when I decided to explore further up her body and give her nipples a little tweak here and there...

    "Doing well?" I asked.

    came her response, "I'm level 19 now, I passed you ages ago"

    "Gah" said I. "Do I get my game back at some point?"

    "Nope, it's mine now!"
    she snickered, gleefully.

    "Fine fine... suppose I'll have to find other ways to amuse myself"

    "Why don't you cry more?"
    she smirked.

    She carried on playing, and so did I. Next I decided to explore lower, seperating her legs, smoothing my fingers teasingly up the sides of her special place, caressing one hand over her...

    It was only when I started to rub and tease her clit that her body began taking notice of what I was doing to her. Although consciously she remained oblivious, her body began moving and grinding against the air unconsciously, this really took off at around about the time that I started with the kissing and licking...

    This continued on for a while. Liz enjoying her game... and me enjoying the way she was starting to breathe deeper and moan gently while I teased and touched and toyed with her... I spent a good few minutes bringing her to the boil, by which point she was starting to huff and tut at herself.

    "Something up?" I asked innocently, my voice only slightly muffled, coming as it was from between her thighs.

    "I don't know what's wrong"
    she grumbled. "I keep making mistakes and moving the wrong gems onscreen"

    "I guess you're just not as good at that game as me" I grinned, feeling a little bit wicked.

    she exclaimed. Not noticing the way in which her breathing was growing more laborious.

    "Can I have a go yet?" I asked, feigning interest.

    "Hmmmmmm nope! It's still mine."
    She teased, sticking out her tongue.

    "But you can't even concentrate on it!" I said, rubbing a little harder and faster.

    Ever one to prove me wrong, she began focusing on her game even more intently. This was round about the time that I decided to don the equipment needed for continuing any further...

    I could carry on, but I'm sure most of you reading this will be pretty sure of where I went from here.

    Once I'd gotten a good rhythm going I allowed Liz to realise just what it was that was distracting her.

    I'm happy to report that she was more turned on with her discovery than annoyed at my untimely interruption of her game. ;)

    Saying that... she did continue playing pretty much the instant we were done.

    Still... It could have been worse... she could have asked me to switch her realisation back off so she could get back to her game. :oP

    Sunday, 16 August 2009

    Dark Puppetry

    One hypnotic trigger that Liz has been enjoying lately (and I’ve been enjoying using on her) is “Strings Cut”.

    When I say this to her, she instantly finds herself flopping forward (or sideways… or backwards) like a puppet that’s had all of her strings cut. Her eyes stay the same, as it only affects her muscles, not her mind, but all the expression in her face will relax away, her arms will just flump down to her sides and her head will loll forwards. In this state she can look around, (if anyone’s kind enough to lift her head so she’s able to.) but not speak.

    From here, I can move her, pose her, (though we’re talking floppy ragdoll poses, rather than rigid mannequin poses this time round) or take advantage in any other way she might care to think of. ;)

    I have to be *fairly* careful not to use the trigger when she’s walking down the street… (though conscientious chap that I am, I’ve told her if I *do* use the trigger when she’s standing, her fall to the floor will be gentle and steady, rather than sudden and uncontrollable.)

    Whilst she’s a puppet I can direct Liz’s actions by telling her what I’m doing with her “strings” and she’ll move into place like a puppet having her strings pulled this way or that. So far this has included (but isn’t limited to)

    “Head pulled up”
    “Rocking side to side”
    “Left hand lifts and waves”
    “Mouth smiles”
    “Both hands on your head”
    “Dancing puppet!”
    “Pulled to your feet”
    “Stepping forward”

    Mainly I’ve been using it in private, though recently we’ve been out in Bristol with the hypno crew from uncommonforum, and I’ve been able to demonstrate what a good subject Liz is in a public setting. Depending on how busy the pub is and how raucous the other drinkers are around us, this’ll either draw interested glances from nearby tables, or no-one’ll notice. It usually goes down well amongst the other hypnotists if nothing else.

    If I’m feeling particularly naughty I can tell Liz that the strings to her mind are cut as well, at which point she becomes completely blank.

    It’s a fun suggestion and looks really good, I’m going to fit it into a few more hypno videos if I get the chance. I tried it out with Monica Haze (the last model that I worked with) but due to a fear of falling, she didn’t take too strongly to that suggestion. (Even if it was just her arms that were falling from the air above her to her lap.) I suppose some people can't let go to the extent that Liz can. Just one more way in which i'm a lucky lucky man. ;)

    Though Monica wasn't too keen to fall over at any point, she *was* keen on doing plenty of other things on cam... more on that topic if and when I blog about it.

    Monday, 3 August 2009

    Ways to amuse yourself with your sleeping girlfriend.

    Lately Liz's sleeping habits have been getting more and more messed up. As your typical lazyarse student, they were never all that great at the best of times, but now it's the summer holidays, it's really starting to show. World of Warcraft is fairly solidly to blame for this, and a typical gaming session can last until 5:30 in the morning. Part of me wonders if this WoW addiction is down to the fact that our friend Trish hypnotized Liz a while back and gave her the post-hypnotic-suggestion that whenever her character levelled in WoW, she'd orgasm. I'm reasonably sure this suggestion has worn off... but maybe I need to check that.

    As I've got a dayjob, I can't usually stay up much later than 1:30am on a regular basis. (Okay... maybe there's been the odd 3:00am bedtime... but usually that's because I've been trancing gorgeous hypno-ladies in irc hypnosis chatrooms... Well... in my *mind* they're gorgeous hypno-ladies... but as only about 1% of them actually have mics or webcams they're willing to use, they could be *anyone*.) Anyway, I'm digressing. Because of this, Liz and I often sleep at different times. She'll come to bed after me. I'll get up before her. We're both pretty deep sleepers, so don't usually notice when the other comes to bed.

    We both kind of like seeing the other sleep, which probably fits fairly naturally in with our hypno-kink. When I'm asleep, Liz will amuse herself by writing down any amusing stuff that I say whilst I'm in dreamland. Apparently I talk a hilarious amount of crap whilst I'm asleep, ask her nicely and she might break out her quotebook. She also gets to use me as a human hot water bottle if she comes to bed cold and wants warming up. (The icy lil rascal!)

    As a hypnofetishist, a big turn on for Liz is the thought of being toyed with and messed around with while she sleeps. Now there are certain "activities" that come readily to mind when you think of fun ways to amuse yourself with an unconscious girlfriend who's been known to sleep pretty deeply. You can measure her breasts to work out which one is larger (the right), you can pose her in amusing positions... you can do the "other" thing. (If you don't know what the "other" thing is, then you probably shouldn't be reading this blog.) and as I've discovered lately, you can use her as a life drawing model.

    Usually, when I get up in the morning, Liz will be snuggled into the covers. For some reason though, as soon as I'm up, she rapidly seems to grow too hot having the bed all to herself, (she might come to bed freezing cold, but will heat up to thermonuclear levels during the night.) she'll flip the covers off and stretch her body out in some seductive and gorgeous postion. Maybe subconsciously she wants to give me something nice to look at in the mornings, or perhaps (more likely) she just wants to taunt me by showing off how comfy and warm the bed is knowing that I have to get off to work.

    Regardless, her slinky poses usually leave quite an impression on my mind throughout the day, and in the interests of furthering my artistic skills, I've sketched down a few doodles of nekkid sleeping lizzidoll.

    Any weird problems with proportion or bodyshape are *entirely* down to my horrendous artistic skills.


    Monday, 22 June 2009

    There's a first for everything...

    For a while now, Lex and I have been talking about going to the Birmingham Bizaare Bazaar. The BBB is a large UK fetish market held once a month in a nightclub in Birmingham, and not only are there stalls there from just about *every* kind of fetish store, there are also demonstrations held and all sorts. So this month, we said we'd finally get around to going.

    I must admit, I wasn't sure what I was going to be expecting, but as we drove past the place looking for parking (there's never any damned parking in cities in England, ever) it was clear this was a *very* diverse market. I saw a guy that had to be well over 6"3 wearing a corset, mothballed tights, and 3 or four inch heels, leading a woman who looked to be about 5"3 (ish) around on a leash. Oh, and his wig was made from plastic and paper streamers. Yeah, welcome to the BBB.

    We got inside, and stood with the other 'newbies' as we got the tour. Everyone seemed really friendly, on the stalls and on the organisation staff. They told us that demonstration that day was suspension bondage, apparantly - which I was kind of interested to go to. After we'd had the tour we were then left to our own devices to nosey around. I'd been making a mental shopping list on the tour, so I already knew what kinds of things I wanted ;)

    Our first port of call was to a woman who runs a store called Adixxtion ( who produce ready-made and custom-made corsets/formalwear. Now, I don't own a proper corset, so I wanted to ask her advice on a number of things. She was absolutely lovely, talking me through everything and taking various measurements. She even said I could try one of her corsets on for size, and see what it looked like!

    A chance to play dress up? Hellz yeah!

    So, off we went to the toilets to get changed. I don't know how she does it, but lacing it up looks to be a real bitch. I was fine with all the pulling, but then she was loosening, and then pulling, and loosening...And people that wear corsets do this by themselves? I suppose I'll pick it up in time. Anyway I then had the moment of truth. Would I actually look *good* in a corset? I'd been worrying for a while that my figure wouldn't suit one, but as I turned around to the mirror, I went into a primitive female mindset of euphoria - finding an outfit that looks amazing, and knowing for sure you want this one. I was over the moon as I turned around in the mirror, looking at the way it pulled me in and managed to show off my figure.

    I rushed back out to show Lex, loving the enjoyable feeling of restraint it offered (and of course, the kick-ass wiggle I got as I walked in heels with one). I was grinning from ear to ear as I came up the steps to show him, and he soon returned the grin as he caught a look at me. Of course, no clothes parade would be complete without a *little* hypnofun, so he got me to pose for a little while as we talked to the woman.

    She took some more measurements, telling us what she'd do to make it more fitting of my figure - as she never makes two corsets the same (hence why her prices start at a whopping £220! But, I guess you're paying for quality and bespoke fashion, aren't you?). I periodically shot Lex my puppydog eyes, showing him how much I'd fallen in love with this corset, and he agreed to get me one.

    Have I mentioned how much I love him?

    So, I've got an *incredibly* smexy corset being made over the next 3 or 4 months. It's a while off, but it'll be worth it. My first corset - I can't wait! But with all that finalised, I brought Lex over to another stall. I'd seen so many people walking around with collars and leashes (including one girl who was being lead around wearing a collar, corset and leash with her hands cuffed behind her back - Hot. As. Hell.) that I was feeling rather left out, I must admit. Thus, our next point of call was a leatherworkers.

    Everything from masks, to ballgags, to whips and ponyplay bits. I picked out a very fetching black collar, and asked if I could try it on. They agreed, and yet again, I fell in love with the style of it. The large ring really smacks of a dog-collar, and you all know how much I love being a puppy! But, I suppose I should really let you see for yourself, shouldn't I? So here's two pictures Lex took of me that I happened to discover he'd taken - two or three hours later! Tell me what you think.

    Isn't it just adorable!? But no collar would be complete without a leash, so we bought one of their leashes as well, with a gorgeous black leather strap at the hand.

    Walking around on a leash was *very* fun. I even got Lex to continue leading me around in Slavegirl Mode as we left the club and walked through the streets of Birmingham back to the car! Walking tall in heels, head up, eyes down. But I'll tell you, boy is it hot when Lex takes the slack in on my collar, and pulls me down for a kiss. Mmmmmm...

    Have I mentioned how much I love him?

    So an *amazing* evening of first times for me. I went to my first fetish club, I've got my first corset on it's way in the next few months, I got to get a leash for the first time, and wear it around in public! I didn't get to see the demonstration, but I suppose there's always next month ;)

    The "Real" Wonka Chocolate Factory!

    There are too few moments these days where you get the opportunity to act like a kid again. So to compensate, I try and get away with as much 'childishness' as I possibly can, especially around Lex. Afterall, maturity is knowing when it's okay to be immature – and I seem to have a gift for trying to push the boundaries on this as much as can get away with.

    A litle while ago, one of our friends was supervising a group of kids heading to Cadbury World, and he came back just as excited as they were. He spent about an hour singing its praises, and it was enough to convince me that Lex and I should go too. Now, normally Lex and I are terrible at planning anything in advance. We'll agree to an idea that sounds good, but at the same time we are agreeing, we're also adding an extra clause that requires leaving a period of six months or so for us to get around to doing something about it. Having a good idea and planning it the same weekend are usually rarely accomplished without extensive insistence.

    It's a good job I can be insistent when I need to be then, isn't it?

    - A short introduction for our international friends who haven't heard of Cadbury. Cadbury's is a brand international brand of chocolate and the company was one of the first in England to start using milk in their chocolate bars to give it a better taste. Basically, Dairy Milk chocolate bars are gorgeous, and if I have to include spirals as a background for this post in order to get you to try one, I will, dammit!

    And if Cadbury would like to send me some freebies for that little advertisement, I certainly wouldn't argue! -

    So anyway, at the weekend I managed to persuade Lex to book some tickets for Cadbury World, and after taking a tour around the *incredibly* shiny site (seriously, go and have a play at my excitement had sufficiently regressed me to about the age of 9. It was awesome!

    Aside from getting up at stupid o'clock in order to get down to Brummy-land (Birmingham for those of you in the States), the drive down wasn't bad, and I even managed to refrain from getting Lex to just put me to sleep for the whole ride. As we got in, we didn't let the hordes of youngsters deter us: our mental ages could match theirs any day! I'm only sad I didn't get to enter into the colouring competition; I'd have loved to do some amazing piece of artwork and then write my name in my other hand, signing it “Lis, aGeb 7”.

    As we went around the Factory, the freebies started coming in waves, and we ended up getting chocolate from just about every Cadbury employee we came across. Most of the tour is away from the actual production line, but near the end of the journey, I got the shock of my life. As you enter the factory, you're asked not to bring cameras in, for copyrights sake or whatever. I didn't have a problem with that of course, I just wanted to see more of the factory.

    We rounded a corner, seeing all the machinery churning the melted chocolate (drool...), and the process of packaging. There were a large group of people crowded around several desks where there were various chocolate-related activities being held. You know, things like writing your name in melted chocolate (which of course, I was *far* to mature to try...), trying to beat one of their representatives at 'picking up' melted chocolate with a spatula, watching how the chocolate shapes are made and packaged. That kind of thing.

    I rounded a corner, watching the visitors crowd around the desks, and then I spotted one of the employees. I don't wish to be offensive, but when I spotted that the Cadbury employee was the modern day equivalent of an Oompa-loompa (less of the orange make-up, more of the white jackets and hairnets), I had to conceal a smile. When I looked across to the next stall, and saw that there were two...and then mouth dropped. Every employee I saw was the same - it was like the real Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

    I reached for my camera phone, vowing to take a picture to show the folks back home, but Lex grabbed my arm.

    "No cameras." He said, pointing to the sign above my head.

    "But..But I *can't* just walk out without taking a *picture*! I mean come *on*! It's like Wonka's in here!"

    "Nope, sorry."

    "But no-one will believe me unless I get photographic evidence!"

    I couldn't get the camera out because of the signs, but then I realised something. *They* were the reason they didn't want you to use cameras! They didn't want to reveal to the world that an operation like Wonka's actually existed! I was convinced I'd seen through their plot, and although I had several attempts to sneak a picture of one of them, Lex wouldn't let me.

    I protested about it (at length) to him, and after a few minutes, he just looked at me with a bemused expression.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "The," I lowered my voice. "Vertically challenged staff here."


    I turned over my shoulder, pointing at the staff, and started to repeat my last sentence, when I realised the employee I was pointing to was about 6ft. I looked around, trying to find them again, and couldn't see a single one in the entire room. I was incredulous. Where could they have gone to? They were right here!

    You know, you'd think after being a subject for so long under a twisted mind like Lex's, I'd be less naive at times like this. It eventually twigged in my mind, and I shot a *very* annoyed look at Lex as my cheeks flushed bright red.

    "It was *you* wasn't it!?" I demanded.

    "Me? What could I have done?" he said with a mischevious smile, as he turned to walk away.

    Can anyone really blame me for the expletives I may or may not have used as I went to catch up with him? The knowledge that one of the movies from my childhood could actually have a grain of truth to it is dangled in front of my face, and then my frantic reactions are made to look absolutely ridiculous as they are taken away. I can't even begin to *think* what some of the visitors were thinking as I tried several times to get my camera out.

    Oh, and if you were wondering. For my first picture on this blog, I thought I'd include the one I took of writing my name in chocolate...

    I *am* mature, alright!

    Friday, 5 June 2009

    Our first date... again.

    For a while, Liz has been asking if I could give her a certain hypnotic suggestion involving her memories. She's been keen to see what would happen if she were to forget who I was, and then meet up with me, as though it were our first date. Would we get on as well as we do now? Would there be a different kind of chemistry? Would she realise this time round what a kinky old perve I can be? She raised the idea again this weekend as I was driving her back to mine on Friday afternoon. The weather was warm and sunny, and the car was getting pretty stuffy. "Can we take a walk into town today?" she asked, "I need to buy some new shoes." I looked at the clock on the dashboard and saw it was 4pm already. It'd be nearly 5 by the time we got into town, not really enough time to go shoe shopping. Luckily for me, Liz isn't the kind of girl who likes to spend 5 hours buying one pair of shoes... still, we'd barely have half an hour so I wondered if maybe this amnesia suggestion had crept back into her mind.

    "Course we can" I said, wanting to make the most of the sunshine, if not traipse around shoe shops.

    Liz ummed for a moment, a little hesitant to bring the idea up in case I didn't fancy it. (I did. But it's fun to let her sweat, so I waited.)

    I'd already been thinking of how to phrase the suggestion, where we could meet, and what we could get up to, etc. So as soon as the words were out of Liz's mouth, I reached up a hand, clicked my fingers and with a strong "SLEEP" she was slumped in her seat, eyes closed, lips parted, head rolled back. I enjoyed the view (as much as one *can* whilst still paying attention to the road.) spent a few moments deepening her relaxation. Then I gave her this suggestion:

    "For the rest of the day, when I say the word "Amnesia" loud and clear, you'll forget for the time being all about our relationship, you'll forget that we've ever met face to face, or that you've ever been hypnotized in person. You'll know me from a chatroom online. You'll have had a number of conversations about hypnosis and trance, but you don't believe you've ever really done anything more than play along. As far as you're this is your first meeting with a real hypnotist. When I use the word "remember" you'll recall exactly who you are, who I am, and what we've done together in the past."

    I made sure that she understood this suggestion, then had her wake. On getting home she mentioned that she'd received a few honks of appreciation from passing cars on her walk into uni that morning, and she mischeviously asked if she could walk into town ahead of me, as she wanted to see just how many more honks she could accrue. I thought a walk into town apart from me would probably make a good setup for the amnesia suggestion I'd just given her, so said that that would be fine.

    "Obey: Walk into town, ignore me completely till I call you. Understand?" I asked.

    "Yes Sir." came her submissive response.

    "Good girl" I said with a grin, before unleashing her new trigger.

    "AMNESIA!" I exclaimed.

    Liz's focus on me evapourated, she blinked a couple of times, glanced up the road, and started the walk into town (about a mile and a half away.) I stood back for a moment, allowing her to reach a suitable distance when....

    "Honnnnnnnnnnk" went a passing car.

    Bloody hell. 10 seconds in and she's already attracting the attention of strangers.

    I started to follow, trying my best to balance my distance between "I'm there if you need me." and "Someone's got a Stalker!"

    Liz didn't make it easy for me to track her whilst remaining unobtrusive. She looks nice and approachable, so as she was moseying into town, she was the cause of a number of conversations trailing off, she also got herself a wolf whistle, another honk, and was stopped and asked for directions at least once.

    Her being asked for directions was kinda funny. A couple stopped her and asked if she knew where Charles street was. (She didn't, I did) so I got to look like a stalker *and* an eavesdropper when I waited for her to walk on, then strolled up and told the couple that: Yep I knew the way! Left at the bank, then left again into the next sidestreet." I was on the brink of saying "I'd show you the way, but I've got to catch up with that girl you already asked." but thought it might be best if I didn't reveal *quite* so much info to complete strangers.

    On arriving in town, I realised we'd not arranged a meeting place, so I crossed the road and phoned her. She picked up, a little hesitation and curiosity in her voice:


    "Hi, is that Liz?"

    "Yeah.... is that Alex?"

    "Yeah hi, I'm just letting you know that I've just arrived in town, where d'you want to meet?"

    "Oh cool, I've just arrived in town too, my bus was a little early so I walked part way."

    We agreed on a nearby bus-stop, and a minute later I jogged past Liz with a quick "Obey: Ignore me till you see me at the bus stop" command so I could get ahead of her.

    I got to the bus stop, sat down at the bench, then immediately stood up again as Liz popped her head around the timetable with a curious look on her face.

    "Hi there!" I said, hopping up. "Liz?"

    "Yep, hi!" she replied, extending a hand.

    We shook hands, went through "introductions", and I asked if she'd like to go for a drink. We wandered on into town enjoying the afternoon sunlight and talking about our interest in hypnosis, and how we both got into it.

    It was a good thing I *did* give Liz that "Remember" trigger, that I mentioned earlier, as while we were heading to a local café to get ourselves a drink, I bumped into a girl called Nikki from my old work, who'd not had the pleasure of meeting Liz yet. Introducing her as "this girl I've just met" may have seemed a little strange... though come to think of it, introducing her as my "Mind Controlled Amnesiac Girlfriend" probably wouldn't do either, so I leant in and murmured "Remember" allowing Liz to recall who and where she was just long enough to exchange pleasantries with Nikki. As soon as she was gone.... I re-"amnesiac"ed Liz and on we went.

    We got to the café, sat ourselves down, I had an Iced Tea, (something I'd developed a mild addiction for when I was visiting a friend in Japan a couple of years back,) and Liz had a fruit juice. We had the usual introductory chat. How did we get into hypnosis? How long's it been an interest for? What kind of experiences has it led us to so far? and so on. I mentioned triggers fairly loudly at a couple of points, and noticed that Liz didn't respond to them, (Ordinarily, If I mention the word "Freeze" as part of a normal conversation when it's just myself and Liz around, she'll freeze in place, triggered. If I want her to be unaffected, I usually have to lower my voice and almost mumble the word "freeze.")

    Her lack of response to triggers was a good thing though, as it meant her mind was in a state where she was acting and thinking in terms of the guidelines I'd outlined for her. In that: she really thought she'd never been deeply hypnotized, so any hypnotic compulsions that I managed to implant, I'd be implanting "fresh" as it were, instead of relying on the fact that Liz is normally predisposed to obey any suggestion I might give. As a result, zapping her with new suggestions might be more of a challenge but... wait, what was I thinking? Liz *loves* being tranced and toyed with, odds are the only reason she wasn't already asking for a trance was for the sake of politeness... well, that and the fact she didn't know who the hell I was. :oP

    I was actually pretty proud of her (of the both of us really) as we managed to get through a whole introductory conversation a drink in the coffee shop, and then take a walk for at *least* 25 minutes before my hypno-impulses started itching.

    We were meandering through the park and gardens down by the river when I started to wonder what kind of demonstration I should give Liz. It was too sunny and too busy to do a full-scale induction, (Though I know from experience, the majority of people won't bat an eyelid if they see one person slumped sleepily over at the command of another, I wasn't sure if perhaps Liz wasn't willing to be made a spectacle of *just* yet.) perhaps I could sneak in some suggestions in my normal conversation and produce some waking hypnotic effects though... Still chatting about the effects of hypnosis, I guided us over to a bench around some circular flowerbeds.

    "So have you been hypnotized much in the past then?" I asked, innocently.

    "Well.... a little online, but I never really know if I'm just roleplaying or really hypnotized" Liz replied.

    "I know what you mean, in a light trance that's often how things go. You feel obliged to follow the suggestions given you... but you don't exactly feel a massive compulsion to obey"

    "That's just it! It's not really what I'd have expected."

    "You'd rather find yourself helplessly forced to obey the commands given to you by your hypnotist" I grinned.

    "Well..." she started, her cheeks flushing a little. "It would depend on what the commands were." she finished.

    "Of course, so long as there's nothing creepy or dodgy going on... you want to find yourself just obeying, right?" I enquired.

    "Right" she nodded.

    "Because that's one idea of hypnosis that you enjoy picturing, yes? A hypnotist slowly taking control without his subject really realising what's going on"

    "Mmmmm" she said, her eyes locking on mine.

    "Working his will on you, finding yourself following along naturally, while at the same time becoming very intent on everything being told you."

    "Yes" she agreed, (intently.)

    "Well that's not hard to do at all, did you realise that you're doing it right now in fact?"

    "I am?" she asked, looking a little surprised, but growing no less fixed upon my words.

    "Yep, notice how you're absorbing everything I'm telling you, how you can't look away, how you're waiting to be told what to do next."

    "But... I'm awake" she said, with just a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

    "You are... but hypnosis as I've said, can be a very easy state to slip into, even when you're awake."

    "I see." she said, looking a little helpless.

    "Why I could tell you right now that your bum's stuck to that bench, and what you'd find is that you're unable to get up off it."

    "Oh *would* I now!?" she said, openly skeptical... but again, with enough of a hint of uncertainty for me to know that yes, she would.

    "Mmmm hmmmm" I said with a grin. "In fact that more you try to move off that bench, the more you'll just find yourself fixed to it, bum locked in position"

    "Ha! Nice try!" She said, asserting her inner brat, which up until this point she'd been holding at bay behind her polite 'meeting new people' attitude.

    She shifted on her seat for a moment and then stopped, looking at me, shocked

    "I... I can't get up!" She said, her voice 1 part panic, 2 part's curiosity, 3 parts excitement.

    "That's right. Obviously if it was an emergency you'd be leaping up and legging it... but if I just leave you like this... hmmm, I bet you'd probably stay there for 5 - 10 minutes." I grinned, starting to get up.

    "You can't leave me like this!" she gasped.

    "Ohhh, you'd get free when it was clear to you I wasn't coming back" I said with a wink. "Alright though, I'll stay." And I sat back down. "Fun how I can control your body like that, don't you think?" I asked.

    "Well.... it is kinda cool I suppose." she admitted.

    "Want to see what else I can do with you?" If I could wiggle my eyebrows quizzically, I would have done.

    "Dare I ask?"

    "Well.... I could tell you that whenever I say something's bound in place, that it becomes fixed in position."

    (I did tell her that and then spent a few moments amusing myself by placing a slightly embarrassed Liz into different poses.)

    "Or I could tell you that when I tap you on the forehead, the stillness that's in your body will move into your mind, locking your thoughts in place. Leaving you a poseable dolly" I smirked.

    "Would that really work?" she asked, currently sat with her hands 'vogue'ing above and below her face.

    "Want to see?" I said, slowly moving my forefinger towards her head. Fixed in place though she was, she still tried to shy away from my finger nervously.

    "No! Wait! I...." she began.


    Her expression fixed in place, mouth partway open, words still part-formed on her lips, I waved a hand in front of her face, no reaction. Fun. I posed her a little more, before moving round behind her (to the shoulder massage position.) I placed both hands on her shoulders and said "Move"

    Liz's words came in a flurry: "... don't know if I want to.... woah.... HEY! What are you doing!? Easy Tiger!"

    It was at this point that I realised that sneaking up on your girlfriend to give shoulder massages is appreciated *much* more when she actually *knows* she's your girlfriend. As it was, I was suddenly turning into Random Touchy Feely Stranger / Enforced Massage Man.

    "Sorry" I said, with an embarrassed smile, (almost adding "Forgot who you think I was, there.") "Maybe it's a bit early for that kind of malarky."

    "Yeah" she agreed. "You seem fun and all it's just..."

    "It's not a problem" I said, remembering that this was pre-massage / pre-sex / pre-kissed-a-boy Liz. "Just couldn't resist, sorry!"

    "No it's okay... kinda fun, I just erm... don't feel like massages just yet."

    "So I suppose a kiss is out of the question?" I said with a cheeky grin. (Liz and I had been seeing each other for a good couple of weeks before our first kiss, so it certainly *would* be out of the question, I'd be lying if I told you that everything I ever wanted to happen always played out exactly as I planned it though. )

    "Ahhhhhhhh" she said, growing a little embarrassed again.

    "It's fine, it's fine" I said with a laugh, sitting back down beside her.

    "So can I move now?" she asked, her bum evidently still firmly rooted to the bench.

    "Oh, sure, you're released" I said, with a theatrical wave.

    Liz got up and gave a wiggle to test that her bottom was now under her own command. Beside the part where I'd tried my luck a bit too soon, she was having a whale of a time. Recalling Liz's love of all things puppy related, my next suggestion was completely none kinky. It involved getting her to "Ruff!" like a pup each time I made a poking motion in the air. I had a fun few minutes using that one. Liz would be chatting while I *poke poke poked* the air in front of her. Eventually the conversation had wandered through enough none-kinky topics for us to come back to the more sexy uses of hypnosis. (Though this wasn't before this exchange took place:)

    "Look *ruff* will you *ruff* stop *ruff* messing *ruff* about!? *ruff ruff*" at which point Liz grabbed both my hands and gave me a withering look. (Which is practiced and scary, let me tell you.)

    Once I removed the "ruff ruff" suggestion we moved back towards....

    "I don't *mind* the thought of hypnotic kissing you know... it's just."

    "Early days?" i asked.

    "Right, yeah. I mean... it's kind of a hot idea someone controlling me like that, but I *have* only just met you."

    "Not wanting to find yourself kneeling submissively as my slavegirl *just* yet then?" I asked, making doe-eyes.

    "Hmmmm" she said... looking more interested than perhaps she intended to. "probably not..." she elongated the word probably, a slightly wistful look in her eyes.

    "So if I told you that when I call you a "slavegirl" you'll get off the bench, kneel down and submissively say "How may I serve you Sir?" that wouldn't appeal?"

    "Oho I don't think I'd do *that!*" she said, the note of challenge in her voice once more.

    "Oho, well I think you *would*" i retorted... adding "Well... as long as I don't try to make you kiss me"

    "I'd not do that in public!" she hissed.

    "Ohhh I don't know" I said, "I think you probably quite like the idea of being made a public display of."

    "No." she said weakly.

    "It's not like I'd have you dancing round naked... not today anyway...."

    "Don't... You... Dare...." she seethed, her eyes flashing, cheeks flushing.


    Liz calmly got off the bench, knelt beside me, and looked adoringly up at my face. "How may i serve you Sir?" she enquired politely.

    "Hmmmm.... don't suppose you want to kiss me, do you?" I asked, still trying my luck.

    "No Sir" she said, eyes downcast a little.

    "Oh well... are you happy to jiggle your breasts for me?"

    "Of course Sir!" exclaimed slavegirl Liz happily, giving her boobs a playful jiggle.

    "That's good. You can go back to normal now." I told her.

    "Thank you Sir... uh.... HEY!" said Liz, hands flying from her breasts like they were on fire. She hurriedly got back up off her knees and sat on the bench.

    "Wasn't *that* fun?" I grinned, "You make an *excellent* slavegirl you know."

    Liz harrumphed, but was more amused than annoyed, and the next few times that I used her "slavegirl" trigger, she responded just as eagerly and enthusiastically to the order to kneel in front of me. A few passers by passed by, but slavegirl Liz didn't bat an eyelid. She was just happy to pose herself prettily on command, or try my hat on, (which looks *really* cute on her by the way.) or follow any other suggestion (within reason) that I felt like giving her.

    I imagine she was more turned on by the whole experience than she'd be willing to admit to. At least till I've known her a couple of months. ;o)

    We ended the date by grabbing a bite to eat from Subway, before walking back to the bus station. Liz got onto her bus to go home (which was actually *my* bus home), gave me a wave, then looked confused as I got on the bus after her. As I sat down beside her (the pre-arranged trigger to remember everything about our relationship) her eyes lit up, she gave me a huge grin, threw her arms around me and told me what a "Good Boy" I'd been for making the afternoon so much fun for her.

    Did I ever mention what a gigantic smegging brat she can be!?