Friday, 14 March 2008

Five Fingers of Fun

As I’m sure people are aware, admitting to family and friends that you have a kink for hypnosis can be tricky. Some of my real life friends do know about it, and some find it very interesting, wanting to see demonstrations of just what I can do with Liz, others are intrigued… but at the same time a little uncomfortable, and don’t really want any explicit details about what we’re getting up to. The majority though are fairly unaware of the fact that I and Liz indulge in this kind of play.

As such, that makes it tricky to use any of the myriad of triggers that I’ve got implanted in Liz’s mind when we’re around other people. Which is a shame, because sometimes the room with the crowd full of people is the room you really *want* to play in. My triggers are all fairly blatant, and if my friends noticed me telling Liz sternly to “Obey” find herself “Bound” or to “Freeze” they’d probably wonder what the hell was going on.

This is where physical triggers have begun to come in handy. (Physical as opposed to verbal) For the most part, these are triggers linking physical sensations together. What that means, is I can do one (innocent innocuous) thing to Liz, and she can experience it in a totally different (randy and exciting) way.

For example, her earlobes are connected to a very sensitive, very pleasureable part of her body. (You’ll have to guess where), but all I need do, to get her squirming and gasping quite ecstatically is kiss just beside and around and on her earlobe. Or y’know… If she sits down with her back resting against me, I can take my fingers and brush down the side of her neck, maybe lingering a little longer over those earlobes of hers…

I took it further with her left hand (or is it the right? I’ve a terrible memory, though sometimes that makes it more fun) I’ve connected each of her fingers to a different body part.

Say for example I want to slowly run my nails down the backs of Liz’s legs, all I have to do, is trace a fingernail down the length of her first finger. Liz will find herself stretching out her legs, shuddering softly and murmering her approval lightly...

Or maybe I want to kiss and caress her neck, but we’re not in the kind of company where it’s polite for me to start doing so. Well in *that* case, I’ll stroke or kiss her ring finger. Liz will get this nice dreamy smile on her face and as far as anyone knows, all we’re doing is holding hands.

I’ll leave it to your imaginations where the other two fingers are linked to. Needless to say, they link to areas that it’s not possible to play with when out in public. Well no… it’s “possible” to play with them, but doing so might get us arrested.

*** Private ***

For when I want to turn up the heat, I’ve also given Liz an “Intensify” trigger. I use this one most often when I’m kissing her neck. Liz *does* kinda like having her neck nibbled, and it’s more than just a little bit. As I’m not really a fan of open neck wounds (sorry, “love bites”) I’m not always willing to nibble her neck quite as hard as she’d like.

When I want Liz to feel like I genuinely could be snacking on her neck, (I know, she’s weird, but I don’t care, I love her ;o) I just cup her elbow, and carry on doing what I’m doing. The reaction is *very* noticeable though… along with the breathing and squirming… anyway you don’t want to hear about *that!*

On a number of occasions afterwards, Liz has checked out her neck in the mirror and told me “Weird, I could have sworn you gave me a love bite”, I just tend to laugh and tell her that I’m *that* good that I leave no marks ;o)

*** Private ***

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Don't Forget About Me!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to blog too guys! Master’s been ill, and playing with Liz, so though I’ve not been out much, I’ve been having plenty of fun behind the scenes…Hee hee!

I’ll follow on from what Liz said though (and getting the chance to fill in some of the gaps). This is actually kinda tricky, since I’ve got to wait for when she’s not paying much attention in between chatting – but she’s talking to Master, hence why this’ll probably take ages…

Hmm…Maybe I should ask him to blank her so I can type!

Anyway, I was snoozing around, when I was woken by Liz thinking about hiding something from Master. Well, of course, -that- got my attention alright =P She was chatting with Mirehn about hypno ideas and wasn’t going to tell Master about them! I knew Master’d like them, so I thought I’d take the liberty of passing them along.

I’m the good one, remember? ;)

So when he caught back up with me, he said he’d reward me the next time he saw me, which is what I’m going to blog about now!

Master had wrapped Liz up in Kaa’s coils in her mind, so that she was still conscious, and could still see out of her eyes, but couldn’t move. Then he brought me out, with control over her body! It was tonnes of fun! He played with me, and she couldn’t do anything but watch (and feel) as he kissed, nibbled and pleasured us both. Mmmmmm....

It was really funny seeing her all confused in there. The bratty part of her wanted to break free and shout at him for even daring to try it - you know, the usual stuff *yawn*... - but she was all conflicted and stuff. First of all, she was wrapped up by Kaa, and we all know what affect -he- has on her ;) Secondly, she tends to get a lot more submissive when there's a whole load of pleasure running through her body. Isn't that just the best!? I was enjoying every minute, since I was with Master, of course, and watching Liz struggle with herself in deciding what course she should take....slowly watching her own brattiness slip away as it was replaced by pure ecstacy, though she tried to cling onto the remnants. Bless ;)

Mmmmmm indeed =P

He released her once we'd finished of course, but by then she just seemed too sleepy and exhausted to mind, or brat about it much. Shame that, isn't it?

*** Private ***
Thanks for the messages guys! It's been great hearing that people want me to blog more, but finding a time when Liz is distracted enough to allow me to type without her knowing comes in rare drops (well, it's easy enough to type odd sentences on MSN and stuff, but when it's something like this, it's a lil trickier)

Keep telling me what you'd like me to talk about next, I'll try and do what I can.
*** Private ***

Briony X x

What's Really Going On Here!?

Heya guys, sorry I haven’t blogged. I’d love to say I’ve simply been too busy to do it; however, in all honesty, I’ve not been –overly- busy. I’ve either not had much to blog about, or have found myself other things to do that have kept me occupied (more recently, I've been doodling pictures of... well maybe I'll tell you about them another time ;), I’ve Lex to thank for that new habit)

Well, now that I’ve finally managed to get around to it, I’d better start eh? Now let's see… What fun, sexy, hypnotic things can I tell you all about this time? Hmmm…Let me think ;)

Oooh, yes.

The Psychogasm

Well, I think you’re all aware by now that I’ve a ‘Count to Five’ orgasm trigger, which Lex has demonstrated on numerous occasions… (not always intentionally either), and this has been helpful for a good build-up, and is great for teasing me ;) However, I’ve found I’ve been given another trigger… With this one, I still get an orgasm, but it’s entirely psychological. He counts from A to E for this one, and... I don’t know really… I don’t shake, my breathing doesn’t race, and I’m not -half- as audible ;) Which is a plus if it’s quiet around the house, or we’re out and about with friends. Although, I’m really used to real (and my digit-triggered) ones, so the first few times Lex has used this trigger, my body still "responded" too.

So, Lex thought to try a different tack, to rectify this… Actually I’m not sure exactly –what- was going through his mind when he thought this little gem up. Anyway, we were on our way out to the pub, and I was given this suggestion: When Lex used my psychological trigger next, it would slowly build me up, but I wouldn’t show any outward signs at all. I’d continue what I was doing, acting and speaking normally, regardless of what I was feeling on the inside, and we'd leave the house. So, he began counting, and I had to continue getting ready, collecting my things, go downstairs, say goodbye to everyone and get in the car… All whilst I was writhing inside, unable to show anything outwardly. Just captive in there. On one level I felt like I was squirming in arousal, all set to orgasm... but on the surface, none of this was showing at all.

I sat in the car, closed the door and pulled my seatbelt over me, wondering when Lex would turn this off (or whether he was planning to leave me like this all night!) and as I heard the ‘click’ of my seatbelt – it came. I orgasmed. Or at least... inside I did. It didn’t end there though. It just went on and on. Not only was it strange enough that I was in ecstacy, but on the surface, nothing looked out of place at all. He left me at my climax most of the journey there. I couldn’t do anything about it.

I don’t know whether that was more strange or hot, to be honest. It was certainly up there on both scales :P

Mirehn’s Masturbation Loop

I couldn’t blog and forget this. Heck, I’ve been thinking about it all week! During one of my chats with Mirehn, he gave me a few of his hypnosis ideas, which I thought I’d store, you know, in case I should ever need them in future *whistles nonchalantly*. Now, true to my bratty nature, I wasn’t going to mention these to Lex (well, not before I’d strung it out, and dropped tid-bits of information to him, maybe had him carry out certain favours, maybe buy me a few things... and then -
still- refuse to tell him ;) However, unbeknown to me, Briony had snuck around my back and told him everything that had been written down, on the ‘off-chance’ he might be interested….Kiss ass.

So, I was treated (yes, I’ve very little to brat about this one, unfortunately ;) to an interesting suggestion. Lex and I were in bed, and were just chatting about the day’s events, lounging around not really doing much, and thinking of things to entertain ourselves. Then, I noticed he was staring at me, and when I inquired he replied simply “You’re pretty.” Which, of course, threw me off anything suspicious (hey! I’m a girl, and it was a compliment!) The next thing I knew, I noticed my breathing was getting rather fast, and my hand was suddenly between my legs – and what the hell was I doing? I couldn’t stop myself!
“What the hell is going on!?”
“Whatever do you mean?”
“Stop it right now!”
“Stop yourself.”
And my hands were freed. I glared at him for a while, hardly believing what he’d done.
“Oh, it doesn’t matter anyway, you’ll forget it in a few seconds…”
“What are you-… uh... A movie then? Which one d’you think we should watch?”

It wasn’t until later that I actually remembered the whole story. Lex had used Mirehn’s suggestion that I’d begin masturbating, and I wouldn’t realise it until I’d significantly built myself up. When I –did- realise, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself for a few seconds. When I was able to stop myself, I’d forget about the entire thing in a few seconds, and the cycle would begin again.

Now, of course that didn’t occur to me at the time (how was I supposed to anticipate Briony! I wasn’t even planning on telling Lex about the ideas yet!) but it -was- extremely hot all the same. And now I’ve gotten the opportunity to thank him personally.

Thanks Mirehn, though if you’d cooked that up with Briony beforehand, you need a severe talking to. Though, I could spend all day being paranoid and concocting theories if I tried, so perhaps I’ll have to fall back on my old saying…”Ignorance is bliss.”