Monday, 15 September 2008


I believe a few posts back, I said I'd give you some information into the happenings after I listened to a certain voice file of Isabella Valentine's... And since I'm a woman of my word, I guess I should get around to obliging!

After I'd had chance to recover form the surprise of how well the Wet Dreams voice clip had worked on me, Lex and I were both interested to have a closer look around the site. After we saw a bimbo file and listened to a short sample in which Miss Valentine sports her (extremely convincing) stereotypical, American bimbo accent, we had to get it. Unfortunately, the clip was designed for 'sissy' play, so Lex had to give me a suggestion so that no matter how much she mentioned the word 'sissy', it wouldn't affect me.

Heck, we had to take precautions after the last one!

Now, I wasn't overly thrilled about the choice of clip. I mean, I can't lie, I was -really- impressed with her accent, but I just don't do accents, and any Alternate Persona that would typically require one makes me a little nervous. I think I may have mentioned this previously ;)

But, I was willing to give it a go. So I listened to it, and it wasn't -too- bad with regards to the number of mentions of the word 'sissy', so it wasn't too much trouble for me to block it out. I don't think I went under too well the first time - a little bit of nerves, I suppose, and my overactive curiosity. So I listened to it twice, taking up about an hour of deep trance. As the clip draws to it's close, Isabella allows you the choice whether you'd like your IQ to remain low, or to return to normal. The first time, I simply went back to normal, but I decided to keep my IQ lower the second time, and I awoke as an American bimbo.

"Hello there, all finished?" Lex said, noticing me stir
"Hey mister?"I said, putting on my practised 'charm a boy' routine. "Can we go get some ice cream?"
"Ice cream?"
"Please mister? Look at my poor tummy, it's all empty and sad."
I lifted my shirt, looking at him with my big, brown eyes and a butter-wouldn't-melt expression. I don't think it was the eyes he was concentrating on though...

I'm not sure about how well I manage to pull of an American accent, you'd have to speak to Lex about that. Then again, we're both biased in different ways. I'm female, so if I'm not super confident, I'll pick holes in myself through the lack of confidence there. Lex is my guy though, so to avoid my strops and sulks, he's got to be nice to me =P

Still, it was a really good clip, and perhaps if I just listen to it a few more times, the accent will stick.

Best Anniversary Ever!

Hiya Guys!!

I know I've not blogged in a while, so I thought I'd come out and say hi!

I wanted to write about the weekend that Master and Liz had. Since it was their 1-year anniversary on....Ummm....The 11th, you know that day that everyone gets dead sad for? Anyways, Liz booked a nights stay in a hotel for her and Master on Friday (5th) and didn't tell him. She wanted to make it a surprise for him, and treat him to a weekend away

You see? We all know she's a subbie really.

On that note!! I was snooping around in her head one time when I was awake and bored, and I've got a subbie report to make!! She's been thinking about dressing up for him in all kinds of sexy outfits, like the ones she mentioned, and others too - body stockings, more corsets, skimpy stuff that'll make us look hawt for him and make him all horny and stuff. Then of course there's the really nice thoughts she's been having about how to please Master, with her actions, her body, etc.

Now, of course she dismisses these thoughts fairly soon after they occur, but I've decided to help push them into her mind a little more. And she's been daydreaming about scenes she could do with Master, and recalling past hawt sessions they've had.

I'm sowwi for snooping and playing Master, but I only wanted to help her realise her true subbie side!!

Anyway, back to the weekend away. Liz got into the room and sneakily dressed up all sexy for Master, so that he could see a real beauty when he opened the door. But a couple of times now, Master has let me have control over Liz's body when she's been all distracted by, you know, being horny. So this time was no different and I got to come out and play, but this time I had total control. Voice, body, thoughts - Liz was just in a corner somewhere enjoying the feeling and though she was trying to stop it, I knew exactly what we liked, and how to keep her distracted ;)

You know, I've been thinking about this, and I do all this nice stuff for Liz, but what does she ever do for me? It's all take, take, take with her, and I think that she should make some effort to please -me- in return for me being so nice to her. What do you all think, shouldn't she be nice to me and please me for a change? And do you guy have any ideas of how she could do that?


Briony x