Monday, 7 April 2008

Sarah Jane - Hypnotized

In case you're interested, I've got a new hypno video online with this girl, Sarah Jane. She was bubbly n cute, and fun to work with. She responded to hypnosis well, and I had her doing and experiencing all kindsa fun things ;o)

In the excerpt you can see her responding to a hand-clasp depth tester, a post-hypnotic suggestion where the word "Yawning" makes her feel extremely sleepy, and freezing in place like a mannequin!

The full vid's 100 minutes long and is available here:

1 comment:

polo said...

beautiful clip Lex.

I have a question for Liz: can you watch these videos? or you start falling into hypnosis along with the subject? I mean, it's Lex voice and everything should be very suggestive for your mind I guess

if you can't please describe what you feel on the occassion. if you can, just share your thoughts on the model ;)

me myself I just loved the "yawning" suggestion