Friday, 14 March 2008

Five Fingers of Fun

As I’m sure people are aware, admitting to family and friends that you have a kink for hypnosis can be tricky. Some of my real life friends do know about it, and some find it very interesting, wanting to see demonstrations of just what I can do with Liz, others are intrigued… but at the same time a little uncomfortable, and don’t really want any explicit details about what we’re getting up to. The majority though are fairly unaware of the fact that I and Liz indulge in this kind of play.

As such, that makes it tricky to use any of the myriad of triggers that I’ve got implanted in Liz’s mind when we’re around other people. Which is a shame, because sometimes the room with the crowd full of people is the room you really *want* to play in. My triggers are all fairly blatant, and if my friends noticed me telling Liz sternly to “Obey” find herself “Bound” or to “Freeze” they’d probably wonder what the hell was going on.

This is where physical triggers have begun to come in handy. (Physical as opposed to verbal) For the most part, these are triggers linking physical sensations together. What that means, is I can do one (innocent innocuous) thing to Liz, and she can experience it in a totally different (randy and exciting) way.

For example, her earlobes are connected to a very sensitive, very pleasureable part of her body. (You’ll have to guess where), but all I need do, to get her squirming and gasping quite ecstatically is kiss just beside and around and on her earlobe. Or y’know… If she sits down with her back resting against me, I can take my fingers and brush down the side of her neck, maybe lingering a little longer over those earlobes of hers…

I took it further with her left hand (or is it the right? I’ve a terrible memory, though sometimes that makes it more fun) I’ve connected each of her fingers to a different body part.

Say for example I want to slowly run my nails down the backs of Liz’s legs, all I have to do, is trace a fingernail down the length of her first finger. Liz will find herself stretching out her legs, shuddering softly and murmering her approval lightly...

Or maybe I want to kiss and caress her neck, but we’re not in the kind of company where it’s polite for me to start doing so. Well in *that* case, I’ll stroke or kiss her ring finger. Liz will get this nice dreamy smile on her face and as far as anyone knows, all we’re doing is holding hands.

I’ll leave it to your imaginations where the other two fingers are linked to. Needless to say, they link to areas that it’s not possible to play with when out in public. Well no… it’s “possible” to play with them, but doing so might get us arrested.

*** Private ***

For when I want to turn up the heat, I’ve also given Liz an “Intensify” trigger. I use this one most often when I’m kissing her neck. Liz *does* kinda like having her neck nibbled, and it’s more than just a little bit. As I’m not really a fan of open neck wounds (sorry, “love bites”) I’m not always willing to nibble her neck quite as hard as she’d like.

When I want Liz to feel like I genuinely could be snacking on her neck, (I know, she’s weird, but I don’t care, I love her ;o) I just cup her elbow, and carry on doing what I’m doing. The reaction is *very* noticeable though… along with the breathing and squirming… anyway you don’t want to hear about *that!*

On a number of occasions afterwards, Liz has checked out her neck in the mirror and told me “Weird, I could have sworn you gave me a love bite”, I just tend to laugh and tell her that I’m *that* good that I leave no marks ;o)

*** Private ***


K.S. said...

*jots down more notes*
I swear lex, your imagination is proving to be a goldmine. Mine it more! :D

Oh and get well soon! Being sick is basically, to coin the current internet-speak, fail ;/

Shahar said...

you know this reminds me of something I've done before :) where I connected two fingers and my girlfriend's palm to various lower anatomical parts.

Now after having fun with it for a while I came up with the idea to move her hand near her face and let HER play with it... let your imagination run from there :) she enjoyed it quite a bit, and still blushes when I talk about it.

Lex said...

Yyyyyyeah Shahar, I don't really see Liz getting *quite* that carried away... I *can* see her encouraging me extra hard to play with her hands though ;o)

Brian Maiden said...

I have done something similar myself, only the physical trigger was not part of her body, but part of mine, or specifically a ring that I wore...

She responded very well to it, and it was lots of fun to tease her with it while we were out...

thing was, fiddling with my rings is something i tend to do quite naturally, so there were several occasions where I set her off in public without even meaning to! So unfortunately I had to remove that particular trigger... but I soon found alternatives ;o1

Yin said...

Ooooh. Well, that wouldn't work for me really till summer, but... kyehehehehe, I can bring it up with Yang!

Fantastic post, Lex, I'll admit, I haven't checked back in a while, but I'm glad I did! :)

Very nice.

LizziDoll said...

Well, it's comforting to note that even the grand hypnotist himself can't recall his own triggers!

I don't think I need to ask the rest of you 'Who'd you really believe?' when I say that the accuracy of his blogging isn't -quite- upto scratch.

Come now Lex, if you're going to tell them about it, do it right.

Whilst, it doesn't -really- matter to you lot, I couldn't resist a prod ;)

The 'trigger-hand' is my right hand, and whilst the thumb has no affects (to my knowledge) the rest of my fingers sure do! Though, I'll keep in line with what Lex has decided to reveal about them; telling you that my index finger is the one connected to my neck, and the middle finger to the backs of my legs. My ring and pinkie are a little more naughty ;) So I'll leave that to your imaginations.

Anonymous said...

Lex, you have the greatest ideas. Could you, like, make a few posts on how to phrase the triggers for freeze, blank, and that sort of stuff. I would really appreciate it if you did.

Blnkstr said...

shahar and I seem to think alike. I've used a similar suggestion with a subject, and she had quite a good time with the transposed sensations.

Maybe Lex should enable Briony to trigger the sensations, too? Briony could sneak out and control Liz's non-trigger hand in order to stroke the fingers of Liz's trigger hand. Then Liz would be able to enjoy plenty of hypno-attentions even while Lex is busy, and Briony would be able to reward herself since she'd be able to have fun with the sensations _and_ with playing with Liz?

I can't see a single problem with this idea. >:)