Saturday, 30 August 2008

Outfits Galore

- I’d just like to start this post off with a side message, that we’ve been blogging for over a year now! Alright it's a little late, I'll admit, but I was a little surprised when I looked myself!

Now, that makes me think of how much I’ve come through in a year… (Putting up with Lex for that long? I need a medal, I swear…) But on a serious note, it’s been an awesome year, and thanks to all our readers for making it worthwhile, giving us tips and ideas to try, and giving us chance to document our experiences! Mwah x -

Right, now onto the hypno-news.

This comes after a shopping expedition in Manchester (after I told Lex we were going shopping, and he wisely agreed. =] )

But whilst we’d never shopped in Manchester before (and managed to get hilariously lost going even to the Trafford Centre of all places – which for our American friends is your equivalent of a large ‘mall’), we still managed to get me some –very- nice things =D

Lex and I have had jokes about French Maids for a long while. Lex finds the French accent, and the concept of the French Maid –extremely- attractive. Personally, I start to get shaky around anything that makes me try and pull off an accent… There’s just something about it that makes me uneasy – I’d be always worrying how much of a fool I was looking. But the idea of dressing up for Lex – as long as the outfit made me look good – definitely appeals. So when we saw a French Maid uniform hanging up in Ann Summers, we headed straight for the changing rooms ;)

I have to say, I’m not a girly-girl by any means. I live in my jeans, and would rarely be seen dead in a skirt or a dress. That’s because of women’s insecurities – mine about hating the shape of my legs, but that’s another story. The point was, that even though it was a dress, and a bloody short one at that, I really loved how I looked.

I think it was Lex’s reaction that sold it for me really, that cartoon 'eyes wide and jaw on the floor' reaction ;)

That one was definitely a keeper.

The second outfit I bought (also from Ann Summers) was a pink and black corset with suspenders and a black collar. Now, Lex and I had already bought me one collar from a petstore, but it was too big for me, and we hadn’t gotten around to buying another one yet.

- I’d just like to point out that I –haven’t- gone insane and abandoned my position as resident brat. And no, Lex hasn’t made any breakthroughs in altering that either. You’re stuck with me this way, so deal with it. =P The collar was something for my puppy persona, and also something for me when I’m in a rare *cough* submissive mood. I’ve not gone down the route of a collaring ceremony just yet… -

This was a surprise for me, since I knew I can pull off bold colours, but I wasn’t sure this pink would work, but it really did. I looked hawt, even if I do say so myself ;) And the collar really makes it.

But, as an added bonus (no, I hadn’t come here just to recount my shopping trip) Lex infused some of the items with some hypnotic properties…

Here’s the story.

As we got back into the house, I went and put on my French Maid outfit. As I placed the final piece in place, and checked out my reflection in the mirror, I noticed the clutter around the room, and it really began to bug me. Cleaner was so much nicer, you know? All that room to move around, and not breaking your neck on something left on the floor. I looked across at Lex on the computer, and knew he wasn't going to get the place tidied any time soon. So it was left to me.

I set to work cleaning the room. Tidying clothes away, putting things back in their proper place, making the bed, arranging everything neatly....That kind of thing. Then I began to notice that the rest of the house could do with tidying too....You see, Lex has a cat and his hairs coat the floor of the whole house. It really bugs me, but Lex rarely vacuums. So I thought I'd take some initiative and vacuum the house myself.

Afterall, it would get the house tidied, and no-one else was going to bother. That just left me, right?

I noticed that everything needed my own personal touch to it. Cleaning the dishes, making the meals, cleaning the house, massaging Lex....I just wasn't happy if I hadn't overseen it myself. I felt like I needed to be doing something all the time, and I loved cleaning....I mean, I -really- loved cleaning. I noticed half way through the house how much pride I took in looking back at the clean rooms, and how horny I now was. I wanted to finish up quickly so I could go upstairs and have...*cough* some time to myself =P

The outfits were a great buy, and I love dressing up in them. I think a few of you have seen them on cam already, but what does everyone think? Should Lex buy me some more?


Spectre said...

Well, I can see what ulterior motives Lex had with that suggestion. :P

Just remember to bend your knees when picking things up... why do I have the suspicion you'll forget that sooner or later...?

I agree however, that outfit sounds like something that really might cause some severe car accidents. I don't think that last question needs any time considering...

Grey said...

It's just a jump to the left. Then a step to the ri-i-ight.

This post appears to have done the time warp...

As for the maid costume, it sounds like a good way of getting the chores done :)

One thing I think is needed before we can really comment sensibly on the outfits - photos... lots and lots of photos... Purely for research purposes, naturally.