Friday, 1 February 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

I was looking at several hypnotists earlier today (*cough* working hard! Honest!)such as Milton H. Erickson and Richard Bandler. Generally, I’ve made a practice of –not- looking around or going into detail about the workings of my conscious and subconscious states, as I thought that by establishing some definite concepts in my mind, I’d be restricting my hypnotic capabilities or something.

I’ve always believed (with what little experience with hypnosis I’ve acquired so far) that the subject is largely the one in control (sorry to burst your bubbles, Lex and Co.). The subject is the one that establishes the mind-set that he or she enters during trance, refuse suggestions that they don’t wish to continue with, and take the hypnotic instructions they’re given and interpret them in their own way, creating a variety of results. An example of this would be comparing Yin (a friend of mine who has her own hypnoblog) and myself, as we both have similar programming. I, as I’ve mentioned before have a kitten persona that I adopt when Lex brings it out during trance, or through my obey trigger. Yin has a hypnotic cat collar that she can wear and adopt her persona that way. As her blog name suggests, she’s –very- fond of cats, whereas I’m more of a dog person =P

Now when Yin first told me of her cat collar, I was rather curious to see how a seasoned cat fanatic would behave whilst in her kitten-state (and also, because I’ve never really seen myself back as a kitten….could I have been subconsciously been seeking tips?) Anyway, whilst she behaved as expected (rubbing up against things, licking her paws and curling up on the bed) what I found interesting was that she was able to respond to what I was typing in perfect English with little trouble. Now, I’ve mentioned being a kitten in a previous post, but I don’t think I’ve ever spoken aloud as a cat (ignoring Lex’s last post in order for me to prove my point!) One of the things that’s always interested me is the way that one subject interprets a suggestion can be different to how another interprets it.

Grey, Lex and I were having a conversation the other day about Pet and Briony, and Linda and Eve (his sub, Cirith’s submissive side and subconscious) as I tended to not understand ‘Eve’ and couldn’t quite get my head around her. I don’t think I actually cleared that up, but that could be because when I didn’t understand it, I just glossed over it in conversation (possibly linked back to my unwillingness to look at things too closely as I mentioned earlier). But because I –believe- that if I put Pet and Briony into ordered little sections in my mind, establishing exactly what I think they are, it’ll restrict what they can do, that’s what I think will happen. If I were to say that Pet wasn’t my main subconscious, and that there was another level deeper than her, before long I’d find myself searching for someone else to fill that gap I’d created. That’s why I like having some uncertainty regarding their existence, by purposefully closing my ears to explanations and such, in my mind I’m saving myself later hassle and altered perceptions. I like the way things are with Pet (and dare I say it) Briony, and the pictures I’ve built of them so far, and understand that they all fulfil their own role. I guess it’s true, ignorance really -is- bliss.


Grey said...

Any D/s is at least as much about what the sub wants (or is prepared to allow) as what the dom wants (or is prepared to do) - luckily for us, it's not that hard to find people who want to be helplessly controlled, however much they may like to pretend otherwise (sorry to burst your bubble, Liz :P )

As for Cirith, Eve and Linda, I'm not 100% sure how the three inter-relate, and I mid-wifed their creation. I'm definitely not going to claim to know exactly where Pet and Briony's limits are

Shahar said...

well I think for now I am gonna go and say that I think liz is absolutely right in that your mind compartmentalizes these personalities and gives them their limits and abilities, and in general while hypnotized you have more "control" over autonomous systems that would be opaque while awake. anyways as I learn more by experience I might change my mind, bubt so far there's nothing other than observation guiding me to this opinion...

interesting post as always liz

(and I lied I guess I did have time to read the blog before I left... but now time to rush)

K.S. said...

Having that subconscious idea of setting limits in between persona's doesnt do much, if any, at all, for me. During my time "having the tables turned", I find that even when I try to accept the idea that certain persona/s that my significant other takes time to "bring out" are different and "compartmentalized" in my head, she instead comments that there's not much difference between them.

I guess it is as much the D's as well the s's job/handle on things. After all, no D/s relationship will work without the basic, no.1 thing: Trust.

Either way, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, if deep down you dont accept something (like limits to your fun, as if anyone wants limits to fun :P), it just wouldnt work.

MasterYang said...

I made sure that Yin would be able to respond in English both audibly and through text when in kitten mode, because it makes it so much easier to make sure everything is okay as I can't be there in person. Although it's interesting because the collar has a sort of cumulative effect in that the more often she wears it the more kitten like she becomes and she did forget how to type the other day. XD It was cute.

Yin said...

Hehehe, I love being a kitten... for Master Yang and at times of boredom...

*mews and purrs* Though, yes, I can speak... I just don't think about it, in my mind, that's what cats normally do, when I'm in that mode.


Yin said...

Nyaaa~ for anyone who didn't know and wanted to read it, the Yang posted on our blog! ^^ Come read and enjoy! I learned some new things as well... XD

Don't forget to leave your mark somewhere on the page... comment maybe? Lex already gave us the honour of doing so first. ^^

LizziDoll said...

Already taken care of Yin, it was a -very- good post, Yang.

I look foward to hearing more ;)