Sunday, 2 March 2008

What's Really Going On Here!?

Heya guys, sorry I haven’t blogged. I’d love to say I’ve simply been too busy to do it; however, in all honesty, I’ve not been –overly- busy. I’ve either not had much to blog about, or have found myself other things to do that have kept me occupied (more recently, I've been doodling pictures of... well maybe I'll tell you about them another time ;), I’ve Lex to thank for that new habit)

Well, now that I’ve finally managed to get around to it, I’d better start eh? Now let's see… What fun, sexy, hypnotic things can I tell you all about this time? Hmmm…Let me think ;)

Oooh, yes.

The Psychogasm

Well, I think you’re all aware by now that I’ve a ‘Count to Five’ orgasm trigger, which Lex has demonstrated on numerous occasions… (not always intentionally either), and this has been helpful for a good build-up, and is great for teasing me ;) However, I’ve found I’ve been given another trigger… With this one, I still get an orgasm, but it’s entirely psychological. He counts from A to E for this one, and... I don’t know really… I don’t shake, my breathing doesn’t race, and I’m not -half- as audible ;) Which is a plus if it’s quiet around the house, or we’re out and about with friends. Although, I’m really used to real (and my digit-triggered) ones, so the first few times Lex has used this trigger, my body still "responded" too.

So, Lex thought to try a different tack, to rectify this… Actually I’m not sure exactly –what- was going through his mind when he thought this little gem up. Anyway, we were on our way out to the pub, and I was given this suggestion: When Lex used my psychological trigger next, it would slowly build me up, but I wouldn’t show any outward signs at all. I’d continue what I was doing, acting and speaking normally, regardless of what I was feeling on the inside, and we'd leave the house. So, he began counting, and I had to continue getting ready, collecting my things, go downstairs, say goodbye to everyone and get in the car… All whilst I was writhing inside, unable to show anything outwardly. Just captive in there. On one level I felt like I was squirming in arousal, all set to orgasm... but on the surface, none of this was showing at all.

I sat in the car, closed the door and pulled my seatbelt over me, wondering when Lex would turn this off (or whether he was planning to leave me like this all night!) and as I heard the ‘click’ of my seatbelt – it came. I orgasmed. Or at least... inside I did. It didn’t end there though. It just went on and on. Not only was it strange enough that I was in ecstacy, but on the surface, nothing looked out of place at all. He left me at my climax most of the journey there. I couldn’t do anything about it.

I don’t know whether that was more strange or hot, to be honest. It was certainly up there on both scales :P

Mirehn’s Masturbation Loop

I couldn’t blog and forget this. Heck, I’ve been thinking about it all week! During one of my chats with Mirehn, he gave me a few of his hypnosis ideas, which I thought I’d store, you know, in case I should ever need them in future *whistles nonchalantly*. Now, true to my bratty nature, I wasn’t going to mention these to Lex (well, not before I’d strung it out, and dropped tid-bits of information to him, maybe had him carry out certain favours, maybe buy me a few things... and then -
still- refuse to tell him ;) However, unbeknown to me, Briony had snuck around my back and told him everything that had been written down, on the ‘off-chance’ he might be interested….Kiss ass.

So, I was treated (yes, I’ve very little to brat about this one, unfortunately ;) to an interesting suggestion. Lex and I were in bed, and were just chatting about the day’s events, lounging around not really doing much, and thinking of things to entertain ourselves. Then, I noticed he was staring at me, and when I inquired he replied simply “You’re pretty.” Which, of course, threw me off anything suspicious (hey! I’m a girl, and it was a compliment!) The next thing I knew, I noticed my breathing was getting rather fast, and my hand was suddenly between my legs – and what the hell was I doing? I couldn’t stop myself!
“What the hell is going on!?”
“Whatever do you mean?”
“Stop it right now!”
“Stop yourself.”
And my hands were freed. I glared at him for a while, hardly believing what he’d done.
“Oh, it doesn’t matter anyway, you’ll forget it in a few seconds…”
“What are you-… uh... A movie then? Which one d’you think we should watch?”

It wasn’t until later that I actually remembered the whole story. Lex had used Mirehn’s suggestion that I’d begin masturbating, and I wouldn’t realise it until I’d significantly built myself up. When I –did- realise, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself for a few seconds. When I was able to stop myself, I’d forget about the entire thing in a few seconds, and the cycle would begin again.

Now, of course that didn’t occur to me at the time (how was I supposed to anticipate Briony! I wasn’t even planning on telling Lex about the ideas yet!) but it -was- extremely hot all the same. And now I’ve gotten the opportunity to thank him personally.

Thanks Mirehn, though if you’d cooked that up with Briony beforehand, you need a severe talking to. Though, I could spend all day being paranoid and concocting theories if I tried, so perhaps I’ll have to fall back on my old saying…”Ignorance is bliss.”


Spectre said...

Heehee, that masturbation idea is great! One question though: If you were made to forget the incidents afterwards, wouldn't you forget the fun and arousal you had as well? Or were you allowed to remember everything again after the evening?

K.S. said...

I sure hope that masterbation loop suggestion lets you remember it later. It sounds like its so much fun.

*jots down notes* :D

And I see lex is keeping with "safe" by letting you orgasm in your mind. Best of both worlds? Definately :D

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like the tag "Mischief" on this blog post, fits it well.


Mirehn said...

Heh, I'm glad you enjoyed that one. It did seem so much FUN...

Oh and for the record I did know that Briony was passing them on to Lex, she told me herself quite proudly in fact. However I didn't plot this happening beyond merely suggesting it, you have Lex to thank for that!

Of course there were quite a few mentioned, do you know which ones he was told? And which you might have already been made to forget until after the fact? Have fun...


I doubt I have to -instruct- you to have fun when Liz-bating is afoot!


Brian_maiden said...

haha, i tried some similar suggestions with my last girlfriend, but not quite as fun as this one...

although to be fair, she didn't really need hypnotizing to masterbate without realsing it or remembering it... she'd do it in her sleep all the time, and when i told her she always acted embarressed, but sectretly i think she got a bit of a kick out of it, and actually encouraged me to help her out... i tried though once and she woke up lol...

Rabbit said...

Living the dream, eh?

You're not fooling anyone anymore though - everyone reading this blog knows you love it really!

LizziDoll said...

I don't know -what- you're talking about Rabbit...=P

Spectre, Lex let me remember it very shortly after we were finished, hence why I was able to recall it for blogging. As you say, it wouldn't be half as fun for me if I couldn't recall it. I'd most likely remember it on my own after a little while anyway, so he's best just letting me. There's not much he can get past me anyway.

*** Private ***
Hehe. If she only knew!
*** Private ***

K.S. said...

Bottom line here for us readers (and I do believe I speak for everyone) is that you both have fun, and keep it safe (and also blog too! :D)

Briony we havent heard from you directly. We want to hear your side of the story (or the many more sides, if possible XD)

sarah said...

hey, Lex, have you ever considered doing mp3's? just a thought.