Thursday, 17 January 2008

I’m under *her* thumb? Heh… Haha… Bwahahahaaa!

I was chatting to a couple of RL friends about relationships lately, and mine and Liz’s relationship came up in passing.

Now I know that Liz and I are fairly open about the things we get up to here on our blog, where everything’s reasonably anonymous, but in reality, we both play our cards a fair bit closer to our chests. We don’t make any claims to be *completely* straight laced... (I’m sure I’ve made a couple of fairly obvious hints in front of friends that I think Liz would make a *fantastic* french maid) but we're not *quite* so brazen about the hypno games we play with one another.

One of my good RL friends commented the other day that Liz and I seem to make a really good couple, he thinks she can be pretty sassy, but seems to keep me in line(!!) and that she’s intelligent enough to keep me interested long term. (I *suppose* that part’s true… ;o)

I found his take interesting, we do have this habit of bickering good naturedly with one another, mentally (and sometimes physically) sparring and matching wits to see who can come out with the smarter comment, or gain the upper hand. (Not that we always impress with our towering intellects, the phrases “Ooh, burrrrrn”, “Yeah well… you’re gay”, and “So’s your face” do get used an awful lot)

I did find it kinda funny though. I know that the reason Liz is so often smug and sassy in public is because she kind of wants to make sure that the next time we’re in private I reassert my dominance, one way or another.

I might have mentioned it before, but I do have a few handy ways of making Liz do anything I say... I can "blank" her and then give her any command I like... though having a misty-eyed hypno-zombie following me around is probably not the best way to avoid raised eyebrows... still, it depends where you are when you bring your slavegirl out to play. Before now I've had her follow me around town in "Fembot" mode. Robotically standing to attention beside me, and staring dead ahead of herself while I examined the "recently released" section of our local Game store. (EB in the US) No-one seemed to notice anything unusual about her behaviour, which gave me a real buzz at the time. What most gamers would give to have their own fembot, and here's Lizzi-bot, not 5 feet away from them, fully ready to obey any command given. Yum!

Liz is also one for staying in bed and keeping warm, no matter what else might be going on. (Seriously, if she won 10 million in the lottery, the first thing she'd do before going to collect her cash would be to make sure she'd had a good night's sleep) so it's sometimes an effort to get her to move. That's when Briony and Liz's new "Slavegirl" persona come in handy. Briony's always willing to do as I say, and always eager to bug Liz. Liz's slavegirl trigger keeps her as herself, but switches off her brattiness, so she'll happily obey any command I give, feeling good in the knowledge that she's pleasing me.

The other day I had to deliver a DVD to a friend and Liz didn't want to leave the bed to come with me. Nor would she let me get up to leave the bed, (she's got this adorable way of wrapping herself around you giving you a full body hug, it's sexy as hell... but it does mean you have got *no* chance of getting free... Hmmm, kinda like Kaa the snake and his coils, who I *know* Liz has a thing for...Hmmmmmmmmmm)

Anyway, I used Liz's "submissive slave" trigger, had her dress, and come with me in the car to the friends house and then come back home, it took us about 15 minutes. Afterwards I had Liz undress again, get back into bed, and resnuggle. On returning to normal (after she'd warmed up sufficiently to cover-up the fact that she'd been out for a drive) she didn't realise a thing had happened. The perfect crime!

Later that night she was just finishing off some runescape when she said that we could go deliver the DVD to my buddy. She didn't believe that we'd already been when I told her that we had. Gyahahahaaa

Seriously, I am *truly* the one in control ;o)

Liz would probably say otherwise. She’d probably say something about me being completely under her thumb. She might even comment that my willpower turns to jelly whenever she flashes her breasts at me. But I know that I just feel like playing along at those times… really!

*** Private ***
The main reason I say that, is because I know that I’ve given Liz the post hypnotic suggestion to believe that her breasts are in fact compellingly hypnotic, and completely irresistible.

She’s now under the false belief that all she has to do to get her own way is to peel up her top, wiggle her lovelies at me, and tell me what it is she wants me to do. Usually I feel like doing it anyway... but it doesn’t hurt to tease her to the point where she smugly plays this "ace" of hers. ;o)

Before anyone asks, yes, she only does it when the two of us are alone in private. I suppose I *could* give her programming to believe that the power of her breasts causes everyone else to enter a hypnotic stupor when she gets them out... but that would be too cruel. We'd be down at the pub playing pool and she'd slide up her shirt, proudly display her boobs and yell "MISS" ... and to be fair, I would... but then so would everyone else... the drinkers would miss their mouths, the bar staff would drop any glasses they'd been holding... the guys playing darts would somehow manage to hit and electrify the games machines... and we'd both be ejected from the pub. XoD

I’ve also given Liz a (slightly more subtle) trigger that I can use out and about in public. When I suggest something to her and use the phrase “don’t you agree” she’ll now automatically say “yes of course”, and agree with everything I just said.

I don’t use this trigger that often, as it *does* make it awfully easy to get my own way. It’s usually more fun to use Liz’s “bodyslave” trigger and then command her to do something, (so I can watch the outrage on her face as she promises to bring me pain as soon as she’s free… well… assuming I don’t use hypno power to stick her lips shut) or else I’ll use her “obey” trigger, which *does* make her instantly obey… but doesn’t stop her from realising once she’s obeyed / obeying that she’s doing it by hypnotic compulsion. Seeing the look of comprehension on her face at these times is sweet indeed.

I’ve checked with Pet (Liz’s subconscious) to make sure that suggestions given by the “don’t you agree” trigger that are purely for fun don’t make any long term alterations to Liz’s mental makeup, so although I could tell Liz “You feel a wonderful urge to bellydance and you just want to give into it… don’t you agree” she’d only feel that way for the duration of the bellydance and would return to normal afterwards believing that it was a completely natural thing to do at the time.

Oh, and one more thing, Liz doesn't seem to be able to orgasm without my permission lately, I wasn't *really* looking to deprive her of that ability, but I did give her that programming a few weeks ago for an evening. I tried removing it last night, but Liz has this habit of holding onto programming she really likes though, and as such, has kept hold of this one. I can now keep her writhing on the brink of orgasm for as long as I like. I can take her there in an instant... or slowly over an evening of fun.

So who d'you *really* think is in control here? ;o)

*** Private ***


Liverani said...

Christ I envy you.

LizziDoll said...

Envy who Liverani?

K.S. said...

you guys have a way of writing up about your experiences that feel so unreal, they should be a story, whilst at the same time, we all know it to have basis in truth.

Some of us who have/had/want to do the same things you two have feel both left-out, and at the same time part of the fun.

Conflicts of emotion indeed.

Well, as long as lex behaves, and you lizzi enjoy, nothing is wrong...

...cept some of us hanging onto every blog entry in envy/awe/worship/lovehate at times... :P

*dials up significant other's number and prepares for an idea of "fun"*

lex, your blog and experiences with lizzi have proven to be a great source of inspiration for me and my significant other.

Suffice to say, we owe you a great deal. Thanks :D

Just make sure lizzi and/or you get into trouble from your playing around. Take it from me, its rather embarrassing trying to explain to others when caught *major OOPS*


K.S. said...


*EDIT: WOOPS, I meant "...DO NOT get into trouble..."

Indeed, my hands fail me at a critical moment :(

Keep it safe, you two, and most of all, have fun :D


polo said...

mmmm... Lizzi, I read this post and can't help but notice that Lex says you have really wonderful breasts.

is that so? I don't have a webcam, can you fill me in about it? are they your best asset, or is it just Lex that thinks so?


btw Liz, it seems you're really enjoying the pleasures of orgasm on command. would be nice if you or Briony talk about it here. I'm sure you would feel just swell talking about how good you feel when obeying Lex's command to orgasm whenever he wants, and why you want it to last, just feeling pleasure whenever he commands you so, letting him take control as you wander into total blissful fun.


brian_maiden said...

Hi all, discovered this blog recently, and have been reading through entries for a few days now...

I've recently gotten out of a relationship in which we enjoyed using hypnosis in a D/s way...

Reading about all the fun you are having makes me realize what I'm missing!

LizziDoll said...

Glad to hear you found us, Brian.

And that's a really nice comment K.S, thanks! I'm glad we have helped you and your lady =P

Polo, I've got to say my best asset has to be my eyes. Have we cammed to you in the past? Not sure if you've seen them, but puppydog eyes and glares of death really do come in handy ;)

*** Private ***
Pet might not share about hypnogasms, but I might next time Liz blogs ;)

Briony X x
*** Private ***

Yin said...

*giggles* Yummyyyyy. Hehe, Lizzidoll, I agree, brattiness in general is usually a purrrrfect way of letting HypnoDoms THINK it's their idea to assert their dominance... really that's all we want anyway. <3

Nyaa~ ^^

polo said...

well I always liked a nice stare so that's nice, Liz. I promise to check on your as soon as I get me a webcam. now I see I need it ;)

*** Private ***

mmmmm how nice Briony, I can't wait

*** Private ***

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