Monday, 1 December 2008

Private play in public places

For a while I'd been intending to take Liz to see a musical in London. It was a toss up between Mama Mia! and Wicked. Mama Mia! I'd caught on DVD a couple of weeks previously. (A bloke down the pub had given me a disc full of games and movies, one of which happened to be Mama Mia. When I asked him if I *looked* like a guy that'd enjoy watching an Abba musical, he simply said "Well you've got a girlfriend haven't you?" The guy had a point.)

Anyway, that made my mind up for me, we'd go and see Wicked. For those of you that haven't heard of it (Blokes then) it's a side story that gives an alternate take on The Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch's point of view. (Who according to Wicked, was actually the heroine in Oz, and was only cruel to Dorothy because the little brat had nicked off with her dead sister's shoes.) The book Wicked also has a few interesting "MC-Stories"esque moments with people having spells cast on them that make them unable to move / speak about certain subjects... though sadly those moments didn't make it into the final musical.

I'm not really one for planning events months in advance, so when I checked online to see if there were any available tickets to see it in the next couple of weeks -and there were- I snapped us up a couple for the next weekend.

I won't bore you with the travel details, if I mention that Birmingham is a pain in the arse to be within 100 miles of... and that London should fix its smegging trains... and it's taxi drivers should NOT be charging you 20p (30 cents) for 10 seconds of their time, that's probably enough info to paint a pretty familiar picture for most people.

Anyway, we got into London on the Friday night, and had all Saturday to hang around for before the show in the evening. We decided to take a trip to Oxford Street to do some shopping. I had a look through a few bookshops, Liz persuaded me to buy her a new coat. I got her to try on a few hats in one stall... some of which made her look pretty cool, some made her look absolutely adorable... in an animé schoolgirlesque kinda way, we nipped into Anne Summers to buy ourselves a bondage kit and ask directions to any nice cafés... and we completely avoided entering any of the 300,000 McDonalds's or 400,000 Starbucks stores spattered around the city like a rash. (Oh, except to use one store as a "McCall-of-Nature" ;o)

I'd been reading the remotecontrolpuppet blog here, where puppet mentions that his Mistress had him spend some time mindless whilst out in public, and I know that Liz is *very* into the idea of being triggered and toyed with publicly. From time to time I'll trigger or trance her in front of models that we work with, which I know she quite likes... she also enjoys the idea of being a mindless maid at a private party, serving drinks, flashing whoever asks to see her butt... or just standing around as a mannequin that people can admire, or pose... or hang their hats and coats on. You get the picture.

Public play does give her a little thrill, though I'm not sure how keen she'd be for me to *really* put her on hypnotic display whilst out in public. (Not that I haven't thought about it... the idea of leaving her posed in the middle of a park as a living statue with a sign saying "Please Pose Me" while I admire and watch the reactions of passers by from a nearby bench *does* have a certain appeal....) :oD

Anyway, I wasn't *quite* ready (and it wasn't really warm enough) to start showing Liz off like that, so I settled on a couple of subtler forms of hypnotic play. At one point as she was leading me through the crowd I thought to myself "This doesn't look right... her leading me!" so I held her hand up behind her back and said "Bound" quite loudly and clearly. (In a crowd in london, who's going to pay you any attention?) She slowed for a second, realising what I'd done, a big embarrassed smile coming to her face. Her arm hooked up behind her, comfortably... but firmly, and now totally fixed in place. Like it had been cuffed, or she'd been put in an armlock. Like she was an escaping shoplifter and I was making a citizens arrest. (Actually our Anne Summers bondage kit *had* set off a store alarm a few minutes earlier, but after showing the security guard our receipt - and our red faces - we'd continued on our way without any difficulty)

I led Liz in front of me through the streets for a good few minutes, I think we were both enjoying the fact that on one hand, it could absolutely look like she was my prisoner, and I was watching her carefully, while keeping her vulnerable, and on the other hand, we could have just been any other couple, trying to shoulder their way through Saturday's crowd of afternoon shoppers. At one point as we stopped to cross the road, Liz pressed in close and to my surprise began to grind herself against my leg. Again, no-one noticed... it makes you wonder what other kind of couples could be out there, making the most of the anonymity of a crowd of people with their attention focused elsewhere...

The tube journey presented another oppurtunity for fun and hypnotic games. It was pretty full as we made our way back to our hotel, so we were standing holding the handles on the ceiling to keep balance. As we pulled out of one station, I leant in close and whispered "Freeze" in Liz's ear. Her expression fixed on her face, and whole 3 minutes of the journey to the next station was spent with her gazing at a spot that I'd since moved out of. As we pulled into the next station, I leant in and whispered "Move" and enjoyed Liz's reaction. She'd been aware of nothing while she was frozen, it was as though we'd instantly left one station and arrived at the next. She didn't consciously recall anything, but she could put two and two together well enough to know I'd been playing.

"Having fun dear?" She asked dryly. "What!?" Came my defence. "It makes the journey pass quicker doesn't it?" She tutted, but couldn't keep the smile from her face, and as we pulled out of that station, I froze her again. This time round, I noticed a guy sat in one of the seats looking our way, Liz still smiling her half smile, eyes unfocused, physically unmoving.... for minutes at a time. "Maybe we're not being subtle enough" I thought to myself, so leaned in and blanked Liz's mind. Her face relaxed and her muscles slackened, her posture smoothed out as she stood to attention. "Act natural" I told her. "Yes Sir" came her calm reply, as she adopted a more natural expression and stance. I looked around the carriage to check on peoples reactions, and everyone was involved in whatever book or newspaper they were reading.

On reaching the final stop (It took us either 15 or 2 minutes, depending on whether you're me or Liz) we hopped off the train and headed back to the hotel.

I wonder if the bloke that we left behind on the train had any idea what exactly the couple he'd watched for a few moments were really up to.


K.S. said...


Wow, just wow. Me and my significant other, whilst into hypno-play, arent that open about it. Probably the culture gap talking here, but wow all the same.

Liz, you have SO got to tell your side of the day. My S.O. is about to cut off blood to my arm she's grabbing so tightly x_x

Rabbit said...

I'll say this - you're a brave, brave man Lex ;)