Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sneaksy Sneaksy!

Yes, as Lex mentioned, it was a –very- exciting day for me – I’d actually say it’s some of the best hypno I’ve had so far (though I –am- still on a high from it, so I’m slightly biased).

We were invited out for a get-together of a load of Lex’s entended family; some of them I’d met briefly at previous gatherings, most of them though, I knew I wouldn’t know. I don’t mind doing the awkward ‘party mingling’ thing occasionally, and can usually strike up conversations with most people when I set my mind to it. It’s just easier to sit with Lex sometimes and chat amongst ourselves.

I was feeling rather mischievous when I arrived, and after a wedding a week or so ago where I’d done the whole ‘mingling’ thing with a load of Lex’s old Uni buddies, I decided I wanted to do something different. Since it’s a rare occasion when I actually –ask- for a trance, I thought I’d break the mould and just come straight out with exactly what I wanted.

So, as everyone was sitting down, I leaned over to Lex and in effect, ‘dared’ him to trance me in front of everyone (giving me a fun way out of the boredom factor). I’d like to point out now that he’s done some ad-libbing with the dialogue, but then again, it –was- 2am when he was writing it, and he’s usually in bed by that time ;)

(I'm writing this at 4am and I'm fine!)

I really thought the idea of being blank and mindless in front of everyone was quite exciting, and rather hot. I love the whole “if they only knew…” aspect of the ‘secret side’ to our lives, and this was a great way to play with it.

I don’t care much for the term ‘zombie slave’, so I don’t quite know why I went along with that as the term. It certainly wasn’t a term –I- originally came out with (as Lex has portrayed in –his- account of things). I –hate- zombie games, and I’d rather think of it as ‘blank and mindless’ than a ‘zombie state’. Either way, there were lots of pretty candles around, and soon the flame had that glowing nimbus around it that occurs when your eyes blur, and then….

….Well, the whole things kinda fuzzy really. If I actually think about it, from beginning that trance, I was hypnotised until he’d finished with Adara, which was about 2 hours later. So, I think that gets points for the longest period of time I’ve been hypnotised. As I awoke from being Adara, I’d completely forgotten about the whole get-together, since to me, I wasn’t there for most of it, so there wasn’t as much of a pull to try and remember as there would have been if I’d have received tid-bits of information.

Pretty much all I remember is bits and pieces of conversation I had with a few of the people there; I think it was Pet doing the speaking, but you’d have to ask Lex about that. I tend not to delve too deeply with regards to her, since the thought of having someone else inside my head voice themselves without my knowledge is a –tad- spooky. So the entire get-together wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be really ;)

Well, in my opinion…If he gets to trigger me left, right, and centre, then I’m probably long overdue some trances that are slightly more ‘selfish’ – so to speak.

Now, onto Adara.

I can’t tell you much about the actual -suggestion-, though it seems Lex has pretty much done that already, so I’m covered (Woo hoo!). It’s strange really, I remember creating this backstory for my character instantly. I don’t know how much influence Lex had on that backstory, but it all just kind of fell into place (admittedly, largely based around Garrett himself).

Adara had no last name; she had dropped it long ago when she had disowned her parents and family. All rich nobles, they scoffed the poor and needy, and had taken part in some –very- dodgy dealing in their time. They upheld their good name on threats and false smiles, and about the age of 11, Adara snuck out of her home, vowing never to return. On the streets of the City, she learnt to survive on her wit and cunning, and become proficient in the ways of thievery, progressing in her new trade as she grew. Her fences on the Black Market knew her well, and she had made a local name for herself (a name which, although was encumbersome for travelling sometimes, gave her a small jolt of pride as she walked past her face upon a wanted poster).

I had my objective, and I’d accepted my task: I was to break into the house of Mr Mesmer, a crooked illusionist for the nobles. Rumour has it that his ‘shows’ always left the nobles a little short-changed – in more ways than one. Now, I don’t know about his ‘power’, but I knew that he’d left his shows a wealthy man, and it was my job to relieve him of some of his ‘unwanted teasures’. Besides, I had a reputation to uphold, and stealing from a thief added an amusing twist to my actions. I was out to collect 10 pieces of his stolen loot, and a golden pen he carried about his person. For others, it would have seemed an impossible task, to me though, I was the master thief. Hidden in the shadows, I stood in the doorway to his house.

I stepped into the hallway. It was late evening, and although the lighting wasn’t as kind as it would have been at night, there were enough shadowy places to conceal myself in.

(Actually, it was about 4pm, so in summer, it’s completely bright. I later found out that Lex had tried to make me see the place at night, but I told him I couldn’t picture it, so he’d just told me it’d look darker than it really was.)

Although I knew the layout of the house in the back of my mind somewhere, my decisions for deciding upon which rooms to loot first were entirely based upon ease of travel and the lcoation of occupants. The hallway opened out into the kitchen, and required no lockpicking, whereas the door to my right did, so the kitchen was my first point of call.

I heard someone moving upstairs – whether it was Mr Mesmer or one of his personal guards, I didn’t know. All I knew is that whilst thye were upstairs, I didn’t have as much to worry about. Spotting the loot, I pocketed it and continued my search for the items I needed. I’ll give Lex his due, he –does- play a fairly good guard; coming out with cleched lines from the game, and a typical way of ‘searching’, it wasn’t hard to sneak past him. I kept low, and kept to the shadows, or shrank back against the wall. It seemed that Mr Mesmer was alone tonight- all the better, I thought. Less guards meant less chance of detection.

I tell you what, I’ve never been so aware of how noisy footsteps are around the house. With wooden floor especially, it wasn’t easy keeping quiet. On hindsight, I should have taken my shoes off, but with the level of intelligence this guy had, I didn’t think I’d have much trouble.
After all the items had been collected, I just had one more to go; the Golden Pen. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but he was facing away from the door as I entered (and yes, in answer to his comment about the blackjack, I’d considered a number of times conking him over the head and just being done with it, but didn’t have my weapon handy, so I had to resort to sheer stealth). It was rather annoying having him move the pen several times, even at one point putting it in his mouth! But he eventually laid it down, and I reached out to get it and…

Bam! I felt his hand clasp around my wrist.

“Aha! What do we have here?!”

I froze, looking down at the hand that tightened around mine. Should I scream? No, there could be more guards stationed nearby. Should I try and fight him off? The grip of his hand suggested it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and it’d be best if I waited until he left himself open – especially since I’d come without my weapons tonight. So I froze, silent.

“I –knew- I could hear noises! And here you are, stealing my things!” he continued.

“’Stealing’ would require ownership, an ownership you yourself failed to aquire.”

“I think you’ll find my guests were –happy- to have their items in my possession, girl.” He replied with a smile.

He then took out a coin from my pouch I’d been using and held it in front of my eyes, moving it this way and that in front of my vision.

“No matter, for soon you’ll experience the same. I could –use- someone with your…ahh…-talent-.”

“Your sorcery has no affect on me, witch.” I spat back at him, the hatred burning in my eyes. I loathed this man. His smarmy, smug demeanour and his rancid breath as he eyed me up like a piece of meat; his eyes lighting up as he surveyed my body from head to toe- it looked as if he were about to lick his lips. I’d heard the rumours, and whether or not –I- believed in his power was irrelevent, since –he- believed in it enough for the both of us, and his whole attitude reflected his confidence. He came within inches of my face as he spoke to me, the grip still on my arm and my hatred for this filthy curr that had caught me growing ever more.

Mr Mesmer continued with his induction, and whilst inside, my mind seemed to be still my own. I couldn’t look away from the shiny coin. It never stopped moving, and the light from the window behind me caught it occasionally, making it sparkle. I was a theif, afterall, and sparkly things were what I lived for.

Soon he told me that a thief needed to travel light, and the lightest method of travel was to be naked. And of course, he was right. –That- must have been why he heard me! I hastened to remove my clothing as he told me of the wonderful new life I’d lead with him. I’d be his assistant by day, aiding him in his shows for the nobles, and his thief by night, stealing into the houses of the weak-minded nobles and relieving them of their valuables. In between of course, I’d be his plaything, his maid, and of course his sex slave; ready and waiting to please him whenever and however he saw fit.

The whole scene was so vivid for me, and the backstory for our characters made it so much fun to play. It was some of the best fun I’ve had with hypnosis in a long while, and I’m –definitely- marking down hypno-RPing as a future must! Whether it be more adventures from our little thief, Adara or some new fun with different characters, I’m certainly looking forward to any more of it we do.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

To Catch a Thief

Ello all. Long time no Blog.

You'll be relieved to know that we do still indulge in plenty of hypno play. A lot of the time, we rely on our favourite suggestions though, (freezing / posing / blanking) and I'd rather tell you readers about new suggestions (or new twists on old suggestions) that we've tried out, then keep a daily log of just how many times I zap Liz with an orgasm trigger when we're out shopping. (5 at the last count... kidding!)

So here's something we did earlier today:

Myself and Liz are both fairly avid gamers. It's not so bad that we never go out to see our friends... but there are ways that games permeate into our lives in ways that they wouldn't do for the average guy in the street... like... you know how some couples after certain bedroom "activities" might lie in bed having a chilled out cigarette? Well we don't do that. We... play tetris. :oD Yeah it's a tad geeky, but it's *way* more healthy than smoking ciggies. We get to exercise our minds as well as our bodies and... heh, I don't really need to justify it do I. We both like games, so there. :op

Anyway, last month Liz plowed her way through the whole of Thief: Deadly Shadows. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's a stealth adventure / action game where you play a cynical smugly sarcastic genius thief called Garrett, as he sneaks his way through a dystopian steampunk city making off with loot from wherever he can find it. Pretty much everyone in the city that you wind up stealing from is evil, greedy, or barmy in some way, so you don't feel too bad about stealing from them.

The game's brilliantly atmospheric. And the feel as you play through it goes from mysterious, to creepy, to exciting... it's just a really good game. The plot and pacing and storyline and... oh wait, this is a hypno blog, not a gaming blog.

The reason that I mention Thief, was because a couple of weeks back, we came across Blank Serena's Yahoo 360 blog, (find it here: http://360.yahoo.com/blankserena I'd definitely recommend giving it a read) and she mentions in one post, being hypnotized by a girlfriend to believe herself to be a spy. As a spy she was sent on a "mission" to break into an office building, and steal a Top Secret document from a certain room... Now in reality, the office building was the one that her friend worked at, Serena was given the appropriate door codes and keys to make her way in, and the "Top Secret" document was just an empty envelope with Top Secret written on it. She still believed that what she was doing was completely illegal though. And was extremely excited by the whole thing.

We were at a family do today, (50-60 people from my side of the family for a second cousins birthday or something) it was my side of the family, so Liz didn't really know anyone. Normally she'd be fine to chat to people and get to know them, today though, she wasn't so much in the mood to hang around making small talk. (Maybe it was because she was up till 3:30 last night playing Age of Conan, maybe it was because half the tables in the room we were in had candles) The shindig was in a social club, and there were bottles with candles in. Candles with flickering flames... flames that shimmered and danced... Once they'd been lit it took Liz about... oooh 15 seconds to come out with a whispered:

"I bet you can't hypnotize me in front of all these people without anyone noticing."

Bless her little bratty socks. I assured her that yes I *could* do that if I wanted, and that I'd have *no* problem whatsoever doing a nice candle induction on her while everyone else around us chatted away and socialised.

"Ha! Sure! I bet you couldn't make me your blank minded zombie slave till we get back to yours"

"Liz, is this your way of telling me that you're bored and horny and you just want to get this over with?"

"Noooooo" she said coyly, looking evasive. (Which is basically Liz-speak for "Yessss" :oD)

So I pointed out to her that she never could resist anything shiny and eye-catching, that things seen out of the corner of her eye were especially attractive to her, she'd always find herself wanting to look and see what they are, what they're doing, and that trying to look away from the candle was just futile as the room was full of them, wherever she looked, there'd be candles out of the corner of her eye captivating her, drawing her gaze...

Short story shorter, she was dropping easily into a trance inside of 2 minutes. From there I told her that she'd be my nice blank-minded zombie slave for the rest of the shindig, but provided her with a few suggestions to her her mind stay blank and grow more blank and obedient over time.

The problems arose when people started noticing that Liz was completely zoned out staring at this candle. One family member leaned over and asked "late night?" seeing Liz's vacant stare. "heh, yeah, up till three gaming" I said, glad to have *some* excuse handy.

I leant over to Liz and whispered to her that she could behave like she was awake, whilst remaining hypnotized and blank on the inside. Basically that meant that Pet (Liz's subconscious) filled in for Liz during Liz's (for want of a better word) "absence"

Pet put on a good performance, but she couldn't draw too much on emulating Liz's personality and behaviour without waking Liz herself (who'd made it clear she didn't want waking till I had her back home, and would consider my efforts to trance her to be a failure if that wasn't the case) so we ate a little food from the buffet, socialised with the birthday boy (he's 1) as long as possible before heading off home.

Chatting with Pet is often an illuminating experience, she'll happily chat about feelings concerns or fantasies that Liz might have, wheras Liz tends to either play her cards very close to her chest. Sometimes she seems to want a mind reader, it's lucky she's going out with me ;o)

While driving back in the car, pet mentioned to me that Liz really enjoyed reading Serena's entry on being a spy. She also mentioned that Lizzi would be interested in carrying out the same kind of fantasy as some kind of thief. (See, there *was* a reason for me mentioning the Thief game) Me being the good boyfriend, I went about setting the scene. I had Liz think up a name for her thief persona, and then told her the following.

"When we get home. You'll remain entranced until you step onto the doorstep of the house. At that point, you'll become Adara. (the name she had chosen for herself) Adara is a thief, and steals from the rich and greedy. You'll make your way through the house collecting the coins that I leave placed around (I'd put some 10p pieces on various worktops and tables) Instead of coins though, you'll see gems and jewelry, gold and silver.

My name will be Mr Mesmer. And I'm an Evil Hypnotist that hypnotizes the rich and famous in his amusing stageshows, and then uses his hypnotic wiles to relieve them of their "unwanted" gems and jewelry after the show has ended.

You will sneak around the house stealing all the gems, before trying to take the golden pen out of my pocket (I'd placed a fountain pen in my shirt pocket) If a door is locked, you'll have to pick it. If I come into the same room as you, you can avoid detection by freezing in place, and you'll fade into the shadows.

If I discover you, you know that I'll hypnotize and enthrall you. Do you understand all that?"

She did.

I also gave her a trigger to see me, (see me) and one to not see me (see me not) so I could watch her going about her thievery.

We got home, Liz still in blank minded zombie mode, and I led us to the front door. I went inside and placed some coins about the place, told Liz to step onto the doorstep, and said "See me not"

The door handle gently turned, and the door was pushed open enough to let "Adara" in. She pushed the door shut behind her, looked warily around, then quietly padded off towards the kitchen. I made my way upstairs and loudly said "See me"

While I busied myself with spreading around the last of the coins, Lizz... sorry, "Adara" was creeping through my kitchen and dining room looking for loot. Before too long I heard a noise from downstairs that didn't belong there.

I made my way out onto the landing and called "Is someone down there?"

No response.

I made my way down to the kitchen only to find the cat mooching around. (Probably trying to get Liz to feed him. Unlucky for him that she's *totally* a dog person) Remembering that all the guards in those games voice their inner monologue at all times I began speaking to myself. "Hmmm? Must have been the cat... could have sworn I heard something."

I went into the dining room to check for intruders, and noticed that the door was open enough for a person to hide behind it... not that that was where Liz was hiding. Instead she was crouched down in a corner in the far end of the room completely motionless, doing her very best attempt to look invisible. I wandered out again...

The next 10-15 minutes were quite the cat and mouse game, I'd walk past a room she was in, going into them sometimes, locking doors behind me. Hearing noises, going to look for intruders. I'm just glad I didn't give Liz any weapons. In the Thief games, Garrett gets a blackjack to knock unwelcome guards out with. Liz said she was *very* tempted to do the same thing to me at one point. (Guess she lucked out this time :oP)

Eventually every coin had been collected, and all that was left was my "golden" pen. I took it with me to my study and sat down at the computer with the pen on my right. As I heard Liz sneak into the room i was reminded of a similar scene in a film where a guy's trying to steal a book of another guy's desk, while the other guy is sat at the desk.

As she crept up to my right, I picked up the pen and began to play with it, before putting it down on my left. She made her way around me, stepping carefully up on the bed... only for me to then move the pen back to my right side. I imagined by this point she was getting a little infuriated, so I left it there... then as she went to reach for it....

"Aha! An intruder!"

"Grrrrrrr get your hands *OFF* me you disgusting cur!"

"I rather think *I* should be making the demands girl, considering I just found you in here stealing what is mine"

She pointed out that it was stolen by me in the first place. And that she'd be much more deserving of it... I can't remember her exact words, because it's 2am at the time that I'm writing this. They were *very* well thought out though, she played the part brilliantly.

Of course once an Evil Hypnotist (note the capital letters again) has his beautiful prey in his grasp, there's no way he's going to let her go. Before too long I was swinging my pretty golden pen in front of Liz's big brown eyes, telling her that I could use a good slavegirl around the home.

"Ha! I'll *never* serve you, you pig"

"Spirited young thing, aren't you... but tell me, if you'll never serve me... then why are you doing everything I'm telling you to? Why d'you gaze at my shiny gold pen like you can't look away...?"

"I can look away, I...."

"Nooo, you can't, it's just too shiny, too eye catching, too pretty, you're a thief for a good reason. You're a thief because you can't resist the pull of coin, of gems, of gold, just like you can't resist becoming my helpless slavegirl"

"No! You can't make me your slavegirl!"

"Oh don't worry, you'll be a *lot* of things for me. My hypnotic assistant in my stageshow. Catching the eye of all the fine gentlemen, distracting them from noticing my hand dipping into their wallets... my serving maid around the home, cooking and cleaning for me, and at night you can still be a thief... *my* thief. Stealing from those I direct you to steal from."

I may have cackled gleefully at this point.

Before too long, I had "Adara" lying weak on the bed, her body not responding to her urges to move, believing that as I pressed my pen to her forehead and counted to 10, it would draw all the will power and resistance and strength out of her.

By 3 she was still resisting, still telling me to let her go... by 7 though, all she wanted to do was serve, and please, and obey.

Which of course she did. :oD

On waking up after the whole thing, Liz was *very* happy at how it had all turned out. (Especially because she'd gotten her way, and found a quick way out of the family gathering)

Not that she's in charge of course... right?

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Birthday Gifts

Sorry I’ve not blogged in a while guys, works been a killer.

It’s my birthday on Thursday (another year young ;) and I’m one of those girls who’s really hard to buy for. I’ll kind of get to a week before my birthday, when everyone has been asking me what I’d like for the past month, and then go “My birthday’s on –Thursday-?! Wow, that’s gone quick, hasn’t it?” Actually, the year before last, my two best friends had to wake me up to remind me!

Yeah, birthday’s for me have gone downhill since I was younger; waking up at 1am and bouncing around on some kind of high as I tore into my presents. Nowadays, they just come and go, just adding another year (and bringing me one closer to getting wrinkles!). There’s nothing really I’ve died to have, and Lex is usually a good enough boy to buy me shiny things on a regular basis anyway ;)

I’ve seen a number of hypno manips which usually include some form of hypnotic object that ensnares the girl (pendants, gemstones, spirals, etc) and love them. I really like the idea of a girl being slowly ensnared by an object. Watching helplessly as she knows she’s being taken over, but is powerless to stop it - Mmmmmm. So I mentioned it to Lex one day, and he suggested getting me ‘some jewellery *wink*’ for my birthday.

Free jewellery and some more hypno fun? Like I was going to say ‘no’….

We shopped around for a while (both at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum =P) and then we both stopped on a necklace in one of the stores. It was a topaz stone set in white gold and diamonds in the shape of a teardrop – it was gorgeous. I think we’d both decided then that the shiny new necklace would be mine ;)

I got to try it on in the store, and then Lex dropped the bombshell – I couldn’t have it until my birthday… he shows me a gorgeous new necklace, and then takes it away! Mean! So, I did what I do best; pouted and gave him the puppydog eyes for a while ;)

I got into the room, and snuggled in bed. Next thing I knew, I was naked, kneeling and wearing the necklace. He didn’t tell me what he’d done at first, but he gave hints that told me he’d infused the necklace with some hypnotic properties. He later told me that whilst I could brat as much as I want, when the necklace was ‘on’, when he gave me an imperative, I’d do it whether I liked it or not.

Strike my brattiness right at the heart, why doesn’t he?! Either I don’t wear my new necklace, or I become his little lackey every time it’s turned on!

A tough choice indeed.

Safe to say, we’ve had some fun with it, yesterday he even tried the whole ‘swinging pendant’ induction with me. Though I was pleased to note that the Mighty ‘Tist had a little trouble with swinging the thing ;) It’s good to keep his head at a manageable size.

When he did get it working though, he told me that the more I bratted to his commands, the more the necklace would glow. I’m really easily distracted – flashing lights and movement in my peripheral vision are killers for me, so of course I’d look at it even when trying to look away. He said that the more I looked, the more my bratting would be drawn out into the necklace, and out of me. So in the end I’d just be left with my submission and obedience.

It was just a matter of how long I’d resist for.