Sunday, 2 March 2008

Don't Forget About Me!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to blog too guys! Master’s been ill, and playing with Liz, so though I’ve not been out much, I’ve been having plenty of fun behind the scenes…Hee hee!

I’ll follow on from what Liz said though (and getting the chance to fill in some of the gaps). This is actually kinda tricky, since I’ve got to wait for when she’s not paying much attention in between chatting – but she’s talking to Master, hence why this’ll probably take ages…

Hmm…Maybe I should ask him to blank her so I can type!

Anyway, I was snoozing around, when I was woken by Liz thinking about hiding something from Master. Well, of course, -that- got my attention alright =P She was chatting with Mirehn about hypno ideas and wasn’t going to tell Master about them! I knew Master’d like them, so I thought I’d take the liberty of passing them along.

I’m the good one, remember? ;)

So when he caught back up with me, he said he’d reward me the next time he saw me, which is what I’m going to blog about now!

Master had wrapped Liz up in Kaa’s coils in her mind, so that she was still conscious, and could still see out of her eyes, but couldn’t move. Then he brought me out, with control over her body! It was tonnes of fun! He played with me, and she couldn’t do anything but watch (and feel) as he kissed, nibbled and pleasured us both. Mmmmmm....

It was really funny seeing her all confused in there. The bratty part of her wanted to break free and shout at him for even daring to try it - you know, the usual stuff *yawn*... - but she was all conflicted and stuff. First of all, she was wrapped up by Kaa, and we all know what affect -he- has on her ;) Secondly, she tends to get a lot more submissive when there's a whole load of pleasure running through her body. Isn't that just the best!? I was enjoying every minute, since I was with Master, of course, and watching Liz struggle with herself in deciding what course she should take....slowly watching her own brattiness slip away as it was replaced by pure ecstacy, though she tried to cling onto the remnants. Bless ;)

Mmmmmm indeed =P

He released her once we'd finished of course, but by then she just seemed too sleepy and exhausted to mind, or brat about it much. Shame that, isn't it?

*** Private ***
Thanks for the messages guys! It's been great hearing that people want me to blog more, but finding a time when Liz is distracted enough to allow me to type without her knowing comes in rare drops (well, it's easy enough to type odd sentences on MSN and stuff, but when it's something like this, it's a lil trickier)

Keep telling me what you'd like me to talk about next, I'll try and do what I can.
*** Private ***

Briony X x

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K.S. said...

YAY a briony post! Sorry liz :P but we did say we wanted to hear more after all. Dont take it too hard.

Hope lex gets well soon. Considering the weather up there in the UK, I'm not surprised.

Here's a tip in case his illness is cold/flu-related:
Over here when we get the cold/flu, what we usually do is make some kalamansi juice made from its extract.

(thats a hint as to where I'm from :D and normal kalamansi here is green when ripe)

Do note that kalamansi is quite sour (think more sour than lemon, lacking the sweet bit) but can easily, in juice/shake form, be toned down with a touch of honey or sugar. Its important there's a bit of sourness in it, because thats the part with the most Vit-C, which is vital as we all know.

I'd dig up some local ways to prepare it, but the basic stuff is just squeeze out the juice (leave the seeds) and add water, etc.

Hope lex gets well and who knows, maybe some time to play doctor/nurse? ;)