Monday, 7 April 2008

Delayed Reaction and more hypnotic orgasms

I know that I’ve already blogged a little about orgasms on command… (well… I remember *now*, after I’ve written half this damn post that I’ve already done that.) This is written from a slightly different perspective though, and I know some people enjoy hearing about this stuff, so I’ll post it anyway.

A fair few of the hypnosis stories online deal with hypnotic orgasms. Often in the stories a hypnotist will (without any kind of build up) command the girls he’s got enchanted (and kneeling… and naked) by his devious wiles to “Orgasm NOW!”. Which of course they do, powerfully, instantly, almost magically.

Real hypnotic orgasms (in my experience anyway) don’t go *quite* like that. Not that it can’t *possibly* happen. (I’ve seen a few hypno stageshow clips on YouTube where it seems to happen pretty damn effectively; stageshow volunteers are often fairly extroverted though, so you can expect them to at least fake an orgasm or two, even if there’s not too much going on “downstairs”)

Like most things with hypnosis, spontaneous orgasms take time, trust and practice. You can probably persuade someone in a light trance to *act* horny, but to turn them on quickly to the point where they’re *really* about to orgasm involves a much deeper state of hypnosis.

To begin with, I avoided giving Liz any hypnotic suggestions that triggered actual sensations. She always responded well to hypnosis, but in the early stages of our hypnotic adventures she was having trouble forgetting her trances, (which was something she *really* wanted to do, in order to prove to herself that she was “really” hypnotized, and not just pretending.)

*I* knew she was hypnotized, and I could trigger Liz to feel certain states of mind… bratty, submissive, playful, but if I gave her a suggestion to feel something physical and specific… and nothing happened, that could lead to her getting bogged down with disbelief and worries. (Neither of which are all that conducive to trances). We were progressing well in other ways (check out our hypnosis blog for full details ;o)

Still, we’ve come a long way since then, and when I felt it was time to start trying out physical sensation type triggers, obviously the idea of being able to spontaneously make my missus orgasm without even touching her was one of the first things that came to mind. (No it’s *not* because I’m a lazy boyfriend!)

Remembered sensations are always stronger than imagined ones for Liz, so part of the way that I trained her to spontaneously become aroused was by actually physically “taking her there” and then placing her in a trance and telling her to “remember this feeling” or “that sensation” so that she can easily recall it and come back there in future.

Liz’s “Count to three and orgasm” trigger has become a “Count to five and orgasm” trigger, the difference being that “3” still feels as close and hot as it always does… but 4 and 5 feel even better. :oD

The idea of replaying remembered sensations struck a chord for me, so I concocted this trigger:

“When you’re blank, or in a trance, and I say ‘Delayed Reaction’, you’ll physically become aware of what I’m doing with you, how I’m touching or kissing you, and on waking from the trance, you’ll experience all those things as a powerful physical rush of sensations, even if you don’t recall the trance consciously”

What this means is I can zap Liz with her “Blank” trigger, say “Delayed Reaction” and give her a good tickle (to which she won’t respond at all) then unblank her. At that point she’ll do a fun lil body wiggle as she shudders and goes “Yeearrrghhhhahahaha” from the tickling she just experienced.

I took it a step further, and gave her a “Replay” trigger as well. What *that* does is allow me to replay the delayed reaction that she just experienced.

So I can blank her… give her her delayed reaction trigger, count to four and a half (brink of orgasm) and then leave her quivering aroused and mindless for 4-5 minutes before hitting her with a nice big “FIVE”. THEN when I wake her up, the delayed reaction kicks in and she gets to experience it all over again. THEN I can use the “replay” trigger as many times as I like.

Yes it can be used for pleasure… but anything can be tied to that replay trigger: a spank on the arse, a kiss on the lips, a damn good tickling, the lazy warm feeling that you get just after an orgasm… all sorts.


Shahar said...

heh that's funny I was just starting on working in that kind of trigger with nicole last night... that plus I have another really cool one I'd like to work with her that I havnt seen around before :)

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Is it possible to do an orgasm on command for a guy? It's something I've written about in my fantasy stuff, but I suspect--given male "plumbing"--it can't really happen.

Anonymous said...

I really want to know how to get the replay to work. Can you post how to, like, say it to the person like you said it to Liz. Thanks.

rabbit said...

p s d - There are "files" on the internet which supposedly trigger orgasms in guys but at a guess I'd say you're closer to the mark in that it would require a LOT of work. You might be able to get a male to "experience" an orgasm but not actually physiologically have one without too much work - though I don't know how vivid it would feel.

As for this "Delayed Reaction" thing - nice! Liking the Replay feature as well, it's like you're turning Liz into a Sky+ remote!

Lex said...

Heh, cheers for the comments. I did see a post on the MCForum a while ago which involved programming a bluetooth earpiece to emit different tones dependant on when a remote control was used. (So you could get your robo-girl moving forwards, backwards, feeling the urge to give you a massage, clean the place up... or spontaneously orgasm.)

I think those things (bluetooth earpieces and remotes) are either expensive or only available on apples though.

Fun idea anyway. ;o)

Brian_maiden said...

I to found that getting my partner to relive a past feeling, rather than imagine one, works much better, particularly when it comes to hypnotic orgasms...

At first when we started playing with triggering physical pleasre, and orgasms, I did wonder if she was faking... she did seem to be feeling what I inteded, and she did become noticably moist "downstairs" bt since the submission of hypnosis turns her on anyway, I was unsure if it was caused by my triggers, or just by her own thoughts...

But those suspisions were put to rest one day after a slow count up to 3, she orgasmed and... well... lets just say we had to change the sheets ;o)

I'm sure if with the same level of practice and time, that this level of physical response could be produced in a man... but I have no interest in finding out :op

Hypno Wraith said...

Just when I think I know what I'm going to try next, I visit Lex's site and now have to try his latest... great ideas on the delay and replay!

Anonymous said...

To answer pretty sissy dani:

Yes, it's possible to do an orgasm on command for a guy. There are at least three different kinds of experience here. I'm a gay man and a decent hypnotist, and I routinely guide my partners through two of those three.

Orgasm and ejaculation usually happen at the same time, but there's no necessary connection between the two.

You're right, the plumbing makes it more complicated. I've never managed a no-touch ejaculation, but I have a friend who's an awesome hypnotist who manages it pretty regularly, though not with every guy he trances, and not every time even with those it sometimes works with.

I routinely can get a guy to hallucinate an ejaculatory orgasm, starting either with a memory of a particularly satisfying one or by giving him a particularly satisfying one while he's in somnmbulism and having his unconscious mind "record" it and then play it back, and then amplifying it from there, and anchoring.

It's also pretty easy to use somnambulism to teach a man to have a whole-body "tantric" orgasm, and anchor that. That's undeniably physical, looks like convulsions. It is a somewhat different experience, though no less pleasurable and no less intense.

One nice thing about triggering orgasm without ejaculation is there's no refractory period. Women have nothing over men when it comes to having multiple orgasms.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...


Thanks. Yeah, my fantasy stories usually deal with actual ejaculation, but it's good to know some kind of on-command orgasmic reaction is posiible.

Raymond L. said...

sounds like you are doing her some wonderous works. I hope she shows you thx in the proper ways.

LizziDoll said...

Proper ways, Raymond? Please, enlighten me into my duties as a woman...

Lol, forgive him guys. I know he's already blogged about the Orgasm on Command and Delayed Reaction triggers, but he's getting on a bit - these things are inevitable. *sigh* I'll take him back to the home eventually.

Yes. It's a very strange sensation when it all happens at once, so sometimes I break it down. I mean, build-up, orgasm, and then the after-effects all at once feels...Well...Rather weird. It's nice to slow it down and enjoy it.

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi Lex, I've used something like this to help a woman who used to be very slow to orgasm. I talked her through a long, long, long arousal and orgasm... then told her subconscious to remember what the orgasm was like ... then ordered her to repeat the orgasm on the count of 20.

I repeated the exercise a few times with just the subconscious and then with her conscious self awake, to reinforce it at both levels.

Eventually I got her to the point where she could reliably orgasm simply at the count of 20.

Lex said...

I actually got Liz to instantly orgasm from cold (no counting or pre-arousal build up at all) the other day when I was dropping her off in the car...

The problem with an orgasm trigger like "Five" is it can come up naturally in conversation. Liz is smart enough to know when it's intended to be a trigger and when it's not, but if I burst out with "Five" very loud and clear, she'll assume that it *is* meant for her to orgasm to.

I can't remember what context it was in... but say the band 5ive pronounced "Five" came on the radio, and I hadn't heard them for years and I amusedly shouted Hey! FIVE! It was that kind of context.

I couldn't work out why, but suddenly Liz seemed to be laughing or choking... or unable to breathe, and I had no idea what was going on. Then I put two and two together (and made five) and realised that I'd blurted out the trigger word pretty strongly.

Afterwards Liz said it was very weird, having an orgasm with no prior build up. She seemed more shocked than turned on by the whole thing, so I gave the trigger an extra safety tweak to prevent it from being used so inadvertently in the future.