Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Change of Behaviour?

I'd tried to respond to the comments given to my last post, but found that it was going to be the longest comment ever, so I decided to just make it into a post.

First things first, it made me smile to read K.S's comment that his S.O noticed a change in the way I am writing now, compared to my earlier posts. I was wondering if it would be noticable or not =P It doesn't surprise me one bit that it was a woman that noticed it, women *are* the more perceptive sex afterall.

I don't know, I guess I *have* changed, due to a number of things really. Natural progression has to account for a large part of it; when I began this blog, I had only recently discovered the wonders of hypnosis, and had very little idea of what it could do. Lex and I decided to begin HypnoFantastico simply so that we could look back in years to come and smile; it just so happened it introduced us to a number of very good friends equally as filthy-minded =P

When Lex and I first began talking online, I almost fell off my seat when I looked in the mirror and saw that he'd given me his beard! I could really see it, the little ginger goatee (the beard, not Lex =P) was right there! To this day, it was one of the most profound hallucinations I've ever had under hypnosis. But now, I've grown old and cynical it seems, and the moment something seems out of place, the first person I turn to is Lex. There's been several occasions where I've accused him of things he's not had a hand in - which can get rather embarrassing when it concerns my sudden arousal (which I then find is entirely my own creation...)

But as I've gotten more familiar with the subject of hypnosis (and of course, being a hypnosis subject - see what I did there?) I've grown more adventurous. I'm a woman who needs constant mental stimulation, I need a challenge, in one form or another. Once I familiarise myself with something, I'll look for something else, or look to increase the difficulty of the current task. It's been the same with hypnosis. The things I was so fascinated with as the doors to the hypnoworld opened before me became commonplace as the months went by, and so I'd look for different things I could explore. This has led me to many areas (and countless dirty daydreams); including RPing with hypnosis, the works of John Norman, and some light bondage.

It's this progression that's also changed my attitude to hypnosis, which K.S's S.O has noticed. I don't know if it's whether (heaven forbid) I'm growing up, or whether I've simply gone more sub...

Sorry, had to take a moment to laugh myself silly.

No, the good ol' brat is still here everyone, you've nothing to fear on that score. It's just my days of trancing others have taken a break for a while. Both you and I know that I like being the subject (I wrote 'sub'.... and then decided to correct that =P), no matter how much I brat. I wouldn't have entered into a hypno d/s relationship if I didn't, and I think that's what's clicked in my mind lately. I've just accepted it, and dropped the necessity of bratting all the time. That doesn't mean, of course, I've stopped bratting for good.

I'm waaaay too accomplished to simply hang up my hat, no matter how much I may happen to enjoy hypnosis...


K.S. said...

Well liz, she still thinks you've changed. Dont ask me though, I'm probably as thick as the armor plating on a tank, cause I dont notice :P

Grey said...

You already know I've noticed a change too, Liz - I'm not saying that the brat's dead, but she's at least resting...

I dunno, maybe she's just pining for the fjords?

Lex said...

Heh, Liz is still plenty bratty. 15 months into the relationship though, I think she's *almost* starting to come to terms with the fact that she does actually enjoy being hypnotized n controlled.

There's also the fact that lately, when Liz wants one thing, and I want another, I'll tend to put my foot down hypnotically and just go ahead and command her to obey. (I'm not talking about overriding her *all* the time. Just when for example we need to go and meet friends... but she'd rather stay all nekkid in bed for the next 3 hours.)

I know. I have weird priorities.