Sunday, 7 December 2008

From *My* Eyes...

Well, what can I say? Two posts that definately make me flush, and I can't even remember all of it in detail! I'll try my best to paint the picture from my point of view though...

Brainwashing Joy

For a while now my naughty little interests have been getting more and more intense. A year or so ago and I would have gasped at the thought of half of the things I've been daydreaming about, but I guess people progress and develop. I've just gone down the one-way street to Corruptsville =P

One of these naughty little thoughts of mine has been to do with restrictive bondage and brainwashing. I like a bit of bondage, when it's things like tying me to the corners of the bed, as opposed to the more decorative "Lets see if we can make her look like a hogroast". Restricting movement, rather than boy scouts practising their knots upon a woman's breasts. So the image I'd had in mind was being tied down to the computer chair; arms and legs bound so that I couldn't move, and even gagged. I'd be forced to sit and stare at the computer screen, spirals entering into every part of my weakened mind, as someone whispers in my ear. Slowly being brainwashed, and (literally) being unable to do a thing about it. Mmm, I love flashbacks to things like these ;)

So, that's just what I woke up to one night when I was with Lex. He'd tied my arms behind the chair, and my feet around the central post. I had a blindfold on originally, and demanded to know what the Hell he was upto. He removed the blindfold and the screen was full of moving spirals. I was instantly drawn to them, as he began to whisper to me. Circling around behind my neck, kissing here and there...

It's funny really, but I don't exactly remember what he was saying to me....Strange, eh? =P

A lot of people have asked me if I'm surprised or shocked that Pet has a trigger now, and to be honest, I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. On the one hand, she's my subconscious, so having her around to look after me in my trances is good. But on the other, this is Lex, so of course I trust him. So must Pet, since she's the one that's let go. I don't know, I don't like to think much about my other personalities though, it starts delving into the realms of schitzophrenia, and I don't think I want to go there =P

The whole thing was incredibly hot though, and if the scene played out how I fantasised, which I believe it did, then I'm a very happy woman indeed!

Fun In London

Another one of my naughty thoughts has been about being triggered in public, but still maintaining the secrecy of what we're actually doing. The kind of 'if they only knew' approach to the world. I like thinking I've this naughty little secret that is happening right under the noses of everyone around me.

That was the push behind the fun we had in London. Lex has told you most of it, which is good, since I wasn't 'aware' for most of it lol. But yes, it was definately fun walking through the crowds of people, with my arm held behind my back. A kind of mental reminder of status, I guess =P Yet to the outside world, we were just a couple pushing our way through the busy crowds in London, trying to maintain some contact with each other so as not to get lost. Delicious!

The Tube rides were definately the most amusing part of the whole trip. The fact that everyone decides to chance it and push themselves on, even when there's barely any breathing room in the carriage. We had one guy who saw that the tube was full, yet still pushed onto the end, to which everyone near collectively thought "He's never going to fit in there! The door will have his head off!" And this wasn't a small guy, over 6ft, he pressed his back against the closing doors, and tilted his head to squeeze onto the stop. It surprised the Heck out of everyone wishing he'd have just got the next one. That same tube ride, I had two old women standing beside me, and the extent of the crowding in the carriage was that one of the two old women was effectively sat on my knee! And as the tube sails down the tracks and rocks the carriages, having the old woman rubbing up against my thigh was certainly a very surreal experience indeed.

How many other people can say they went on a Tube ride and had a woman in (at least) her 60's grind up against their lap? Anyway, sorry for the digression there =P

We'd crammed into the carriage and I was stood up with Lex, in very close proximity (which of course, I didn't mind one bit =P). I looked around, trying to kill time before the tube set off when I heard the doors open. I was confused for a moment, wondering what the Heck the delay was. We couldn't possibly fit any more people onto this tube! Then crowds started getting off, and I really began to wonder, until the voice rang through the speakers, announcing the next stop.

I looked across at Lex, and his mischevious grin told me he'd been playing. I started to object, telling him (in my polite way, of course) to button it. The doors closed...and then opened again. My natural thought of a delay had been supressed by the last instance, and I flashed a glare across at Lex again.

"What? It's making the journey go faster, isn't it?" He grinned.

That was true, but still, it was very unusual. And it's not like the stops were hours apart from each other. I can't even begin to imagine what the chap standing next to us thought of my blank expression as we set off again.


K.S. said...

Very informative read lizz. My S.O. says that she notices that you've changed from your previous blogs before till now.

To be frank, I was too busy noticing her dress, but can you blame me? XD

Lex is a man with guts. Neither I nor my S.O. would take our play publicly, even secretively. Guess its the culture gap and all talking here, but still.

I say you still have to both slap him and kiss him for being very good at controlling a situation that could've easily gone bad, well, to my eyes at least.

Parkey said...

Liz, what really amazes me about your tube experience is that you didn't notice any discontinuity at all despite being frozen for well over a minute.

It's not like being on the tube is a sedate experience; some of the motions and sounds the trains make can be very distracting for people who aren't used to riding on them, and yet you were able to block all of that out. I'm impressed!

I'd love to know what patter Lex uses for his freeze command. I've managed to achieve the motionlessness part with my own subjects, but they always remember being frozen.

unowned_desire said...

It sounds like a really interesting, and fun experience. I suspect time-lapse must be a bit disconcerting mind...

redmollie said...

I was actually more interested in the brainwashing part. Tied up and made to watch spirals while someone whispers....(squirm)