Friday, 16 May 2008

Kiss Kiss

I often have a problem when I try to surreptitiously trigger Liz in front of other people. A lot of the triggers I've given her are quite blatant: blank / sleep / obey / pose etc. They're not the kind of thing you can say in front of polite company, nor are they the kind of thing you can get Liz to do without questions being raised by any friends or family that we happen to be around.

That's why her "five fingers" trigger is quite fun, I can use it to stroke Liz's neck (or legs... or "other" places) without anyone knowing what we're doing, all I need to do to make Liz feel that is hold her hand and stroke a finger. As long as I don't make it *too* sexy... (at which point she'll end up breathing rather deeply, eyes unfocusing and making little "mmm" noises) I can usually get away with it.

I gave Liz another trigger last week that's been seeing quite a lot of use. This one basically magnetizes her lips to mine, and makes her helplessly kiss me should our lips touch. (And *man* is it fun ;o)

Liz, (as I may have already mentioned once or twice) is a brat. She likes to misbehave in the hopes it'll provoke a reaction and get a rise out of me. She might verbally say something cheeky when we're around friends, she might decide to tickle me when I'm having a serious conversation (which *does* happen occasionally) she might decide she's going to claim something as "hers" and hog it. (A bed, a particularly comfy place on the couch, my shiny Nintendo DS - as opposed to the older grey one) you name it and she'll claim rights to it. If you attempt to make her share, you'll be met with either sulks or big brown puppydog eyes as she asks in a little girl voice "But... but it's mine... why can't I have it?"

This is where the kiss kiss trigger is proving invaluable. It works like this: I pucker up my lips and make a kissing sound (Hmmm... how would you write it... "mwah mwah?" I'm sure you can work it out) and Liz finds her own lips get drawn to mine, and the more I do it, the more powerful the pull becomes. If I blow through my lips though, or say "release" the pull is gone and she's free again. (If I *don't* do that, she'll just helplessly kiss me for as long as I like.) It doesn't affect her mind, just her physical behavior. So she knows *exactly* what I'm doing.

When she's just around me, and I use this trigger, it's fairly obvious that she's been triggered: she'll instantly label me "a gay" and do her best to fight the pull. It's kinda sexy to watch, a girl being pulled away from whatever she's doing before by her lips, trying hard to stay in place, losing her grip on whatever it is that she's tried grabing onto, chairs, lampposts, beds, doorframes...

When she's around other people though, she knows trying to stop herself from responding to the trigger would raise questions (How often d'you see someone fighting a losing battle with her own lips as they try to make her cross a room) so tends to smile sweetly at me as she's pulled towards me whispering a soft "you do know I'm going to *get you* for this later" or a romantic "you're *such* a muppet."

It's also really handy when she's in one of her mock sulks. (Huffed up, shoulders hunched, back to me as we lie on the bed maybe) all I need do is go "Oh Lizzz... *mwah mwah*" and she'll start turning around, a smile coming to her face as she finds that she just... can't... resist me!

We had a hypnosis shoot with a couple of girls called Larissa (brunette) and Sarah (blonde) earlier in the week. Larissa's bisexual, but Sarah's not. Regardless, at one point I made Sarah submissive to Larissa and encouraged Larissa to command her slavegirl however she pleased. "Come here and give me a kiss" was one of the first commands Larissa gave out. All Sarah gave her was a peck... but later on when the girls were off changing, Liz admitted to me that at that point, she'd kinda wanted to swap places with Sarah... Needless to say when the models came back in the room I zapped all three girls and gave both Larissa and Liz a kiss kiss trigger for each other. They seemed a little too shy to use it, so I gave them both a trigger to make kiss kiss noises (in Larissa's case, when she saw me touching my nose... in Liz's when she saw me touching my ear)

Liz seemed to really enjoy herself. But you'd have to ask her to find out how much ;o)