Friday, 28 December 2007

Not your typical trip to the pub.

This was something fun I did a couple of weeks back when we were about to go down the pub for a drink with friends, we were lying in bed snuggling (Liz’s number one place to be) and I was having some trouble getting her to shift her lazy arse out of it. (If it was up to Liz, she’d spend 23 out of every 24 hours in bed chilling out, sleeping, snuggling or watching Scrubs.)

Anyway, time was getting on, and Liz was doing her coy, pleading voice in the hope that it’d be effective in persuading me to allow her to maintain her deathgrip on my duvet. Fortunately for me, my willpower knows no bounds, so I immediately (okay, maybe not *immediately*, but no more than 5 minutes later) concocted a plan to both get her out of bed, and teach her who’s boss.

I zapped Liz with her “Blank” trigger, (that basically stops her from thinking or doing anything except exactly as she’s told – it comes in handy, let me tell ya) and took in the sight of her becoming expressionless and emptyheaded. I told her to get out of bed and stand to attention with her hands behind her head. She did so, and stood there patiently in not-very-much clothing at all, awaiting commands.

I had her dress herself, (I may have frozen her once or twice whilst she was doing so…) I then told her: “You’re going to remain in your blank state of mind until I place a drink in front of you at the pub and say ‘Here’s your drink.’ When I say that, you’ll unblank. Once your thoughts return to normal, you won’t be able to make any kind of scene at the fact that you’ve suddenly found yourself down the pub. Also, once we enter the pub, you’re going to behave like you’re wide awake and normal, (so no-one will notice anything unusual about your behaviour) but on the inside you’re going to remain totally blank. Do you understand?”

Yes Sir” came her passive reply.

We made our way to my car, and then drove the five minute journey to the pub in silence. Liz may as well have been a mannequin sat wordlessly beside me in the passenger seat. Once there I told her to unbuckle her seatbelt, get out of the car, and go into the pub. She did so quickly and efficiently (so quickly that she was robotically marching past the bouncers ignoring them totally and staring straight ahead before I’d finished locking the car up)

Once inside, she linked arms with me and acted like normal Liz, maybe a tad quieter than usual, but she said “Hi” to my friends and was introduced to a new girl that we’d not met before. At the bar I ordered Liz’s usual, and asked her to go grab us a seat at a free table, she did so, and I joined her two minutes later with her drink.

“Here’s your drink” I said, plonking it down in front of her. She blinked a couple of times, waking from her daze and trying to work out what the hell was going on. As she *did* start piecing it together, realising what must have happened she stifled a gasp and looked around the room, she gave me a part surprised, part infuriated glare. One minute she’s nestled in bed, clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, the next, she’s fully dressed in a pub clutching a drink, and for *some* reason unable to make much of a scene about it (the afore-mentioned “don’t flip out and smack me” programming.)

Our night then went on much as normal, we did the quiz, (and lost as usual.) Liz *did* have to ask the new girl to remind her of what her name was… and I did receive a few more kicks under the table and digs in the side than you might have expected. But I have to give Liz *some* way to vent her brattiness, or I’m sure the poor girl would just pop from how often I have my devious way with her. :oD

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Orgasms on command

Orgasms on Command

We've taken our time getting there (as of the 11th, we've been dating for 3 months now) but Lizzidoll finally has what all good hypnosubbies dream of... (well... in *my* mind at least): An Orgasm trigger!

For those of you who aren't quite sure what that is, it's a post hypnotic trigger that makes the subject experience an orgasm. In some cases, with some subjects, that orgasm will be entirely imagined, with others though (and with Liz) there will be actual physical signs that some majorly sexy happenings are taking place down in the underwear department. ;o)

When I met Lizzi, she hadn't had too much experience with guys, and for some (incredibly weird) reason thought that she was fairly plain and uninteresting. As a result (as can happen with girls) she'd never had an orgasm.

Nerves meant that we took a while to resolve that one, but resolve it we did (huzzah!) We weren’t in any real hurry anyway, just enjoying the experience of finding out what kinda things turn us both on.

Anyway, shortly after her third or fourth “real” orgasm, I triggered Liz into a trance to see if I could give her a hypnotic one. She relaxed back onto the bed in her usual dazed (and totally sexy) way, and lay there looking helpless (I’m still never tire of seeing that happen). I told her that when I count slowly and deliberately to 3, she’ll experience the same buildup of pleasure that she gets when she’s about to orgasm, and that when I get to 3, she’ll find that orgasm washing powerfully through her.

On waking her up I checked she was feeling alright, gave her a kiss, then a mischievous little grin and loudly and clearly said “One” Liz’s expression changed straight away, her eyes snapped up then half closed, her brow forming a little frown, mouth dropped open, back arched and her breathing got deep.

“Two” brought more laboured breathing, gasps and soft moans as Liz writhed about on the bed.

And with “Three” came everything you’d expect ;o)

Afterwards I checked to see how that had felt, what Liz had experienced and if she’d actually had an orgasm. She said that she had, that it had only been a small one, but that it felt really nice.

I think part of her likes the idea that I can trigger her to orgasm at any time, no matter where we are. On the other hand though, she never wants me to stop giving her real orgasms the old-fashioned way as well.