Friday, 18 April 2008

Some silly, and some sexy shenanigans.

I'm not quite sure why, but was feeling pretty playful tonight (probably because I've not had the chance to see Lizzidoll for a few days (we've both been busy with work) so I ended up doing a boat load of hypno play with her.

Hypnopuppy on the outside, Lizzidoll on the inside.
I've mentioned this before, but I did some more of it again. I had Liz's puppy persona control her physical actions, while inwardly she was still her normal self. Aware of everything going on... (how I have her chasing her tail, rolling over so I can tickle her tummy) able to speak and complain about it if she wants... but unable to physically control herself.

Sex Prep Trigger
I robotized Lizzidoll and had her "prepare" herself for sex. I linked the prepared state with the phrase "horny horny" and practiced taking her from nothing to complete arousal, without touching herself or being touched.

Briony the amazing talking breast!
This suggestion allowed me to have Briony and Liz interacting with each other, something I'd only done once before when chatting to Liz online. (That time I had her seeing Briony sitting beside me on my webcam while she was sat at home grumbling about the whole thing) Basically I had Briony inhabit Liz's right boob. Anything Briony wanted to say would seem to come from Liz's breast.

Briony: Hi Master! Play with me!
Liz: [Grabbing her boob] What the...!? Get her out of there!
Briony: Get her off me Master.
Me: What's up Briony, d'you not like being grabbed?
Briony: [coyly] I like it when *you* grab me...
Liz: Do you *mind?* I'm right here!

Then more fun followed when I had Briony and Liz switch places... Liz described the whole experience as Interesting, but very weird.

Replacement Actors
At one point, we were kinda watching Lord of the Rings on my PC. We've both seen it a load of times, it's still a great film, but no big deal if we lose track of where we've gotten up to in the film. I thought I'd make the whole thing feel a little fresher by swapping the actors with people Liz knows in real life. I got this idea partly from the bdsmhypnosis blog here. (The suggestion in that case, was that HypnoMaster D's sub would hear the voices of disc jockey's and singers on her car stereo replaced with her Master's voice.)

Liz found that she herself had taken over the role of Aragorn (minus the beard of course) She's always been into her RPG games, usually as some kind of warrior princess type... I think anyway, though I'm sure she'll correct me if that's wrong.

Gandalf became one of my geeky beardy buddy's, I took over the role of Gimli (Liz is taller than me in real life, even with hypnosis I'm not sure if she'd be able to accept the idea of seeing me as someone taller than her) and Legolas was being played by one of Liz's more diminutive girl mates... who for some reason I'd decided to clothe in Liz's mind in just a bikini. [*whistles nonchalently*] Liz commented a few times that it was really weird seeing her lil squeaky voiced girlfriend commanding everyones attention, and firing off arrows at assorted goblins and trolls like Legolas does in the film.

Liz's sister had taken over the role of Boromir, (again, minus the beard) which amused Liz to begin with, because her sister's speech is usually fairly blunt and about as far from poetic as can be. Boromir in the film uses fairly lyrical fantasy language. "Tis a gift that this ring would come to us. I say we use it!" Later on I had Liz hearing Boromir's lines as her sister would *actually* say them. "The people are losing faith in my father" became "Everyone thinks 'ee's a tit" which had poor Liz folding up in laughter.

Liz is an absolute hottie, so if I notice her stretching or moving or standing in a particular way that I like, I have a really (really) hard time refraining from using her "Freeze" trigger to lock her in place for a while as my own personal ornament. Today I had her in a number of nice stretched out lounging poses on the bed, her eyes gazing out seductively, posed in the corner of my room like a belly dancer, hips swung wide to the side, breasts pushed out, hands crossing above her, oh... and like a sex doll, which isn't really all that arty or photogenic at all... it's just something that I really like.

Other Business
There was a whole bunch of wrestling again, Liz only has a single bed at home, so can go a little powerhungry (duvet-hungry?) when she finds herself on my double. I think she also likes to keep testing my strength, wants to make sure that she can't overpower me. (We're romantic, I know) I've mentioned before, we both do martial arts, though when we wrestle it just turns into a load of grabbing and pushing. (I'll usually avoid using hypno triggers to give myself any kind of advantage though as making use of them would only get me branded a cheat.)

Still... at one point while we were battling for the bed, Liz sat on top of me, grabbed my wrist and said "Bound"

Now it's not like I myself *have* any hypno triggers, but I don't mind playing along sometimes, and was interested in seeing where it might go.

If you can't guess already, it lead to Liz becoming very smug bratty and domineering as she sat on top of my chest trying to goad me into doing something by telling me what a good boy I was while she decided how I should be dressed... or undressed. As she wasn't wearing a huge amount at the time, I couldn't *really* complain though. ;o) Oh... and there was a sh*tload of tickling. :o| Gah.

Oh, and the next day I had Liz hallucinate mini mouse outfits on all her girlfriends, and see her lecturers as teenagers. ^_^


Anonymous said...

on liz becoming a breast and her tale of it, could u please post or comment on how she described the 'experience and how it felt. Thanks.

Raymond L. said...

Seriously that sounds like a very unique perspective. I rarely get to speak with you three if you count ***private***briony.***private***

Melteddreaks said...

The breast thing sounds interesting, lol... Can't remember the name of the programme, but there was an episode of a show that involved a person being forced into a part of their body by an alternate personality... The breast thing reminded me of that, lol...

Still waiting to try my technique... It's daz btw, lol... Got a different name for now... Clashes with my youtube name too much, so yno...

Maybe, as a future thought, if li doesn't want to be as direct to briony or something, involve a pen and paper... Could also reverse the roles, lol...

Hey briony... You enjoy yourself on liz's chest? Lol... She had something she wanted to get off her chest, but we're all happy you were there, lol... Not spoke to you in ages... Maybe come on msn and talk to me some time? Next time I'm on, come out and say hi, lol... You'll remember me :)...

Anonymous said...

Liz, could you please tell us of your experience as a boob. How did it feel like, not being in control of your body and being trapped inside that appendage.

Lex, I have an idea. Maybe next time, while liz is in her class, make her imagine that briony is her teacher, and then briony begins explaining Liz's more 'personal' aspects.


Blnkstr said...

"I could never be a woman because I'd just stay home and play with my breasts all day." - Steve Martin, "LA Story"

Obviously, this is funny because it is true. :) And with Lex & Lizzi, it also means that your breasts would also play with _you_ all day, at times. :)

kam said...

Very cool...I wish my husband and I had thought of using hypnosis while he was alive.
I got interested in it in order to deal with him having cancer and the grief that I was certain would be following.( His cancer was very advanced by the time we discovered it.)
God we could have had even more fun than we already had in our many years of BDSM games.
I haven't used hypnosis for grief as of yet...just EFT. And that has allowed me to not be curled in a fetal ball for most of the time.
But when I am ready to start the moving on process one day. I am so going to keep this in mind if I ever find another Master.