Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Body Parts Suggestion

I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but this was, quite honestly one of the weirdest things I’ve experienced in my life. Lex mentioned doing this to another of his subjects months ago in passing, testing the water I think, and I wasn’t keen on it then. I’ve been digging around to think of what exactly happened, (for the purposes of the blogging, of course *whistles innocently*) and as far as I can remember, he tried giving the suggestion to Lizbot, but it didn’t stick, or when I was blank, and it didn’t quite stick. One of them, but I remember saying that I had my doubts whether it would work, since it’s no simple feat to shove your awareness in another part of your body.

But he pressed the subject a bit more, and reluctantly, I caved, thinking I might as well give it a go.

Now, I’m writing this a while after it happened, so I can remember the feelings better than the actual events in order (I’m a feeling-orientated person, you see). As far as I can remember, Lex told me that Briony would inhabit my right breast and that she would be able to speak from it. I would hear it, but hear it coming from the breast, rather than out of my mouth.

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but when my right breast starts shouting “Hi Master!” gleefully from out of nowhere, it’s an understatement to say I was a tad worried. I was with Lex though, so I knew he’d have had something to do with it, and whilst I was a little frightened, I drew some protection knowing he was there. That’s probably the only reason I let it continue.

The moment I heard that voice, my hand leapt to cover it (well, where –I- thought it was coming from anyway) and demanded that he change me back, in my usual bratty style. I think I do that whole shocked and demanding phase more out of habit now, since most of the suggestions Lex makes, he knows I’m really buying myself a few minutes to get my head around it, and that I want him to continue, or see where it’ll lead. This one was –kind- of similar, but I needed a little longer to adjust.

You see, I’ve only ever ‘seen’ Briony once before. Last summer, when our conversations were entirely through MSN and webcams, Lex pulled up a chair beside him in his room and told me that when I woke, Briony would be sitting on that chair. I was typing for both me and Briony (it’s a good job I can type quickly, otherwise the conversation would have been rather quiet) and I would be able to see anything Briony was doing. So I watched as she fawned over Lex, jumped up on the bed behind him, pulling tongues in my direction, displaying how ‘all good girls should behave’.

I’ll stop there before I hurl.

But to hear Briony’s voice, to suddenly realise that there’s a voice coming from a part of my body other than my mouth, and then to ponder over the fact that it will have been coming from my mouth without me realising was rather scary. Lex and I joke about schizophrenia sometimes, but I don’t know… that can’t be that far off it.

He then made me switch places with her. This took a lot more imagining – and to be honest, if he’d have thought about it, should have given me some kind of induction beforehand, since trying to shove my entire awareness in my chest is nothing simple. All my thoughts placed in there, my feelings connected to the reduced amount of nerve endings in that one space, my actions restricted – and above all, giving Briony control over the rest of my body, whilst I could only watch. We’ve done that before, and that’s not been as weird as this was.

I couldn’t quite pull this one off, since in my mind, I’ve prior conditioning to know what happens when Briony comes out, or when she’s not, or when I’m blank, or even when I’m bodylocked and she can move me. But this was something different, this was something I’d not experienced before, and I don’t think either of us could have foreseen that it wouldn’t just be something simple. I kind of hopped between my mind-sets for Briony and me, but it wasn’t quite what Lex was asking for. I just couldn’t bring myself to accomplish it whole-heartedly – possibly because I didn’t like the suggestion.

So there we have it, not everything works – and I don’t know many people that –every- suggestion will work for all the time. Just one of those things, you find out what works and what doesn’t, and build on it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

LOTR Swap-Around

After Lex's little intro post, I’ll start at the beginning, though I’ll probably split this into two posts as opposed to one –heouge- one.

Like Lex said; thanks to the joys of work, we’ve not been able to see each other as often as we’d like. But still, it was nice reading the fact he said he was in a playful mood, since, I kinda like to be played –with- sometimes *whistles nonchalantly*

The Suggestion

After finally deciding to watch a DVD, and then had the usual decision-making banter of “I’m –not- watching that” “Why not? It’s awesome!” “No.” etc, we settled down to watch The Fellowship of the Ring (my choice in case you were wondering ;)

Part way through, (as Lex is giving me his running commentary of facts from the movie) I think it may have been just after Mr Took alerts everyone to the fact they’re in the mines…

Anyway, I was watching when suddenly, one of my best friends was running around the screen in nothing but a bikini, brandishing her bow like it was the most normal thing in the world! I remember doing a double-take at that point, thinking I was going insane, but nope, she was really there. I shot a look across at Lex, knowing he’d be responsible for it as usual.

“What’s she doing on screen!?”
“What?” he said, trying his best to muster a look of innocence.
“In a bikini?!”
“But, you like her, don’t you?”
“My best friend’s running around in a bikini! Change her back!”
“Alright. There. She’s wearing clothes now.”

I looked back to the screen, and sure enough, she was now dressed in cream Elven robes, a tight-fitting brown corset around her waist, and a quiver of arrows on her back. I took a moment to adjust, thinking that she actually looked really good in that, when I saw myself run across the screen. Ok, I was at least dressed. I was a warrior-woman, wearing dark leathers and a cape on my back – and after working out the missing person (though I already had my suspicions), I was Aragorn. I looked on in slight awe as I fought with the hordes of beasties, slicing through them with such skill. I was completely awesome, if I do say so myself ;)

As Gandalf fought the Balroc, he became one of Lex’s mates, with his little black beard, staff and robes. One of the things that struck me as rather funny was the fact I could easily picture him doing the whole ‘You shall not pass!’ scene without much trouble. He’d probably get away with it, crazy fool he is.

It was a little later on (when the gang meet Galadriel) that Boromir became my little sister. This change was –very- amusing, as at first, she was hiding away from Galadriel’s gaze, and I remarked that in real life, she would be making snippy, bitchy comments and generally being an all-round pain in the arse at every possible opportunity.

Anyone who says it runs in the family will feel my blade!

I said that she’d never use the kind of archaic, eloquent speech her character does, so Lex gave me the suggestion that Boromir would now speak like she does. Well, that sent me into fits of giggles. You see, my sister is the kind of girl that acts up to compensate for any feelings of insecurity she may have. She’ll be overly bitchy, annoying and bratty when she feels threatened, or she’s with her friends, but, saying that, she’s generally a demanding diva without. She says things like “I could bone this song” where normal people would say they love it, and “I borrowed your shirt yesterday”. That kind of thing.

She passed under the two giant River Guardian statues and casually remarked “I’ve seen bigger.” But the two changes I remember best were two pieces of conversation held between Boromir and Aragorn, and then Boromir and Frodo. So, with the first, Boromir to Aragorn are on screen together (so me and my sis were sitting side by side, speaking placidly to each other – never happens, ever!) I’ll give you all a run-down of the translation as I heard it, as well as I can remember. I apologise –now- for the language.

Boromir: I shall find no rest here. I heard a voice inside my head. She spoke of my father and the fall of Gondor. She said to me, even now, there is hope left, but I cannot see it. It is long since we had any hope. My father is a noble man, but Izual is failing, and the people lose faith. My father looks to me to set it right, and I would do it, I would see the glory of Gondor restored. Have you seen it, Aragorn? The white tower of Ecthelion glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze. Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?

Her: ain’t gonna sleep. That witch keeps chattin’ on to me, saying that it’ll be alright, but she’s talking bollocks. Nothing’s been alright for years. Dad’s cool, but Izual’s fadin’, and everyone thinks he’s a tit. He looks at me to sort everything out, and I’m like ‘Err…No!’… I mean, I would- It’d be cool to see Gondor all shiny again… Have you seen it looking nice, Liz? Gold and silver bling everywhere, I could, quite honestly, bone it… And when they make a whole fanfare for you when you come home?

And the other, which was when Boromir tries to take the ring from Frodo. Now, I've had enough exchanges with my sis where she's taken my things without asking, or demanded that I hand over my new jeans I've just bought - as she's going out to Tesco (Wall-Mart for our American friends) or something. Yes, she's -that- kind of girl.

Boromir: None of us should wander alone, you least of all. So much depends on you. Frodo? I know why you seek solitude. You suffer, I see it day by day. Be sure you do not suffer needlessly. There are other ways, Frodo, other paths we might take.
Her: On your bill, are you? You shouldn’t be, since so much depends on –you-. I’ve seen you, looking miserable, when there’s no need.

Boromir: Warning? Against what? They are all afraid, but to let that fear drive us to destroy what hope we have... Don`t you see? It`s madness.
Her: What warning? Listen, you’re chattin’ shit, mate.

Boromir: Why do you recoil? I am no thief.
Her: Err! D’you think I’m gonna rob it or something? I ain’t a thief!
Boromir: I ask only for the strength to defend my people! If you would but lend me the ring.
Her: All I want is to borrow it, just lend it me for a bit.
Boromir: What chance do you think you have? They will find you, they will take the ring, and you will beg for death before the end! It is not yours save by a happenstance. It could have been mine. It should have been mine! Give it to me!
Her: Oh yeah? What else can we do, Frodo? They’re coming, and they’ll take it, and they’ll torture you to death. You’ll –want- them to kill you before they’re finished with you! You weren’t even supposed to have it! You just fell across it! What makes you the fucking King all of a sudden? It should have been mine! Gimme it!
Boromir: I see your mind! You would take the ring to Sauron! You will betray us! You go to your death, and the death of us all! Curse you! Curse all you halflings!

Her: I know what you’ll do! You’ll take it to Sauron! You’ll rat us all out! You’ll kill us all, you little shit! Come back here!
Boromir: Frodo? Frodo? What have I done? Frodo, I`m sorry!
Her: Frodo? Frodo? Shit, what have I done? I didn't mean it...I'm err...Sorry.

Isn’t she a dear?

Yes, it was a –very- fun suggestion - Certainly a way to liven up our movie nights in future!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Some silly, and some sexy shenanigans.

I'm not quite sure why, but was feeling pretty playful tonight (probably because I've not had the chance to see Lizzidoll for a few days (we've both been busy with work) so I ended up doing a boat load of hypno play with her.

Hypnopuppy on the outside, Lizzidoll on the inside.
I've mentioned this before, but I did some more of it again. I had Liz's puppy persona control her physical actions, while inwardly she was still her normal self. Aware of everything going on... (how I have her chasing her tail, rolling over so I can tickle her tummy) able to speak and complain about it if she wants... but unable to physically control herself.

Sex Prep Trigger
I robotized Lizzidoll and had her "prepare" herself for sex. I linked the prepared state with the phrase "horny horny" and practiced taking her from nothing to complete arousal, without touching herself or being touched.

Briony the amazing talking breast!
This suggestion allowed me to have Briony and Liz interacting with each other, something I'd only done once before when chatting to Liz online. (That time I had her seeing Briony sitting beside me on my webcam while she was sat at home grumbling about the whole thing) Basically I had Briony inhabit Liz's right boob. Anything Briony wanted to say would seem to come from Liz's breast.

Briony: Hi Master! Play with me!
Liz: [Grabbing her boob] What the...!? Get her out of there!
Briony: Get her off me Master.
Me: What's up Briony, d'you not like being grabbed?
Briony: [coyly] I like it when *you* grab me...
Liz: Do you *mind?* I'm right here!

Then more fun followed when I had Briony and Liz switch places... Liz described the whole experience as Interesting, but very weird.

Replacement Actors
At one point, we were kinda watching Lord of the Rings on my PC. We've both seen it a load of times, it's still a great film, but no big deal if we lose track of where we've gotten up to in the film. I thought I'd make the whole thing feel a little fresher by swapping the actors with people Liz knows in real life. I got this idea partly from the bdsmhypnosis blog here. (The suggestion in that case, was that HypnoMaster D's sub would hear the voices of disc jockey's and singers on her car stereo replaced with her Master's voice.)

Liz found that she herself had taken over the role of Aragorn (minus the beard of course) She's always been into her RPG games, usually as some kind of warrior princess type... I think anyway, though I'm sure she'll correct me if that's wrong.

Gandalf became one of my geeky beardy buddy's, I took over the role of Gimli (Liz is taller than me in real life, even with hypnosis I'm not sure if she'd be able to accept the idea of seeing me as someone taller than her) and Legolas was being played by one of Liz's more diminutive girl mates... who for some reason I'd decided to clothe in Liz's mind in just a bikini. [*whistles nonchalently*] Liz commented a few times that it was really weird seeing her lil squeaky voiced girlfriend commanding everyones attention, and firing off arrows at assorted goblins and trolls like Legolas does in the film.

Liz's sister had taken over the role of Boromir, (again, minus the beard) which amused Liz to begin with, because her sister's speech is usually fairly blunt and about as far from poetic as can be. Boromir in the film uses fairly lyrical fantasy language. "Tis a gift that this ring would come to us. I say we use it!" Later on I had Liz hearing Boromir's lines as her sister would *actually* say them. "The people are losing faith in my father" became "Everyone thinks 'ee's a tit" which had poor Liz folding up in laughter.

Liz is an absolute hottie, so if I notice her stretching or moving or standing in a particular way that I like, I have a really (really) hard time refraining from using her "Freeze" trigger to lock her in place for a while as my own personal ornament. Today I had her in a number of nice stretched out lounging poses on the bed, her eyes gazing out seductively, posed in the corner of my room like a belly dancer, hips swung wide to the side, breasts pushed out, hands crossing above her, oh... and like a sex doll, which isn't really all that arty or photogenic at all... it's just something that I really like.

Other Business
There was a whole bunch of wrestling again, Liz only has a single bed at home, so can go a little powerhungry (duvet-hungry?) when she finds herself on my double. I think she also likes to keep testing my strength, wants to make sure that she can't overpower me. (We're romantic, I know) I've mentioned before, we both do martial arts, though when we wrestle it just turns into a load of grabbing and pushing. (I'll usually avoid using hypno triggers to give myself any kind of advantage though as making use of them would only get me branded a cheat.)

Still... at one point while we were battling for the bed, Liz sat on top of me, grabbed my wrist and said "Bound"

Now it's not like I myself *have* any hypno triggers, but I don't mind playing along sometimes, and was interested in seeing where it might go.

If you can't guess already, it lead to Liz becoming very smug bratty and domineering as she sat on top of my chest trying to goad me into doing something by telling me what a good boy I was while she decided how I should be dressed... or undressed. As she wasn't wearing a huge amount at the time, I couldn't *really* complain though. ;o) Oh... and there was a sh*tload of tickling. :o| Gah.

Oh, and the next day I had Liz hallucinate mini mouse outfits on all her girlfriends, and see her lecturers as teenagers. ^_^

Monday, 7 April 2008

Delayed Reaction and more hypnotic orgasms

I know that I’ve already blogged a little about orgasms on command… (well… I remember *now*, after I’ve written half this damn post that I’ve already done that.) This is written from a slightly different perspective though, and I know some people enjoy hearing about this stuff, so I’ll post it anyway.

A fair few of the hypnosis stories online deal with hypnotic orgasms. Often in the stories a hypnotist will (without any kind of build up) command the girls he’s got enchanted (and kneeling… and naked) by his devious wiles to “Orgasm NOW!”. Which of course they do, powerfully, instantly, almost magically.

Real hypnotic orgasms (in my experience anyway) don’t go *quite* like that. Not that it can’t *possibly* happen. (I’ve seen a few hypno stageshow clips on YouTube where it seems to happen pretty damn effectively; stageshow volunteers are often fairly extroverted though, so you can expect them to at least fake an orgasm or two, even if there’s not too much going on “downstairs”)

Like most things with hypnosis, spontaneous orgasms take time, trust and practice. You can probably persuade someone in a light trance to *act* horny, but to turn them on quickly to the point where they’re *really* about to orgasm involves a much deeper state of hypnosis.

To begin with, I avoided giving Liz any hypnotic suggestions that triggered actual sensations. She always responded well to hypnosis, but in the early stages of our hypnotic adventures she was having trouble forgetting her trances, (which was something she *really* wanted to do, in order to prove to herself that she was “really” hypnotized, and not just pretending.)

*I* knew she was hypnotized, and I could trigger Liz to feel certain states of mind… bratty, submissive, playful, but if I gave her a suggestion to feel something physical and specific… and nothing happened, that could lead to her getting bogged down with disbelief and worries. (Neither of which are all that conducive to trances). We were progressing well in other ways (check out our hypnosis blog for full details ;o)

Still, we’ve come a long way since then, and when I felt it was time to start trying out physical sensation type triggers, obviously the idea of being able to spontaneously make my missus orgasm without even touching her was one of the first things that came to mind. (No it’s *not* because I’m a lazy boyfriend!)

Remembered sensations are always stronger than imagined ones for Liz, so part of the way that I trained her to spontaneously become aroused was by actually physically “taking her there” and then placing her in a trance and telling her to “remember this feeling” or “that sensation” so that she can easily recall it and come back there in future.

Liz’s “Count to three and orgasm” trigger has become a “Count to five and orgasm” trigger, the difference being that “3” still feels as close and hot as it always does… but 4 and 5 feel even better. :oD

The idea of replaying remembered sensations struck a chord for me, so I concocted this trigger:

“When you’re blank, or in a trance, and I say ‘Delayed Reaction’, you’ll physically become aware of what I’m doing with you, how I’m touching or kissing you, and on waking from the trance, you’ll experience all those things as a powerful physical rush of sensations, even if you don’t recall the trance consciously”

What this means is I can zap Liz with her “Blank” trigger, say “Delayed Reaction” and give her a good tickle (to which she won’t respond at all) then unblank her. At that point she’ll do a fun lil body wiggle as she shudders and goes “Yeearrrghhhhahahaha” from the tickling she just experienced.

I took it a step further, and gave her a “Replay” trigger as well. What *that* does is allow me to replay the delayed reaction that she just experienced.

So I can blank her… give her her delayed reaction trigger, count to four and a half (brink of orgasm) and then leave her quivering aroused and mindless for 4-5 minutes before hitting her with a nice big “FIVE”. THEN when I wake her up, the delayed reaction kicks in and she gets to experience it all over again. THEN I can use the “replay” trigger as many times as I like.

Yes it can be used for pleasure… but anything can be tied to that replay trigger: a spank on the arse, a kiss on the lips, a damn good tickling, the lazy warm feeling that you get just after an orgasm… all sorts.

Sarah Jane - Hypnotized

In case you're interested, I've got a new hypno video online with this girl, Sarah Jane. She was bubbly n cute, and fun to work with. She responded to hypnosis well, and I had her doing and experiencing all kindsa fun things ;o)

In the excerpt you can see her responding to a hand-clasp depth tester, a post-hypnotic suggestion where the word "Yawning" makes her feel extremely sleepy, and freezing in place like a mannequin!

The full vid's 100 minutes long and is available here: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12956