Saturday, 22 November 2008

Brainwashing the Brat!

Hiya guys!

I thought I'd come an, you know, say hello to everyone! Did ya miss me?

Thought so ;)

Well, I've have some gossip about Master and Liz to tell you all, aren't I nice?

Basically, Master got all brainwashy on Liz, cos she'd been wanting it for ages. She's into that kinda thing I guess. Anywho, that's not the bestest part! Not only did she go out like a light as usual, but he did this thing with Pet too. He's actually got a trigger for Pet now, which I never thought would happen since she didn't really wanna let Master hypnotise her - weird I know. But he triggered her with something called a 'Pleasurebomb' and then he put her inside the pendant on Liz's neck - and she went! Which meant Liz was all brainwashed, Pet was being bombarded with pleasure inside the Pendant and that just left me :)

Oh, and a side-note Master. I'm sorry I didn't reply when you spoke to me - those spirals *were* darn pretty. I managed to wake up later though - so I thought I'd blog like a good girl.

But I'm not sure I can say much more than that...Liz'd kill me...

*** Private ***

So I'll say it here :P

So then! A little more info about what went on, eh? I'll get right to it!

I think Master and Liz had been lying in bed or something beforehand (I don't exactly know since I was sleeping and woke up when the hypno-stuff began ;) but then Master started to trance Liz. He began it, but I think Pet said something about Liz wanting a brainwashing scene played out, since it was a fantasy of hers. So he blanked her and tied her to the computer chair. Her hands behind the chair, her ankles back too. He blindfolded her and then woke her up.

She was her usual bratty self for a while, but then he lifted off the blindfold, and showed her the full screen of the pretty spirals, and she couldn't look away. It was super sexy! Master was all there whispering in her ear and being all dominant with her, telling her that she could *try* and struggle, but it would only make her weaker and soon she'd have no thoughts.

What was really cool was he managed to make her so brainless she even drooled! (Which was something she'd either refused to do, or just didn't do before)

And he was playing with her whilst she was tied to the chair, making her all horny and stuffs (I really wanted to play with Master too....but the spiral *was* pretty) and he let her go after a while, and continued to brainwash her. He said stuff about his cologne - making her more obedient and weak against him, and if she smelt it on someone else she'd just think of him. He said all kinds of sexy things, and gave her a nice orgasm to seal the deal.

It was dead sexy, and I just knew I had to tell you all about it!

Liz's hopefully moving forward to being a good girl! Yee!!

*** Private ***

So other than that, I'll see y'all later


Briony x

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Drawing: Lizbot!

Another course, another hypno fembot pic drawn when I should have been concentrating on making notes. Mwahahaaa.

In this pic, I drew her outline well before I drew any clothes on her, so I had to be pretty strategic about what time I filled in which particular details. ;o)

Point your browsers to fembotcentral and the fembotwiki online to see more robotic goodness.