Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What’s going on!? … You made me into a puppy!

I dunno if I’ve mentioned it before, but Liz *loves* being in bed. At a weekend it’s only about once in a blue moon that we see her up before midday. I’ve tried rousing her by none-hypnotic methods, but it can take an hour to see any kind of result. She tends to hang out until I coax her out of bed with a cooked breakfast. (Not that I’m under her sway, of course)

Now I *can* use my sneaky hypno powers to get her out of bed… I can use her “Obey” or “Body Slave” triggers and she’ll do exactly as I say. But of course once she’s *out* of bed, she’ll still feel just as sleepy and keen to get back into it as she was before I triggered her. I’m also liable to get a kick up the arse if she feels surly about the fact that I’m depriving her of her most treasured pleasure.

A dilemma indeed!

Now… I’ve noticed that when I use Liz’s kitten or puppy triggers, it doesn’t really matter what she was doing beforehand, the kitten or puppy instincts will kinda take over. So for example if she feels like she wants the bed all to herself, and she’s going to wrestle, tickle and push me off the bed to get it… and I use her “kitten” trigger, suddenly all that matters to her is snuggling into me, rubbing her face n neck against me and occasionally making “rowr?” noises.

(I’m sure she’d purr as well, but sadly Liz’s mouth is remarkably short on features when it comes to making weird and interesting sound effects. She can’t roll her R’s, she can’t blow raspberries, she *can* roll her tongue… though it was only last week when she realised this. I’m digressing here… but it’s *fun* to tease Liz from time to time.)

Where was I… oh yeah, “kittening” her. If, as a kitten she gets nicely snuggled up, and I then return her to normal, the kitten feelings tend to hang around for a while. She’ll feel far more inclined to share the bed than try to turf me off it. She’ll drift back into her previous mood eventually, but it’s a more of a sedate curve than an off / on reaction.

The same goes for making her a puppy. If she’s feeling lazy and lethargic, and I use her puppy trigger, suddenly the *last* thing puppy Liz wants to do is sleep, and all that she cares about is chewing my slippers, barking at anything that looks like it might play with her and playing “chase” games. Her death grip on the duvet gets forgotten completely as she scrabbles out of bed and goes searching for stuff to play with and chew.

One time when I did this, I told Liz that although she’d become a puppy and behave like one, mentally she’d remain herself, speaking her thoughts outloud, but believing that she was only capable of making puppy-like barks and yips. Here’s what followed, it’s not a word for word transcript (as this happened weeks ago and I didn’t have the forethought to have a dictaphone handy.)

“1,2,3, wide awake puppy, feeling good”

Liz’s eyes opened wide as she began looking excitedly around.

“Wait… what’s going on?” she asked, physically excited and active, but mentally completely baffled by her actions.

“There’s a goooood girl” I said, patting her on the head.

“What’re you talking about?” said Liz, as she helplessly began to nuzzle her face into mine. “Ohhhh, you git, you’ve done something to me, haven’t you!”

“Nice to see you’re getting out of bed anyway” I grinned, giving my puppy a wink as I noticed her clambering out of bed to explore.

“But… but I was so comfortable” she whimpered, sniffing the duvet before chomping into it with her teeth, shaking her head from side to side and growling possessively but playfully.

“Arghhhh, you’ve made me into a puppy!” came her lament.

“No puppy! You don’t bite the duvet.” I chided, giving her a little tap on the nose when she refused to let go of it. (A pre programmed trigger for her puppy persona to let her know she’s misbehaving. It makes her feel more surprised than “bad”, as that’s a negative feeling that I don’t really want Liz feeling even as a puppy)

All the same, she dropped the duvet instantly, hunkered down, gave me her biggest puppydog eyes and stammered in mock horror: “You… you tapped me on my nose!”

“Quit sulking and go and get one of my slippers” I commanded.

“Ohhhhh no!” moaned Liz, as she leapt up from her puppy pose and began to rove from side to side, the puppy in control of her pouncing from one part of the bed to the other, peeking over the edge in search of slippers.

“Arrrrrrgh” came a frustrated grunt from her as she tumbled off the bed onto the floor. A second later her head popped up, triumphantly gripping a slipper in her teeth.

“I’b gnna gt you fr ths” she managed to mumble through the slipper. And then there was a little bit more complaining while I chucked the slipper for her to fetch. I know she was loving it *really*, as before I’d thrown it twice she was chewing on it happily and telling me that no *way* was I getting it back, and it was *her* slipper now.

When I finally got round to returning her to normal, all thoughts of getting back into bed had vanished. Admittedly she was now thinking of ways to exact her revenge. That’s fine though, because *I* was thinking of new ways to toy with and tease her.


free-kuh-zoid said...

Hey entrancement, could you do a youtube video designed to hypnotize viewers like me into doing stuff like this? I really want to know what it feels like. Pleeeeze!

Mirehn said...

Once again you gift us with a wonderful view into your fun activities with hypnosis! It really does sound like she has you under her thumb...

Oh and free-kuh-zoid, if Lex will excuse me for commenting on this before him; I'm always willing to show someone what it's like. Take a look at my blog, and contact me if you are interested.

Oh and I am interested in hearing Liz's take on all this!

Anonymous said...

I think Liz's take might have some few choice words with it.

But hey, who doesn't love puppies and kittens? It's interesting to see the residual effects, and I guess it works in Lex's advantage. Point one to Lex?


Anonymous said...

so does puppy time also include a feeding/water bowl for those longer stays :)

Lex said...

I don't *think* Liz would be keen on actually eating / drinking from a bowl on the floor, no. :oP

I could ask her I suppose... or just spring it on her...

Nah, honestly I think it's the fun aspects she's attracted to (playing chase, going for walkies, sniffing and exploring round interesting places and generally being the center of attention) as opposed to the "sub" aspects of being a puppy. (Being leashed, eating off the floor, living in a basket or kennel, etc)

Yin said...

Pure gold. ^^

I love it. Poor Liz, *huggles* you'll find your revenge, don't worry. :)

K.S said...

Its fun reading the reactions from both of you. I'm surprised Liz didnt take advantage of her "puppy" state and start nibbling at your ankles or something :P

ben said...

lex im sure you get this all the time but can you make or point me in the directions of something that can teach me to hypnotize people