Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Amy Hypnotized

Thought you might like to see some of Liz's hypnotic handiwork, she did all the initial trancework with Amy for our most recent video (While I was sent out of the room! :oO)

The full video is about 90 minutes long, and is available at my clips4sale store now.


Melted Dreams said...

I'm guessing the high pitched voice was liz... :P

Awesome video. Might just have to buy this one on payday (Y).

Anonymous said...

I did buy this video, and as always: great work guys!


blnkstr said...

Exxxcellent clip, Lex! I've always enjoyed your "Fembot" ideas, and seeing Amy slip in and out of Fembot mode is fantastic. I especially enjoyed when she said "Amy reactivated" as her fembot programming brought her out of trance. Apparently, her fembot side is the one that decides who's in control. :)

hypnomonkey13 said...

hey if you send me this full vid at my e mail ill tell everyone i know to buy stuff from you

e-mail patthedrelitive@yahoo.c()m

SpiralAqua said...

Hey, for a future video, maybe instead of freezing have a girl turn into a mindless slave when she touches her hair.

Will very likely buy this video soon!