Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Sleeping Sub

I was going to leave this until Lex had posted his other two blogs he's been telling me about (in part so I'd have plenty to share my perspective and comment on, but also to brat about them ;), but a few things have happened recently that I thought I might share with you all. I know, I'm too good to you people =P

Now, where to begin...

I guess I should start with the strange events that unfolded the other night. Lex and I had returned to my house late that night, and of course, there was a fair amount of his usual mischeviousness. He's taken up a new hobby actually. Yes, he counts to three and watches as I writhe...And to prolong this sport even more, for his viewing entertainment, he's increased the number at which I orgasm to 5 (along with the intensity). I don't think I complained for too long though ;)

I went to bed a little later on, and after furiously trying to keep myself warm enough, fell asleep. The next thing I knew, Lex was calmly sat at the bottom of my bed, wearing his signature smirk, and began to count "1..2..3". My breathing deepened and I began to shake slightly, growing more and more aroused as he counted. I lifted up my head and demanded to know what the hell he was playing at at this time in the morning, when I realised that he wasn't even there. I'd dreamt the entire thing, though I was still extremely aroused...But how?

The first thing that sprang to mind though, was how do I turn it off? Lex wasn't here, and I'd somehow managed to trigger myself, but how did I undo it? I closed my eyes and tried to picture him, his voice, the cheeky glint in his eyes, and him counting downwards. It seemed to do the trick. But what I don't understand was how it happened. I've always been a visual (though sometimes audio) learner, and my great imagination and empathic nature has always been useful when I read, or watch a film (though is also the reason why I can't watch horror films) and more recently, with my suggestions. But to react to a dream startled even me (although I'll admit it's also a secret reassurance that hypnosis is actually working for me, which is something that niggles me occasionally).

Study Time

Lex has suggested on a few occasions that he could give me a boost with my studies through hypnosis, and previously I'd evaded the conversation as it hadn't seemed like anything that important (and I was a little sceptical that it would even work if I'm honest). Though recently I put off revision for longer than I should have, and it has really caught up with me, which is when Grey suggested the same thing to me. So I thought, what the heck. On a drive home, Lex put me into a trance (makes those car journeys -fly- by, I'm telling ya ;) and gave me a suggestion that whenever he or I say the words 'Study Time', I'd be much more focused on my revision and learning. The everyday distractions that would have prevented me from studying for long would become trivial, and would only make me focus more on the task at hand.

So today I gave it a try, and after a little build up of my own confidence in the trigger (I still didn't believe it would work), I sat down in the library and whispered to myself: "Study time, Liz". I wasn't in a new frame of mind, like blanking or one of my alternate personalities, but I was able to concentrate much more intensely than I had in months. Nothing seemed to bother me, and I even ignored two or three text messages on my phone through wanting to get as much out of my study session as possible.

Well since Lex reminded me, there was also another sharp reminder of the triggers effect on me later on that day. I was studying intently and after a while I needed some help on a concept. I puzzled for a while, and then decided to get some help from my tutor...Only there was one small problem...I couldn't for the life of me remember her name! I guess the trigger had made me focus that hard on my revision that it deemed anything else as less of a priority. I felt like such an idiot trying to rifle through possible names in my head, I mean, I knew exactly what subject material I needed help on, and what I'd been learning, but not her name! I'm glad Lex found my embarrassment amusing, anyway.

I'm really pleased with the work I managed to do through using the trigger, and you won't read this often Lex, (so savour it) but thanks. One thing I did notice however, was that from doing four or five hours of revision under the trigger's influence, I felt rather drained from it. I don't plan on using it every time I need to sit down, but in future I'll watch how often I use it. Interesting though =P


Grey said...

Nice to see you listen to good advice when it's offered, Liz :P

And, yeah, focusing on anything for a significant stretch of time is tiring - you're still burning the energy whether you're focused by hypnosis, or just by your own unaided willpower. If you're getting through the work that would normally take you twice as long, it means you're working twice as hard, so you can end up rather drained, particularly if you don't take breaks and eat/drink from time to time to keep your strength up...

K.S. said...

I'm seconding grey's comment regarding the "study focus" fatigue you've experienced. I myself also run into this when I use hypnosis as a study-aid.

It works, just that its gets really tiring. Perfect when you have a distraction you cant get rid off and you REALLY need to study.

Also, it seems Lex is getting sneakier than usual. Of course, he probably means well, so dont stamp on his foot too hard. Who knows he may need it ;)

Shahar said...

hell if you step on his foot hard enough he might make you carry him and no one wants that :)

oh and as a little self introduction, I've been doing hypnosis on my girlfriend for the last year or so, it's been fun and recently more successful than ever. I've been into the whole scene for many years now but due to a bevy of social phobias (which I'm mostly over) I havnt had much of a chance to experiment with it...

I've got the two (three? four?) of you on Yim and MSN and I'll be saying hi whenever there's some time (most of the time I'm online from work though, and prefer to stay offline when at home simply for relaxation.

Lex said...

Cool post Lizzi-babes ;o)

I know when I gave you that trigger I also gave you "In emergencies you can stop being so intent on studying" programming, as well as "You can stop when you've achieved what you wanted to / when you say "Release" programming... but did I give you much in the way of comfort programming?

By that I mean "take a break every half hour, eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty, and if you need the bathroom, for heaven's sake make sure you *go* to the bathroom" ;o)

You should also mention being so focused on Math revision that you forgot your tutor's name. That made me laugh. :oD

Anonymous said...

A trigger like that is a cramming university student's dream; I'm sure a lot of my peers wish they had it for those brutal finals. Good to see the trigger improving your academics!

Guess it's not all fun and games.


Dazbot241 said...

To be honest with you, liz, I have a habit of forgetting names anyway... I shouted "Adam" out at university a couple of weeks back, even though there's nobody on my course called adam... So yno, at least you have an excuse for the mistake, lol...

Sounds like a useful trigger, but like you say, be careful how you use it because though it might be extremely helpful, you don't want to collapse onto your bed in complete exhaustion at the end of the day... You're probably best using it when you've tried to concentrate normally and you're struggling... Otherwise, you'll get into the mindset that you don't need to try because you can just fall back onto that trigger... Might help you with the exhaustion that...

Hope you're ok, not heard from you in ages!

Not spoke to you in a while either briony... Hope you're ok... Liz hasn't been on msn so much, otherwise I would say hi, lol...