Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Birthday Gifts

Sorry I’ve not blogged in a while guys, works been a killer.

It’s my birthday on Thursday (another year young ;) and I’m one of those girls who’s really hard to buy for. I’ll kind of get to a week before my birthday, when everyone has been asking me what I’d like for the past month, and then go “My birthday’s on –Thursday-?! Wow, that’s gone quick, hasn’t it?” Actually, the year before last, my two best friends had to wake me up to remind me!

Yeah, birthday’s for me have gone downhill since I was younger; waking up at 1am and bouncing around on some kind of high as I tore into my presents. Nowadays, they just come and go, just adding another year (and bringing me one closer to getting wrinkles!). There’s nothing really I’ve died to have, and Lex is usually a good enough boy to buy me shiny things on a regular basis anyway ;)

I’ve seen a number of hypno manips which usually include some form of hypnotic object that ensnares the girl (pendants, gemstones, spirals, etc) and love them. I really like the idea of a girl being slowly ensnared by an object. Watching helplessly as she knows she’s being taken over, but is powerless to stop it - Mmmmmm. So I mentioned it to Lex one day, and he suggested getting me ‘some jewellery *wink*’ for my birthday.

Free jewellery and some more hypno fun? Like I was going to say ‘no’….

We shopped around for a while (both at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum =P) and then we both stopped on a necklace in one of the stores. It was a topaz stone set in white gold and diamonds in the shape of a teardrop – it was gorgeous. I think we’d both decided then that the shiny new necklace would be mine ;)

I got to try it on in the store, and then Lex dropped the bombshell – I couldn’t have it until my birthday… he shows me a gorgeous new necklace, and then takes it away! Mean! So, I did what I do best; pouted and gave him the puppydog eyes for a while ;)

I got into the room, and snuggled in bed. Next thing I knew, I was naked, kneeling and wearing the necklace. He didn’t tell me what he’d done at first, but he gave hints that told me he’d infused the necklace with some hypnotic properties. He later told me that whilst I could brat as much as I want, when the necklace was ‘on’, when he gave me an imperative, I’d do it whether I liked it or not.

Strike my brattiness right at the heart, why doesn’t he?! Either I don’t wear my new necklace, or I become his little lackey every time it’s turned on!

A tough choice indeed.

Safe to say, we’ve had some fun with it, yesterday he even tried the whole ‘swinging pendant’ induction with me. Though I was pleased to note that the Mighty ‘Tist had a little trouble with swinging the thing ;) It’s good to keep his head at a manageable size.

When he did get it working though, he told me that the more I bratted to his commands, the more the necklace would glow. I’m really easily distracted – flashing lights and movement in my peripheral vision are killers for me, so of course I’d look at it even when trying to look away. He said that the more I looked, the more my bratting would be drawn out into the necklace, and out of me. So in the end I’d just be left with my submission and obedience.

It was just a matter of how long I’d resist for.


Sharky said...

well I'm a bit early, but a happy birthday to you liz, it'll be mine on saturday :) and really I know what you mean about the gifts and the birthdays, I've come to find that more "stuff" really dosntdo that much, but it's the company of friends and family that I really like on that day.

so yah happy birthday (I'll sing too if you wanna do the cam thing :))
and hurray for blog, now it's time for me to get on my own ass on this blog thing :)

K.S. said...

Happy birthday lizzidoll. Reminds me to keep an eye out for August, as both my mother and significant other share that month as a birthmonth. You do know that any sort of dazzling eye-catching jewelry will be lex's ticket to more hypno-play, didnt you?

Unfortunately, hypno-play or not, my significant other is more audial than visual, so no trickery with eyecatching stuff there, believe me I've tried. Music, however, is a fave we both share, and since a great opera is going to start showing on August, and one of the play actors is a favorite of my mothers...

Anyway, enjoy your birthday and take care both of you :D

Raymond L. said...

Happy Birthday Lizzidoll.

You just couldn't resist it for long could you?

*** Private ***
yours too Briony? Birthday that is.
*** /Private ***
Your friend FZY1

blnkstr said...

Happy birthday, lizzi and Briony! And good work to Lex for the pendant ideas.

By the way, k.s., have you tried giving your significant other some bells or chimes or other audible jewelry? I have a friend who used to love wearing a belt with lots of tiny little chiming bells, and it was fun to hear her as she wiggled her way down the hall. You could tell what her mood was by how much she was jingling. :)

The sound of the bells would be an excellent trigger or deepener or reinforcement. :)

Grey said...

Sounds like Blnkstr might like "Slave Bells" - one of Samarkand's unfinished stories on the EMCSA

Anyway, I've wished you happy birthday elsewhere, Liz, but I probably should do it here too :)

Happy (belated) Birthday

Sarah said...

Hi there,long time lurker first time poster!Just wanted to say I enjoy reading and to drop you a happy belated birthday as well (we share the same b-day,I felt obligated as a fellow hypno fan). :)