Friday, 31 October 2008

Drawing: Trishbot zapped

I'm on a course this week, it can get pretty dull, so I drew this. (Though at the time, surrounded by other people, I did put her originally in a less kinky outfit ;o)

The girl in the pic is heavily influenced by mine and Liz's friend Trish, who goes by Trishbot online (No prizes for guessing what *she's* into ;oD)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Amy Hypnotized

Thought you might like to see some of Liz's hypnotic handiwork, she did all the initial trancework with Amy for our most recent video (While I was sent out of the room! :oO)

The full video is about 90 minutes long, and is available at my clips4sale store now.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Puppy Time

This happened a couple of months back, but I've been meaning to blog about it.

Liz is quite interested in puppy play, that is, crawling round on all fours, acting like a playful friendly puppy. Sniffing here and there, barking happily at anyone that'll talk to her, and chewing on anything that she can fit in her mouth. :oP It's not a sexual thing for her, it's just something she finds fun and relaxing.

A while back, Liz asked if she could spend a day as a puppy. I wasn't sure if spending a *whole* day like that would be a good idea, (think of the amount of abuse you'd be inflicting on your knees crawling around on them for hours on end) so we settled on just having her as a puppy for an hour to begin with.

Puppy Liz isn't a huge fan of clothes (in fact, if she's wearing baggy clothes and able to get them off while a puppy, that's one of the first things she'll try to do) and she'll quite happily scamper about naked, and though
it would be fun (and sexy!) to keep her like that, she does get cold pretty easily. As such, I dressed her up in Jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt and put her collar around her neck before zapping her with her puppy trigger.

The intelligence in Liz's eyes winked out, as her expression changed totally, from anticipation to being totally open and playful. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, panting a little.

"ROWF!" barked puppy Liz, wiggling her butt in lieu of wagging her tail. "Well hello there, my lil puppy" I said, tickling her behind the ears, then had to fend her off as she placed her hands on my lap and began trying to lick my face (she's a very affectionate puppy)

To distract puppy Liz from her mission of totally drenching my face, I dug a (clean) roll of socks out of one of my drawers and proceeded to distract her with it. "Woss Dis!? .... Wot's Dis puppy!?" her eyes widened as she started tracking the movement of the socks with her whole body. "RAFF!" she woofed, I chucked the socks onto the bed and she span around, hunting them down. Seeing her quarry, she leapt with delight, burying the socks in her mouth, then shaking her head rapidly and growling at the socks in order to make them surrender.

"Gooood puppy" I said. "Rmmmf?" came puppy's response. As she trotted over to see what I wanted. "Want me to throw them again?" I asked. "Rmmmf!!" she barked again, through her mouthful of sock. "Well you'll have to drop them then" I told the puppy, holding out my hand. Puppy Liz began to lower the sockroll into my outstretched hand, but just as I was about to close my hand and grasp it, she whisked it away with a devious "ammmmf!!"

Seems even as a puppy she's a massive brat.

After a little coaxing (I had to pretend not to want to play, at which point, in order to entice me back into the game, the bratty little puppy obediently laid the socks down in front of herself and gave a questioning little "rah?") I had the socks back, and we played a few more games of fetch.

At that point, I felt like a drink, and wondered if puppy would too. We made our way downstairs to the kitchen, and I poured myself a drink, and puppy a bowl of water (In a human bowl, not a pet-bowl). As she made her way over to her bowl, I noticed her pants were slipping down baring her butt, she didn't seem to mind. I laughed and gave her butt a little slap, she seemed to enjoy it, before tucking into her water while I pulled up n fastened her jogging bottoms. She happily lapped for a few minutes before looking up, water dripping from her chin, to see what I was doing. (Heading to the front room to watch some tv)

She followed me through, but wouldn't let me watch much telly, (she kept chewing on my clothes, chasing her tail, or barking to get my attention. I think she wanted to go for a walk, realistically though, there was probably no way I could walk my crawling barking collared girlfriend down the street without inviting a few strange looks... maybe I could have had her walk on two legs but believe she were still on all fours... maybe next time)

I played with Liz as a puppy for about 45 minutes before noticing that her feet were getting scratched from crawling around on the carpet, I'd have put socks on her feet, but odds are she'd have pawed them off and started trying to eat them. I zapped her back to normal (I think she was chewing the socks once more at the time) and she stopped, looked quizzically down at her mouth before spitting them out and asking "Been having fun?"

"A little bit, yeah" I said, with a grin.