Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Photoshoot with Amy

Mind Lost in the Crystal

On top of filming hypnosis videos, I also do quite a lot of photography. Sometimes it's fashion or glamour photoshoots with no particular hypnotic content, other times it's with a hypnotic, mannequin or fembot theme, just because I like those themes, but occasionally it's as a prelude to doing an actual hypnosis session in future. (Bizarrely, not every model is eager to get hypnotized by a complete stranger the moment I field the idea to them.) Doing photoshoots from time to time suits me though. When I started out doing hypnosis sessions with models, I was only taking photos, which was great, lots of scope for getting the girls all posed, mindless and hypnotized, and you have plenty of time to take pics from the best angles. You don't get so much of a feel for her actually being under hypnosis though, what everyone wants to see is videos of the hypnotist in action... or at least, videos of attractive hypnotized model responding to suggestions and commands.

When I started doing video shoots, it became tricky to film and take photos at the same time, either you have the camcorder in one hand and the camera in the other (and both your video footage and your pics suffer as a result) or you leave the camcorder taping, while you give your full attention to taking photos. When you do *that* though, you end up with fairly dull moments on the video where the model's perfectly still, and I'm walking around taking photos from different angles.

My belief is that that's kinda dull, and it would be best to leave the photography to one side, and make the best video possible. Maybe I'm wrong though, I dunno, do people enjoy seeing me strolling around a hypnotically frozen model taking pictures? Answers on a postcard.

Anyway, up at the top of this post you'll see a picture of Amy, a very cute model that Liz and I met the other week. She'd heard that I do hypnosis videos, but wanted to meet me and get to know me a little first doing a "normal" shoot. She was lots of fun to work with, and *extremely* curious about hypnosis, what it's capable of, and what it can do to Liz.

That's right, a fairly large portion of the conversation during the shoot involved Amy asking questions about the extent of my hypnotic control over Liz, what I could make her think, what I could make her do, how I could make her behave, etc. Liz *could* have volunteered to be triggered in a few ways as a demonstration, but (being the brat that she is) she flat-out refused to even entertain the notion of giving any kind of demo.

Needless to say I used my powers of persuasion (okay, my devious hypno triggers) to get her to change her mind. Before too long I had Liz freezing, posing, kneeling, and doing a few other shenanigans to give Amy and her boyfriend an idea of what hypnosis was capable of. The pair of them were blown away by it all (My favourite reaction) and Amy was extremely curious to try it out herself. (My second favourite reaction)

If anything, Amy was a little *too* eager to see me mess with Liz's mind: "Hey! Make her think she's chinese!" "Ooh! See if you can get her to think she's an alien" etc. As retaliation at one point during a hypno-freeze, Liz (either tiring of being spoken about like she wasn't there, or wanting to exercise her inner-brat) decided to start moving without being triggered to move, leapt out and scared the crap out of Amy with a big loud "RAH!!"

We had fun though, and we've got an actual hypnosis shoot scheduled over the next couple of days, the list of suggestions we're thinking of trying out is already getting pretty extensive.

In order to tide you over, here's a few more excerpts from the shoot we did.

(Click for larger versions)

Enchanted by her own reflection.

Amy the Hypno-Mannequin

Discarded Doll.

Ready to take control.