Thursday, 7 August 2008

Fun in restaurants

Thanks go to whoever it was that suggested this one to Liz (not that Liz was actually going to pass the idea on to me… fortunately Briony’s quite willing to “rat her out” as Liz puts it, when someone suggests something that could be used to my advantage. *Grin*)

I’ve booked a few days off work this week. My job slows down a fair bit over Summer, so I’m using the oppurtunity to see more of my lady. (And who can blame me?)

We went out for an Italian meal on Thursday, Liz had herself a cheeseburger, and I had a californian pizza. (Yes I know you’re probably not all that desperate to hear about what we had to eat, but if I skip straight to the kink it doesn’t help set the scene, does it.) We’ve done a little hypno play in this restaurant before. I remember the last time we came, Liz kept on ogling one of the waiters, so just to mess with her, I made him appear topless to her. She was torn (very briefly) between paying attention to me, and eyeing up the nice topless guy that kept wondering past. You can probably guess which option the little brat picked. Next time I’m giving him breasts.

Anyway, about 20 minutes into our meal, Liz got up to use the facilities, I was reminded at this point of something Briony had told me a few days earlier.

“Master, next time you’re in a restaurant, get Liz to take off her panties when she goes to the bathroom and give them to you”

(Except she didn’t say “panties”… she said “knickers” which is such a naff english word. “Panties” sounds sexy, exotic, girly… edible. “Knickers” sounds like something you keep in a toolkit. Or something that your gran would wear… not that I can get Liz to budge an inch on the topic, even *with* my powerful powers of persuasion... But I digress.)

So I told Liz she’d go to the bathroom, and whilst there, would remove her… “knickers” (gah), and on her return, would hand them to me under the table, without realising she’d done it. She went to the bathroom, I pretended to check text messages on my phone… and when she returned, as she sat down opposite me I felt something silky being passed to me under the table.

Red silk underwear with black lining. *Nice* :oD I would describe them further… but I couldn’t exactly take them out and hold them up to appraise them.

I popped the fantastic things into my pocket, wondering when I’d let Liz become aware that I’d snatched her pants.

Our conversation meandered around comfortably for a while, before one of us brought up the fact that I’d just signed the pair of us up on a website for doms and submissives to meet likeminded people. We’re not looking for slaves or anything… but we do enjoy meeting others with similar interests, and I know *I* always enjoy installing kinky hypno triggers in peoples minds for their boy or girlfriends to use.

The site that we’re on allows you to list your interests. “Hypnosis” is among the options, which makes a nice change from the majority of sites of this type. Often the list of interests will be either really short, or really weird. (Buttered Shark Fins, anyone?)

Among the interests this site lets you choose from, one of which is “Eye Contact Restrictions” which I’d never understood till I tried it out with Liz. I gave her a couple of new triggers over the table. When I said “Eyes down” she’d feel submissive, subservient and obedient, and would avoid eye contact at all times. When I said “Eyes up” she’d be her usual bratty self, able to look lovingly (or, let’s be honest: glare angrily) as much as she wanted.

When I used the “Eyes down” phrase, she became very demure, very calm, very eager to please, asking if there was anything she could do for me, any way she could please me, I always have trouble thinking up just one thing that I’d enjoy having her do at times like this. Spoilt for choice, obviously.

When the waitress came by to ask if there was anything more we’d like, I had to quickly hiss “Eyes up” Liz’s way. (She *was* behaving awfully strange if you’d seen the pair of us bantering with each other earlier) I don’t *think* the waitress heard the whispered trigger… maybe it would make more sense to use hand signals to trigger Liz… though the brat would avoid looking the second she thought I was going to use one. Still… I could program her to be unable to stop herself from paying attention when I want to give her commands. (If I’ve not already done that… bwahahahaa)

Everything was fine, so the waitress went on her way, Liz started to brat about how submissive I’d just made her and how pathetic it was, I didn’t wait to hear the whole thing though, a quick “Eyes Down” and the words faded on her lips as her eyes fixed themselves on the table in front of us.

“Is there any way I can serve you Master” asked the bashful slavegirl in front of me.

“Yes” I said, “You can give me your hands” (If you remember, I can hypnotically link the sensations her fingers experience, to other parts of her body: Neck, legs, breasts, and uhm… some other place)

So sub Liz sat opposite me for a few minutes like a *very* good girl, while she experienced me squeezing and stroking her in some rather interesting places… I had to command her not to outwardly react to what I was doing to her though, as she was getting awfully caught up in the moment.

When I said “Eyes up” again though… the hand was snatched back her eyes flashing, face flushed and tongue being stuck out to taunt me. :oO

“Stoppit! We’re in a restaurant” she hissed.

“Come onnn, you don’t mind, you’re really enjoying yourself” I said.

“Noooooo” she said… using what I like to call her “lying” tone of voice.

“If you’re not enjoying yourself much, then why did you give me your underwear?” I asked innocently.

“I…” she started, then her hands slipped under the table. (Carrying out reconnaissance.) “GAH! Give them back!” she demanded.

“What… here? You can’t exactly put them on right now anyway. Don’t worry, you’ll get them back”

She did get them back eventually… though it was sub Liz that I had put them back on. Once we were back in my car. If only the people pulling in to park knew what the girl trying to look nonchalent in the car beside them was doing. ;o)


Melted Dreams said...

I can't decide if to feel sorry for liz or not, lol... Sounds pretty fun...

Maybe an idea could be to do something involving the top of a teacup whilst you're in a cafe... Like, whenever you run your finger round the rim... I'm sure you can guess what I'm thinking, lol...

K.S. said...

I did this once with my S.O. and I have to say, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely (well, if you ask her, only I did, but secretly she does ;) )

Lol, careful lex, you dont want the waitress noticing anything... "suspicious".

liz, do tell if you tried, at least, to get back at lex for that? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I have to say, I've been quietly enjoying your posts for some time now.

I can't help wondering, though... how did you learn how to do this sort of hypnosis? Can you recommend any books or other sources of advice on the subject? I'd love to be able to try it myself someday.


Anonymous said...

Anon - google for Peter Masters, "Look into my Eyes" - he offers it as a free PDF download. It's an erotic hypnosis 101 textbook, figuratively speaking.

Lex - brilliant idea, that eyes-down bit. Gave my wife a new trigger yesterday, and a good time was had by all. :-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Smokey Brown said...

That was a great post. I've been thinking of doing something similar with my S.O.; it sounds like great fun for both :)

The website you mentioned you'd signed up to ... do you recall what it was?