Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sweet Dreams

Liz -as one or the other of us may have mentioned already- *really* enjoys her sleep. She stays up later than most people, (3-4 in the morning some nights) but makes up for it by not getting out of bed till after midday... Quite a lot after midday in some cases... Sometimes it's nearer tea time. And there have been a couple of occasions when at 7pm when I've gone round to pick her up, she's *still* wearing pyjamas.

I tend to get about 6 hours sleep, and that suits me fine. Compared to the 12 hours of "duvet time" that Liz feels she needs, it's nothing though. At the weekend I might roll out of bed at 9, but it'll still be a couple of hours before my lady will put much effort into stirring. (Though I've found it helps if I rustle up some sausage butties)

Both of us have admitted lately to each other, that we quite like the idea of someone hypnotizing, controlling, or playing with us in our sleep. There are a few MC-Stories online with that kind of content, and they're often nice and kinky... but usually the whole point of the "quarry" being asleep, is to make the whole thing none-consensual, which can leave the reader feeling pretty uncomfortable. Yeah it's all fiction... but it's still pretty dark.

Being told by your partner that actually they'd *love* to be mind-controlled, programmed and brainwashed while they slept does wonders to remove that uncomfortable feeling. ;o)

Liz has made a couple of attempts at trancing me whilst asleep, (if only to control the half-dozen or so sleeping habits that I have) though success has been mixed. She's responded *much* better to this approach though.

Last week I woke up earlier than Liz (surprise surprise) This time round, it might have had *something* to do with the fact that, in the process of rolling herself into a hot little ball on her side of the bed, she'd gotten hold of the entire duvet to assist with her heating process, leaving me with... well... not very much.

"Right" I thought. "As I'm awake. I might as well enjoy myself"

I moved myself over to Liz's side of the bed, she was sleeping nude, facing away from me, I wrapped my arms around her to give her a hug, but didn't get any response. After a minute, I took hold of her chin, and gently tilted her head towards me. I placed a thumb on one of her eyelids and rolled it up. Mainly just whites, the dark semi-circles of her big brown eyes just visible, drifting lazily left to right and back again. Nicely asleep. Dreaming.

I wondered to myself just how much I'd be able to do with Liz before she'd actually wake. I rolled her gently onto her back... no response... still her breathing was nice and slow, her eyes relaxed, lids flickering slightly. I placed her arms out wide, above her head, almost like I was tying them in place. "Bound" I said, softly but firmly. As she wasn't really awake, she didn't even try to move them. Maybe it would register in her dreams though...

I traced one hand down over the curve of her breasts, over her stomach to her legs, parting them I began to tease and caress in that particular place... before long, Liz started to respond, her breathing deepened, eventually a soft moan escaped her lips... and then she whispered "Must resist" breathily. I looked to her hands and saw them straining slightly at her invisible bonds. "Can't Resist" I replied with a smile. "You must surrender to the pleasure, surrender and become my slave"

"No... must... fight" She murmured weakly, her legs lazily shifting on the bed. I hypnotically bound them wide as I continued to play.
"But you're getting so horny..."
"So horny"
"And when you orgasm you know you'll become a slavegirl"
"Yess... slavegirl"
"That's right, and you're going to orgasm very soon"
"But... Don't want"
"One... Two...
"Ohhh no... stopp"
Three... Four... Hmmm? You want me to stop?"
"Ohhhh, so horny.... please.... please"
"Only too happy to. FIVE"

And tied there hypnotically on the bed, her back arched, she gasped, and came.

Later on, she told me that she'd dreamt she was strapped to some kind of interrogation chair in a futuristic kind of sexual torture chamber. Star Trek for adults maybe. Spiralling monitors, mad doctors, interesting contraptions that get inserted in particular sexy places... I might have mentioned a couple of those things to her in passing, but hadn't intended to paint that kind of picture. It's interesting seeing what kind of things the mind concocts sometimes. What kind of things *her* mind concocts anyway.

When she finally relaxed again she was calmer, more still, "What are you?" I asked.
"Your slave Sir" came her placid response.
"Good Girl" I said with a smile.

I spent the next few minutes painting a scene in Liz's mind for her to experience. I walked her down a hallway in a mansion in her mind, a red carpet, ornate decorations, and glass booths lining the hall. I told her to see girls in those booths, stood or sat or kneeling within them some nude, some dressed in kinky outfits, some wearing lingerie, some posed playfully, or kneeling submissively. I told her to populate the booths with girls that she knows in real life.

I had her describe to me the girls that she saw.

In this booth was Becky Speed, standing proud and nude. In that one, one of her old highschool friends, wearing PVC, carrying a riding crop, looking *very* mischievous, and in the next, an old rival, dressed as a school girl, looking docile, meek, and submissive.

I had Liz picture various scenarios with a couple of the girls (you'll have to ask her about what exactly went on) before leading her to a booth of her own, pressing a button... and shutting off her mind.

I was going to leave it there... but I thought I'd see how vivid a picture Liz could paint in her own mind if I just gave her some general suggestions about sexy slaveboys and girls of her very own.

I spent a few minutes telling Liz to continue dreaming all by herself, to let her mind wander wherever it pleased. That she'd picture sexy things, scenarios, serving... or being served by whoever she pleased...

Turns out the slaveboys were Calvin Klein underwear models.

Hmmm... the things that go on in that girls mind.


K.S. said...

lex, by this point I'd imagine you'd already know that the female mind is one very strange place for a male to comprehend.

My S.O. is far too deep a sleeper to even respond to post-hypnotic suggestion. Doesnt mean she doesnt like fun when she wakes up...

I can imagine she enjoyed herself, yes? :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds awsome Lex - and coincidental timing with my experience too: my SO recently admitted she would get turned on by being tranced so that she was "out" while we had sex (having consented in advance), which I found a turn-on too. We experimented with this on Friday night and I managed to give her incredible orgasms while she was under. However, similar to your story, bizarrely as the female mind works, her perception was not quite the same: when I asked her about it afterwards, her recollection was that we hadn't had sex at all, merely that I had gone down on her and given her an incredible orgasm that way. I did not suggest to her that she would recall the event any different to what actually happened!!

Strobe said...

I LOVE so many aspects of this. I'm hoping my Owner/tist does this to me at some point so badly. BTW, please do check out my blog, it's brand new and I have (I hope) a lot of interesting things to say. Newish at this... but learning a lot.