Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Drawing: Hypno PC!

A friend asked me to draw a main image for his site. (No prizes for guessing what kind of content will be on it)

Click here for a full size view

Ask me about commissions!

Monday, 22 December 2008

A Show Like You've Never Seen

Lex and I went to see Elton John at his Red Piano Tour on Saturday (20th). I'd bought him the tickets back in January, and had managed to keep my mouth shut about them for a good 10 months. Mid-November, I'd started to get a little panicky since they still hadn't arrived and I'd never been to a gig before, so wasn't sure whether they should have been here by now. Considering I'd paid the money for them, and was planning to give them to him on his birthday, I wanted the damn emotional kudos for getting it! So I ended up telling him about the gift - and the tickets turned up two weeks later....

Damn sod's law.

We went down to the MEN Arena on Saturday night and took our seats about 10 mins before the opening act came on. It was a band that I'll never remember the name of now, and I didn't really rate them. The lead singer sounded a little like Adam Levine (the lead from Maroon 5) and although he *could* sing, it just wasn't memorable. I think everyone there just wanted Elton, and not the 'look who I'm touring with' act beforehand.

Half of the audience were pissed out of their trees before the show even started, and there were three people in the row below us that were serenading each other throughout the show - and spilling drinks on anyone near them. It got annoying as they decided to stand and show their appreciation; this of course blocked the view for everyone behind them. British etiquette dictated that we couldn't say anything to them, so we didn't, and they eventually sat down.

After a scenery change on stage, Elton appeared from the sidelines, and the crowd went nuts. Everyone was out of their seats, clapping and cheering. I started to stand, before I felt something. My pussy began to throb as I could feel some light playing happening downstairs; I was getting a little aroused all of a sudden. I turned to Lex to ask what the Heck was happening - and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

It was so strange; before and after a song was played, the feeling returned. The more frantic the audience got, the stronger it felt. It was (embarrassingly) wonderful, being touched in all the right places. I think everyone around was too interested in the concert to notice (at least, I hoped they were!). Every time I came to question Lex about it though, I just couldn't remember what I was going to ask him....Strange eh?

Towards the end of the show, a popular song came on, and the crowd went nuts. I couldn't hold it any longer and (with permission from Lex) I came, right there in the middle of the arena. The best part? Not a single person noticed. It was more of that secret public play I'm beginning to love, and whilst it *was* distracting, it was incredibly fun. I didn't get to clap and cheer on Mr. John as much as I'd have liked to, but it was certainly a gig I'm not going to forget in a hurry!

As a side-note, I'm a sickeningly romantic type of girl. Having the stereoptyical movie-esque love scenes makes me melt. Lex knows this, and whilst he's obviously too manly for that kind of thing (*chuckles to self*) he decided he'd put a special trigger in for me during the show.

Elton was singing away to 'I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues', and I felt Lex lean against me. He sang the chorus into my ear, and suddenly, my vision changed. The thousands of other people around us disappeared, and it was just him, me, and Elton. Elton was less than 10 feet away, singing just for the two of us. I know they say when you're in love that kind of thing happens, everyone around you disappears as you two are the only people in the world. But the difference was, this *actually* happened. Elton sang for me, and I'll never forget it. It was so romantic I almost cried.

Alright, I'm a sap. But I love that kind of thing. So nyer ;)

I love you, Lex - and thank you for making my night special.

[Cue the 'Ahhhhh's]

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Animated Spiral

I spent a little time last weekend animating the spiral that I created for my Entrancement website.

I think it came out looking pretty good. I'm half tempted to stick it up the top of the page as the blog portrait... not sure if that'd get old / distracting though ;)

Let me know what people think.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Change of Behaviour?

I'd tried to respond to the comments given to my last post, but found that it was going to be the longest comment ever, so I decided to just make it into a post.

First things first, it made me smile to read K.S's comment that his S.O noticed a change in the way I am writing now, compared to my earlier posts. I was wondering if it would be noticable or not =P It doesn't surprise me one bit that it was a woman that noticed it, women *are* the more perceptive sex afterall.

I don't know, I guess I *have* changed, due to a number of things really. Natural progression has to account for a large part of it; when I began this blog, I had only recently discovered the wonders of hypnosis, and had very little idea of what it could do. Lex and I decided to begin HypnoFantastico simply so that we could look back in years to come and smile; it just so happened it introduced us to a number of very good friends equally as filthy-minded =P

When Lex and I first began talking online, I almost fell off my seat when I looked in the mirror and saw that he'd given me his beard! I could really see it, the little ginger goatee (the beard, not Lex =P) was right there! To this day, it was one of the most profound hallucinations I've ever had under hypnosis. But now, I've grown old and cynical it seems, and the moment something seems out of place, the first person I turn to is Lex. There's been several occasions where I've accused him of things he's not had a hand in - which can get rather embarrassing when it concerns my sudden arousal (which I then find is entirely my own creation...)

But as I've gotten more familiar with the subject of hypnosis (and of course, being a hypnosis subject - see what I did there?) I've grown more adventurous. I'm a woman who needs constant mental stimulation, I need a challenge, in one form or another. Once I familiarise myself with something, I'll look for something else, or look to increase the difficulty of the current task. It's been the same with hypnosis. The things I was so fascinated with as the doors to the hypnoworld opened before me became commonplace as the months went by, and so I'd look for different things I could explore. This has led me to many areas (and countless dirty daydreams); including RPing with hypnosis, the works of John Norman, and some light bondage.

It's this progression that's also changed my attitude to hypnosis, which K.S's S.O has noticed. I don't know if it's whether (heaven forbid) I'm growing up, or whether I've simply gone more sub...

Sorry, had to take a moment to laugh myself silly.

No, the good ol' brat is still here everyone, you've nothing to fear on that score. It's just my days of trancing others have taken a break for a while. Both you and I know that I like being the subject (I wrote 'sub'.... and then decided to correct that =P), no matter how much I brat. I wouldn't have entered into a hypno d/s relationship if I didn't, and I think that's what's clicked in my mind lately. I've just accepted it, and dropped the necessity of bratting all the time. That doesn't mean, of course, I've stopped bratting for good.

I'm waaaay too accomplished to simply hang up my hat, no matter how much I may happen to enjoy hypnosis...

Sunday, 7 December 2008

From *My* Eyes...

Well, what can I say? Two posts that definately make me flush, and I can't even remember all of it in detail! I'll try my best to paint the picture from my point of view though...

Brainwashing Joy

For a while now my naughty little interests have been getting more and more intense. A year or so ago and I would have gasped at the thought of half of the things I've been daydreaming about, but I guess people progress and develop. I've just gone down the one-way street to Corruptsville =P

One of these naughty little thoughts of mine has been to do with restrictive bondage and brainwashing. I like a bit of bondage, when it's things like tying me to the corners of the bed, as opposed to the more decorative "Lets see if we can make her look like a hogroast". Restricting movement, rather than boy scouts practising their knots upon a woman's breasts. So the image I'd had in mind was being tied down to the computer chair; arms and legs bound so that I couldn't move, and even gagged. I'd be forced to sit and stare at the computer screen, spirals entering into every part of my weakened mind, as someone whispers in my ear. Slowly being brainwashed, and (literally) being unable to do a thing about it. Mmm, I love flashbacks to things like these ;)

So, that's just what I woke up to one night when I was with Lex. He'd tied my arms behind the chair, and my feet around the central post. I had a blindfold on originally, and demanded to know what the Hell he was upto. He removed the blindfold and the screen was full of moving spirals. I was instantly drawn to them, as he began to whisper to me. Circling around behind my neck, kissing here and there...

It's funny really, but I don't exactly remember what he was saying to me....Strange, eh? =P

A lot of people have asked me if I'm surprised or shocked that Pet has a trigger now, and to be honest, I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. On the one hand, she's my subconscious, so having her around to look after me in my trances is good. But on the other, this is Lex, so of course I trust him. So must Pet, since she's the one that's let go. I don't know, I don't like to think much about my other personalities though, it starts delving into the realms of schitzophrenia, and I don't think I want to go there =P

The whole thing was incredibly hot though, and if the scene played out how I fantasised, which I believe it did, then I'm a very happy woman indeed!

Fun In London

Another one of my naughty thoughts has been about being triggered in public, but still maintaining the secrecy of what we're actually doing. The kind of 'if they only knew' approach to the world. I like thinking I've this naughty little secret that is happening right under the noses of everyone around me.

That was the push behind the fun we had in London. Lex has told you most of it, which is good, since I wasn't 'aware' for most of it lol. But yes, it was definately fun walking through the crowds of people, with my arm held behind my back. A kind of mental reminder of status, I guess =P Yet to the outside world, we were just a couple pushing our way through the busy crowds in London, trying to maintain some contact with each other so as not to get lost. Delicious!

The Tube rides were definately the most amusing part of the whole trip. The fact that everyone decides to chance it and push themselves on, even when there's barely any breathing room in the carriage. We had one guy who saw that the tube was full, yet still pushed onto the end, to which everyone near collectively thought "He's never going to fit in there! The door will have his head off!" And this wasn't a small guy, over 6ft, he pressed his back against the closing doors, and tilted his head to squeeze onto the stop. It surprised the Heck out of everyone wishing he'd have just got the next one. That same tube ride, I had two old women standing beside me, and the extent of the crowding in the carriage was that one of the two old women was effectively sat on my knee! And as the tube sails down the tracks and rocks the carriages, having the old woman rubbing up against my thigh was certainly a very surreal experience indeed.

How many other people can say they went on a Tube ride and had a woman in (at least) her 60's grind up against their lap? Anyway, sorry for the digression there =P

We'd crammed into the carriage and I was stood up with Lex, in very close proximity (which of course, I didn't mind one bit =P). I looked around, trying to kill time before the tube set off when I heard the doors open. I was confused for a moment, wondering what the Heck the delay was. We couldn't possibly fit any more people onto this tube! Then crowds started getting off, and I really began to wonder, until the voice rang through the speakers, announcing the next stop.

I looked across at Lex, and his mischevious grin told me he'd been playing. I started to object, telling him (in my polite way, of course) to button it. The doors closed...and then opened again. My natural thought of a delay had been supressed by the last instance, and I flashed a glare across at Lex again.

"What? It's making the journey go faster, isn't it?" He grinned.

That was true, but still, it was very unusual. And it's not like the stops were hours apart from each other. I can't even begin to imagine what the chap standing next to us thought of my blank expression as we set off again.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Private play in public places

For a while I'd been intending to take Liz to see a musical in London. It was a toss up between Mama Mia! and Wicked. Mama Mia! I'd caught on DVD a couple of weeks previously. (A bloke down the pub had given me a disc full of games and movies, one of which happened to be Mama Mia. When I asked him if I *looked* like a guy that'd enjoy watching an Abba musical, he simply said "Well you've got a girlfriend haven't you?" The guy had a point.)

Anyway, that made my mind up for me, we'd go and see Wicked. For those of you that haven't heard of it (Blokes then) it's a side story that gives an alternate take on The Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch's point of view. (Who according to Wicked, was actually the heroine in Oz, and was only cruel to Dorothy because the little brat had nicked off with her dead sister's shoes.) The book Wicked also has a few interesting "MC-Stories"esque moments with people having spells cast on them that make them unable to move / speak about certain subjects... though sadly those moments didn't make it into the final musical.

I'm not really one for planning events months in advance, so when I checked online to see if there were any available tickets to see it in the next couple of weeks -and there were- I snapped us up a couple for the next weekend.

I won't bore you with the travel details, if I mention that Birmingham is a pain in the arse to be within 100 miles of... and that London should fix its smegging trains... and it's taxi drivers should NOT be charging you 20p (30 cents) for 10 seconds of their time, that's probably enough info to paint a pretty familiar picture for most people.

Anyway, we got into London on the Friday night, and had all Saturday to hang around for before the show in the evening. We decided to take a trip to Oxford Street to do some shopping. I had a look through a few bookshops, Liz persuaded me to buy her a new coat. I got her to try on a few hats in one stall... some of which made her look pretty cool, some made her look absolutely adorable... in an animé schoolgirlesque kinda way, we nipped into Anne Summers to buy ourselves a bondage kit and ask directions to any nice cafés... and we completely avoided entering any of the 300,000 McDonalds's or 400,000 Starbucks stores spattered around the city like a rash. (Oh, except to use one store as a "McCall-of-Nature" ;o)

I'd been reading the remotecontrolpuppet blog here, where puppet mentions that his Mistress had him spend some time mindless whilst out in public, and I know that Liz is *very* into the idea of being triggered and toyed with publicly. From time to time I'll trigger or trance her in front of models that we work with, which I know she quite likes... she also enjoys the idea of being a mindless maid at a private party, serving drinks, flashing whoever asks to see her butt... or just standing around as a mannequin that people can admire, or pose... or hang their hats and coats on. You get the picture.

Public play does give her a little thrill, though I'm not sure how keen she'd be for me to *really* put her on hypnotic display whilst out in public. (Not that I haven't thought about it... the idea of leaving her posed in the middle of a park as a living statue with a sign saying "Please Pose Me" while I admire and watch the reactions of passers by from a nearby bench *does* have a certain appeal....) :oD

Anyway, I wasn't *quite* ready (and it wasn't really warm enough) to start showing Liz off like that, so I settled on a couple of subtler forms of hypnotic play. At one point as she was leading me through the crowd I thought to myself "This doesn't look right... her leading me!" so I held her hand up behind her back and said "Bound" quite loudly and clearly. (In a crowd in london, who's going to pay you any attention?) She slowed for a second, realising what I'd done, a big embarrassed smile coming to her face. Her arm hooked up behind her, comfortably... but firmly, and now totally fixed in place. Like it had been cuffed, or she'd been put in an armlock. Like she was an escaping shoplifter and I was making a citizens arrest. (Actually our Anne Summers bondage kit *had* set off a store alarm a few minutes earlier, but after showing the security guard our receipt - and our red faces - we'd continued on our way without any difficulty)

I led Liz in front of me through the streets for a good few minutes, I think we were both enjoying the fact that on one hand, it could absolutely look like she was my prisoner, and I was watching her carefully, while keeping her vulnerable, and on the other hand, we could have just been any other couple, trying to shoulder their way through Saturday's crowd of afternoon shoppers. At one point as we stopped to cross the road, Liz pressed in close and to my surprise began to grind herself against my leg. Again, no-one noticed... it makes you wonder what other kind of couples could be out there, making the most of the anonymity of a crowd of people with their attention focused elsewhere...

The tube journey presented another oppurtunity for fun and hypnotic games. It was pretty full as we made our way back to our hotel, so we were standing holding the handles on the ceiling to keep balance. As we pulled out of one station, I leant in close and whispered "Freeze" in Liz's ear. Her expression fixed on her face, and whole 3 minutes of the journey to the next station was spent with her gazing at a spot that I'd since moved out of. As we pulled into the next station, I leant in and whispered "Move" and enjoyed Liz's reaction. She'd been aware of nothing while she was frozen, it was as though we'd instantly left one station and arrived at the next. She didn't consciously recall anything, but she could put two and two together well enough to know I'd been playing.

"Having fun dear?" She asked dryly. "What!?" Came my defence. "It makes the journey pass quicker doesn't it?" She tutted, but couldn't keep the smile from her face, and as we pulled out of that station, I froze her again. This time round, I noticed a guy sat in one of the seats looking our way, Liz still smiling her half smile, eyes unfocused, physically unmoving.... for minutes at a time. "Maybe we're not being subtle enough" I thought to myself, so leaned in and blanked Liz's mind. Her face relaxed and her muscles slackened, her posture smoothed out as she stood to attention. "Act natural" I told her. "Yes Sir" came her calm reply, as she adopted a more natural expression and stance. I looked around the carriage to check on peoples reactions, and everyone was involved in whatever book or newspaper they were reading.

On reaching the final stop (It took us either 15 or 2 minutes, depending on whether you're me or Liz) we hopped off the train and headed back to the hotel.

I wonder if the bloke that we left behind on the train had any idea what exactly the couple he'd watched for a few moments were really up to.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Brainwashing the Brat!

Hiya guys!

I thought I'd come an, you know, say hello to everyone! Did ya miss me?

Thought so ;)

Well, I've have some gossip about Master and Liz to tell you all, aren't I nice?

Basically, Master got all brainwashy on Liz, cos she'd been wanting it for ages. She's into that kinda thing I guess. Anywho, that's not the bestest part! Not only did she go out like a light as usual, but he did this thing with Pet too. He's actually got a trigger for Pet now, which I never thought would happen since she didn't really wanna let Master hypnotise her - weird I know. But he triggered her with something called a 'Pleasurebomb' and then he put her inside the pendant on Liz's neck - and she went! Which meant Liz was all brainwashed, Pet was being bombarded with pleasure inside the Pendant and that just left me :)

Oh, and a side-note Master. I'm sorry I didn't reply when you spoke to me - those spirals *were* darn pretty. I managed to wake up later though - so I thought I'd blog like a good girl.

But I'm not sure I can say much more than that...Liz'd kill me...

*** Private ***

So I'll say it here :P

So then! A little more info about what went on, eh? I'll get right to it!

I think Master and Liz had been lying in bed or something beforehand (I don't exactly know since I was sleeping and woke up when the hypno-stuff began ;) but then Master started to trance Liz. He began it, but I think Pet said something about Liz wanting a brainwashing scene played out, since it was a fantasy of hers. So he blanked her and tied her to the computer chair. Her hands behind the chair, her ankles back too. He blindfolded her and then woke her up.

She was her usual bratty self for a while, but then he lifted off the blindfold, and showed her the full screen of the pretty spirals, and she couldn't look away. It was super sexy! Master was all there whispering in her ear and being all dominant with her, telling her that she could *try* and struggle, but it would only make her weaker and soon she'd have no thoughts.

What was really cool was he managed to make her so brainless she even drooled! (Which was something she'd either refused to do, or just didn't do before)

And he was playing with her whilst she was tied to the chair, making her all horny and stuffs (I really wanted to play with Master too....but the spiral *was* pretty) and he let her go after a while, and continued to brainwash her. He said stuff about his cologne - making her more obedient and weak against him, and if she smelt it on someone else she'd just think of him. He said all kinds of sexy things, and gave her a nice orgasm to seal the deal.

It was dead sexy, and I just knew I had to tell you all about it!

Liz's hopefully moving forward to being a good girl! Yee!!

*** Private ***

So other than that, I'll see y'all later


Briony x

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Drawing: Lizbot!

Another course, another hypno fembot pic drawn when I should have been concentrating on making notes. Mwahahaaa.

In this pic, I drew her outline well before I drew any clothes on her, so I had to be pretty strategic about what time I filled in which particular details. ;o)

Point your browsers to fembotcentral and the fembotwiki online to see more robotic goodness.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Drawing: Trishbot zapped

I'm on a course this week, it can get pretty dull, so I drew this. (Though at the time, surrounded by other people, I did put her originally in a less kinky outfit ;o)

The girl in the pic is heavily influenced by mine and Liz's friend Trish, who goes by Trishbot online (No prizes for guessing what *she's* into ;oD)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Amy Hypnotized

Thought you might like to see some of Liz's hypnotic handiwork, she did all the initial trancework with Amy for our most recent video (While I was sent out of the room! :oO)

The full video is about 90 minutes long, and is available at my clips4sale store now.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Puppy Time

This happened a couple of months back, but I've been meaning to blog about it.

Liz is quite interested in puppy play, that is, crawling round on all fours, acting like a playful friendly puppy. Sniffing here and there, barking happily at anyone that'll talk to her, and chewing on anything that she can fit in her mouth. :oP It's not a sexual thing for her, it's just something she finds fun and relaxing.

A while back, Liz asked if she could spend a day as a puppy. I wasn't sure if spending a *whole* day like that would be a good idea, (think of the amount of abuse you'd be inflicting on your knees crawling around on them for hours on end) so we settled on just having her as a puppy for an hour to begin with.

Puppy Liz isn't a huge fan of clothes (in fact, if she's wearing baggy clothes and able to get them off while a puppy, that's one of the first things she'll try to do) and she'll quite happily scamper about naked, and though
it would be fun (and sexy!) to keep her like that, she does get cold pretty easily. As such, I dressed her up in Jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt and put her collar around her neck before zapping her with her puppy trigger.

The intelligence in Liz's eyes winked out, as her expression changed totally, from anticipation to being totally open and playful. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, panting a little.

"ROWF!" barked puppy Liz, wiggling her butt in lieu of wagging her tail. "Well hello there, my lil puppy" I said, tickling her behind the ears, then had to fend her off as she placed her hands on my lap and began trying to lick my face (she's a very affectionate puppy)

To distract puppy Liz from her mission of totally drenching my face, I dug a (clean) roll of socks out of one of my drawers and proceeded to distract her with it. "Woss Dis!? .... Wot's Dis puppy!?" her eyes widened as she started tracking the movement of the socks with her whole body. "RAFF!" she woofed, I chucked the socks onto the bed and she span around, hunting them down. Seeing her quarry, she leapt with delight, burying the socks in her mouth, then shaking her head rapidly and growling at the socks in order to make them surrender.

"Gooood puppy" I said. "Rmmmf?" came puppy's response. As she trotted over to see what I wanted. "Want me to throw them again?" I asked. "Rmmmf!!" she barked again, through her mouthful of sock. "Well you'll have to drop them then" I told the puppy, holding out my hand. Puppy Liz began to lower the sockroll into my outstretched hand, but just as I was about to close my hand and grasp it, she whisked it away with a devious "ammmmf!!"

Seems even as a puppy she's a massive brat.

After a little coaxing (I had to pretend not to want to play, at which point, in order to entice me back into the game, the bratty little puppy obediently laid the socks down in front of herself and gave a questioning little "rah?") I had the socks back, and we played a few more games of fetch.

At that point, I felt like a drink, and wondered if puppy would too. We made our way downstairs to the kitchen, and I poured myself a drink, and puppy a bowl of water (In a human bowl, not a pet-bowl). As she made her way over to her bowl, I noticed her pants were slipping down baring her butt, she didn't seem to mind. I laughed and gave her butt a little slap, she seemed to enjoy it, before tucking into her water while I pulled up n fastened her jogging bottoms. She happily lapped for a few minutes before looking up, water dripping from her chin, to see what I was doing. (Heading to the front room to watch some tv)

She followed me through, but wouldn't let me watch much telly, (she kept chewing on my clothes, chasing her tail, or barking to get my attention. I think she wanted to go for a walk, realistically though, there was probably no way I could walk my crawling barking collared girlfriend down the street without inviting a few strange looks... maybe I could have had her walk on two legs but believe she were still on all fours... maybe next time)

I played with Liz as a puppy for about 45 minutes before noticing that her feet were getting scratched from crawling around on the carpet, I'd have put socks on her feet, but odds are she'd have pawed them off and started trying to eat them. I zapped her back to normal (I think she was chewing the socks once more at the time) and she stopped, looked quizzically down at her mouth before spitting them out and asking "Been having fun?"

"A little bit, yeah" I said, with a grin.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I believe a few posts back, I said I'd give you some information into the happenings after I listened to a certain voice file of Isabella Valentine's... And since I'm a woman of my word, I guess I should get around to obliging!

After I'd had chance to recover form the surprise of how well the Wet Dreams voice clip had worked on me, Lex and I were both interested to have a closer look around the site. After we saw a bimbo file and listened to a short sample in which Miss Valentine sports her (extremely convincing) stereotypical, American bimbo accent, we had to get it. Unfortunately, the clip was designed for 'sissy' play, so Lex had to give me a suggestion so that no matter how much she mentioned the word 'sissy', it wouldn't affect me.

Heck, we had to take precautions after the last one!

Now, I wasn't overly thrilled about the choice of clip. I mean, I can't lie, I was -really- impressed with her accent, but I just don't do accents, and any Alternate Persona that would typically require one makes me a little nervous. I think I may have mentioned this previously ;)

But, I was willing to give it a go. So I listened to it, and it wasn't -too- bad with regards to the number of mentions of the word 'sissy', so it wasn't too much trouble for me to block it out. I don't think I went under too well the first time - a little bit of nerves, I suppose, and my overactive curiosity. So I listened to it twice, taking up about an hour of deep trance. As the clip draws to it's close, Isabella allows you the choice whether you'd like your IQ to remain low, or to return to normal. The first time, I simply went back to normal, but I decided to keep my IQ lower the second time, and I awoke as an American bimbo.

"Hello there, all finished?" Lex said, noticing me stir
"Hey mister?"I said, putting on my practised 'charm a boy' routine. "Can we go get some ice cream?"
"Ice cream?"
"Please mister? Look at my poor tummy, it's all empty and sad."
I lifted my shirt, looking at him with my big, brown eyes and a butter-wouldn't-melt expression. I don't think it was the eyes he was concentrating on though...

I'm not sure about how well I manage to pull of an American accent, you'd have to speak to Lex about that. Then again, we're both biased in different ways. I'm female, so if I'm not super confident, I'll pick holes in myself through the lack of confidence there. Lex is my guy though, so to avoid my strops and sulks, he's got to be nice to me =P

Still, it was a really good clip, and perhaps if I just listen to it a few more times, the accent will stick.

Best Anniversary Ever!

Hiya Guys!!

I know I've not blogged in a while, so I thought I'd come out and say hi!

I wanted to write about the weekend that Master and Liz had. Since it was their 1-year anniversary on....Ummm....The 11th, you know that day that everyone gets dead sad for? Anyways, Liz booked a nights stay in a hotel for her and Master on Friday (5th) and didn't tell him. She wanted to make it a surprise for him, and treat him to a weekend away

You see? We all know she's a subbie really.

On that note!! I was snooping around in her head one time when I was awake and bored, and I've got a subbie report to make!! She's been thinking about dressing up for him in all kinds of sexy outfits, like the ones she mentioned, and others too - body stockings, more corsets, skimpy stuff that'll make us look hawt for him and make him all horny and stuff. Then of course there's the really nice thoughts she's been having about how to please Master, with her actions, her body, etc.

Now, of course she dismisses these thoughts fairly soon after they occur, but I've decided to help push them into her mind a little more. And she's been daydreaming about scenes she could do with Master, and recalling past hawt sessions they've had.

I'm sowwi for snooping and playing Master, but I only wanted to help her realise her true subbie side!!

Anyway, back to the weekend away. Liz got into the room and sneakily dressed up all sexy for Master, so that he could see a real beauty when he opened the door. But a couple of times now, Master has let me have control over Liz's body when she's been all distracted by, you know, being horny. So this time was no different and I got to come out and play, but this time I had total control. Voice, body, thoughts - Liz was just in a corner somewhere enjoying the feeling and though she was trying to stop it, I knew exactly what we liked, and how to keep her distracted ;)

You know, I've been thinking about this, and I do all this nice stuff for Liz, but what does she ever do for me? It's all take, take, take with her, and I think that she should make some effort to please -me- in return for me being so nice to her. What do you all think, shouldn't she be nice to me and please me for a change? And do you guy have any ideas of how she could do that?


Briony x

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sweet Dreams

Liz -as one or the other of us may have mentioned already- *really* enjoys her sleep. She stays up later than most people, (3-4 in the morning some nights) but makes up for it by not getting out of bed till after midday... Quite a lot after midday in some cases... Sometimes it's nearer tea time. And there have been a couple of occasions when at 7pm when I've gone round to pick her up, she's *still* wearing pyjamas.

I tend to get about 6 hours sleep, and that suits me fine. Compared to the 12 hours of "duvet time" that Liz feels she needs, it's nothing though. At the weekend I might roll out of bed at 9, but it'll still be a couple of hours before my lady will put much effort into stirring. (Though I've found it helps if I rustle up some sausage butties)

Both of us have admitted lately to each other, that we quite like the idea of someone hypnotizing, controlling, or playing with us in our sleep. There are a few MC-Stories online with that kind of content, and they're often nice and kinky... but usually the whole point of the "quarry" being asleep, is to make the whole thing none-consensual, which can leave the reader feeling pretty uncomfortable. Yeah it's all fiction... but it's still pretty dark.

Being told by your partner that actually they'd *love* to be mind-controlled, programmed and brainwashed while they slept does wonders to remove that uncomfortable feeling. ;o)

Liz has made a couple of attempts at trancing me whilst asleep, (if only to control the half-dozen or so sleeping habits that I have) though success has been mixed. She's responded *much* better to this approach though.

Last week I woke up earlier than Liz (surprise surprise) This time round, it might have had *something* to do with the fact that, in the process of rolling herself into a hot little ball on her side of the bed, she'd gotten hold of the entire duvet to assist with her heating process, leaving me with... well... not very much.

"Right" I thought. "As I'm awake. I might as well enjoy myself"

I moved myself over to Liz's side of the bed, she was sleeping nude, facing away from me, I wrapped my arms around her to give her a hug, but didn't get any response. After a minute, I took hold of her chin, and gently tilted her head towards me. I placed a thumb on one of her eyelids and rolled it up. Mainly just whites, the dark semi-circles of her big brown eyes just visible, drifting lazily left to right and back again. Nicely asleep. Dreaming.

I wondered to myself just how much I'd be able to do with Liz before she'd actually wake. I rolled her gently onto her back... no response... still her breathing was nice and slow, her eyes relaxed, lids flickering slightly. I placed her arms out wide, above her head, almost like I was tying them in place. "Bound" I said, softly but firmly. As she wasn't really awake, she didn't even try to move them. Maybe it would register in her dreams though...

I traced one hand down over the curve of her breasts, over her stomach to her legs, parting them I began to tease and caress in that particular place... before long, Liz started to respond, her breathing deepened, eventually a soft moan escaped her lips... and then she whispered "Must resist" breathily. I looked to her hands and saw them straining slightly at her invisible bonds. "Can't Resist" I replied with a smile. "You must surrender to the pleasure, surrender and become my slave"

"No... must... fight" She murmured weakly, her legs lazily shifting on the bed. I hypnotically bound them wide as I continued to play.
"But you're getting so horny..."
"So horny"
"And when you orgasm you know you'll become a slavegirl"
"Yess... slavegirl"
"That's right, and you're going to orgasm very soon"
"But... Don't want"
"One... Two...
"Ohhh no... stopp"
Three... Four... Hmmm? You want me to stop?"
"Ohhhh, so horny.... please.... please"
"Only too happy to. FIVE"

And tied there hypnotically on the bed, her back arched, she gasped, and came.

Later on, she told me that she'd dreamt she was strapped to some kind of interrogation chair in a futuristic kind of sexual torture chamber. Star Trek for adults maybe. Spiralling monitors, mad doctors, interesting contraptions that get inserted in particular sexy places... I might have mentioned a couple of those things to her in passing, but hadn't intended to paint that kind of picture. It's interesting seeing what kind of things the mind concocts sometimes. What kind of things *her* mind concocts anyway.

When she finally relaxed again she was calmer, more still, "What are you?" I asked.
"Your slave Sir" came her placid response.
"Good Girl" I said with a smile.

I spent the next few minutes painting a scene in Liz's mind for her to experience. I walked her down a hallway in a mansion in her mind, a red carpet, ornate decorations, and glass booths lining the hall. I told her to see girls in those booths, stood or sat or kneeling within them some nude, some dressed in kinky outfits, some wearing lingerie, some posed playfully, or kneeling submissively. I told her to populate the booths with girls that she knows in real life.

I had her describe to me the girls that she saw.

In this booth was Becky Speed, standing proud and nude. In that one, one of her old highschool friends, wearing PVC, carrying a riding crop, looking *very* mischievous, and in the next, an old rival, dressed as a school girl, looking docile, meek, and submissive.

I had Liz picture various scenarios with a couple of the girls (you'll have to ask her about what exactly went on) before leading her to a booth of her own, pressing a button... and shutting off her mind.

I was going to leave it there... but I thought I'd see how vivid a picture Liz could paint in her own mind if I just gave her some general suggestions about sexy slaveboys and girls of her very own.

I spent a few minutes telling Liz to continue dreaming all by herself, to let her mind wander wherever it pleased. That she'd picture sexy things, scenarios, serving... or being served by whoever she pleased...

Turns out the slaveboys were Calvin Klein underwear models.

Hmmm... the things that go on in that girls mind.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Outfits Galore

- I’d just like to start this post off with a side message, that we’ve been blogging for over a year now! Alright it's a little late, I'll admit, but I was a little surprised when I looked myself!

Now, that makes me think of how much I’ve come through in a year… (Putting up with Lex for that long? I need a medal, I swear…) But on a serious note, it’s been an awesome year, and thanks to all our readers for making it worthwhile, giving us tips and ideas to try, and giving us chance to document our experiences! Mwah x -

Right, now onto the hypno-news.

This comes after a shopping expedition in Manchester (after I told Lex we were going shopping, and he wisely agreed. =] )

But whilst we’d never shopped in Manchester before (and managed to get hilariously lost going even to the Trafford Centre of all places – which for our American friends is your equivalent of a large ‘mall’), we still managed to get me some –very- nice things =D

Lex and I have had jokes about French Maids for a long while. Lex finds the French accent, and the concept of the French Maid –extremely- attractive. Personally, I start to get shaky around anything that makes me try and pull off an accent… There’s just something about it that makes me uneasy – I’d be always worrying how much of a fool I was looking. But the idea of dressing up for Lex – as long as the outfit made me look good – definitely appeals. So when we saw a French Maid uniform hanging up in Ann Summers, we headed straight for the changing rooms ;)

I have to say, I’m not a girly-girl by any means. I live in my jeans, and would rarely be seen dead in a skirt or a dress. That’s because of women’s insecurities – mine about hating the shape of my legs, but that’s another story. The point was, that even though it was a dress, and a bloody short one at that, I really loved how I looked.

I think it was Lex’s reaction that sold it for me really, that cartoon 'eyes wide and jaw on the floor' reaction ;)

That one was definitely a keeper.

The second outfit I bought (also from Ann Summers) was a pink and black corset with suspenders and a black collar. Now, Lex and I had already bought me one collar from a petstore, but it was too big for me, and we hadn’t gotten around to buying another one yet.

- I’d just like to point out that I –haven’t- gone insane and abandoned my position as resident brat. And no, Lex hasn’t made any breakthroughs in altering that either. You’re stuck with me this way, so deal with it. =P The collar was something for my puppy persona, and also something for me when I’m in a rare *cough* submissive mood. I’ve not gone down the route of a collaring ceremony just yet… -

This was a surprise for me, since I knew I can pull off bold colours, but I wasn’t sure this pink would work, but it really did. I looked hawt, even if I do say so myself ;) And the collar really makes it.

But, as an added bonus (no, I hadn’t come here just to recount my shopping trip) Lex infused some of the items with some hypnotic properties…

Here’s the story.

As we got back into the house, I went and put on my French Maid outfit. As I placed the final piece in place, and checked out my reflection in the mirror, I noticed the clutter around the room, and it really began to bug me. Cleaner was so much nicer, you know? All that room to move around, and not breaking your neck on something left on the floor. I looked across at Lex on the computer, and knew he wasn't going to get the place tidied any time soon. So it was left to me.

I set to work cleaning the room. Tidying clothes away, putting things back in their proper place, making the bed, arranging everything neatly....That kind of thing. Then I began to notice that the rest of the house could do with tidying too....You see, Lex has a cat and his hairs coat the floor of the whole house. It really bugs me, but Lex rarely vacuums. So I thought I'd take some initiative and vacuum the house myself.

Afterall, it would get the house tidied, and no-one else was going to bother. That just left me, right?

I noticed that everything needed my own personal touch to it. Cleaning the dishes, making the meals, cleaning the house, massaging Lex....I just wasn't happy if I hadn't overseen it myself. I felt like I needed to be doing something all the time, and I loved cleaning....I mean, I -really- loved cleaning. I noticed half way through the house how much pride I took in looking back at the clean rooms, and how horny I now was. I wanted to finish up quickly so I could go upstairs and have...*cough* some time to myself =P

The outfits were a great buy, and I love dressing up in them. I think a few of you have seen them on cam already, but what does everyone think? Should Lex buy me some more?

Monday, 18 August 2008

Wet Dreams

Lex and I were reading Blank_Serena’s blog recently, and we came across an interesting post of hers where she talked about giving ‘The Award for Hypnotist Whose Recordings I’m Most Afraid To Listen To’.

That of course got my attention.

For a brat, and a curious one at that, having someone say something shouldn’t be seen, or is off-limits is one way to make Damn sure I’m going to want to get to it. Her name was Isabella Valentine, and from Serena’s post, she certainly had a reputation going for herself.

We strolled along to her site, ( http://www.isabellavalentine.com/ ) and took a look around the free clips (Yes, when the opportunity arises, we can be as tight-fisted as anyone ;) I was in bed at the time, whilst Lex was on the computer just in front of me. He was reading the list of titles aloud, but most just passed me by because he was talking so quickly =P

We settled on an interview she did with a girl called ‘Slave Diedre’ and hit play…

I have to say, she has such a gorgeous voice. It’s –perfect- for online hypnosis, and as I’m trying to type this, words are failing me. It’s inviting, seductive, sensual, warming and yet you can almost hear the undertone of power, and cunning she carries – or appears to carry. I listened to the interview completely wrapped up in what they were saying, and their voices.

- As a side question, why do American accents always seem to carry a more seductive tone to them? British accents just make us sound like we’re either full of ourselves, or that we’re some chum you’d meet down the pub… -

When it was over, I wanted to hear more of her voice, but was a little reluctant to actually try one of her inductions, and suggested hearing another interview. But Lex, I think, was curious about her inductions. We talked it over, and I agreed to give it a go. He chose one called ‘Wet Dreams’ (which sounds a lot stranger than it was, and no, it wasn’t solely for males)

I’m not sure how long it lasted for, but I was already wrapped up warm in bed, and I remember thinking about how beautiful her voice sounded….and how warm I was here….and worrying about whether I’d go under....and what would happen if I –did- go under….and how warm I was….and Lex’s presence standing before me….

Hang on, I thought, this can’t be right – I’m supposed to be listening, not daydreaming! I tried to snap myself back to her voice, and managed for a few seconds before the image hit me again, and Lex was now walking around behind me slowly. The hallway was dimly lit, and I’d just walked in through the front door when I’d heard his voice. I stopped in my tracks, curiously not saying anything, just waiting for something….but what?

I felt hot breath on my neck, making me shudder. His voice whispered into my ear, continuing the heat, the sensuality of the whole thing and - as corny as this sounds – I felt myself beginning to melt. He hadn’t touched me, but his presence, his whispers in my ear, his hot breath on my neck and ear….God they were fixing my attention now. I dropped my bags to the floor, as he continued whispering to me….

He walked ahead of me up the stairs, turning around to beckon only once, his eyes locked on mine as he did so. I shook myself out of my temporary immobility, scolding myself for standing there like some open-mouthed twit for so long. I followed him though, and as I entered the room, he was stood waiting at the end of the bed. Candles flickered in every corner of my vision, providing a sensual dimness for the room. I looked across at him, waiting for something….a signal….a command?

It seemed he’d read my mind, pointing to the bed, not breaking his gaze even for a second. I positioned myself in the middle of the bed, looking back at him, lost in his eyes, his presence. He slowly climbed on top of me, kissing and biting my neck, whispering all the while. He slipped me out of my clothes before I’d even realised what was going on, and by then, his strong hands held mine in place above my head (How had they gotten up there?) He looked into my eyes for a moment, and seeing my confusion, my helplessness, my desire, my arousal, he continued to kiss my neck….

I woke up some time later (you didn’t think I was going to reveal –everything- did you?) with Lex watching me intently. The fantasy had played in my head, and apparantly, I’d gotten quite…umm…-excited- listening to it…

I can definitely begin to see what Serena was afraid of, especially knowing about her weaknesses for that kind of thing ;) And it really surprised me to have worked so well, first time, on me of all people. It didn’t work completely, (since there’s been a little restriction on my climaxing for a while now…limited to…well…whenever Lex says…) but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t have an effect.

To experience a fantasy –that- realistically…To go as far as to smell his cologne…to feel his touch…to shudder at a phantom hot breath against my neck…to feel his body next to mine…It’s amazing – even for someone who likes reading (possibly a little too much =P)

It’s been a definate eye-opener, certainly, and it’s re-ignited a spark in Lex, I think. A while back we mentioned the possibility of making me a hypnotic MP3 of my own, and nothing had been done about that until recently (but that will have to do for another post, I think ;)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Behind The Watch

As Lex mentioned a few posts back about the photoshoot with Amy we both went to. Whilst it was only a photoshoot, she was –rather- interested about hypnosis, and mentioned to us that she’d tried a little self hypnosis to get to sleep. And, of course, she couldn’t get enough of seeing the endless things Lex can do with –me- under hypnosis…

I wasn’t overly thrilled at being the demo-dolly though…

We’d arranged to meet up for a hypnosis shoot a few weeks later, but unfortunately, I was called into work and couldn’t attend, so Lex took that one solo. I can’t tell you the full details of what happened, though from what Lex has said, it didn’t quite go according to plan.

For whatever reason, (perhaps anxiety, apprehension or, in my opinion, working herself up too much about going under) his induction didn’t seemed to work. After trying for about an hour (and watching Amy’s boyfriend being unable to concentrate on what he was reading, who was now just following and listening and slowly drifting under…) he decided to call it a day and left it as a normal photoshoot. He –did- try for a good few hours though, I believe.

I received a text message when I got home from work that told me how the shoot had gone, and I brattily replied “You should have let me ‘tise her, I’d have been able to do it.” Then he replied, taking me up on the offer…

Now before, I hadn’t even thought about it seriously, but as he started to consider it, my mind started racing. How –would- I go about doing this? I grabbed my pad of paper and pen and started jotting out an idea of how a hypnothetical (sorry, hypothetical - I always spell that wrong) shoot with me would go. I planned out the conversation I’d use leading upto my induction, the subtle questions I’d ask that would shape my induction with her…

My mind was on a scheming overload, and within 15 minutes, I had everything planned.

What can I say? When I put my mind to it, I can do just about anything. Afterall, Amy and I –are- extremely alike…

So we booked the shoot for after they had returned from a holiday they were taking, and I must say, I was rather excited – especially knowing that Lex had failed to put her under twice already (he tried on the photoshoot too, though that was just an instant induction he tried, not an in-depth one). So if –I- could put her under…God I could picture my endless gloating already!

Actually, I’d like to give mention to someone that played a very significant part in this shoot, all whilst being in a completely different continent =P A friend of mine showed me an induction he uses, and I must say, I was very impressed. I thought it would be perfect for Amy, and asked him if I would be able to borrow it to get her under. He agreed, and I felt really confident that I’d be able to get her under using it.

The shoot was last Thursday (7th) and we sat chatting for a while before we began. She was still a little nervous, but I made sure that a few of the choice questions and phrases I wanted to make sure she heard/answered had been dealt with. She really wanted to watch Lex take me through an induction though, and one of my favourite parts are my full-blown inductions (something I don’t get as often as I’d like, Lex =P) so I agreed.

Eventually though, when he’d finished playing, we were ready to begin, and I shooed him out of the room (there was no way I was letting him sit and watch me try!) Unfortunately, my ‘completely perfect’ induction had been shot down earlier in the conversation, since her time spent at the beach wasn’t pleasant, and the induction focused on a beach scene. (Don’t worry Ex, I won’t reveal your secrets =P) So I had to do some tweaking to the induction…Nothing I couldn’t handle though ;)

Anyway, within 20 minutes she was under, and I decided that it would be best to re-enforce the trigger by having her wake up, and then using the trigger phrase I’d given her. It allowed her mind to take to the word-association, and what I expected of her when I said it. She’d seen me fall when triggered to sleep too, so that helped. I continued to ease her into her trigger, and after half an hour or so had passed from when I began, I called Lex back into the room.

I must say, my grin was from ear to ear the moment I had my back to Amy. I was going to enjoy every second of showing him who the better ‘tist was.

I used her trigger phrase when she was sitting on the edge of the couch and BAM, she slumped to the side, her head cocked in an awkward position facing us.

I looked across at Lex, my face speaking volumes, before I woke her up.

Checking back with Amy all the time, I ease the control of her trigger over to him, and she started responding really well to his use of it. Lex had asked me a few days previous if I could get her under, would I want to do the shoot myself, but I declined. I don’t have the voice for it. It’s to do with my accent (As another friend of mine pointed out that it was very ‘Northern’ – and no Lev, I’ve never forgotten that little revelation of yours…).

All in all, it was a very good shoot. She responded better and better the longer we went on, and towards the end, she was going so deep it even raised our eyebrows. She froze amazingly (even after we’d removed a trigger that froze her in place as the camera flashed, she continued to freeze anyway =P).

What can I say? When I do something, I don’t do it by halves ;) She and I are very alike, in terms of confidence, brattiness, general outlook of hypnosis and overall demeanour. I really enjoyed putting her under, and I enjoyed showing my work off to Lex even more ;)

Can’t be put under? Pish posh!

Hand me that bloody crystal, amateur!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Fun in restaurants

Thanks go to whoever it was that suggested this one to Liz (not that Liz was actually going to pass the idea on to me… fortunately Briony’s quite willing to “rat her out” as Liz puts it, when someone suggests something that could be used to my advantage. *Grin*)

I’ve booked a few days off work this week. My job slows down a fair bit over Summer, so I’m using the oppurtunity to see more of my lady. (And who can blame me?)

We went out for an Italian meal on Thursday, Liz had herself a cheeseburger, and I had a californian pizza. (Yes I know you’re probably not all that desperate to hear about what we had to eat, but if I skip straight to the kink it doesn’t help set the scene, does it.) We’ve done a little hypno play in this restaurant before. I remember the last time we came, Liz kept on ogling one of the waiters, so just to mess with her, I made him appear topless to her. She was torn (very briefly) between paying attention to me, and eyeing up the nice topless guy that kept wondering past. You can probably guess which option the little brat picked. Next time I’m giving him breasts.

Anyway, about 20 minutes into our meal, Liz got up to use the facilities, I was reminded at this point of something Briony had told me a few days earlier.

“Master, next time you’re in a restaurant, get Liz to take off her panties when she goes to the bathroom and give them to you”

(Except she didn’t say “panties”… she said “knickers” which is such a naff english word. “Panties” sounds sexy, exotic, girly… edible. “Knickers” sounds like something you keep in a toolkit. Or something that your gran would wear… not that I can get Liz to budge an inch on the topic, even *with* my powerful powers of persuasion... But I digress.)

So I told Liz she’d go to the bathroom, and whilst there, would remove her… “knickers” (gah), and on her return, would hand them to me under the table, without realising she’d done it. She went to the bathroom, I pretended to check text messages on my phone… and when she returned, as she sat down opposite me I felt something silky being passed to me under the table.

Red silk underwear with black lining. *Nice* :oD I would describe them further… but I couldn’t exactly take them out and hold them up to appraise them.

I popped the fantastic things into my pocket, wondering when I’d let Liz become aware that I’d snatched her pants.

Our conversation meandered around comfortably for a while, before one of us brought up the fact that I’d just signed the pair of us up on a website for doms and submissives to meet likeminded people. We’re not looking for slaves or anything… but we do enjoy meeting others with similar interests, and I know *I* always enjoy installing kinky hypno triggers in peoples minds for their boy or girlfriends to use.

The site that we’re on allows you to list your interests. “Hypnosis” is among the options, which makes a nice change from the majority of sites of this type. Often the list of interests will be either really short, or really weird. (Buttered Shark Fins, anyone?)

Among the interests this site lets you choose from, one of which is “Eye Contact Restrictions” which I’d never understood till I tried it out with Liz. I gave her a couple of new triggers over the table. When I said “Eyes down” she’d feel submissive, subservient and obedient, and would avoid eye contact at all times. When I said “Eyes up” she’d be her usual bratty self, able to look lovingly (or, let’s be honest: glare angrily) as much as she wanted.

When I used the “Eyes down” phrase, she became very demure, very calm, very eager to please, asking if there was anything she could do for me, any way she could please me, I always have trouble thinking up just one thing that I’d enjoy having her do at times like this. Spoilt for choice, obviously.

When the waitress came by to ask if there was anything more we’d like, I had to quickly hiss “Eyes up” Liz’s way. (She *was* behaving awfully strange if you’d seen the pair of us bantering with each other earlier) I don’t *think* the waitress heard the whispered trigger… maybe it would make more sense to use hand signals to trigger Liz… though the brat would avoid looking the second she thought I was going to use one. Still… I could program her to be unable to stop herself from paying attention when I want to give her commands. (If I’ve not already done that… bwahahahaa)

Everything was fine, so the waitress went on her way, Liz started to brat about how submissive I’d just made her and how pathetic it was, I didn’t wait to hear the whole thing though, a quick “Eyes Down” and the words faded on her lips as her eyes fixed themselves on the table in front of us.

“Is there any way I can serve you Master” asked the bashful slavegirl in front of me.

“Yes” I said, “You can give me your hands” (If you remember, I can hypnotically link the sensations her fingers experience, to other parts of her body: Neck, legs, breasts, and uhm… some other place)

So sub Liz sat opposite me for a few minutes like a *very* good girl, while she experienced me squeezing and stroking her in some rather interesting places… I had to command her not to outwardly react to what I was doing to her though, as she was getting awfully caught up in the moment.

When I said “Eyes up” again though… the hand was snatched back her eyes flashing, face flushed and tongue being stuck out to taunt me. :oO

“Stoppit! We’re in a restaurant” she hissed.

“Come onnn, you don’t mind, you’re really enjoying yourself” I said.

“Noooooo” she said… using what I like to call her “lying” tone of voice.

“If you’re not enjoying yourself much, then why did you give me your underwear?” I asked innocently.

“I…” she started, then her hands slipped under the table. (Carrying out reconnaissance.) “GAH! Give them back!” she demanded.

“What… here? You can’t exactly put them on right now anyway. Don’t worry, you’ll get them back”

She did get them back eventually… though it was sub Liz that I had put them back on. Once we were back in my car. If only the people pulling in to park knew what the girl trying to look nonchalent in the car beside them was doing. ;o)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Photoshoot with Amy

Mind Lost in the Crystal

On top of filming hypnosis videos, I also do quite a lot of photography. Sometimes it's fashion or glamour photoshoots with no particular hypnotic content, other times it's with a hypnotic, mannequin or fembot theme, just because I like those themes, but occasionally it's as a prelude to doing an actual hypnosis session in future. (Bizarrely, not every model is eager to get hypnotized by a complete stranger the moment I field the idea to them.) Doing photoshoots from time to time suits me though. When I started out doing hypnosis sessions with models, I was only taking photos, which was great, lots of scope for getting the girls all posed, mindless and hypnotized, and you have plenty of time to take pics from the best angles. You don't get so much of a feel for her actually being under hypnosis though, what everyone wants to see is videos of the hypnotist in action... or at least, videos of attractive hypnotized model responding to suggestions and commands.

When I started doing video shoots, it became tricky to film and take photos at the same time, either you have the camcorder in one hand and the camera in the other (and both your video footage and your pics suffer as a result) or you leave the camcorder taping, while you give your full attention to taking photos. When you do *that* though, you end up with fairly dull moments on the video where the model's perfectly still, and I'm walking around taking photos from different angles.

My belief is that that's kinda dull, and it would be best to leave the photography to one side, and make the best video possible. Maybe I'm wrong though, I dunno, do people enjoy seeing me strolling around a hypnotically frozen model taking pictures? Answers on a postcard.

Anyway, up at the top of this post you'll see a picture of Amy, a very cute model that Liz and I met the other week. She'd heard that I do hypnosis videos, but wanted to meet me and get to know me a little first doing a "normal" shoot. She was lots of fun to work with, and *extremely* curious about hypnosis, what it's capable of, and what it can do to Liz.

That's right, a fairly large portion of the conversation during the shoot involved Amy asking questions about the extent of my hypnotic control over Liz, what I could make her think, what I could make her do, how I could make her behave, etc. Liz *could* have volunteered to be triggered in a few ways as a demonstration, but (being the brat that she is) she flat-out refused to even entertain the notion of giving any kind of demo.

Needless to say I used my powers of persuasion (okay, my devious hypno triggers) to get her to change her mind. Before too long I had Liz freezing, posing, kneeling, and doing a few other shenanigans to give Amy and her boyfriend an idea of what hypnosis was capable of. The pair of them were blown away by it all (My favourite reaction) and Amy was extremely curious to try it out herself. (My second favourite reaction)

If anything, Amy was a little *too* eager to see me mess with Liz's mind: "Hey! Make her think she's chinese!" "Ooh! See if you can get her to think she's an alien" etc. As retaliation at one point during a hypno-freeze, Liz (either tiring of being spoken about like she wasn't there, or wanting to exercise her inner-brat) decided to start moving without being triggered to move, leapt out and scared the crap out of Amy with a big loud "RAH!!"

We had fun though, and we've got an actual hypnosis shoot scheduled over the next couple of days, the list of suggestions we're thinking of trying out is already getting pretty extensive.

In order to tide you over, here's a few more excerpts from the shoot we did.

(Click for larger versions)

Enchanted by her own reflection.

Amy the Hypno-Mannequin

Discarded Doll.

Ready to take control.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sneaksy Sneaksy!

Yes, as Lex mentioned, it was a –very- exciting day for me – I’d actually say it’s some of the best hypno I’ve had so far (though I –am- still on a high from it, so I’m slightly biased).

We were invited out for a get-together of a load of Lex’s entended family; some of them I’d met briefly at previous gatherings, most of them though, I knew I wouldn’t know. I don’t mind doing the awkward ‘party mingling’ thing occasionally, and can usually strike up conversations with most people when I set my mind to it. It’s just easier to sit with Lex sometimes and chat amongst ourselves.

I was feeling rather mischievous when I arrived, and after a wedding a week or so ago where I’d done the whole ‘mingling’ thing with a load of Lex’s old Uni buddies, I decided I wanted to do something different. Since it’s a rare occasion when I actually –ask- for a trance, I thought I’d break the mould and just come straight out with exactly what I wanted.

So, as everyone was sitting down, I leaned over to Lex and in effect, ‘dared’ him to trance me in front of everyone (giving me a fun way out of the boredom factor). I’d like to point out now that he’s done some ad-libbing with the dialogue, but then again, it –was- 2am when he was writing it, and he’s usually in bed by that time ;)

(I'm writing this at 4am and I'm fine!)

I really thought the idea of being blank and mindless in front of everyone was quite exciting, and rather hot. I love the whole “if they only knew…” aspect of the ‘secret side’ to our lives, and this was a great way to play with it.

I don’t care much for the term ‘zombie slave’, so I don’t quite know why I went along with that as the term. It certainly wasn’t a term –I- originally came out with (as Lex has portrayed in –his- account of things). I –hate- zombie games, and I’d rather think of it as ‘blank and mindless’ than a ‘zombie state’. Either way, there were lots of pretty candles around, and soon the flame had that glowing nimbus around it that occurs when your eyes blur, and then….

….Well, the whole things kinda fuzzy really. If I actually think about it, from beginning that trance, I was hypnotised until he’d finished with Adara, which was about 2 hours later. So, I think that gets points for the longest period of time I’ve been hypnotised. As I awoke from being Adara, I’d completely forgotten about the whole get-together, since to me, I wasn’t there for most of it, so there wasn’t as much of a pull to try and remember as there would have been if I’d have received tid-bits of information.

Pretty much all I remember is bits and pieces of conversation I had with a few of the people there; I think it was Pet doing the speaking, but you’d have to ask Lex about that. I tend not to delve too deeply with regards to her, since the thought of having someone else inside my head voice themselves without my knowledge is a –tad- spooky. So the entire get-together wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be really ;)

Well, in my opinion…If he gets to trigger me left, right, and centre, then I’m probably long overdue some trances that are slightly more ‘selfish’ – so to speak.

Now, onto Adara.

I can’t tell you much about the actual -suggestion-, though it seems Lex has pretty much done that already, so I’m covered (Woo hoo!). It’s strange really, I remember creating this backstory for my character instantly. I don’t know how much influence Lex had on that backstory, but it all just kind of fell into place (admittedly, largely based around Garrett himself).

Adara had no last name; she had dropped it long ago when she had disowned her parents and family. All rich nobles, they scoffed the poor and needy, and had taken part in some –very- dodgy dealing in their time. They upheld their good name on threats and false smiles, and about the age of 11, Adara snuck out of her home, vowing never to return. On the streets of the City, she learnt to survive on her wit and cunning, and become proficient in the ways of thievery, progressing in her new trade as she grew. Her fences on the Black Market knew her well, and she had made a local name for herself (a name which, although was encumbersome for travelling sometimes, gave her a small jolt of pride as she walked past her face upon a wanted poster).

I had my objective, and I’d accepted my task: I was to break into the house of Mr Mesmer, a crooked illusionist for the nobles. Rumour has it that his ‘shows’ always left the nobles a little short-changed – in more ways than one. Now, I don’t know about his ‘power’, but I knew that he’d left his shows a wealthy man, and it was my job to relieve him of some of his ‘unwanted teasures’. Besides, I had a reputation to uphold, and stealing from a thief added an amusing twist to my actions. I was out to collect 10 pieces of his stolen loot, and a golden pen he carried about his person. For others, it would have seemed an impossible task, to me though, I was the master thief. Hidden in the shadows, I stood in the doorway to his house.

I stepped into the hallway. It was late evening, and although the lighting wasn’t as kind as it would have been at night, there were enough shadowy places to conceal myself in.

(Actually, it was about 4pm, so in summer, it’s completely bright. I later found out that Lex had tried to make me see the place at night, but I told him I couldn’t picture it, so he’d just told me it’d look darker than it really was.)

Although I knew the layout of the house in the back of my mind somewhere, my decisions for deciding upon which rooms to loot first were entirely based upon ease of travel and the lcoation of occupants. The hallway opened out into the kitchen, and required no lockpicking, whereas the door to my right did, so the kitchen was my first point of call.

I heard someone moving upstairs – whether it was Mr Mesmer or one of his personal guards, I didn’t know. All I knew is that whilst thye were upstairs, I didn’t have as much to worry about. Spotting the loot, I pocketed it and continued my search for the items I needed. I’ll give Lex his due, he –does- play a fairly good guard; coming out with cleched lines from the game, and a typical way of ‘searching’, it wasn’t hard to sneak past him. I kept low, and kept to the shadows, or shrank back against the wall. It seemed that Mr Mesmer was alone tonight- all the better, I thought. Less guards meant less chance of detection.

I tell you what, I’ve never been so aware of how noisy footsteps are around the house. With wooden floor especially, it wasn’t easy keeping quiet. On hindsight, I should have taken my shoes off, but with the level of intelligence this guy had, I didn’t think I’d have much trouble.
After all the items had been collected, I just had one more to go; the Golden Pen. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but he was facing away from the door as I entered (and yes, in answer to his comment about the blackjack, I’d considered a number of times conking him over the head and just being done with it, but didn’t have my weapon handy, so I had to resort to sheer stealth). It was rather annoying having him move the pen several times, even at one point putting it in his mouth! But he eventually laid it down, and I reached out to get it and…

Bam! I felt his hand clasp around my wrist.

“Aha! What do we have here?!”

I froze, looking down at the hand that tightened around mine. Should I scream? No, there could be more guards stationed nearby. Should I try and fight him off? The grip of his hand suggested it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and it’d be best if I waited until he left himself open – especially since I’d come without my weapons tonight. So I froze, silent.

“I –knew- I could hear noises! And here you are, stealing my things!” he continued.

“’Stealing’ would require ownership, an ownership you yourself failed to aquire.”

“I think you’ll find my guests were –happy- to have their items in my possession, girl.” He replied with a smile.

He then took out a coin from my pouch I’d been using and held it in front of my eyes, moving it this way and that in front of my vision.

“No matter, for soon you’ll experience the same. I could –use- someone with your…ahh…-talent-.”

“Your sorcery has no affect on me, witch.” I spat back at him, the hatred burning in my eyes. I loathed this man. His smarmy, smug demeanour and his rancid breath as he eyed me up like a piece of meat; his eyes lighting up as he surveyed my body from head to toe- it looked as if he were about to lick his lips. I’d heard the rumours, and whether or not –I- believed in his power was irrelevent, since –he- believed in it enough for the both of us, and his whole attitude reflected his confidence. He came within inches of my face as he spoke to me, the grip still on my arm and my hatred for this filthy curr that had caught me growing ever more.

Mr Mesmer continued with his induction, and whilst inside, my mind seemed to be still my own. I couldn’t look away from the shiny coin. It never stopped moving, and the light from the window behind me caught it occasionally, making it sparkle. I was a theif, afterall, and sparkly things were what I lived for.

Soon he told me that a thief needed to travel light, and the lightest method of travel was to be naked. And of course, he was right. –That- must have been why he heard me! I hastened to remove my clothing as he told me of the wonderful new life I’d lead with him. I’d be his assistant by day, aiding him in his shows for the nobles, and his thief by night, stealing into the houses of the weak-minded nobles and relieving them of their valuables. In between of course, I’d be his plaything, his maid, and of course his sex slave; ready and waiting to please him whenever and however he saw fit.

The whole scene was so vivid for me, and the backstory for our characters made it so much fun to play. It was some of the best fun I’ve had with hypnosis in a long while, and I’m –definitely- marking down hypno-RPing as a future must! Whether it be more adventures from our little thief, Adara or some new fun with different characters, I’m certainly looking forward to any more of it we do.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

To Catch a Thief

Ello all. Long time no Blog.

You'll be relieved to know that we do still indulge in plenty of hypno play. A lot of the time, we rely on our favourite suggestions though, (freezing / posing / blanking) and I'd rather tell you readers about new suggestions (or new twists on old suggestions) that we've tried out, then keep a daily log of just how many times I zap Liz with an orgasm trigger when we're out shopping. (5 at the last count... kidding!)

So here's something we did earlier today:

Myself and Liz are both fairly avid gamers. It's not so bad that we never go out to see our friends... but there are ways that games permeate into our lives in ways that they wouldn't do for the average guy in the street... like... you know how some couples after certain bedroom "activities" might lie in bed having a chilled out cigarette? Well we don't do that. We... play tetris. :oD Yeah it's a tad geeky, but it's *way* more healthy than smoking ciggies. We get to exercise our minds as well as our bodies and... heh, I don't really need to justify it do I. We both like games, so there. :op

Anyway, last month Liz plowed her way through the whole of Thief: Deadly Shadows. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's a stealth adventure / action game where you play a cynical smugly sarcastic genius thief called Garrett, as he sneaks his way through a dystopian steampunk city making off with loot from wherever he can find it. Pretty much everyone in the city that you wind up stealing from is evil, greedy, or barmy in some way, so you don't feel too bad about stealing from them.

The game's brilliantly atmospheric. And the feel as you play through it goes from mysterious, to creepy, to exciting... it's just a really good game. The plot and pacing and storyline and... oh wait, this is a hypno blog, not a gaming blog.

The reason that I mention Thief, was because a couple of weeks back, we came across Blank Serena's Yahoo 360 blog, (find it here: http://360.yahoo.com/blankserena I'd definitely recommend giving it a read) and she mentions in one post, being hypnotized by a girlfriend to believe herself to be a spy. As a spy she was sent on a "mission" to break into an office building, and steal a Top Secret document from a certain room... Now in reality, the office building was the one that her friend worked at, Serena was given the appropriate door codes and keys to make her way in, and the "Top Secret" document was just an empty envelope with Top Secret written on it. She still believed that what she was doing was completely illegal though. And was extremely excited by the whole thing.

We were at a family do today, (50-60 people from my side of the family for a second cousins birthday or something) it was my side of the family, so Liz didn't really know anyone. Normally she'd be fine to chat to people and get to know them, today though, she wasn't so much in the mood to hang around making small talk. (Maybe it was because she was up till 3:30 last night playing Age of Conan, maybe it was because half the tables in the room we were in had candles) The shindig was in a social club, and there were bottles with candles in. Candles with flickering flames... flames that shimmered and danced... Once they'd been lit it took Liz about... oooh 15 seconds to come out with a whispered:

"I bet you can't hypnotize me in front of all these people without anyone noticing."

Bless her little bratty socks. I assured her that yes I *could* do that if I wanted, and that I'd have *no* problem whatsoever doing a nice candle induction on her while everyone else around us chatted away and socialised.

"Ha! Sure! I bet you couldn't make me your blank minded zombie slave till we get back to yours"

"Liz, is this your way of telling me that you're bored and horny and you just want to get this over with?"

"Noooooo" she said coyly, looking evasive. (Which is basically Liz-speak for "Yessss" :oD)

So I pointed out to her that she never could resist anything shiny and eye-catching, that things seen out of the corner of her eye were especially attractive to her, she'd always find herself wanting to look and see what they are, what they're doing, and that trying to look away from the candle was just futile as the room was full of them, wherever she looked, there'd be candles out of the corner of her eye captivating her, drawing her gaze...

Short story shorter, she was dropping easily into a trance inside of 2 minutes. From there I told her that she'd be my nice blank-minded zombie slave for the rest of the shindig, but provided her with a few suggestions to her her mind stay blank and grow more blank and obedient over time.

The problems arose when people started noticing that Liz was completely zoned out staring at this candle. One family member leaned over and asked "late night?" seeing Liz's vacant stare. "heh, yeah, up till three gaming" I said, glad to have *some* excuse handy.

I leant over to Liz and whispered to her that she could behave like she was awake, whilst remaining hypnotized and blank on the inside. Basically that meant that Pet (Liz's subconscious) filled in for Liz during Liz's (for want of a better word) "absence"

Pet put on a good performance, but she couldn't draw too much on emulating Liz's personality and behaviour without waking Liz herself (who'd made it clear she didn't want waking till I had her back home, and would consider my efforts to trance her to be a failure if that wasn't the case) so we ate a little food from the buffet, socialised with the birthday boy (he's 1) as long as possible before heading off home.

Chatting with Pet is often an illuminating experience, she'll happily chat about feelings concerns or fantasies that Liz might have, wheras Liz tends to either play her cards very close to her chest. Sometimes she seems to want a mind reader, it's lucky she's going out with me ;o)

While driving back in the car, pet mentioned to me that Liz really enjoyed reading Serena's entry on being a spy. She also mentioned that Lizzi would be interested in carrying out the same kind of fantasy as some kind of thief. (See, there *was* a reason for me mentioning the Thief game) Me being the good boyfriend, I went about setting the scene. I had Liz think up a name for her thief persona, and then told her the following.

"When we get home. You'll remain entranced until you step onto the doorstep of the house. At that point, you'll become Adara. (the name she had chosen for herself) Adara is a thief, and steals from the rich and greedy. You'll make your way through the house collecting the coins that I leave placed around (I'd put some 10p pieces on various worktops and tables) Instead of coins though, you'll see gems and jewelry, gold and silver.

My name will be Mr Mesmer. And I'm an Evil Hypnotist that hypnotizes the rich and famous in his amusing stageshows, and then uses his hypnotic wiles to relieve them of their "unwanted" gems and jewelry after the show has ended.

You will sneak around the house stealing all the gems, before trying to take the golden pen out of my pocket (I'd placed a fountain pen in my shirt pocket) If a door is locked, you'll have to pick it. If I come into the same room as you, you can avoid detection by freezing in place, and you'll fade into the shadows.

If I discover you, you know that I'll hypnotize and enthrall you. Do you understand all that?"

She did.

I also gave her a trigger to see me, (see me) and one to not see me (see me not) so I could watch her going about her thievery.

We got home, Liz still in blank minded zombie mode, and I led us to the front door. I went inside and placed some coins about the place, told Liz to step onto the doorstep, and said "See me not"

The door handle gently turned, and the door was pushed open enough to let "Adara" in. She pushed the door shut behind her, looked warily around, then quietly padded off towards the kitchen. I made my way upstairs and loudly said "See me"

While I busied myself with spreading around the last of the coins, Lizz... sorry, "Adara" was creeping through my kitchen and dining room looking for loot. Before too long I heard a noise from downstairs that didn't belong there.

I made my way out onto the landing and called "Is someone down there?"

No response.

I made my way down to the kitchen only to find the cat mooching around. (Probably trying to get Liz to feed him. Unlucky for him that she's *totally* a dog person) Remembering that all the guards in those games voice their inner monologue at all times I began speaking to myself. "Hmmm? Must have been the cat... could have sworn I heard something."

I went into the dining room to check for intruders, and noticed that the door was open enough for a person to hide behind it... not that that was where Liz was hiding. Instead she was crouched down in a corner in the far end of the room completely motionless, doing her very best attempt to look invisible. I wandered out again...

The next 10-15 minutes were quite the cat and mouse game, I'd walk past a room she was in, going into them sometimes, locking doors behind me. Hearing noises, going to look for intruders. I'm just glad I didn't give Liz any weapons. In the Thief games, Garrett gets a blackjack to knock unwelcome guards out with. Liz said she was *very* tempted to do the same thing to me at one point. (Guess she lucked out this time :oP)

Eventually every coin had been collected, and all that was left was my "golden" pen. I took it with me to my study and sat down at the computer with the pen on my right. As I heard Liz sneak into the room i was reminded of a similar scene in a film where a guy's trying to steal a book of another guy's desk, while the other guy is sat at the desk.

As she crept up to my right, I picked up the pen and began to play with it, before putting it down on my left. She made her way around me, stepping carefully up on the bed... only for me to then move the pen back to my right side. I imagined by this point she was getting a little infuriated, so I left it there... then as she went to reach for it....

"Aha! An intruder!"

"Grrrrrrr get your hands *OFF* me you disgusting cur!"

"I rather think *I* should be making the demands girl, considering I just found you in here stealing what is mine"

She pointed out that it was stolen by me in the first place. And that she'd be much more deserving of it... I can't remember her exact words, because it's 2am at the time that I'm writing this. They were *very* well thought out though, she played the part brilliantly.

Of course once an Evil Hypnotist (note the capital letters again) has his beautiful prey in his grasp, there's no way he's going to let her go. Before too long I was swinging my pretty golden pen in front of Liz's big brown eyes, telling her that I could use a good slavegirl around the home.

"Ha! I'll *never* serve you, you pig"

"Spirited young thing, aren't you... but tell me, if you'll never serve me... then why are you doing everything I'm telling you to? Why d'you gaze at my shiny gold pen like you can't look away...?"

"I can look away, I...."

"Nooo, you can't, it's just too shiny, too eye catching, too pretty, you're a thief for a good reason. You're a thief because you can't resist the pull of coin, of gems, of gold, just like you can't resist becoming my helpless slavegirl"

"No! You can't make me your slavegirl!"

"Oh don't worry, you'll be a *lot* of things for me. My hypnotic assistant in my stageshow. Catching the eye of all the fine gentlemen, distracting them from noticing my hand dipping into their wallets... my serving maid around the home, cooking and cleaning for me, and at night you can still be a thief... *my* thief. Stealing from those I direct you to steal from."

I may have cackled gleefully at this point.

Before too long, I had "Adara" lying weak on the bed, her body not responding to her urges to move, believing that as I pressed my pen to her forehead and counted to 10, it would draw all the will power and resistance and strength out of her.

By 3 she was still resisting, still telling me to let her go... by 7 though, all she wanted to do was serve, and please, and obey.

Which of course she did. :oD

On waking up after the whole thing, Liz was *very* happy at how it had all turned out. (Especially because she'd gotten her way, and found a quick way out of the family gathering)

Not that she's in charge of course... right?